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Jun 8, 2015

Hub Fun

Group Project Journal:
We were thinking that our game shouldn’t be a remix and I thought that it would be fun if the game was original. We wanted our game to include some action and suspense allowing the gamer to have fun playing the game while still making the game educational. We could make our game a logic game where the character needs to experience some weird adventure and then uses his/her critical thinking skills to get out of this weird land. This game is able to put the player in a weird position causing him or her to be extremely careful of his or her actions. Like Ayiti the character has to learn how to support his/her family and we want our game to intrigue the gamer and make them have the will to beat the game. ~Sofija Obradovic

Game Mechanics:
You only have a few lives so make sure that you use your many lives usefully.
Try and stay safe by staying away from the other characters. (Warning: Other characters could slay you and make you lose lives.)
Play games using whatever skill(s) needed in the game.

The players will be able to do all of this by going into different worlds and trying to complete each world with a certain amount of lives. For each world the life count will be set to three and then go down as they lose lives. This, however, will not affect other worlds/games.

User Interface/ Game controls:
The player would use the P button in order to return to the hub.
The player would use the mouse to click on the world(s) in order to choose the world they want to go to.
Each game will have controls that are specific to their game, but the main controls will be the arrows to move around and space to jump. (If applies.)
Sofija: The sound effects will have a lot of effect on my project because they have to provide the sound effects for my fire blazing that will be taking place in the world.
Story: The story will begin by the player being introduced to the main character which will be their avatar. The story will end once the player has defeated the final boss.
Characters: Name: The Doctor
Age: 1900 yrs old
Backstory: Comes from a small town named Leadworth in England. Is Scottish. Is
a ginger. Very brave. Very strong. Is very patient and clever. Loses faith easily but gains his trust in people quickly.
Levels (Worlds):
Sofija: My world will be based off a fire/hell type world. You will have to have a concept of chemistry and creating different chemical equations in order to pass the level. This will correspond to the fire around the player.
Sofija: There will be a riddle that will have to be completed in order to stop the fire that could potentially kill the player.
Bosses: There will be one overall boss in the fifth world. There will be bosses or challenges in each world that will have to be completed in order to get the supplies for the last world.
Sofija: There will be a boss in my world that will be creating fire that comes down on the player and the player has to figure how to stop the fire from burning them.
Sofija: There will be a question that asks what the player would like to do with the fire and it will have to involve chemistry and a basic knowledge of combining elements.
Art/Graphics: The graphics are going to be based off of cartoons. They won’t look so much like real people but like animations.
Sound/music: The intro screen will have music as well as the hub. All of the games should have some sort of music as well that corresponds to their world.
Academic Content:
Sofija: Was explained in puzzles.
Project Plan:
Materials: Sprites, backdrops, sounds, costumes, remixes, blocks/script
Tools: Computer, Scratch, Google Images, Paint tools
Labor: Franklin Wong, Sofija Obradovic, Julie Mae Angevine, and Zainab Mansoor
Time: We will spend 12 days on our project. Each person will spend 7 days on their own project. Then we will spend 5 days fixing and editing all of the projects together and putting it all together.
Location: Home and virtually online (We will meet on the google docs hangout and we will meet on the gmail google hangouts.)

Money: $0


Date: 5/22/15 Time: 8: 30 am Location: BSGE Sofija: The project work today went really well. We worked together efficiently. We were also able to make some progress but not a lot of progress. I think that our project is starting to come together.

Date: 5/ 29/15 Time: 8: 15 am Location: BSGE
Sofija: Today went really well and we got a lot of work done together. Even though we are still behind I think that today really helped us get back on track just a little bit.

Date: 6/1/15. Time: 3:20. Location: Home
Sofija: I worked on my project. I was very behind from schedule so today I finished doing my individual project and finished putting it into the group project.

Date: 6/ 1/ 15 Time: 6: 00pm Location: Home
Safija: I finished putting my project into the group thing. It all connects and works well together. It connects with the overall project and doesn't glitch.

Date: 6/4/15 Time: 8: 18 am Location: School
Sofija: One priority that we have so that our project can be better is that we have to make our group project more organized and go through all of our scripts because there are sprites in other peoples projects. So in order to fix our project we would have to re-orginize the linking of our project so that it is all very smooth and flows together.

Jun 8, 2015

The Deadly Adventures of The Quad

My part of a group game, was making a science game. Here is my original plan and my progress:
Sona: Science
Game Concept: Determining which substance is safe to drink (based on acids, bases, and neutral)

Objective: To find as many safe substances to drink.
Game Mechanics: There are going to be three to four different substances that are labeled and a sprite, the viewer will be able to click on a substance for the sprite to drink and based on the substances’ pH level one substance will be safe to drink while others will not.

Obstacles:Time Limit, mystery substance and unexpected times (some information will be given about it, and the viewer must decide whether it is safe or not. Viewer’s sprite can die and the game will end.)

Chrome: Realistic backgrounds, realistic sprites and substances

Game Mechanics:
The players are allowed to click on different substances and also find more information about the substances.The players click on the substances once they have determined which ones are safe to drink. The player can get more information on the substance only three times and then they will have to make their decisions on which substance is safe to drink.Player will interact with the game since he or she will be able to make the sprite’s decision by clicking on the substance.

Objective: My game will begin with a brief introduction of the chemicals, it will end with rather the sprite dying or the sprite advancing to the next subject that we have.A minion is on a jetpack going to China and it crashes in Hawaii. He is left with a secret bunch of chemicals, a way to learn the chinese language and a math workbook. In Hawaii, he is very lonely and uses his imagination to transform these items while using it. He needs to survive in the island. The game is going to have a minion sprite to make it fun for the viewer, since a minion is a very childish and funny character sprite to look at. The main objective of each level is to find out which substance is safe to drink in order to survive, the final objective is to find all of the edible substances because the leftover will create (but in real life they are probably not the materials needed for fuel) fuel for the jet pack.

Obstacles: The boss will be Vector. During the game I am planning to have the viewer have to figure out if mystery substances are safe or not when given certain information to see if they have been focusing on characteristics of safe substances. You can easily level up by looking for common everyday substances that you consume like water. But as the substances get more complex, to level up (unless you know the substance) the viewer must use his or her chances to get small details of the substance such as pH level and whether it is a base/acid/ neutral substance in order to eliminate the substances that are not safe to drink.

Chrome: I am going to use this minion for my sprite. I am not going to have music or sound effects.

Sona-5/22/15 8:30-9:00 BSGE
Today I worked on my the script project. I used up some of my time making the sprite for the orange juice but later I decided that I should just download a picture of the different substances. Some difficulties I encountered was drawing it out, but I later realized the game would be more fun to play if it was more like a realistic situation.

Sona 5/27 BSGE 8:20-9:00

Today I worked on my scripts and my sprites. I tried to find sprites, but it was difficult since I was using the search tool “Reuse with modification” so I am going back to drawing out the substances or possibly taking pictures of it, which is possible. While I am searching for the sprites, I try to create the scripts. A difficulty I am having is that I am not exactly sure of which blocks will make the game function the way I imagined it. I need an extra day or two for my project to develop the sprites and find the right blocks.

Sona 5/28/15 8:44-10:06 Home

Today I finished the first round of the substances. I had a difficult time making the game function as I imagined it to because some of the blocks I could not find. I think the game will work in the same way as I planned but I might encounter the same issue I did for the last project which is that some things were repeated and the scratch project had glitches. Though, I am a bit behind schedule but I don’t believe I need too much more time to complete my game.

Sona 5/29 8:37-10:29 Home
I am completely finished with the first set of substances and I am almost finished with my second set of substances. I think that by tomorrow I will be finished with my individual project and will be able to work on putting together the group project. Though I am behind schedule, I am going to be catching up soon. For my individual project, I added some new features that I did not expect to have when I was making the design such as adding a change of backgrounds and I am planning to add some of my group member’s characters.

Group Member's Games:
Olivia: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63629580/
Patryk: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63698146/
Annelie: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/64263016/

My Game:
Sona: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63698192/

Youth Voices Accounts:
Olivia: http://youthvoices.net/users/20wegrowskio
Patryk: http://youthvoices.net/users/20stypulkowskip
Annelie: http://youthvoices.net/users/20hyatta

Jun 8, 2015


by: 20kumarig




My Group Project:


My Individual Project:      



Overall Idea:

The sprite attends the school VSGE--Virtual School of Global Education. The sprite starts off outside the school, and to get in, the player clicks the door. Once inside, there is a screen that says “Welcome to VSGE--the Virtual School of Global Education. Your schedule is Spanish, Humanities, Math, then Science. Your goal is to earn at least 8 points before lunch and get some popularity. In each class, the player gets 20 seconds to read as much information as possible before class starts. The player is then asked 3 multiple choice questions for each class, and if answered correctly, gets two points each question. After class two ends, if the sprite has less than 8 points, it sits alone and eats disgusting school lunch--this causes the sprite to be sad, deducting 2 points from the player. If the sprite has 8 or more points, the sprite sits with friends and eats good home food--this causes the sprite to be happy, adding 2 points to the player. Afterwards, the sprite takes 2 more classes. At the end, the sprite walks home.

