Something I wish you knew... This is important because... Open Badges

Jul 23, 2014

Dear <Past, Present, Future Teacher, Peer, Parent, or Colleague>:

I am <adjective showing emotion> to be showing you some of my work from <Name of the Program or Class>. It that shows my ability to <Title of an Open Badge on P2PU>." After you look at my work, I hope you will see why I think it's important to <Complete this sentence and add 2 or 3 more sentences based on the statements under "CRITERIA TO RECEIVE THE BADGE.">

This Badge is basically about the ability to <Paraphrase the CRITERIA, putting them into your own words. Be sure your re-statement is clear, complete, and cogent.>

This work shows something important about <me as a learner or teacher/our work with students/the curriculum...> because... <Finish this sentence, then freewrite for 5 minutes about any real connections you can think of. Explain why this Badge matters to you and what you want this teacher, peer, parent, or colleague to understand about you or your work together.>

Here are the pieces of work that show my abilities to "<Exact Title of the Open Badge>":

2. <Make links to your work online.>

The one item on this list that I struggled with the most was "<Title of one the items listed above>" because... For example, look at <be specific> where I <write/draw/put an image...><Quote from your writing or describe a part of an image or copy a part of a your code.>" Even though this was difficult for me I think it shows my ability to <What specific skill within this competency does it show?> because... <add 1 or 2 sentences>. If I were to do this again I would... <Explain what you might change.>

Another item that I want you to notice is "<Title of one of the items listed above>." This item stands out for me because...

Probably my best piece of work from the <Name of the Programm or Class> is "<Title of one of the items listed above>." I say this because... <Add 3 or 4 sentences explaining why and how it shows your ability to do the skills listed in the CRITERIA.>

Thanks for taking the time to look at this work, and I hope you can see what this work shows about <me as a learner or teacher/our work with students/the curriculum...>