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Oct 29, 2014

Arian's Animated Introduction

Here is my animated introduction:

My name is Arian and I am from Dominican Republic but I live In New York. I like doing sport like baseball I will like to practice fighting like boxing or wrestling. Something that happen to me was when I came to the united states it was my first time using a plane and it was awesome because I was in the air and it is a great experience and that is important thing to me.

Things the I like from the school is be with my friends I like learn new things in the school and participate in the baseball team in the school also I like gym because I am good at exercising and doing sports.

Out of school I enjoy going play basketball see movies with my cousins and I am good at play at playing video games with my cousins and participate in the baseball team.

Oct 28, 2014

Estuardo's Animated Introduction

Here is my animated introduction:

My name is Estuardo, and I am from Guatemala. I am a student at the Cobble Hill High School, in Brooklyn, New York. I was born on october 8, 1995 in Solola, Guatemala, but I lived in Totonicapán Guatemala for 5 years because my father was from there and at this time Solola and Totonicapan were at war. Many people were dying because of the war. 6 years later we came back to our home but we didn't stay long because people do not like us in that place, and my mother decided to move us again to. Argueta.

There, the economy was not good, so my mother decided to immigrate to New York for a better life, and I had to move in with my grandparents in Panajachel. They have a good house and business and they taught me to work in my grandfather's bakery making all types of bread, cake and cookies.

Three years later I immigrated alone from Guatemala to New York. I had some problems when I came here because I was an undocumented immigrant. The police caught me on the border and they sent me to a cold jail in San Antonio, Texas, then Houston, then Seattle. Finally they sent me to my parents in Brooklyn, New York, and now I am student here. At present I live in Coney Island, and that place is really different from my country. Sometimes I miss my country with my family and friends.

I like everything about school because it is better than Guatemala, and a little more advanced. All the courses are different. in guatemala the schools are private, and not very many people can study. But in New York the schools are public so we have a big opportunity to graduate from high school. In the school sometimes we take trips to other places and we can see museums. That's good for learning more about the culture from this country.

Out of school I don't like to do anything. I think it is because I don't have time to do much because I work for a construction company. When I came to this country I was supposed to work instead of going to school. But because immigration caught me, I was required to go. I work weekends too in the same company. Any day that we don't have class, I work so I don't have time to do anything more. Sometime I wish to live my life with my friends, just having fun, but I think not now because to stay in this country is a big blessing for me because I can work, and I can study. I work hard because my grandparents always were working and they are good people.

Oct 28, 2014

Zhi Hong's Animated Introduction

Here is my animated introduction:

My name is Zhi Hong Ni. I’m 17, and I came from China to New York in 2012. Our family’s immigration started with my mother, who came to the US twelve years earlier. I lived with my grandparents when I was little. My grandfather was a teacher and my grandmother was a nurse, but they were both retired. My grandfather was strict, his face made feel serious when I was little but now I don’t. My life is ordinary so far, I have a few thing to talk about but I have two strong memories. It happened when I was first grade. I was sleepy in the classroom, I wanted to wake up so I yell out like a madman, Because of I was in half-sleep and was not aware of that I was in classroom then the teacher gave me a slap, It make me ashamed. Another one I don’t want to talk about it. The biggest problem in my country I think is the big population also the problem of food safety. I lived in my country from when I was birth, so I might feel more familiar. I prefer live at home because of there are affection. I came to NY by plane and there is one thing I will not forget, the police asked my father to put bags into machine but he did not understand then he tried to take out something from his pocket and the thing is money, the police was speechless for us, I turned my head to another side. In the freetime, I often watch animation especially the types of detective because I enjoy the process of solving mystery. About the future, so far my goal is to attend college, the other thing I don’t think too much. My favorite musician is Leehom Wang. He is singer, songwriter, Record Producer, film actor and director. He is talented brilliant and devoted. I interest in ancient history, if I could see a person from history, I would like to meet Confucius.

Oct 28, 2014

rayid's animated introduction

Here is my animated introduction:

Hi, my name is rayid Alsufiani. I am 14 years old. I am from yemen. I am now in the U.S.A in new york. I came with my family. On the first day when i came to NY is it was snowing. i was so surprised and me and my brother played in the snow. I started to go to the school at m.s.2. The first time in school i could not talk in english. and i am learning english still. i graduated from m.s.2 to cobble hill high school and I got good teachers in cobble hill. and good friend in cobble hill. and i am in ESL i have a good teacher in ESL. cobble hill is a nice high school. i hope to graduate from high school to college, because i want to be a doctor.

Oct 28, 2014

Iqra Bhatti'S Presentation

Here is my animated video.

