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Mar 28, 2016

The Adventures of Jake and Jenkins

by: 21LeeS

This is a tragic story of two animals trying to go back into time to correct their mistakes. They end up creating more black holes as they change things in alternate universes, so they resort to reseting the entire universe. Through this ordeal, a dog makes a friend out of his alternate universe self, a squirrel ceases to exist, and another squirrel throws himself into a black hole. Prepare yourself for this amazing story.

-I am proud of the action in my animation, and the final project. Also, I am proud of the uniqueness of the situation presented in the animation, and the uniqueness of the characters.
-I could improve on the plot, to make it more understandable to the reader. Also, I could improve on how the characters look, since they don’t change much, and one sprite is pixelated, so I could find better sprites.

Act I:
Jake: [Bored] [Jake sighs] huh. This is extremely boring, Jenkins. Why do we have to do this?
Jenkins: Its fate. Look at the wall.
Jake: [Goes to the wall. Looks at it] Hmmm… it says “Jake… Jenkins… checkers… play forever…”
Jenkins: See what the cosmic cardboard box says! Now listen to it.
Jake: [thinks to himself] “This time I’m going to cheat.” [dejectedly] My turn! [Jake moves his piece and wins.]
Jenkins: [confused] You won? But, but, but, the cosmic cardboard box… It’s impossible to win!
Jake: [Enthusiastically] Ha! Get good, Jenkins! [Goes to stage left] [disappears]
Jenkins: Oh no. [Black hole manifests in the air] [Angrily] That dangnabbit Jake.
Jake: [Comes in from stage left.] Huh? Did someone say my name? [Sees black hole] … help me mommy.
Jenkins: [Angrily] You caused a rip in spacetime!
Jake: [Confused] I didn’t mean to!
Jenkins: [Seriously] No, stop making excuses now. YOU CHEATED.
Jake: [Timidly] sorry.
Jenkins: Let me get my handbook. [takes out a book], [flipping pages] Aha! Now, we must proceed to travel to our alternate universe. [Jenkins rips a hole, quite literally, out of nowhere.]
Jake: [Extremely confused] What?
[Jenkins and Jake enter the rip]
Act II:
Jenkins: [proudly] We have made it! Now to change our timeline!
Jake: [Happily, but confuzzled] Yay?!
Jenkins: [Confused] Wait. Who are these two?
John: [dejectedly], [Talking to Jacob] Ugh!!! We have to play this stupid game forever.
Jacob: Just deal with it.
John: [Angrily] Don’t tell me what to do Jacob!
Jacob: Sheesh!
John: [Thinking] Hmm, cheating will get me out of this nightmare.
Jenkins: I know that expression on that face. That’s the alternate version of you, Jake, trying to cheat.
Jake: [Confuzzled] Me?
John: [Sassy] Who are these to nincompoops? And why do they look like us?
Jenkins: We came here to erase you.
John: What? [Moves away to the left a little bit]
Jenkins: [Seriously] Bye. [Jenkins drags John with a cursor, to a magic recycling bin.]
Jacob: [Scared],[Inches away] John?
Jenkins: [Black hole forms] Dangnabbit, John.
Jacob: [Confused] Who are you?
Jenkins: I’m Jenkins, and he’s Jake. We are alternate, well, the “original” you’s
Jacob: ...
Jenkins: Now, we need to travel to the reset button. To reset everything. Since everything is going to be destroyed.
Jacob: ...
Jenkins: Let's go!
[Jake, Jacob, and Jenkins travel to the reset button]
Act III:
[They appear near the reset button] [There is an eerie wind howling]
Jake: We’re here.
Jenkins: [Shocked] but, but, but. THE RESET BUTTON IS JAMMED!
Jacob: [Worried] Well, well, umm, [Happily] Yes! I’ve got it! We need to sacrifice one of you to the black hole, to create a paradox! There will be no additional black hole, since… it’s complicated.
Jenkins: Well, It’s either you or me Jake.
Jake: [Sadly] It’s time for me to face punishment. I will go. I caused everything so… Well. It was fun, playing checkers. Bye. [Jake throws himself into the black hole], [reset button is unjammed]
Jenkins: [Sadly] [He sighs] Well. The reset button is unjammed.
Jacob: [Sadly] Very well. Bye friend.
Jenkins: [Sadly] Bye.
[Both Jacob and Jenkins press the button. The whole universe is erased, including Jacob and Jenkins. A new universe forms, and a sense of hope manifests]


