Artist's Statement

Sep 21, 2014

I made <Title of this Work of Art> after looking at <Artist's Name> <Title of Art that inspired you>. I was struck by how <Artist's Last Name> was able to <Finish this sentence by describing exactly what this artist was able to do in his/her work. Write two more sentences explaining why this is important or interesting to you.>

I think my work is related to <his/her> work because <Compare and contrast your work wth the work that inspired yours>.

In my work I'm <Explain what your goals are as an artist in this work. Then write a couple of more sentences about where you have been successful and where you are still struggling>

I wanted to make someting that <Describe the responses you are hoping for from your viewers.>


Ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I doing?
  • How am I doing it?
  • Why am I doing it?
  • What influences me most?
  • How does my art relate to the art of my contemporaries?
  • What do I want other people to understand about my art?
  • Am I unwilling to discuss any aspects of my work? If so, why?