My name is Iqra Bhatti. I am 14 years old. My native country is Pakistan and my native language is Urdu. My parents are Shahida Bhatti and Abid Bhatti. My brother is Hashim Bhatti, and he likes to use the computer. And my younger brother is Suleman Bhatti. My sister is Isha Bhatti. She loves to read children’s books. My sister Mahnoor loves the Pakistani dresses. We always go shopping together. My happiest memories from my native country is when we would visit my aunt's house. We have a lot of fun together playing in the park. I miss those days. The biggest problem in my country is there is not a lot of education. There are electricity problems and poverty. The different living situation in house is good because we have all our family members in our Pakistan house. We can share anything with our family. We feel relaxed living with our family in our house because we do anything there. In Pakistan I go to school with my family. In Brooklyn there are also a lot of students I do know. You have to study all the day in school. I get bored because school doesn't allow to me bring my phone so I cant chat with my friend. At home I can do whatever I like to do. I like living in New York because there are good schools, big buildings, and great shopping. The difference in my country is not that the education is not good, they have good schools but you have to pay a lot of money and you have to buy your own supplies. I immigrated here 4 years ago. My uncle accompanied me. My strongest memory was when I was sitting on the plane with my sister we enjoy a lot on plane we listened to music and we watch movies. It was a lot of fun. My hobbies are I like to dance and listen to Pakistani and Indian music. I like to cook. My goals for the future are to become a good doctor or a nurse. Yes I want attend college because, in college you learn good things like how to become good doctor. I will live in Pakistan when I grow up. Yes I want a family with two children one girl one boy. My dream is to be a good Muslim girl. And I want to become a good doctor.

Oct 28, 2014

Mohamed's Animated Introduction

Hi.my name is Mohamed Kader I’m 14 years old. I live in Brooklyn but I m from Yemen I came to u .s .a two years ago in 2012 my first day in New York it was snowing and I was nervous because I didn't speak English. and I went on the street but I was scared because I couldn't speak English or answer anyone try to talk with me. but Now I go to cobble high school I m in 9th grade I came to the USA for the first time in 2006 but didn't go to school because I came from Yemen only with my father. some time I cried because I didn't have my family with me, but after six months I went back to my country and I was so happy to see my mom and my all friends.

Oct 28, 2014

francis' animated Introduction

here is my animated introduction

My name is Francis Arriola. I'm from a town in Honduras called san pedro sula and I have been in New York for only 6 months. I live in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and I love being here in new york. I have a brother whose name is Bairon. Here I have most of my family. I am 16 years old. I enjoy studying and I learning English. I have many friends.

I also like art class and making drawings a lot. I like doing chores at home and going out on the street to have fun with my friends. When I’m bored with nothing to do I start to read or do homework.

I am an immigrant who left Honduras in April and came to New York in May. I passed many dangerous paths and thank god I'm here with my mother. For seven years we were separated and now I'm with her and I am very happy with my family.

I am studying to be someone in life.

Oct 28, 2014

Bairon's Animated Introduction

here my animated introduction

my name is byron arriola
I am a Honduran student. I live in Brooklyn New York. my birthday is important for me and soccer is too. I am 17 years old and on March 30 I will be 18. My family includes my mother, Martha and my sister, francis. Martha came to New York when I was 8, so we only met again five months ago.

I like school it is good time and a good place to meet new friends.
An important one moment in my life was winning in the soccer field with the school team. i am originally from Honduras a small town called San Pedro Sula Park near the colony rivera hernandez 2 blocks after post.

I like my gym class for the sports and my ESL class is good too the activities i enjoy are art class and gym class. Out side of school I like to be friends with other student have fun, responsibly my goals are playing good soccer and speaking english i need to practice a lot so I actually can do these things.

Oct 27, 2014

Beatrix's Animated Introduction

by: szeress95

Here's my animated introduction.

Hello, my name is Beatrix and I live in Brooklyn. I originally from Hungary. My whole family are from Hungary. Let me introduce my family. My dad who's beside I grow up. His name is Laszlo. He is like both woman and man. H e is cooking, working and cleaning and he's very friendly. I love him so much. My mom Julianna. She’s a baker. I didn’t have a lot of time to be with her, but she’s very social and she is look like me. My Brother Laszlo. He's a bad handsome boy. We are always fight, but If something happened with one of us we help each other. I think that’s normal because sister and brother always like that.

My childhood I can’t really say anything about it because I am still a child, but I loved to go out with my friends. When I was 15 my dad gone to NY and after him my brother too. I came here first when I turned 16. I was very exited a first time. I visited NY 2 times and I stayed the 3 time.

Today I live in BK about a year and I learning English, but I know I don’t want to live here in my whole life. I mostly think about England because there is more closely to my country and I can visit my friends and grandma and mom because they live in Hungary. Also I want to travel a whole World and be happy with my life and I still searching myself and what I have to do in my life. Maybe one day everyone gonna know my name or I gonna die and everyone gonna forget me.

Thank you for watching my short video see you next time.

Oct 24, 2014

Gregory's Animated Introduction

Here's my animated introduction:

Hello, my name is Gregory. Many girls think I am young and I am 15 or 16 years old, but really I am 18 years old. My native country is Dominican Republic, I was living there a long time in Los Mina with my parents. My father came to the United States in 2005 and left me with my mother in my country. In 2009 I moved to my grandmother's house because something bad happened in 2008 in Los Mina.

I am a very social person and that's why every time I go to a new place I always make new friends. Some of my memories of my country are a little sad, so I will mention my happiest memories of my country:

My birthday: my birthday I always felt like the most special person in the world
Dominican Christmas: the Dominican Christmas makes you feel at peace with everybody for all of December
Day of Kings: the Day of King is the best day to celebrate, eat, and drink until the sun comes up!

The biggest problem in my country always was the bad economy. Why? Because the president is the most corrupt person in my country.

The differences between the USA and DR include the different style of the houses. In my country the houses are smaller more colorful and the the USA you see buildings and apartments. The school in my country is garbage and in USA and school system and the education is so good. And the family in both countries are very united and hard-working.

I feel very very very very very very good living in New York because I can progress and get higher.

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