Four Mini Games (Four Subjects):

  1. Spanish-- Olivia (Mr.G)

  2. Humanities-- Adnan (Mr.A)

  3. Science-- Jaime (Mr. L or Mrs.J)

  4. Math-- Hiruni (Mr. M)


Individual Project for Hiruni Kumari

Game Mechanics: Answer math questions based on graphs

Objectives: Earn 2 points for every correct question

Obstacles: Answer as many questions as you can in 20 seconds. Try to answer all  3 of them.

Chrome: Get through Mr.M’s hilarious/punny jokes between every other question to distract player, room looks kinda like real math room, teacher looks kinda like real Mr.M

*I’m doing the part where the player chooses his own lunch and sits with his friends at lunch



  1. Game Mechanics: Player must choose what classes they want to go to, get through everyday school obstacles (like choosing school food and getting to classes). They enter the school and choose which two classes to take first. Then they have to answer as many questions as they can correctly.

  2. Obstacles: Time limit of 10 seconds in class for reading the paragraphs and questions. The player must be able to read paragraphs in 10 seconds and/or answer 3 questions in that same time limit. Paragraphs will be mostly found in the Humanities level.

  3. Objective: Earn enough points to gain popularity at lunch and eat good food instead of school lunch. Earn at least 8 points before lunch to eat the good food and sit with your friends. Earn extra popularity points if you do this. Earn less than 8 points before lunch, then you get the bad food and sit alone.

  4. Chrome: Player walking to school, eating bad lunch and sitting alone OR eating good lunch and sitting wherever s/he wants (depending on # of points earned), walking home after school end, graphics, type of characters and backgrounds. The type of characters look like actual teachers and backgrounds look like our actual classes.


Design Individual Project for Hiruni:

Math Information: How to calculate the average speed, how to determine if a line is proportional or not, how to determine if a line is linear or not, when to use a solid or dashed line. You are given a situation and using the data given, you must calculate the average speeds and determine who or what was faster. Using your knowledge of reading and interpreting graphs, you must decide what type of graph you are looking at.

Questions asked:

1) How do you determine if a line is linear?

a. If the line starts at the origin       b. If the line is straight    c. If the line is a dashed line        d. None of the above

2) How do you determine if a line is proportional?

a. If the line is straight    b. If the line starts above the origin    c. If all points on the line match the rate    d. If the line starts at the origin

3) Henry traveled 2 miles in 1 hour. Hera traveled 8 miles in 3 hours. Roy traveled 6 miles in 2 hours. Who traveled faster?

a. Henry      b. Hera    c. Roy     d. All three traveled at the same speed

Math Room Background: Approved picture of pre-algebra room

Mr. M Character:





Tools: Computer, Scratch.com, creative commons, Google, mywebface.com

Materials: Sprites from Mywebface and Scratch, classroom backgrounds, school backgrounds,

  • Scripts/Blocks: If then else, when green flag clicked, when this sprite clicked, etc.

Location: School, Google Hangouts, Google Doc. Chat

Time: 12 Days

Money: $0.00


Olivia: Sprite at lunch with bad food, individual game

Jaime: Sprite going home, individual game

Hiruni: Sprite at lunch with good food, sprite in math class (individual game)

Adnan: Introduction, how to start game. Make sprite enter school and select subject and then upload the subject that has been selected. Individual game


Action Plan:








**cp=chrome part (good lunch, bad lunch, walking home)

***Adnan has no cp because he’s making the main character sprite and the intro.















.   .  .  . .


 . . .

Create all sprites

Create Adnan’s bgs*

Create Olivia’s bgs

Create Hiruni’s bgs

Create Jaime’s bgs

Create Adnan’s game

Create Jaime’s game

Create Olivia’s game

Create Hiruni’s game

Create Olivia’s cp**

Create Jaime’s cp

Create Hiruni’s cp

Create intro***

Put everything together



Developer’s Logs:


Group Developer’s Log #1 5/22 10:00--10:20 @Bsge


Adnan started by creating the introduction for our project on our group scratch. He made the start and story sprite and coded it. Hiruni and I upload our sprites to our individual project.


Adnan made part of the introduction, and we worked on our sprites. I was able to complete the first teacher for my game, but did not make Mr. L yet. The first teacher is a sprite that will be used if Mr. Laskowski does not approve of Mr. L. Overall I think we did very well and were very efficient in a span of 20 minutes.


We started with importing sprites and making the intro to our game. Adnan created the intro with the start button and the story. Olivia, Jaime, and I worked on uploading and creating new sprites. Jaime had to make a new sprite to temporarily replace the one she made before. I feel like we did a lot in that amount of time but maybe could’ve done a little more instead of spending too much time on making the sprites.


Today Olivia  was working on making her sprites, she had uploaded the character of Mr. G and programed it to some things. Jaime was able to have scripts but still needs consent to remove the picture of the cat in place with the teacher is is working with. In the end I feel that we could have a done a little better but we still did a good job.


Group Developer’s Log #2 5/27 9:55-10:15 @Bsge


During this period, Jaime and I weren't able to do anything. Our computers wouldn't load and the internet wouldn't work. Hiruni was able to work on her chrome part, and make some templates for it. Adnan was also able to work on his individual project and added more questions.                                             


Hiruni made the chrome background and Adnan fixed up the introduction. Olivia and I didn't get to really do anything because of the bad internet. Adnan showed me how to make a variable for a scoreboard. Overall we didn't really do anything because the Internet was really slow.


I worked mostly on the good lunch scene (chrome) and adnan continued a little on the intro. We weren’t able to do much since the internet wasn’t working well. Olivia and Jaime were trying to load their websites during that time.


I was able to make and complete the introduction of the group project however my partners were not able to do quite as much as I since they couldn’t access their computers right away. I also helped Jaime understand how to use the variable.  


Hiruni Developer’s Log #3 5/28 10:30-11:00 @Home

I continued working on the chrome and my individual project. I created more options for the good lunch in the chrome and I added the questions to the individual project. I’m ahead on the chrome part but I realized that I hadn’t planned on starting it yet. However, that means I have that extra time when I was supposed to do the chrome part to do my other steps instead. Its very hard to find the time to do most of these things. Especially for the background, (which I still need), I haven’t had the time somehow to get it. I plan on doing this tomorrow instead.


Group Developer’s Log #3 5/29 9:50--10:16 @Bsge


Today, my websites actually loaded (after a while) and I was able to do some work. As a group, we decided that the time for the reader to read the info. would be different for each game. We also cleared up many misunderstanding about our projects. Today, I worked on reprograming my game and began my questions. Jaime finished her questions, and so did Adnan. Hiruni was working on her chrome and her individual project and got a lot done.


Today I was able to make and almost finish my questions. I need to upload the picture of the classroom still however of Mr. A’s Room. Other than that I have minimal worries and will hopefully finish on time.


We decided that 10 seconds for info-reading is too little, so we are all changing it to different times. For me, I’m changing it to 20 seconds. I finished my questions today, but I’m still worried because I still have my chrome part.


Today we got to finish a lot of work, compared to how much we usually get done. We discussed how the time for each individual project will not work for the group one. We worked on backgrounds and making our chrome parts. I feel like if I continue working like this I can finish in time. However if i don’t do some things that i planned before, I will not be able to do them in time so I need to manage my time better. Jaime finished her individual project questions, Adnan worked on fixing the intro characters.


Hiruni’s Developer’s Log #4 5/31 11:00 - 3:15 pm @Home

I mixed up the schedule a bit and started the chrome early but that left time for me to do the individual project. I didn’t have a lot of time during the week and on saturday though I thought I would so I tried to finish as much as I can today. I finished my individual project. I realized that the characters from my chrome part were in the same project so I put them in my backpack for later. At first, I tried to have the character ask questions in a random order but if I did, I couldn’t find a way to have the answer choices appear at the same time the matching question was randomly asked. I also continued on the chrome part and will finish it up a little tomorrow when the group project is put together so I see how to connect some of the broadcasts and scores. 


Group Developer’s Log #4 6/01 5:37-12:01 AM :O   (we have no shame because we have used it all up on this project)


Today we were able to finish our project and work on it all together, and put it together. Since we can’t all go on the group account at once, we decided to all go on at different times, but we used google hangouts to talk and keep track. I think we worked well to finish this, the only problem would be the repetitive editing and revising. Jaime, Hiruni and I stayed to do this and we revised many times, while Adnan did his part and left. The only problem we had was that Mr. L came in too early and wouldn’t work properly. We worked really hard all 3 of us did, to try and fix it. But nothing worked. We tried so hard and spent so much time, and we were finally able to fix it in the end.


Today we finished our project but we had to make new broadcasts so that one subject would transition into the next. However we had to remove the idea of allowing to choose the schedule otherwise it would be too confusing. It would require a lot more time to it. I however wasn’t able to help since I wasn’t there too see everyone put it together but my part was but up. However they were able to fix the problem and made the entire project move smoothly.  


