Letters to the Next President 2.0 (2nextprez)

Image of a sandbox with the words Open now to playtest your ideas

Share your ideas with other youth.

While candidates and media concentrate on issues that matter to voters in this US Presidential election season, we invite you to explore and speculate on the issues that matter to you.

Get feedback and be inspired by other youth this summer.

You may or may not know what you think about the issues in this US Presidential Election. Youth Voices is a place, a virtual sandbox if you will, for you to post discussions and comment on other students' posts. We encourage you to do this early and often as you form your opinions and ideas on the issues that matter to you.

If you choose to accept this play space as your own, we offer you these missions...

What do you believe are the issues that the next president—whomever he or she may be—needs to address? We've designed the Youth Voices missions listed below to get you excited about the election, about studying issues and writing arguments, and about participating in civic conversations during this election season.

Let's write together, and make sure to tag your posts with 2nextprez. (Look at what's there already!)

Youth Voices is a place for you to figure out what you are thinking and to develop your arguments with other youth around the country.

Coming soon!

Soon enough, we'll also help you to re-publish your more polished Youth Voices posts as a submission to the Letters to the Next President 2.0 project. You can also choose to participate in a related contest. More information coming soon!

Here's how to get started (Join or Log in).

Begin anywhere. Apply for badges at the end of each mission to mark your path.

Start with your own questions.


Grow your inquiry.

Share your journey.

Think Visually.

More missions will be added here soon.