Here is a link to my project

Mar 2, 2016

Judge it Properly!

by: 21gooh

"Don't judge a book by its cover"
We probably have all heard of this saying, and experienced a time when you judged a "book" by its cover. I have experienced times where I felt that it is very important not to judge something or someone by their "covers". Yet, I still do. I don't know why, but I can't stop judging things by their looks. Maybe I haven't really learned that it is important not to do that.
Anyways, To talk about my experiences about this, I have actually judged a book, a person, an activity, and many other things. Out of all those times, I remember when I judged a roller coaster, and when I judged an actual book by its cover.
The first experience that I want to explain is when I judged the roller coaster by the way it looked. Last summer, my school awarded students and they went on a trip to the amusement park. It was a lot of fun, until I judged that ride. It was a roller coaster that looked fancy and had screams coming from the riders on the ride. My friends decided to split the group into a two, and the group that lost the dare had to ride that roller coaster. The dare was to ride the flying chair ride and not hold onto the bars on the tip of the sky. Of course, because of me, my group lost. So we had to ride the roller coaster. I thought that it would be a piece of cake since I have gotten onto worse rides. It didn't look that bad anyways. I sat next to my friend Athina and we went up and up and up. It was much higher than I thought, and it was much faster than I thought. I didn't open my eyes during the whole ride, and screamed. Athina screamed back at me to stop screaming because she thought that I was too loud. Well, I couldn't help it. I barely came back alive. This was one of the moments that I once again, learned to m=not judge a book by its cover. I clearly expected it to be a less life threatening ride, but it actually was. I should have judged it after reading the sign on the entrance that said how fast it was.
Secondly, I actually judged a book by the cover. The book "Deathwatch" had a boring looking cover that had a photo of the national park and a hunter. I right away expected it to be the WORST book ever, but had to read it because the teacher "recommended" it to me. I didn't want to push away her offer when she was super excited by the fact that I was soon going to read this. So then, I read a page. Then another, and then, the book was done. finished the book on the spot. It was a short book, but it at the same time was very interesting. This story had such an intense setting that I couldn't let go of the book. That was when I learned not to judge a book by its cover with a book.
Even though my experiences may seem stupid, or seem to be fake, it still let me learn that I shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I decided to follow that saying not because I was tired of hearing it, but because I have learned it through my experiences. I think that it is important to realize why they are important, sometimes by experiencing it. Someone may tell you over and over, but you may not feel that way until u actually experience it!

Mar 1, 2016

How Too Much Homework Can Actually Hurt

by: 21harrism
Calvin and Hobbes: Homework Hurts

Homework, in small portions, can be a good thing. It helps us review material from class, and gives us new challenges to think about. However, it seems that many schools are now providing homework simply as a way to grade a student.

Calvin and Hobbes: Homework Hurts

Although it might not eat you, too much homework can hurt your mind. Experience has shown me that when the amount of homework gets over a certain amount, students end up staying up much later than they should be staying up. Studies show that not having enough sleep can affect your memory, whichmakes it harder to do homework and classwork. This can end up making you stay up until after midnight or later. Many students must wake up at 6:00 to 6:30 AM, so they get only about 6 hours of sleep if they go to bed at midnight. 


So, if your teachers are giving you too much homework, do something about it. Even if  doing your homework will raise your grade, not being able to do it because of memory loss and lack of sleep will only lower it. 