We finished everything. We used google hangouts, and we all worked very hard on this. Olivia, Hiruni and I did a lot of the editing because the game kept glitching. We decided to take away a schedule and just have one. My teacher, Mr. L, kept appearing in odd places. This was very frustrating, but we were finally able to fix it.


Today we finished up the whole project. It was a lot of work to do since we all worked on it at different times but we told each other what we were doing so no one will get lost. We tried to fix the sprites that kept on popping up all over the place but it was hard to fix it. Jaime, Olivia, and I tried taking turns to fix this. We made sure each others’ sprites were acting fine and their part of the project wasn’t going wrong. Adnan left earlier and wasn’t able to do much today. We didn’t know we would have to work this much, but we worked hard to get it done. We tried our very best to finish the project and make it run smoothly but glitches kept happening that required us to redo scripts which we did not have time to do. We really hoped that the game will turn out right because we don’t know what else to do if it glitches again.



Final Project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63717018/

Hiruni’s Individual Project + Chrome Part: <https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63716610/>

  1. One strength in my individual project was the way my characters showed up and talked at the right time. They weren’t messed up like my other projects where the sprites were running backwards. Another strength was that I was able to keep time throughout the project without giving the viewer too little time to answer questions.

  2. My individual project could’ve been more clear to how time was kept. Even though I found a way to do it, it would be confusing how the viewer is given 20 seconds to answer the questions while having lots of distractions like Mr.M’s jokes. I tried making it clear in the instructions that the jokes and the intro don’t take out of that time but I don’t think I was clear enough.

  3. A significant contribution I made was creating the chrome part of the project where the character has good lunch with his friends if he/she earns 8 or more points before lunch. I had the viewer choose the lunch and I created a small conversation between the friends.

  4. I could improve my group work by being more scheduled and on time. I could’ve spread out my time better without mixing up my plans.

  5. Jaime worked on the scene where the character leaves after school. She helped a lot with fixing the blocks that wouldn’t work and deleting some sprites we didn’t need. Olivia helped with the broadcasting. She helped figure out which things should go where so our project flowed smoothly. Adnan worked on the intro and helped us get the group project started. He included the story and start button and worked on the character entering the school.

  6. One thing Jaime could do to improve her contribution was maybe find more time to work on it. We all fit out schedule to our actual plans but we could’ve started working earlier on things to save time. One thing Olivia could do to improve her contribution was also maybe to find more time to work on the project. I found that a lot of us couldn’t make a lot of time and we should’ve scheduled more group meetings to make it easier. One thing Adnan could do to improve his contribution was maybe to show up at different times. Lots of us tended to stay for half the time we worked on the project and it was hard to bring them back when we needed their help.


Group Developer’s Log 6/05 9:39 @ BSGE Plan For Improvement


For my part, I will be adding credits to our animation. This way we will be following all parts of the constraints and requirements. Hiruni will be animating the background to fit the whole project. Jaime will be adding music to all the “classes”. Adnan will be creating transitions for the sprites and have them walk into classroom.


For my part, I will be making the backgrounds animated so they look like cartoons not real places. Jaime will be working on the music for the project. Olivia will be adding the credits roll. Adnan will be creating the transitions between each class and the sprite entering and exiting.


For my part, I will be creating the transitions between the sprite going from and to the other class and show it walking into the classroom for every class. Hiruni will make the backgrounds animated so that they don’t look like vague real places. Jaime is working on the music and olivia is making credits


For my part, I will be doing music. I will add music to each “class” for the subjects. Hiruni

will be making backgrounds animated, Olivia will be adding credits, Adnan will be creating transitions.

My Class: Harry Potter theme song or

Olivia’s Class: Barbie “I’m Just Like You” music, or “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift

Adnan’s Class: “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton or “Hall of Fame” by The Script

Hiruni’s Class: “I Really Don’t Care” by Demi Lovato, or “Dynamite”

Jun 8, 2015

Legend of Zelda: The Land of the Lost

by: 20leie

Math and Angry Birds


Do day 3; math. Attacking the monsters with weapons. Some monsters will ask math questions, and you have a limited time answering it correctly before their attacks multiply damage. Each time you answer incorrectly, your health will go down by 5. Different monsters have different timers. Something will depend on your math knowledge, for example, along w/ or w/o the sign that has the riddle, there’s a math question that you have to answer before viewing it. (Z is to draw out the sword, which is then used to attack the monsters).


Game Mechanic-

Rules- Players are allowed to interact with the different areas from the hub. There are four worlds that can be accessed through the hub. One each for Music, Math, English, and Science. The Song of Time can be played on the Ocarina to return to the Dawn of the First Day.

Gameplay- You have four days to accomplish the four dungeons, one for math, science, english, and history. After completing the four dungeons, you are faced with the final boss.

User Interface/Game controls- O to access the Ocarina, Arrow keys and A to play the Ocarina, WASD to move, Z is Sword, X is shield, C is Special (Magic, Bow, Hookshot?)


Story- You have been transported to Termina. Termina is a strange world, and you have found a place where you can jump into four dungeons. You jump into the first dungeon, the music dungeon, and you have to play notes on the Ocarina to advance. The first day is completed. The second dungeon is the history dungeon, and you have to help George Washington out of the history temple. After you solve the puzzle, he thanks you but you are interrupted by a mini-boss of the dungeon, Dark Link. You defeat him and move back to the hub, and it is now the third day. You head towards the math dungeon, and you have to solve math equations angry birds style. The final day, you solve the science dungeon and move towards the final boss. After defeating the final boss, Link dances and there might be unlockable characters in which you can use to play again, or play the game again to get those unlockable characters.

Characters: Link, Kirby (Can fly), Sonic (can run fast), Mario (is powerful), Dark Link, and Ganondorf

Levels: The different dungeons; go through all four of them to reach the final boss and defeat it to finish the game.


Bosses- Dark Link has 20 health, but is quick and hard to attack.

Puzzles/Questions/Riddles/Traps: The various academic questions that are presented in each level.

Leveling Up: You level up as you progress through the game by unlocking different items, some to create potion.


Art/Graphics: LOZ scenes?

Sound Effects/Music: Zelda Music (mp3), Music: http://www.bensound.com/

Academic Content: Science, Math, Music, English

Science- Mixing chemicals for different effects

Math- Answering questions correctly

Music- Playing the right notes

English- Figuring out the “fancy language” (the puzzle/riddles) to advance in the game. Ex. a fork in the path and a sign with a riddle which tells you which path to take; the other will lead to your death.


Project Plan



◦For English level- George Washington ↑↑ isn’t copyrighted because he’s been deadhttp://40.media.tumblr.com/cdef2467876a5916a98807778cc97813/tumblr_mifdatxjy91r413h3o1_400.jpg

◦ Link Sprites:http://www.deviantart.com/art/Skyward-Sword-Link-sprites-275694168Dark Link Soldier of The Shadow Army Sprite Sheet by tAll3Shyguy

◦Dark Link:http://tall3shyguy.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Link-Soldier-of-The-Shadow-Army-Sprite-Sheet-329440234

◦Ganondorf: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Ganondorf-sprite-336275136

◦Sonic sprites: http://pixgood.com/sonic-1-sprite-sheet.html

◦Mario: TBA (conflicted)

◦https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/57445334/ for the village hub

◦https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/56537200/ for the angry birds

•Tools: Computer, scratch, google images, paint tools (pixlr, preview, microsoft paint), piskel


◦20leie - Math level

◦20yeec - Music level and potions feature

◦20madrigald - English level with George Washington and credits

◦20SmelandL - Science level (final level with boss) and title page and hub (modifying) and cutscenes and tutorial

•Location: Group members’ home, Hangouts, school

•Time: 12 days

•Money: $0

20madrigald 20yeec 20SmelandL 20leie All Task 5/21 5/22 5/23 5/24 5/25 5/26 5/27 5/28 5/29 5/30 5/31 6/1 Create Boss Sprites and Link Make title page Make tutorial Make First level (music) Make Second Level (English) Make Third Level (Math) Make Final Level (Science) Make Potion mechanic Make Credits Make cutscenes Work on hub Put everything together Test it

5/22, 8:30-9:00 AM, BSGE

20leie -

Today I worked on uploading the sprites. I realized that there was some white background on some of the costumes, so I tried to crop them as best as I could. I started creating the movement for Link; we were planning to use WASD as the movement, but we needed another sprite for Link when he’s moving up and down for W and S. I duplicated the costumes for Link and flipped them for A, the left movement.

5/24,11:32AM - 1:45AM , Home

20leie -

I didn’t get a chance to actually work on my part on Friday; I was searching dungeons online and found that there was none that wasn’t copyrighted that I could input. On Saturday, I started sketching some dungeons that I found online. In the Notes and Credits I’ll put the links.

