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Oct 28, 2014

Bairon's Animated Introduction

here my animated introduction

my name is byron arriola
I am a Honduran student. I live in Brooklyn New York. my birthday is important for me and soccer is too. I am 17 years old and on March 30 I will be 18. My family includes my mother, Martha and my sister, francis. Martha came to New York when I was 8, so we only met again five months ago.

I like school it is good time and a good place to meet new friends.
An important one moment in my life was winning in the soccer field with the school team. i am originally from Honduras a small town called San Pedro Sula Park near the colony rivera hernandez 2 blocks after post.

I like my gym class for the sports and my ESL class is good too the activities i enjoy are art class and gym class. Out side of school I like to be friends with other student have fun, responsibly my goals are playing good soccer and speaking english i need to practice a lot so I actually can do these things.

Oct 27, 2014

Beatrix's Animated Introduction

by: szeress95

Here's my animated introduction.

Hello, my name is Beatrix and I live in Brooklyn. I originally from Hungary. My whole family are from Hungary. Let me introduce my family. My dad who's beside I grow up. His name is Laszlo. He is like both woman and man. H e is cooking, working and cleaning and he's very friendly. I love him so much. My mom Julianna. She’s a baker. I didn’t have a lot of time to be with her, but she’s very social and she is look like me. My Brother Laszlo. He's a bad handsome boy. We are always fight, but If something happened with one of us we help each other. I think that’s normal because sister and brother always like that.

My childhood I can’t really say anything about it because I am still a child, but I loved to go out with my friends. When I was 15 my dad gone to NY and after him my brother too. I came here first when I turned 16. I was very exited a first time. I visited NY 2 times and I stayed the 3 time.

Today I live in BK about a year and I learning English, but I know I don’t want to live here in my whole life. I mostly think about England because there is more closely to my country and I can visit my friends and grandma and mom because they live in Hungary. Also I want to travel a whole World and be happy with my life and I still searching myself and what I have to do in my life. Maybe one day everyone gonna know my name or I gonna die and everyone gonna forget me.

Thank you for watching my short video see you next time.

Oct 24, 2014

Gregory's Animated Introduction

Here's my animated introduction:

Hello, my name is Gregory. Many girls think I am young and I am 15 or 16 years old, but really I am 18 years old. My native country is Dominican Republic, I was living there a long time in Los Mina with my parents. My father came to the United States in 2005 and left me with my mother in my country. In 2009 I moved to my grandmother's house because something bad happened in 2008 in Los Mina.

I am a very social person and that's why every time I go to a new place I always make new friends. Some of my memories of my country are a little sad, so I will mention my happiest memories of my country:

My birthday: my birthday I always felt like the most special person in the world
Dominican Christmas: the Dominican Christmas makes you feel at peace with everybody for all of December
Day of Kings: the Day of King is the best day to celebrate, eat, and drink until the sun comes up!

The biggest problem in my country always was the bad economy. Why? Because the president is the most corrupt person in my country.

The differences between the USA and DR include the different style of the houses. In my country the houses are smaller more colorful and the the USA you see buildings and apartments. The school in my country is garbage and in USA and school system and the education is so good. And the family in both countries are very united and hard-working.

I feel very very very very very very good living in New York because I can progress and get higher.

Oct 2, 2014

Six word memoir Broadside

by: atang

Since games have became such an event in the modern world quite a number of teens even kids have set their sights on the video game industry. So many teens have went to the video game world that when someone says they are a gamer you would probably say in your head at some point typical another gamer.

Sep 29, 2014

Tribute Photos

This photo was taken in 2014. It was inspired by Karl Blossfeldt a photographer her sculpted plants and objects and then photographed them. All of his photos are in black and white. His main focus was always the object he created. The object would usually be in the center of the picture and have a plain background. What I like about his photos is that you can see the detail in every single one. In this picture the spiked on the plant are the main focus and are really cool to look at. What I did to have a similar shot was that I took an object (the football) and created a plain background for it. When I took the shot I made sure the level of the football and the level of the camera were the same and once I took the picture I put a black and white filter on it. What I like about my photo is that you can really see the detail of the football, the words are clear and you can see the dimples of the ball. Also, the black and white filter really brings out the ball.

Sep 22, 2014

Social Networks and Political Activism

Political Activism Graph

The other day I read an article in my Spanish class about whether it is a good idea to use social media to promote political activism around the world. There were people who talked about the negative influences that could come about from using social networking in politics, but there were also people who believed that it is a brilliant idea to use it. Those that took the negative side of the argument said that this could be a bad idea because a lot of the time the media/news tend to slant stories and are not always reliable. But I have to agree with those that took the positive side because I believe that it is easy and simple to get adolescents involved in politics.

Promoting political campaigns over the news on TV and websites such as CNN and BBC are great ways of spreading political activism, but it seems that only mostly adults get on these sites or TV channels. In order to get the youth of this generation more active in politics, why not use social networking? Teens are on social media apps every second of every day. They can see world issues and/or campaigns just by someone "retweeting" or "sharing" an article. I think websites such as Twitter and Facebook are great ways to promote political activism and get adolescents more involved and active in expressing their opinions on certain topics.

Sep 5, 2014

What Makes a Social Media Site Successful?

All over, we see people using social media for everything. From valuable communication tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to dating websites like Tinder to less serious programs like Snapchat, everyone uses social media. So, what makes a social media website successful? What do all of these services have in common? Why do some sites fail?

Jul 25, 2014

Animated Introduction

by: lbauso

Here's my animated introduction:

Jul 23, 2014

Controlling Code at the Next Level Badge

by: groberts

Check out my badge on P2PU, and feel free to apply!

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