Ayiti: The Game of Life Summary

May 3, 2015
by: 20mehtar
Ayiti: The Cost of Life

Ayiti: The Cost of LifeThe game on ayiti.globalkids.org is a game about a black family of 5 people trying to survive in the land of Haiti. In the game, there are four strategies that you can use to try and beat the game, education, health, happiness, and money.

I played this game three times and I used three different strategies to try and beat the game - education, money, and health.

Each time, I played with a different strategy in the game, I tried to get each person in the family to have a great amount of it. For example, if I played with the strategy of money, then I tried to make each person in the family do activities that give them a little education like volunteering and going to school. Though, each time I played with the different strategies, I lost the game because the family ran out of money, got sick, and died.

Even though, I tried to equally make each person in the family work and rest, I still lost the game each time i played.


Well, I hope you do well in

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Submitted by 20leis on Mon, 2015-05-11 11:36.

Well, I hope you do well in this game in the future. The strategy I used as first was money. However, it failed me. When I sent someone to work, they would always die from bloody diarrhea. I chose to focus on money for my second time again , but it still failed me. On my third try, I decided to focus on happiness instead. At first my the kids died. After, I let the mom and dad take turns working on the farm. Most of the time, they will rest at home which increased their happiness. At last, they made it through the four years. Anyways, good luck next time, 20mehtar!