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Oct 14, 2014

fire station reflection

by: IFofana

The two thing I learn in the fire station is that there are two group one is 44 and 96.They both work together but they both do different stuff 44 rescue people and and 96 take down the fire.Also 44 has one of the tallest ladders in ny.

Oct 14, 2014

Fire Station Reflection

by: Ipacheco

I learned there are 2 types of fire trucks i think its was very fun learning about 2 fire truck the number was 94 had the small latter and number 44 have a 85 high latter it was the most biggest letter in N.Y.C these are the interesting things i learned in the fire station .

Oct 9, 2014

Pick-up Game

by: Kasseem

Boo, the protagonist in Pick-Up Game, by Marc Aronson has a few traits that influence Boo's relationships with others.

One, Boo is Determined. Two, Boo is Hardworking. Three, Boo is Devoted.

These traits influence Boo relationships with others. “ Boo is playing tight on Waco and getting passed him quickly” Devoted to locking up Waco comes into play here when Waco keeps on scoring on him.

Later, on page 27, Han and Cy interacts with Boo, basically showing love to basketball by working hard and sweating. “Han and Cy seem to love basketball above all things. His pops had supported this happy fanaticism.” Boo’s response here deepens a reader’s sense of his Determined, and sparks a feeling of courage and hope for the players on his team.

Oct 6, 2014

Community walk to our neighborhood fire station Ladder 44 Bronx, NY

Geography Unit-Maps
Geography Unit-Maps

Today our class took a walk around our schools neighborhood. The students created a map and directions from school to our local firehouse Ladder 44. The firemen gave us a tour of their fire station and even let us in the ladder truck! This was an amazing experience for the students and I. Each student came up with one question each to ask the fireman. I learned a lot through the students engagement and questions. I learned fireman wear over 100 pounds of weight from just their uniform/protective gear, this is not including their own weight. I also learned that only a total of six firemen fit in each fire truck. I was surprised since the fire turcks are so big, you would have thought they had room for all the firemen. Instead most of the space on the truck is taking by rescuing tools.

This was an amazing exerience for me and I was so glad to share this with my students.

I now ask my fellow students to reflect on our trip and write about your experience.

1. What question did you ask the fireman?
2. What was the answer to your question?
3. What did you learn on our trip?
4. What did you like/dislike?
5. Why is it important to know about our neighborhood/community?

Hoy nuestra clase dio un paseo por el barrio de nuestra escuela . Los estudiantes crearon un mapa y las instrucciones de la escuela a nuestra estacion de bomberos ladder 44. Los bomberos nos dio un tour de su estación y nos permiten la entrada del camión! Esta fue una experiencia increíble para mi y los estudiantes. Cada estudiante pregunte una pregunta al bombero. He aprendido mucho a través de la participación y preguntas de los estudiantes . Aprendí bombero desgaste más de 100 libras de peso de sólo su equipo de uniforme / protector, esto no está incluyendo su propio peso . También me enteré de que sólo un total de seis bomberos encaja en cada camión de bomberos. Me sorprendió ya que los camiones incendios son tan grandes , yo pensaba que tenían espacio para todos los bomberos . En su lugar la mayor parte del espacio en el camión se está llevando por las herramientas de rescate .

Esta fue una experiencia de lo increíble para mí y yo estaba tan contenta de compartir esto con mis estudiantes .

Ahora les pido a mis compañeros de estudio para reflexionar sobre nuestro viaje y escribir acerca de su experiencia.

1. ¿Qué pregunta le pediste el bombero ?
2. ¿Cuál fue la respuesta a su pregunta?
3. ¿Qué aprendiste en nuestro viaje ?
4. ¿Qué te gusta / disgusta ?
5. ¿Por qué es importante saber acerca de nuestro barrio/ comunidad?

Oct 6, 2014

My Baby sister

My baby sister is everything to me i don't know what i will do without her. But i ask myself why? Why do i have so many bad dreams about her. The dreams are so bad that i wake up scared and crying . All i want is the best for her. These dreams are horrible and it keeps on replaying in my head sometime i just want to run away with her . If something ever happens to her i think i will be paralyzed for the rest of my life. My baby sister i just four years old when i have these nightmare about her i really feel my heart in my mouth. its a really horrible feeling. Im not just saying this because she is family but she is very adorable. And I just want to forget about that dream but i cant. Its bothering me. My dream was made for me to cry .

Oct 3, 2014

My indelible Moment part 1

by: dhenson

indelible mean making marks that cannot be erased that was me and my uncle. uncle was one of the most greatest uncle ever me and him had our ups and downs but he always know what to say when i'm feeling bad.He died may 21 i was at my grandmother house and my mother called and she sounded sad and i ask what is wrong she wasn't telling me and when she came to pick us up she sat

us down and said that your uncle is dead and i just burst into tears i was heartbroken when i heard that i did not go to school for a few days so we stayed with my grandmother and we stayed there for at least 3 days then we had to go to the funeral and we saw him died and he looked so diced his hand was so cold i started to cry and we went home and we will never forget him and his favorite baseball team is the NYY and just because he like the NYY we will be like look at nino's team.

And that's my indelible moment

Jul 21, 2014


I am a fish gooey as an inside of
a pumpkin i swim all around
i blow bubbles in the ocean
i can eat shrimp
i can jump
i am a fish
on a dish
getting eating

Jul 14, 2014

Dont Judge

by: nburton

A child is like a butterfly in the wind
Some can fly higher than others
But each one flies the beast it can
Why compare one to another
Each one is special each one is

Jul 10, 2014

my life

by: nburton

Now i'm leaving deceiving look at people the
inking in besting c;heating completing slap
that nigga till he,s bleeding now in running from
the cop i pop a shoot going back to swinging
a mop i all grown up looking down at niggas saying
what's up gi say say look e im 20

Jul 2, 2014


by: jcuevas

once upon a time there was a little sad bunny because he never had any friends . He said ‘ wow why can i not have any friends . then a little mouse came to the rabbit said to the rabbit ‘ don’t worry rabbit i could be your friend the rabbit was extremely excited the he said ‘ o my goodness thank you thank you he told the mouse what do you want to do know friend they were so happy and at night they had a delicious meal goodnight mouse goodnight rabbit and they all lived happily ever after

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