Reading Black Boy Together

Sep 6, 2015
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Will you: 

Let's read the first chapter of Black Boy together. Read and listen to each of the stories. Write responses using the Literature Guides. Then record each section of the first chapter of Black Boy and post the MP3 of that recording with your response to that excerpt.

Read (or have someone read to you) the first chapter of Black Boy, by Richard Wright, which is filled with indelible moments. Record your own versions of the following sections, and use the Literature Guides to write responses to each of these sections of the first chapter. For each section, write your response in a Doc first; record that excerpt of Black Boy in Audacity and export the file as an MP3; then post both the Literature Response and your audio together as a discussion on Youth Voices.

Read along

Read with the high school students on this VoiceThread. Listen to and read the words at the same time. Then record your own version of each section. (Page number are slightly different.)

Another version by examinfo on YouTube.