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Dec 3, 2014

How Do You Become Good In Soccer?

by: 18tanbirs

Soccer is a sport that takes practice to be good. Especially if you want to become as good as Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo. They started playing when they were young and their practice gave them the skill that they have now. People love watching these talents in season matches and even in the World Cup.
Each soccer team has 11 players and upto 3 substitutes. In a soccer game there are 2 halves of 45 minutes, with a 15 minute break in between the halves.The positions in soccer is goalkeepers, defense, midfield and strikers. There are center backs, right backs, left backs, right wing backs and left wing backs. There are center midfielders, center attacking midfielders, left midfielders, right midfielders and center defensive midfielders. For attacking positions, there are strikers, center forwards, left wings, left forwards, right wings and right forwards.
There are many formations in soccer. There are defensive, attacking and neutral formations. One example of a neutral formation is a 4-4-2. There are two strikers, four midfielders and four defenders.
Goalkeepers are the last line of defense so they have a lot of pressure on them during a match. One amazing goalkeeper is Manuel Neuer. He plays for Bayern Munchin in the bundesliga. The strike force and midfielders also have a lot of pressure on them because they are the ones that make the game winning passes or goals. If they don't, then they will probably lose the match. The defenders also have pressure because most of the time If a goal is scored it is the defenders fault.
As you can see, being a soccer player isn't the easiest thing in the world. Lionel Messi and Ronaldo are players that are fantastic on the pitch. They both had great seasons and Messi even broke some records while doing so. It is every soccer players dream to be just as good at soccer as Messi. Also to break records. They would have their names in the history of soccer.

Dec 3, 2014

Ebola Disease

by: 18chub

Ebola is a deadly disease that originated in Africa back around 1970’s. There are different strains of Ebola and some are more deadly than other. Recently people have been visiting south africa and coming to America not knowing they had the disease. Ebola was habitating in their bodies for weeks which is why they didn’t have any symptoms until after they arrived in America. Luckily, Ebola is not contagious when no symptoms aren’t present so the planes that they took were not infected. Our country has been working hard to find a cure to this disease and I believe that we will finalize a cure in the next 2 years.
I believe that we will find the cure in the next 2 years because the drug we are experimenting with has worked the majority of times. Since we have had multiple cases of Ebola coming to the US. We have to start working faster in order to keep Ebola out and to cure Ebola worldwide. While we work to finalize the cure for this epidemic, we should tighten airport security because for the cases where Ebola was brought to the US, the Ebola patients easily. This can happen even more times if we don’t do anything about it. In some airports, we already have x rays to help check for weapons. We could use this same process to check to see if people have Ebola. This way they can be quarantined immediately so that the virus doesn’t spread.
As you can, Ebola is a worldwide issue that must be stopped. While doctors and scientists work to solve this disease. We should be caution while travelling internationally. Not just Ebola but other diseases should be kept out of this country while we work to terminate them.

Nov 19, 2014

Locked In School

by: jcuevas

One day a kid named amadou got locked up in the school the school New Directions he was not so scared because he knew what he was supposed to do, but suddenly he started hearing bouncing balls in the hallway.

He thought that somebody was in the gym, but when he got upstairs he saw nobody in the gym he was extremely scared.
so he started to run but everywhere.

He followed him. Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

He went inside the classroom thinking that the noise would stop but when he went inside the classroom the doors opened and closed by itself he was begging for more help nobody would answer him until he saw the clock he saw that it was about 7:30. He was happy because the school almost opened. so when it turned 7:30 hit he ran to the cafeteria.

And there he saw Jose. Jose asked him what happen, then he took him home on his car.

Nov 14, 2014

Mission: Readers Theater - Hercules

by: cisaacman

External video: 

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This mission is a multimedia response to the Comic Book called "Hercules". We are on a mission to research the story of Hercules and his Labors. The story becomes multimedia because after the research we respond to by filming and taking photos of rehearsals of the chapters from the comic book. The first posting is a first rehearsal from chapter one of our drama class. In this rehearsal is: Scrolin, Noah, Isaiah, Kyanna, Leslie

Nov 14, 2014

Three of My Best!

by: SSantana

My Lost Dog

One Sunday morning, it was about to rain so I decided to take my dog for a walk. So I went for his leash and I put it around his neck. I went straight downstairs with my dog. I saw that his leash was untied. I bent down, reaching to tie his leash back. But then he got his leash off his neck.Then I ran all the way to the park. I stopped running because I got tired. My dog ran away and until this day I have never seen him again. I still remember when he ran away and watching him barking and running. I also, remember chasing my dog and seeing people in the street that didn't even help me.

I was scared and sad because I thought that something happened to him. I was very sad.I was scared because what if they stole him and hurt him. That’s what I was the most scared and nervous about.

My First Basketball Game

The first basketball game that I went to was the Knicks vs Miami Heat.It was a good game but the knicks lost by 2 points.I went for the Knicks because they gave it all they got.I was very excited to be there at Madison Square Garden.After the game ,I saw Carmelo Anthony and he shook my hand. That was the best part of the night!

When I got My PS4

For my 13th birthday, I went to school.But I had a good day. Then I went home and found my building looking somewhat suspicious.Something was wrong, But I didn't know what. I knocked on my grandma’s door and she wasn't there. I found it was strange because my grandma was always in her house.I went home and I knocked on my door. But my mom wasn't home.I saw my room door closed and I started opening it slowly. When I turned around, everybody that I know friends and family yelled out SURPRISE! I was so happy. My mom told me go to the living room because there was a surprise for me.There it was on top of my couch. The video game system that I always wanted, the PS4! That was the best present that I have ever gotten.

Nov 14, 2014

My things

I like playing basketball
video games
chilling outside
going to my friend’s house
picking him up to play ball

I don't like problems
but if someone tries me
I am going to react

I like my family
my mom and dad
I love the way he cooks

He loves me with his heart.

Nov 14, 2014

Never Give Up in Basketball

by: Ipacheco

I am a student at New Directions Secondary school from the Bronx.

My name Is Isaiah P. and there are many things are special about my name and one special fact is that it comes from the bible. Also my name is very famous. I’m from the Bronx NY. Also, I really don’t like the Bronx because it is very bad. Some students do not value their education. I miss my grandma because she passed away. I love my family, and I like to be around them all the time.

When I get out of school I like to play games outside and also play in the park. I have so much playing Xbox video games. I love playing freeze tag outside and I also enjoy doing back flips. I do awesome school work when I’m in school because I focus every day and I love it. I love school so much that I cannot wait until the next day.

What I like to do in school is write. I love pens, and I enjoy writing with them. School is fun because when you go to a new school you make new friends and I’m in a new school and I’m making new friends. I love physical education, it’s so fun and we have gym two times a day in the morning we do dance and before we leave we do physical education again. Sometimes it is very tiring.

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