Relevant links:


Mar 1, 2016

Donald Trump and the KKK? What's up with that?

The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump's dad was arrested in 1927 during a march of the KKK that turned violent.


This past weekend, Donald Trump was asked in an interview whether he accepts support of David Duke, a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan. Trump would not answer, saying he never heard of David Duke.

So the reporter, Jake Tapper of ABC News, asked again about Duke, the Klan and white supremacists in general. Trump said he didn't know, again and again. It was strange that Trump wouldn't just say he doesn't want the support of racists, so the news went viral! Trump ended up saying the right thing later in that day, after people started finding out what he said.

The next day, The Washington Post featured an article from way back when Trump's father Fred was only 23, arrested at a 1927 event where 1000 Klansmen marched in Jamaica, Queens and clashed with police. A second NYC newspaper also reported at the time that Trump was arrested, for allegedly refusing when cops ordered people to leave the scene.

Trump has said his father's arrest never even happened, when clearly it had. No one is saying for sure his dad was in the KKK, but his arrest raises this question.

Today is Super Tuesday with 13 states holding primaries. Trump is expected to win, and win big today.

Should this change the presidential race? Is it too late?

Feb 29, 2016

Your Spirit Animal

If you could choose one spirit animal to represent you, what animal would it be?
Like my bio states, my spirit animal would have to be a duck. Ducks usually chill out floating about the water. In my case, the water represents problems in everyday in life -- to which I float over with ease. Time to time, the duck takes food (often bread) from people to survive. This would relate to how sometimes in life, you would have to take some help from other people. Not all the times, but sometimes. In this case, the help handed out would relate to the bread being given out.
So.. what spirit animal would you choose... and why? I'm curious to see what the results would be.

Feb 29, 2016

Hypothetical Question of a Candy.

by: 21LeeS

What if York Peppermint Patties had the power to teleport you on top of the closest mountain?

If about a million are eaten in the U.S. every day, then people would have to prepare for cold temperatures. If no one notices that for a month, about 30 million people would be stuck on a mountain. If that happened for a year, about 360 million will be on top of a mountain. This is the possible destruction caused by this candy with imaginary powers.
Wouldn't this cause chaos? Yes. On the first day, a million people would be on a mountain. It would be hard to move around in that large crowd all day. But, some people are smart enough to go down the mountain, instead of curling up into a ball and crying. Some mountains are really high, such as Mt. Everest, which is about 30,000 feet tall. And it is really cold on top of high mountains, so the conditions on the mountain would be harsh. Many people will fail to make it down, making this patty potentially dangerous.
What if the only food source you have is a York Peppermint Patty, that you just ate? If you live near Mt. Everest, this would be hard. Most expeditions take two months, which means two months with a candy you can't eat. If you ate it again, you would go back up to the mountain again. However, if about a million people appear on Mt. Everest, there is a way to survive. You can all pool your patties, and some supplies you brought here, and feast on them. But, it would be wise to divide them into rations and eat them along the way down. Just don't include the patties in the rations.
This patty will probably be banned everywhere, but some can be still sold in secret and could be used for dangerous purposes.
However, in real life, these patties are just candy, so what I just said is technically impossible. Maybe.

Jan 12, 2016

The movie

by: jhostos

I finished watching the movie,Tuck Everlasting and one thing I think is I saw the part when Mae and Tuck got arrest for killing the man in the yellow suit.The man got killed in the head from the shotgun in the head.Then Winnie said some guys is coming after me. Then he ran out.Winnie got them out of jail.I think the movie was good and I like when a movie is good.And if we watch another movie it better be good.

Oct 16, 2015

Winnie over everything

I think Winnie felt shy and scared to walk and go into the tuck’s home because she had never been in anybody else’s house out of the woods.she had never felt this way because in paragraph 15 it clearly states Winnie had grown up with order so she was always in the cleaning mood. so when she was in their home I think she felt uncomfortable because they probably wasn’t giving her orders to clean up or to do what she had wanted to do.

it also states in paragraph 15 that while the tucks and Winnie were sitting all at the dinner table and Winnie burst out loud as if she were mad I want to go home now.the tuck’s were surprised that she said that seems to me that a few seconds ago you wanted to stay here.the boys started to argue about who was going to take her home or not and the both got mad.