Today I finished drawing the backdrops. I uploaded them and I’m in the middle of connecting the backdrops together. I’m debating whether to make the different paths that Link encounters ask math questions to know which path is alright to through, or just ask math questions in a period of time to be allowed to actually advance to either path. There will be a stage where you have to answer however many questions in 25 seconds; each question is worth 10 health points, so this stage is like a health booster. The questions will be answered in an Angry Bird format. After the 25 seconds, the Angry Bird stuff goes away and you can advance to the next level. (20SmelandL’s project; Angry Bird Style/Method https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/61795590/#player)

5/25, 9:03AM - 2:30PM, Home

20leie -

I finished connected the backdrops together. I setted up three traps so that when the viewer makes Link go there, he’ll “die” and the viewer has to start all over. I’m working on the ropes, in which when W is pressed, Link will up the rope to a different platform. I’m also working on the Angry Bird method, which will be played when the viewer reaches the final stage/backdrop.

5/27/15 School 40 minutes


I decided not to add any monsters or random pop math questions because the viewer might want a little break from dungeons earlier. I didn’t add the ropes because Link’s movement allowed the player to have Link “float” around the screen. However, I planned to make the questions harder. I’m still stuck on the Angry Bird mechanic, and I didn’t get to do much today because the internet was down and the websites were slowly loading.

5/29/15 45 minutes school

20SmelandL- Today I was able to finish my individual project and I am done with my part. I just have to put everything together and share it. I am just awaiting my group member's products so I can create the overall group project over the weekend. I “tried” to help 20madrigald with the platforms and making sure that the side scroller is infinite. We couldn’t solve it but I found that we are okay in completing the project soon and being able to finish it before the deadline.

20madrigald- I’ve made a huge mistake. Today I couldn’t figure out how to make the scroll mechanic work properly when yesterday I THOUGHT I had it good, but it was absolutely horrible today, I tried to make clones for platforms but they failed miserably.

20yeec- Today I continued working on the potions part of the game which actually turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. Some of the blocks I used got really messed up and I wasted time fixing that. But I feel confident that I can finish my portions by tomorrow so that we can put it together over the weekend.

20leie- Today I used a different Angry Bird code from a different project because I couldn’t get the sprite to launch properly. I fixed the broadcasting and the “touching___” . However, when I played the game and got to the final backdrop, the sprite kept on going to the edge of the backdrop. I’m not sure how to fix it, and I was planning to add a few more questions at school today. I need to work on the project some more at home. I am behind schedule. (https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/34602750/#player)

5/29/15 20 minutes home

20leie- I was able to fix the Angry Bird problem by setting Shot? to 0 when green flagged is clicked. I added a few more questions also.

Plan for Improvement

6/5/15, 8:20 A.M., School


I would improve the scrolling mechanic, because Scrolling requires a memorization of the way the variables are aligned, and I forgot how to tell the direction of one scroll side from another, which screwed me up. My scroll mechanic fails miserably, and can not hold enemies. However, fixing all this could create a suitable dungeon where players have to fight enemies to get to the next level, which would be ideal for the current project that I need. I also need to incorporate music because my project needs music. I also need to finish getting rid of all the glitches, and there is also no way to exit the level. Scratch is basic, so I wasn’t able to compute what I needed in time for the deadline. All my project is currently is more of a scrolling simulator, and I need to make it into a dungeon or else the group project would be screwed. The last thing I need to do is make the game fun, right now all that’s fun is walking across a world that contains three screwed up enemies, about 7 platforms, and no way to escape. Soon I will begin to improve everything, but currently there is a lot wrong with my project. The total time it takes to fix the project should be a little less than a week. I will continue to work on the project regardless of how long it takes.


I would improve on making the project smoother, but also dumbing it down to a certain extent by deleting parts that weren’t needed. My individual project had problems when I put it together. It would constantly stop, and it basically never stopped even though I had lines that the boss would say to you before you entered the full game. They wouldn’t come up because of the problem that there were too many sprites that still counted as entities on the screen so that there was a huge problem with moving objects slowly stop moving and all of the lag that went on with the project. I would also have to make the project smoother which meant that I would make sure that the boss doesn’t stop moving when he starts hitting you which makes it easier even though it’s supposed to be hard and took a while to finish with all of the questions and fighting between them. Also, the enemy in the tutorial and the movement is a bit weird, because when you fight, Link almost jumps because of the sprite sheet. This didn’t work well because the loading was done in chunks to he almost just stopped moving a little bit and took a long time to complete it. I would have to change it so that the costume is changed to make it quicker and smoother to attack so Link has somewhat of an advantage while still having a hard time winning to a certain extent. It would make the game easier and more helpful to Link because I saw that the boss battle was extremely hard first and had to fix it with some of these changes.


I would improve how engaging our projects were because most of our projects were just asking questions, and the user didn’t really get to interact with the project. In my project, the user only got a few seconds of interaction as a reward for answering the question correctly. I think next time we should just incorporate the learning right into our project[s].

I also would want to improve the time I put into this project. I stalled until the night before it was due, so I made it very difficult for myself and Lars, who was putting the project together. I want to put in more obstacles as well because my level was pretty bleak, as there was only Link and one boss. The look of the potion aspect as well as the actual level wasn’t really appealing. If I were the player I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the game.

I also think I should work more with my group, because I mainly worked individually and I think that’s the reason why we couldn’t put our project together.


I would improve on adding more math content to the project because the only math content was at the end, when you got to the last backdrop and played Angry Birds to answer math questions. Also, I would create borders/limit Link’s movement because the player is able to move Link freely around each backdrop, and doesn’t create much of a challenge. The player can become confused as to why some places won’t allow them to go to another place. But if I’m going to limit Link’s movement, then I’ll have to add his jumping mechanic or create ropes or some ladder that allows him to go to higher places. Since the player would have to make Link wander aimlessly around each backdrop, if it’s possible, I’ll add monsters (that don’t ask questions), but attacks your health. Anyways, in the end, Link can regain some health when the player reaches the last backdrop.

My Individual Project

There was no group project because it was impossible to do so due to the amount of sprites and moving objects occurring.

Jun 8, 2015

Back to Seventh Grade

by: 20batrar
This is a screen shot of the group game.
My individual Project.

This is my individual project




This is the final group project:




Group Concept (Type of Game): We each have different kinds of games, and completely original concepts, all put together into one game.



Each Subject For the Group Member’s Project


Person Doing the Subject

Type of Game



Side Scroller














  • Game Mechanics

    • The player is playing as a guy with a jetpack. The arrow keys will move this player. There will be a question and a few choices. The choices will be placed at different parts of the screen and the player will move their character to the answer they think is correct.

    • The rules are to go on the correct answer so that you can gain points and possibly level up.

  • Objective

    • The objective of each level is to get to a certain point range to pass it by answering all the questions correctly.

    • You try to save the world fro the evil unicorns with your genius powers.

  • Obstacles

    • There are unicorns and when you hit them, you lose points which keep you from saving the world and leveling up. The number of unicorns increases as the levels do.

  • Chrome

    • The graphics, the background is just blue, but the unicorns leave a trail of rainbows.

    • The sound effects that the player makes when they use the jetpack.

    • Story line: You are a genius and have the same iq as Albert Einstein. You have to save the world from unicorns by using your genius powers.

    • The subject: Science




  • Tools

    • Scratch

    • Computer

    • Search Engines

    • Creative Commons

  • Materials

    • Creative commons pics

    • music

    • blocks

    • scripts

    • sprites

    • information

    • backdrops

    • whole projects

  • Location

    • Home

    • School

    • Hangouts

    • Calling *Phone maybe*

  • Time

    • 12 Days

  • Labor

    • Several people working on an equally fair amount

      • Rashmika

        • Science

        • Making a remix out of “Da Evil Unicorns” on scratch, her own project

          • Winston

          • Melyssa

            • Music

            • Making a remix. Not sure of what, but I’ll figure it out. *looks at games*

          • Lia

            • Humanities

            • Making a remix. *Still in process*

      • Money

        • No money

        Action Plan



















        Rashmika’s main character

        Winston’s Main Character

        Melyssa’s Main character

        Lia’s main Character

        Rashmika’s Enemy Character

        Winston’s Enemy Character

        Melyssa’s Enemy Character

        Lia’s Enemy Character

        Rashmika’s Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4  

        Wnston’s Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4

        Melyssa’s Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4

        Lia’s Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4

        Title slide

        Combine games


      Developer's Logs


    5/22/15, BSGE, 10:00-10:15

    Today, I worked on my individual subject--science. I had already previously finished the characters since I'm remixing a game I previously made. I worked on the the questions and scripted when they had to show and hide, as well as the results in which the player moves the character to each answer.  


5/25/15 Home, 1:00-2:00- Rashmika

    Today, I did some of my level one. This was extremely difficult since I had to work through all the glitches of the game, find out how to make it educational, and make questions, Making the first part is always most difficult since you are starting from 0. Now, since I have the scripts established for the questions, everything is going to be much easier since now I have a guideline to follow for my scripts. I also made some question.


