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Sep 22, 2016

Malaise as if it were a Localised Miasma

by: landayc18
Malaise in Art

It's a beautiful word. It is a condition, a frame of mind, a concept--malaise is an attractive word. And though it may not incite emotion in the same way that "moist" would, it still manages to light my intellectual fire every time I imagine it. Malaise.

What does one think of when he hears malaise? It’s not a particularly powerful word. And even though it’s beautiful, it’s honestly not very compelling. I guess what it is, is fascinating. It’s a fascinating word. Malaise is not an everyday word, and neither is the concept. You don’t go throwing around “dude” and “what-up” and “we as a nation are trapped in a malaise.” That’s a non-sequitur at best.

But what malaise does best is convey its meaning: a general, unknown feeling of discomfort. And it’s a great fit. The average Joe, Chad, or Jane doesn’t know what malaise means, but it sure sounds malevolent. And unknowns are intimidating, so even if one doesn’t know what malaise even means, he can very well nearly feel its meaning.

Malaise has excellent longevity. It has been in the vernacular, although within a dusty section, for centuries. And regardless, malaise is dignified. Despite being a word in an area of literary miasma, that is to say, it is a flagship word in the world of gentleman's vocabulary.

The word, after all, is malaise: a feeling of intense, usually un-place-able discomfort. But it itself can be placed as a prime word destined for prime positions in writings.

Aug 10, 2016

Emotional Space

by: tsaeteurn

Boundaries. It is a dividing line that marks a limit of an area which can signify many different things. In the book BOUNDARIES by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, they mentioned Emotional Space. It is a temporary boundary that gives your heart the space it needs to heal and feel safe. “People who have been in abusive relationships need to find a safe place to begin to “thaw out” emotionally”(Cloud Townsend,38). When reading this, a spark grew in my head. It was somewhat gratifying. I mean sounds logical but I never really practiced this boundary so it was something new for me.
I’d never waited until I witnessed patterns of change being demonstrated, until it was safe.I was always so quick to trust in someone’s forgiveness that I was setting myself up for disappointment. I have witnessed the struggle of abuse, neglect and disrespect with one another, now I know how to handle those situations and teach others that don’t know how to set that temporary boundary.

Jun 13, 2016

An Introduction

My name is Edwin Jerez Gonzalez, and I was born on September 8, 1998 in Guatemala. The most important thing for me was to reach the United States - it was a dream and came true. I realized at that moment that I crossed the border was a moment of joy and great happiness and it was the best step I ever took in my life. That was very happy when I told my family that I was already in the United States in only three weeks.

I like to do things on the computer while I'm in school to learn English. Learning English is the thing that I want to do most badly. Outside of school, I enjoy playing soccer because I love the sport. I also like to have fun with my classmates .

A moment that marked my life and was very important was when I said goodbye to all my family. It is a terrible feeling to say goodbye to each member of your family. I was crying a lot because we would be separated for a long time. My grandmother was one of the people I loved most in life and she did not want me to travel to the United States, but necessity made ​​me travel here.

Jun 13, 2016


My name is Elmer Alexander Guillén, and I am from El Salvador. For me, it is important to be happy and be with my family and friends. One important moment in my life was when I met my parents earlier this year. I had lived in El Salvador now whole life, but now I live with my parents in Red Hook, Brooklyn..

I like my school a lot because there, I practice soccer and also learn english. I know I'm not good at the language yet, but I will try to improve. When I am out my school, I really like skateboarding. I am particularly good at drawing.

My life changed significantly when I decided to immigrate from El Salvador. This changed everything about my way of life. But I am happy because now I have my family and my friends.

Jun 13, 2016

Animated Introduction

My name is Fabiel Pichardo and I am from Dominican republic. I was born on august 24th in santiago de los caballeros. I grew up with my grandmother and I thank God for the chance to live those moments with my family. Now I feel a little sad about the new city , new family , new friends but happy because I met my mother.

In school right now I feel good,but one little bad thing is the difficulty of the language, I feel better in one of the classes that I like is , MS Bauso although sometimes angry, but I give , thank you for that is helping me with the language

My life changed when I got to the U.S. to meet my mother I was confused because I did not know how to react having lived so long without her, but thank God, every step went well

Jun 13, 2016

Erline's Introduction

My name is Erline Charles and I am 18 years old. I from Haiti, and many things have happened in my life, such as losing many people in the earthquake, and eventually immigrating with my mother and brother.

My mother’s name is Carline Charles and my father’s name is Erick Charles. I don’t have a sister, but that’s okay, I have a brother named Stanley Charles. He likes soccer. My mother works in a restaurant, and I do have not grandparents because they have passed away.

I would like many things out of life. After my studies, I would like to be a meteorologist. I decided this when I was ten years old. I am not interested in many activities except for volleyball and studying English. I practice English a lot because this is my new language. Sometimes I enjoy cultural activities like Carnival and parades, movies and theater.

I am happy today because I think about my life and I am proud of what I have accomplished.

Jun 10, 2016

The struggles

rat-infested sewage tunnel
Greyhound bus terminal
Paid to take her to miami
Pray to show the way
Starved walking, a small factory
Dock under roof, sort tomatoes
Nanny of a thirteen year old
Feeding, remembering her own kids
Questioning, filled with sadness
Can’t contain grief, tear flow
Boxes filled with clothes and toys
Pictures in crisp shirt and shiny shoes
Misses less but doesn’t forget
Shock, confused, and anger
Disappearance is incomprehensible
Mother’s day, heart-shaped card.

Jun 10, 2016

Traveling to Mexico

Past few weeks, Enrique slept on the ground
Curled up with migrants
Leaped up while he’s looking around
two days without water
Throat felt as it was swelling shut, frothy with cow
Stagnant yellow water
so thirsty that it tasted wonderful
Migrants ride atop freight trains
Mexican police or by la migra
Journey through Mexico
Five days and 150 miles into Mexico
Made a mistake of falling asleep on top of train with shoes off
Police stopped the train near town of Tonala
Jump off barefoot, could not run far
On the bus back to Guatemala

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