The Honest Woodman

May 23, 2016

This is my Scratch animation for my Technology Class. Our goal was to make an animation of a folktale that had the protagonist make a decision. But the main goal was to make it interactive where the viewer chooses what happens in the story and decides which on ending he or she want’s to see. I believe that i did pretty well with my animation because my tech teacher showed me how to break down my goals into little mini goals so I could divide my time up for each section and we also discussed on ways we can do our work without procrastinating.

Act 1
Honest Woodman by Aesop
The Honest Woodman
Goddess of the Lake
The Lake
The Cliff above the lake
Scene starts at the cliff where the Woodman is chopping a tree and after chopping the tree, he put his axe down at the edge of the cliff.
Woodman: Wooh. That sure was a tough tree to cut down. But it’s a good thing that I have my iron axe with. Without my axe, I could never cut down that tree.
The Woodman steps back and accidently steps and knocks over the axe, resulting to the axe falling of the edge of the cliff and diving in the lake.
Woodman: Oh no. My axe fell off the cliff. I knew I should have put it in my bag. Looks like I have to go down there and find my axe before someone else takes it. It’s the only thing I have that can help me cut wood and earn money for my family.
Woodman goes down to the right and the scene changes to The lake.
Woodman: Where is my axe? Oh I just realised that I axed myself a question? Ha ha.
Goddess of the Lake: Are missing an axe my fellow?
Woodman: Why yes. Have you seen it?
Goddess: Yes I have but I have seen two axes. There is a gold axe and an Iron axe. Which one is yours?

Moral Decision
If he choses the gold axe, he will be given nothing but a disgusting look from the Goddess of the Lake and the Honest Woodman does not get his axe. He then cannot support his family and has to live with the shame for the rest of his family.
If he choses the iron axe, Then the Goddess will give the Woodman fortune and wealth and gets both axes as a sign of a reward and the Honest Woodman will use his fortune to help people and his family.
Act 2A
The Goddess of the Lake: You have no
honor and you are just a fool with the mentality of greed and you shall be given nothing.
The Goddess of the Lake changes costume to a disgusted look and goes down under the lake.
Woodman: Oh no. Without my axe, I can’t cut trees to turn to lumber and sell it to get money to care for my family. My greed has cost my life and my family.
Scene changes to a black background and has the words “ You’ve taken the path of greed and in return, you are given shame.
Act 2B
The Goddess of the Lake: Are you sure the golden axe in not yours?
Woodmen: Yes I am sure. My axe is the one with the dull iron blade. I’m sorry that my axe fell in your lake.
Goddess of the Lake: Don’t be sorry. You have showed me great honor to not lie and to say the truth. You have my honorable respect. For that I reward you with both axes and fortune for your family and you decide on what you do with that fortune.
Woodman: Thank you. I shall be grateful. Again, thank you for this reward of fortune.
The Goddess of the Lake: You're welcome. Always speak the truth and never lie.
Goddess goes down to the river and swims down and disappears.