5/27/15 BSGE 10-10:15 Rashmika

Today, I ran through my game to look for improvements and errors in the scripts. I did find a few errors, one was that the points would affect  the game more than it is supposed to. I fixed this by making the sprites hide faster than they are supposed to. 

5/29/15 Rashmika : BSGE 10:00-10:15

    Today, I perfected and polished my level 1. It is perfect now and I can just copy the scripts and edit them to fit the game! This is good! Makes my job much easier! However, I am kind of worried about two of my other group members as they barely started. I am worried we won't be able to do it in time. I ran into no issues.


5/29/2015 Rashmika  Home 8-8:30pm

Today, I looked over my level 1 for glitches and realize how long even just one level can take! I saw a glitch in which the background wouldn’t change and couldnt figure out why. I will save this issue for the next session. 

5/30/2015 Rashmika  Home 10-11:36

Today, I finished level 2 of my game. All I have to do is finish level 3 and I am done! I feel confident that I will finish. I ran into no issues.


5/30/2015 Rashmika  Home 10-3:36

Today I finished my whole game! It took me a while because there were a lot of glitches that were really difficult to fix. There are two glitches in which the sprites won’t hide when they are supposed to and I have no idea how to fix that.

6/1/15 Rashmika Home: 11-11:30 pm

Today, I added instructions to my game, and while I was checking over the final group project, I found a glitch in my work, so I fixed it. I realized my glitch wasn’t my own programming issue, but it was rather that my group members and I shared a common variable ‘score’ so the system got confused. I changed the variable to ‘score for sci’ and I fixed it! Other then that, I ran into no issues.

Group Meetings


My group worked well together to combine our project over FaceTime. There had been glitches within the project but everything worked nicely.





Hangouts video call

I think that today, our group did exceptionally well on working together. We critiqued each other's  projects and we combined them. This took quite a while because some of our games had errors that we had to fix along the way which was really difficult. It also took a while to combine the games, because then we discovered even more glitches! I was also able to ask my group members for help  in fixing the errors, and they helped me solve the problem! Except, in transferring the games there was a glitch which Winston mentioned on his side in the last paragraph, which I was able to fix. It is in my latest developer's log. All members were present.



I think today, our group was phenomenal when compared to the task that we had to complete. Today, we for some reason, found that whenever we tried to combine our separate games, there were suddenly 50 billion glitches that we never noticed before. It also didn’t help that sometimes the backpack feature glitched, and didn’t bring over all of the things that we put in it. However, it helped that my group members were around since I was able to see what other people did and see how I could make my own project better if I had time e.g. add sound effects, or to make the question part of the background instead of the ground sprite. I think it was a great experience, but still nonetheless, it was frustrating trying to combine all of our group projects.

I’d also like to mention that there is still a glitch in Rashmika’s game with backgrounds that we didn’t know how to fix, because such a glitch wasn’t there in her individual game. In Lia’s backdrops, for the group game, they’re different because the backdrops weren’t transported correctly, so we had to manually redo them.




https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63716978/ (Rashmika’s Science Project)

https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/65169572/#player (final group project)


Final Thoughts About the Project and Group Participation

Winston: I think that Winston was one of the hardest workers in the group. He always went above and beyond expectations, and put his best foot forward. Winston followed his gantt chart well.

Lia: Lia managed her time well, even if she didn’t exactly follow her gantt chart.

Melyssa: Melyssa did a really good job, and I found her final game to be humorous, enjoyable, and at the same time educational. Education and fun were both in this game which is usually very difficult to accomplish. She didn't follow the gantt chart but still finished her project in a timely fashion.

Me (Rashmika):  I kind of followed my gantt chart but I think that I still did really well. I think that the problem with my schedule was that I underestimated the amount of time it would take for each level. However, I think that I did really well on my final project, and tried very hard to do my absolute best. My group at first wasn’t really on track since we were moving kind of slowly, but it all worked out in the end.

Jun 8, 2015

HOR Hunters

by: 20siegels

Investigate Scott: A game that simulates a meeting in congress. You will be a congressman that will learn about HOR, and the way a bill is passed. They will face rejection from peers and constituents, and have to make up for this. Finally, this game will have a soundtrack that follows the story, and will use art from C-SPAN. Design Group: To connect all of our mini-games into one game, we will have a sprite fall asleep in class. Then, two sprites will appear. One will ask the name of the player and then say that if the viewer would like to go on an adventure, they must help that sprite win a race. He will then go on to explain the rules of the game. If the player does win the race, the game will continue on to the historical games. Lalla’s game will follow the race and the sprite that the player had helped win the game will continue on in the game and describes the objectives of each of the games. If the player is able to beat this section of the game, the setting will change to Shahreen’s game and then to Scott’s. If the player dies in one of the games, they will lose one of their lives. After their fourth death, the player will reset to the beginning of the game. Rules - You must follow the views of your constituents, and gain the support of your peers. You will lose if your bill fails to pass the HOR, you will lose the game. Most gameplay will be constricted to the game’s story. Gameplay/Game Engine - Multiple choices will be presented for your character to chose. Your choice will affect the story, and cause for the gameplay to differ. Most gameplay will be storyline based, and not have a visual change. User Interface - Most decisions will be made in the game, with click-to-respond gestures. The user will use the mouse to make decisions, and chose from multiple choice. The keyboard will most likely not be used. Objectives Story - You are a congressperson who must convey your bill to your fellow congresspeople, and get them to vote for this bill. Characters - You, your fellow congresspeople, the senate, the president, and your constituents. Levels - The game will be split up into 4 parts. Reading your constituents wants, drafting the bill, putting the bill up for vote, and watching it succeed or fail. The first 2 levels are interactive, and the last 2 are learning by observing. Obstacles Bosses - There are no specific bosses, as the game keeps a constant rate of difficulty. Puzzles/Riddles - The player will have to construct a bill that introduces their constituents wants into a unified manner. Leveling Up - Your character will not level up, but will move on through the rounds with each correct move. Chrome Graphics/Art - The backgrounds will be historical, and show monuments, such as the congressional committee rooms and the oval office. This will show the user what it shows in reality. Sound/Music - No specific music will be used, but sound clips from scratch will be used to show responses to actions. Academic Content - All learning will be done throughout the game by ‘watching and learning. Materials Sprites (being used from Scratch): Danny (aka the main character), some evil-looking dude, Pol Pot, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Congress members (aka people in suits), and three dots teaching the character about their opponent. http://simeontemplar.deviantart.com/art/Pixel-Hero-470210806 (inspiration for dany) Background: Classroom, Racetrack, four battlegrounds, inside Congress, “You Beat The Boss” background, and “You Lost” background. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Riflemen_at_Saratoga.jpg http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Plan_of_the_Battle_of_Yorktown_18... http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%88%97%E5%85%8B%E6%98%9F%E6%95%A6%E5%92%... Tools Computer/Laptop Web browser- Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer Scratch.mit.edu Search engine (Google) Labor Kayla Lalla Scott Shahreen Location Group members’ own homes Technology classroom The library Time: Around 50 hours Money: Nothing ($0.00)

















Create main character (Danny)

Create Kayla’s characters

Create Shahreen’s characters

Create Scott’s characters

Create Kayla’s background

Create Shahreen’s backgrounds

Create Scott’s backgrounds

Animate Kayla’s game

Animate Shahreen’s game

Animate Lalla’s game

Animate Scott’s game

Create introduction sequence

Create end credits

Import and link all games







Developer Log Numero Uno: 1:30-2:00, BSGE, Tech: Today, I worked on adapting our main character, Danny. I used scratch’s in-web editor, and was able to make Danny a congressperson. Finally, we discussed, briefly, how we will implement our joint games.


Developer Log #2: 5:00-7:30, Home: I worked for around 2.5 hours, and completed multiple scripts. A lot of  time was devoted to my information, and I decided to add a speed portion that has to do with clicking. I did this to make the game more interactive and fun for users.


Developers Log #3, 1:20-1:55, BSGE, Tech: Today, I added some backgrounds and created 2 scripts. I believe I am in a well along stage of my project, but I am a bit behind. I will work tonight and tomorrow afternoon to fix this.


Developer Log # 4, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM, 5/31/15, Home: I was not able to work on my project since thursday, so I decided to finish it now. I created all of my scripts and linked the game by 1 PM, so that my group and I could discuss our game and go over the finer workings. I feel like we are in a great position, and we are already (now) done.

Group Logs:


Shahreen: 1:30-2:00, 5/19/15, BSGE, Tech. Today, my group and I worked on discussing what our projects were going to be. Also, we began starting out projects. We created a mental schedule of how much we are going to do every day and approximately when we will be finished.

Kayla, 1:30 pm- 2:00, 5/19/15 Tech Room;

Today, my group and I worked on planning on what would be included in our game. We also decided on which games would go and the basics as to who will complete one. We also brainstormed ideas on how we would connect my science-based game to the three other games based on history.