Angus got tired of hearing this argument so he just said i’ll take Winnie rowing down the pond to go take her home.so while Angus tuck took her rowing down the pond they started about how Winnie was like how can u live there.Angus said i’d never thought this would have been the place to come where we would have been scaring children away.

Oct 16, 2015

The Good Winnie

by: dwingo

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt might leave a reader feeling honest,caring. She is honest because she always tell the truth.An example of this is on page 9 "She was caring she want to go get the boys.It is about Mae. She care too much about other people instead of herself. of problem driving the plot is she freedom. What I mean is,that she can do what she want.

The issues that keep coming up are she cleans up ,she don’t like to clean because when she was small she use to do work..can see this on page 55 where it says: "Winnie sweep,mop." The theme here is about the tucks want to see his son. the story take places in the wood.

Oct 15, 2015

A Lack of Effort

by: tsudler
A Lack of Effort

A Lack of Effort
A Lack of Effort by Terence R. Sudler

Another normal day out of the month, another ordinary morning. I woke up to the sound of my mother telling me that it's time to go to school. Swinging my legs over the side of the bed, I rubbed my eyes and rushed through the process of getting ready. The only thing is, I never actually show up to school.

For the past three months or so, I've been going to school on and off. The reason why, I couldn't even tell you myself. The best conclusion I could form as to why I didn't attend school as frequently as I should is because I'm falling behind in my assignments hard. It's obviously incredibly counterintuitive to my predicament, but it helps me just escape from my concerns. "Nico! Ms.Marlin is going to call and let me know if you showed up in school today, she said you haven't been to school in awhile for some reason."

I froze for a second, taking a minute to process what she just said. Prior to that, I was planning to just skip and head over to the library like I have been for almost a month at this point. If I didn't show up today, I'd probably be called in with my mother to have a meeting, which in turn will... reveal my constant streak of skipping for so long. It'd probably be staggering for my mom. "...Alright, I'll make sure to let her know I'm there when I arrive."

Jogging down the stairs, I began to walk down my usual route to my local library, where I reside for a majority of the day until school is over, sometimes I leave earlier. It's a nice walk there, and I usually think a good amount on the way there; about what I'll do when I get back home, about my weekend, about whether or not I'll get caught that same day for skipping. But at the library, I usually bring my phone to keep my worried mind company. It eases me to know that for a temporary time I'm safe from screaming, scolding, and disappointment. I can just surf the web for whatever I like.

But today... today was a bit different to me. I stopped for a second to think about my future, and how I was throwing it away by not going to school. I was hurting my mom, hurting my teachers, hurting my school financially as well; but most importantly hurting myself the most in the process. There were so many people I've come across in the journey until now, until when I was in my current secondary school. Aids, teachers, even some students who looked up to me.

Turning around, I started a dash towards the direction of my school, apologizing to students I may have startled due to running. Almost tripping through the doorway, I ignored a few of my classmates who giggled at my clumsiness and arrived early enough to catch a few of my classes even though I was late. The day was casual in school, teachers making the usual remarks due to my temporary disappearance from school. Like, "Where have you been?", or, "Are you back from your vacation now?"

I just laughed and smiled, trying to pay more attention to my work rather than the comments. Eventually later on in the day Ms.Marlin approached me in class, and pulled me to the side to speak to me about my attendance. "So, I'm really glad to see you in class today, but there's a lot to do if you want to catch up."

I nodded at her and gave a bright smile, ready to try my best to catch up from where I left off. It might- No, it will take awhile before that happens, but... I'm ready to try hard to do so. I have the power and capacity to succeed, now all I have to do is apply myself; all I have to do is show up.

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