Lalla: 1:30-2:00, 5/19/15, BSGE

My group and I started to talk about what type of games we each would do, and how the will fit with each other. Shahreen, Scott, and I would make a game that deals with history/government, and Kayla is making a game that deals with science. We decided what the overall storyline would be (it would be about a kid named Danny who falls asleep in class, and each of our games is part of his dream.)

Scott: 1:30-2:00, 5/19/15, BSGE, Tech: Today, we worked on our overall plan and strategy. We planned out our timing, and were able to create a mental plan and structure. We also went over guidelines.



Shahreen: 1:30-2:00, 5/21/15, BSGE, Tech. Today, my group and I did a project plan that was a gantt plan. We made our final decisions on when we would do certain parts of our project and who would do other jobs like creating an ending sequence. We created something to refer to and to check to make sure that we are on time.  

Kayla: 1:30-2:00, 5/21/15, Tech Room;

Today, my group and I completed a gantt table that allowed us to plan when specific parts of the project would be completed. With this chart, we were able to figure out that we should be completely done with our project by May 29. We made sure that we had at least two or three days before the project was actually due to fix any errors or catch up with our group if any technical difficulties occur that set our schedule back slightly.

Lalla: 1:30-2:00, 5/21/15, BSGE

My group and I decided the plan and schedule for making the project by using a gantt chart. We all agreed that all of our project’s would be linked nad done by friday the 29 and then we would use the weekend to make any small changes. We also decided that jobs that each of us will have to do. Such as, Shahreen will make the end credits, and the I would draw Danny.

Scott, 1:30-2:00, 5/21/15, BSGE, Tech: Today in Tech, we created a Gantt chart. This will allow for us to stay on schedule and follow our promises. It will also allow for planning and organization when it comes to linking.



Shahreen: 1:20-2:00, 5/28/15, BSGE, Tech. Today, some of my group members worked on their projects. I worked on my group developer logs and helping Kayla connects her games. I also have helped her solve the problem on her laptop. It wouldn’t work unless you double-clicked on something instead of single-clicking it. The solution was opening FireFox, then closing it.

Kayla, 1:30 pm- 2:00 pm, 5/28/15

Today, Shahreen and Lalla worked with me to link my project to Shahreen’s. Lalla helped us when we had difficulty determining how my portion of the project’s game would be won.  Shahreen helped me by figuring out how to make my project flow to hers. Once I had done this, Shahreen and Lalla helped me figure out how to fix the difficulty I encountered with my personal project. This problem was that everytime specific sprites touched a sprite, the player was supposed to either win or lose, but instead, nothing would happen.

Lalla:1:20-2:00, 5/28/15, BSGE:

Today Kayla, Shahreen connected their games to the overall game and me and Scott worked on our project. Kayla also modified her project as there were glitches on it, and I also helped her with the glitches. We discussed as a group how we were going to link all of the projects and by when. We agreed to do it by saturday. We also changed the order in which the games were because Scott and I were not done with ours. So now the order for the game is, Kayla’s, Shahreen’s, Lalla’s, and then Scott’s. Also, Scott just really didn’t make any contributions. He just kept getting off task.

Scott: 1:45-2:00, BSGE, My computer experienced technical difficulties, and had a hard time loading scratch. I was able to review my scripts, and finish 2 or 3 scripts, but was not very productive. I hope to use time at home to make up for this.

Developer’s  Log Plan For Improvement


Shahreen, 1:17-1:30, 6/3/14, BSGE. If we could improve our game we would shorten the introduction, shorten the start of Kayla’s game, make my game a bit less confusing, and make Scott’s game a lot more interesting.

My game needs to be a bit more easier for some people because they cannot play a game of minimum difficulty.

Scott’s game is just too easy and it needs to be less boring because most of it is just talking. The part of it that is a game is very, very boring and that needs to be heavily improved.

The introduction needs to be shorter because it was too long.

Kayla, 1:17-1:30, 6/3/15, BSGE;

If my group and I had the chance to improve our project, we would alter one specific aspect of each individual product. Firstly, we would shorten the length of the introduction sequence, as it is too long to hold the interests of the viewers. This also applies to the instructions at the beginning of my game. We agreed that the first level of Shahreen’s game was a little too difficult for viewers who have never played the game before. Lalla’s game, although pretty good, could be improved by having a greater variety of levels and difficulties to challenge the player more. Lastly, we agreed that Scott’s game was slightly confusing and did not have a clear objective to the game. We could also add more interactive devices because there was not enough for the player to interact with, causing the game to not hold people’s interests for very long.

Lalla: 6/3/15, 1:17-1:30pm, BSGE

If we could improve our game, we would shorten the introduction and Kayla’s beginning and also make Shahreen’s game less confusing and also make Scott’s game less boring and clearer to play. It didn’t really grab the player’s attention at times and the actual game was so short and confusing, it just lost the player’s interest. Shahreen’s game was wasn’t My game needs to be more challenging as the platform is the same for all levels and also make the bullet for attacking at the same place as the player instead of above its head. Also, Shahreen’s speed for the attackers needs to be slower as it is too challenging at times as well. The enemy would be so fast and random, that sometimes there wasn’t any time at all for the player to attack sometimes.

Scott: 1:20-1:35, 6/3/15. BSGE, Tech: I would work on improving my playability. I would focus on adding more “game” to even out with the instruction. This would cause more interest, and increase the replay amount. It would also keep the player happy and playing a game, instead of sitting there and learning.

I would also like to replay the game, and find any bugs and glitches. Since it was rather long, I was not able to see it that much, and replaying it would help put me at ease. It would also let me fine-comb the details and sort out any difficulties.

Our group would individually work on our projects. We would mostly focus on our instructions and playability, to make it more fun.


Scott’s Reflection:

In my individual project, I feel like my information and depth are strengths. I had to study the inner workings of Congress to make this game as factually correct as possible, and I feel like this made it correct. I wanted this game to be very informational because many kids find this information boring. By presenting the facts, I believe they will enjoy it more. I feel like a weakness in my project is the lack of user interactivity. While there is some of it, it is not abundant, like some other games. I feel like our group worked great together. All that I can say is positive, and there is not a single bad comment about them that I have to say. I really enjoyed working with them and hope to have similar experiences in the future.


Scott’s Game: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63567150/




Jun 8, 2015




Game Mechanics:

  • rules:

  • The player can choose between a female and male character.  This will be programmed to be the character they use throughout the entire minigame.

  • The player’s job is to complete levels.  

  • gameplay/game engine:

  • The player will most likely play by running across the landscape set out for each level with their character.

  • User Interface:

  • Players will move with keys A and D to move horizontally, spacebar to jump.


  • Story:

  • To clear all levels and pass invading troops, the player must maneuver a dangerous obstacle course.

  • Characters:

  • A small black ball will serve as the avatar.


  • Bosses: The minigame will have a boss, generic and guarding the treasure at the end of the level.

  • Red Areas: If the player falls into the


  • Graphics/Art: All of the aspects of the game will be personally created, either hand-drawn and edited online or just drawn online/ on scratch. Hopefully the art will be interesting enough to keep player’s interest.

  • Sound/Music: There will be interesting music in the background.

  • Academic Content: The game will serve as a way of teaching history to the players. They will have to answer questions relating to the theme while enjoying the aspects of the game.

Project  Gantt Chart















Create backgrounds

Create all Sprites

Find Sound effects/ music

Create enemies/ bosses

Animate Marc’s project

Animate Katia’s project

Animate Maya’s project

Animate Rayan’s project

Create title sequence

Create ending sequence/

Import all individual projects into group product






Thursday, May 21st, 2015. 1:30-2:00. BSGE. MAYA

Today I attempted to complete one of my character sprite through the Scratch sprite creator by drawing. I was able to get most of the sprite done, though I would be more comfortable restarting it.

Maya Tuesday May 26th 2015 1:30-2:10 pm BSGE

Today I was able to find the game that I want to remix and I got more familiar with its content and what I will have to alter. I experimented with some of the controls as well, and attempted to fiddle with some of the sprites to make them more like the ones I will be using in the game. Originally when planning the project I thought I would be able to begin my own game without having to remix but since there won’t be enough time and I am severely behind schedule I don’t think that I will be able to do that, as it is too time consuming. I will also alter the schedules a bit since I think that I won’t be able to get everything done when I said I would.

Maya   May 28th 2015 BSGE 1:30-2:00 pm

Today was rather slow, as I had to transfer my work from my personal account to the group’s and modify it. I also experienced several glitches in the game coding that was kind of frustrating because I wasn’t able to get to the steps I wanted to get to, which also means I’m going to have to work on that at home, and push the schedule back again, and that’s what’s probably the most problematic. I am also unsure of certain codes that I need to incorporate into the game. If it doesn’t work or I don’t find out another way how soon, there essentially will not be a direct educational aspect of the game and I will either have to 1) reframe the entire game to fit a new educational thing, or 2) start again. Both are pretty bad options, so I will have to spend a lot of time working on that part of the game.

Maya   May 30th 2015

I have decided to abolish the storyline because of timing and just work off of the game that I am remixing. I also know it's going to take a lot of time to import all of the projects anyway.

Group log May 30th 1:55-2:05 BSGE


We discussed what type of game and what subject we were going to teach. We also generally discussed our progress.


we discussed what was happening and we planned how it was going to go in the final p


i satan


We discussed what we were doing and the plans for making this project, such as which games we were remixing and everyone’s part in the group.

Group Log May 30th 2015 3-3:15pm Home


I think that this meeting went well. We discussed mainly on our progress on the project. Everyone was present and we found out that all of us were nearly done.


We managed to complete a brief analyzation of our project’s progress, were nearly done.


    This meeting was brief, but efficient. We were able to discuss what point we were at with the project and who was doing what, just to clarify. As it is my responsibility to import all of the projects, it was very helpful to know where everyone was.


we did a lot of work in th9s time period and a lot of work was accomplished by everyone today


Maya:   https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/65039356/

  1. A strength I would like to highlight would be deciding the format and original game that I would create. I didn’t take a lot of time to decide this at all and it was very easy for me to adapt to the design of the game I was remixing.

  2. My project could have improved greatly if I was more aware of time/ more efficient with how I spent time. The game I originally planned to create was overly elaborate and pretty much impossible to have made concerning my time schedule. I had a lot of trouble with time management, which seems to be a recurring problem with my projects in Scratch. This also affected how the group project was impacted, so it is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed in the future.

  3. I think that I helped with the overall planning of the project, though executing it was the responsibility of individual members of the group. I also put together the final project/imported all of the games into one project.  

  4. The group could have been a bit more timely, by which I mean we could have stuck to the schedule we originally planned out and not been so behind. I am also extremely guilty of this, so it wasn’t any particular person in the group, just overall.

  5. Marc- Marc was very  helpful, he organized group meetings and helped a lot with decisions that the group had to make. He was also very willing to help out with whatever was a problem at the moment.
    Katia- Katia was a very good member of the group, she was present for most of the meetings and did everything she was supposed to. She was willing to meet whenever there was a meeting, and responded to questions. She helped out a lot.
    Rayan- Rayan worked really well in the group, he got everything done quite efficiently and was pretty helpful in terms of engaging with the group.

  6. Marc- Marc could have worked a bit more efficiently, but that is something that goes for everyone, and still it didn’t negatively impact the group.
    Katia- Kat could have been a bit more invested in working with the group and been more present and available, but I don’t think it was really an issue.
    Rayan- Rayan could have contributed a bit more to everyone’s project, but there were no major issues.



Jun 7, 2015

Devious Dungeon

by: 20tranh

My project:

Anab: history themed mario/skyrim mix


Shoumik: a troll goes through an obstacle course and answers questions


Rachael: Black Butler anime themed interactive game

https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/65058476/ Final:







Unit 4 Project Journal

By: Shoumik,, Helen, Rachael, and Anab


Helen: I will make a RPG anime themed game that focuses on a character from an anime called Bleach that goes through an obstacle course that has the player answer questions based on the english subject. (English and grammar)


The four main characters in the stories will be stuck in a dungeon. Because each of the four characters are from either an anime or a video game, the player will be able to choose which tunnel they enter for a challenge. When they enter the dungeon they choose, they will find themselves, as the main character, in the setting of that anime or video game. There, they will overcome academic challenges to reach each mini-game’s goal.


Game Mechanics:


Rules: The player, Ichigo, must get through a path. In order to escape their world, he must answer questions on anything in the English subject that includes grammar and comprehension. He will pause when encountering each obstacle and answer the question before resuming the course. Each level  or obstacle course is cleared when he reach a checkpoint.

Game Play/Game Engine: The player answers questions as they go through a course.

User Interface: Left and Right arrow keys, X, Y, C Space,




The main character,  Ichigo, is in the Soul Society ( Soul Reaper World ). He wants to get back, but there are mysterious Hollows (monsters i guess) trying to block his way, asking English themed questions that seem weird.


Ichigo, Hollows,


Each level has a hollow asking a question. there should be about 4 or 5 stages. and a final stage where the question is really tough.


Helen: The obstacles are the Hollows, and the hard questions. Also, the Hollows will cause the player to lose health, or lives, and when he loses all the lives, he will have to start the game over.


Helen: I will add music from the anime that is allowed to be used. I can also add visual effects when the player is hurt or gets the answer from the question wrong.






Other people’s work on Scratch





Anab, Helen, Shoumik, and Rachel

Each will create a game to contribute to the final group collaboration.

In the final collaboration, each person will contribute a bit

Time: 20 hours

Money: $0




Tech Room



Action Plan:














Shoumik Enemy Sprites


Boss Sprites

Shoumik Academic Questions


Back- grounds

Shoumik Creating Animation




Backgrounds and Backdrops



Helen Emeny Sprites

Helen Sprites and Boss Sprites

Helen Game Animation


Khan Back- grounds

Anab Enemy Sprites


Boss Sprites and Character.



Anab Academic Questions



Anab Animation

Rachael Sprites



Rachael Opening Story

Rachael Questions

Rachael Music

Rachael Animation

Opening Scene




Putting together the whole project







Developer’s Log #1:

5/21, 2:05. Tech Room

While sitting with my group, I individually created the account and created the project.


  • Usernames were hard to come  up with

  • cooperation with our group was a bit hard


  • we came up with otaku31

Developer’s Log #2:

5/23/15, 5:46, Car (yes i did this in the car while i was on a trip to Jericho)

I looked around for games to remix and found a few games i could use components from. I also edited backdrops and saved usernames for credit.


  • Finding a project was hard

  • The scripts were hard to understand


  • I found a project after a while

  • I figured I wouldn’t touch the remixed sprites

Developers Log #3

5/26 1:30PM At School Technology Room

I made the project title page for our final project and also worked on my project.


  • I didn’t have time to do much

  • The resolution of the image changed


  • I would continue at home

  • I would look fr the exact pixel dimensions of the scratch stage.

Developer’s Log #4:

5/27/15, 2:52, School Library

I decided to remix someone else’s project. I also changed the background.

Developer’s Log #5:


I worked on the rest of the project and finished it. It was kinda late, but I was busy and realized that i couldn’t follow my gantt chart because of other needed activities. I also created the animation for the final project and included music and a game menu.


  • I accidentally replaced my project with the final unfinished one.

  • I decided to skip the music in the beginning of the game, since I decided to spend all night working on my project instead


  • Work on the project all night and insert it into the final when I finish

Group Logs:

Group Log #1:

5/21/15, 2:05. Tech Room

We created our technology Scratch account, otaku31. Since there were two boys and two girls quickly assembled together working together was a bit of a hassle. However we still got a considerable amount of work done.

Group Log #2:

5/26/15 2:01PM Technology Room

We discussed the due dates, of when we would put together the entire project, and get everything done.

Group Log #3:

5/28/15 2:03PM Technology Room

Everyone finished making their sprites backdrops, some of our members were doing their individual projects and some of us laid out the basic foundation for what the group project should look like.

Group Log #4:

5/31/15, 1PM-11PM At home, on hangouts

We were on hangouts throughout the day, working and discussing our project as we finished our project and attached them together.


  1. Some strengths I can highlight was the variation of things, not just like one type of game throughout the whole thing.

  2. There could have been more levels to make the game more interesting

  3. Our group work could have improved if we meet up more and if we had time to collaborate with each other nicely.

  4. Everyone collaborated an equal amount, I made the animation and art for the final project, Rachael made the credits and helped animate, anab gave us advice when we needed help, and shoumik made sure everything played out.

  5. I should’ve been online with my group more, shoumik should’ve done his things on time, Rachael and anab should’ve talked to the oup more but you can’t blame anyone because we are all busy. I can’t really say this because everyone did a lot of work.

Group Developer’s Log#5:  Plan for Improvement

6/3 1:25PM Technology Room

Rachael: I need to work on the variables, about how when a diagram is shown, it is closed with either pressing the spacebar or the “d” key. However, this may interfere with the user, if he/she accidentally presses the button by accident during another game, and my project shows up.

Helen: I want to work on my individual project and the chrome of my game because the boss level isn’t as good as i imagined it to be.

For example, I should make the hollows (monsters and obstacles) more animated so that it is more interesting. Also, I should’ve added music because I forgot to and it made the game a bit plain.

Anab: I want to fix the glitch that my game had.  It glitches and I don’t know why. I also want to add bosses in my project. It would make it more interesting. I would improve the glitches that occur in my game. For example, there is a glitch where even if you get the question right, you lose a life.

Shoumik: If I had the chance to improve the group project, I would have helped my group I would help my group mates improve all of the glitches that appear, in the group project. There were lots of annoying glitches that made the game seem incomplete, and yeah.

We talked as a group and agreed that we should have worked our individual project.


Jun 7, 2015

Hobo Bobs Mortal Kombat Kidnap

individual projects for Román : I will make it so that he must answer question to get weapons and then he will fight many Squares until he reaches scorpion and then the ultra boss which he must fight using combos, keystrokes and a question for fatality.

Ultimate boss Questions:

For Ultra Weapon

A. In 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark began the first exploration of the American west, from what city? B. And they followed what river westward for 1,000 miles ? C. And they reached the Pacific in what state?  A. St. Louis, Mississippi River, Oregon

  • In a 5 by 12 rectangle, one of the diagonals is drawn and circles are inscribed in both right triangles thus formed. Find the distance between the centers of the two circles? Answer: 6

  • How acidic is a acid that has a pH of 1?

Answer: Very acidic














create silang's characters

create benjamin’s characters

Create Roman’s


Create Akshay’s Characters

create boss sprites

create enemies  (squares) sprites

create platform sprites

create settings/backgrounds

Make Weapons Sprites

animate benjamin’s level

animate akshay’s level

animate roman’s level

animate siliangs’s level

create credits

create intro

import individual projects

link projects

music/ sound





Roman  We worked on our own projects. And finished up on some  things such as sounds, sprites and weapons we continued and elaborated some scripts. I experienced zero difficulties

Roman we tested eachothers games and were relatively productive.

Roman : I worked very hard and helped people with their individual projects to make glitches not happen

Roman : I would fix my developers logs and the groups linking because Akshay couldnt figure out how to link our projects but we found out some of the problems with the linking and could easily have them solved in time.

     ',width:'100',height:'100'" width="100" height="100" align="" />

Jun 7, 2015

The Trapped Bob

by: 20leis
1st stage of individual project

Game Proposal: this game would be a platformer. will incorporate history, science, and math.the enemies in this game would be squares. there are 4 levels and last level there is a hard boss. arrow keys would be to move. not all enemies are squares, but most are. will have some unique things in it which would be discussed later.

individual projects for benjamin: i am going to do the level in which history is incorporated. i’m going to make all these platforms in which they will only come down if you answer that history question. as you go along it gets harder. there would be some squares that will kill you if they touch you. squares also have weapons. there is going to be 5 platforms. main objective  is to get to the door. boss at end would be napoleon bonaparte. must answer how he died or he kills you. there would be tips, but there would be some history facts along with it. there is also lava.  

Individual Project for Siliang :  My game will be a platform game. The main character is a red ball with a face. There will be certain obstacles that will try to stop the sprite from reaching the end. The obstacles will be blue squares that will shoot out balls that will diminish the sprite’s health. The sprite will only get 1 health. There will be 3 parts to my individual project. The first and second parts will have blue squares as enemies and paddles that serve as platforms. The last part will have a boss which the sprite has to jump onto in order to defeat. When in motion. gravity will play a factor into it. My project will be hard at first and then gets easier as the sprite gets further.

individual projects for Román : I will make it so that he must answer question to get weapons and then he will fight many Squares until he reaches scorpion and then the ultra boss which he must fight using combos, keystrokes and a question for fatality.

individual projects for akshay : My thing would be on math. I will have this world called the math factory which is a level  in the group project that incorporates math in games. You would have equilateral quadrilaterals as enemies and must avoid them in order to succeed. The force machine would be in effect and questions would be asked regularly in order to continue on in the level. You will have a giant as a boss. The boss would be unlocked at the end of the level. You must answer the bonus math question to defeat him.



Game mechanics:

  1. Rules- use arrow keys to move. Use space to to fire weapon. up arrow is to jump. use q to switch weapon. you must solve the questions along the way. all levels would be do able. questions would be 7th grade level. it would be helpful if players don’t use the internet. be respectful at all times. weapons have an infinite ammo supply. weapons would be grenades, guns, swords, shotguns, machine guns, bombs, and spears. s is for a genie to give hints. the genie name is Raebyllis. only one weapon per level. can gain weapons by answering questions and use these to kill bosses and squares. there is a box in the beginning of each level. answer the question correctly you received a weapon from it. weapons are deactivated after each level even though next level you can get new ones. game play/game design- is a platformer with guns and other weapons that would be accessible by answering questions. You must also answer questions to continue and defeat the bosses. can kill enemies with weapons, but not bosses. health heals every one second.

  • user interface- third person interface.



  • story- there this ball call hobo bob. he was kidnapped from his box by the squares. he escapes, but has to get out of the squares fortress of squares. there is various obstacles and he must go dodge or kill the squares with weapons that he discovers on his journey. it is up to you to help bob and direct out of the fortress of squares and to get him home to his box.

  • characters- hobo bob, squares, and napoleon bonaparte, ultra square, Azkarim, tjmm cfbs

  • levels- there would be  levels. each level get harder.



  • Bosses: napoleon bonaparte, a giant pi symbol, ultra square,

  • Puzzles/Riddles-questions on math, history, science, and then the force machine.

  • Leveling Up- when you touch the door you advance to next level.




  • Academic content-history, math, chemistry and general science


Questions going to be ask in history section:

  • what was the submarine name that was created in the revolutionary war? answer: the turtle

  • who created the poem “battle of the kegs”? answer: francis hopkins

  • what did the British do in response to that poem? answer: burn down his house.

  • why did the british lose at the battle of saratoga? it is because william howe and some other and another general didn’t come?

  • why did the americans win at the battle of yorktown? Answer: french navy prevented british navy from coming.

  • what is a tactical victory?

  • what was pontiac’s rebellion? it was when this chief name pontiac

  • christopher columbus sailed in which year?

  • did the church think that the world was round?

  • do any puritans exist today?

  • the anglican church separated from which church?

  • What was the other form of government before the Constitution in the United States?

  • what happen during the french revolution? (not 6th grade)

  • what killed napoleon bonaparte? (boss question) answer: stomach cancer


Questions on Science:

  • What is the acceleration of gravity?

  • What is another name for the center of gravity?

  • What is force divided by mass according to Newton’s second law of motion?

  • Which newton law describes why it hurts when you punch a brick wall?

  • Bonus question: On Earth, what is the maximum height obtained when you throw a ball with a mass of 14 kilograms upward if the ball’s the initial speed is 20m/h?

  • What type of force makes an object accelerate?

  • What is the distance traveled by a ball that is dropped off a building for 5 seconds?

  • On Earth, what is the velocity of a ball that is dropped of a building and has traveled for 3 seconds downward?


Questions on Math:

  • Is a graph with the point (0, 40) proportional? Answer: No

  • What total percent of the data does the box in a box plot represent? Answer: 50%

  • Bonus: What is the probability of the following event occurring: There are 20 stuffed animals in a box. There are 5 yellow bears, 5 blue bears, and 10  sillybears.You take one out every time until it’s a yellow and each time you don’t put it back. What is the probability of taking out a yellow bear on your second turn if you didn’t take one out on the first? Answer: 5/19  

  • How much do you pay for a $20 coat that’s 45% off and has an 8% tax? Answer: $14.04

  • Simplify: 5x + 3 = 3x -3 Answer: -3

  • Name two words that describe the difference between rates and ratios. Answer: Like and Unlike

  • What really is multiplication? Answer: Repeated Addition

  • What is the value of y in terms of x in this equation: 15x-23y= 144?  Answer: 144-15x / -23

  • Which number is the constant in this equation: 5y= 10 Answer: 0

  • What is the area of a circle that has a circumference of 12 cm? Answer: 36 cm. squared

  • What is the constant of proportionality in the equation: x=y? Answer: 1

  • True or false: x squared = y is a linear relationship. Answer: False

Ultimate boss Questions:

For Ultra Weapon

A. In 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark began the first exploration of the American west, from what city? B. And they followed what river westward for 1,000 miles ? C. And they reached the Pacific in what state?  A. St. Louis, Mississippi River, Oregon

  • In a 5 by 12 rectangle, one of the diagonals is drawn and circles are inscribed in both right triangles thus formed. Find the distance between the centers of the two circles? Answer: 6

  • How acidic is a acid that has a pH of 1?

Answer: Very acidic















create silang's characters

create benjamin’s characters

Create Roman’s


Create Akshay’s Characters

create boss sprites

create enemies  (squares) sprites

create platform sprites

create settings/backgrounds

Make Weapons Sprites

animate benjamin’s level

animate akshay’s level

animate roman’s level

animate siliangs’s level

create credits

create intro

import individual projects

link projects

music/ sound









group log: 5/21, 1:00pm-2:00pm, bsge



my group members worked on our own individual projects. we got some work done and i added some scripts and deleted some sprites. finalized all characters that were going to be used.

some difficulties i had were  that i couldn’t get the enemy to stay in one place.

some ways i could solve this by finding some scripts from a game and put it in my backpack and incorporate those scripts into my project.


We worked on our own individual projects. We finalized what our characters will be including the enemies and the main character.

I didn’t experience any difficulties.


My group and I worked on our individual projects. I started it today, for I had forgotten to do it yesterday. I created my square sprite, and put in some basic functions of it. One difficulty that I had was that I couldn’t access the script I wanted to use from my previous projects. I eventually found out that I had to refresh the page.

Roman  We worked on our own projects. And finished up on some  things such as sounds, sprites and weapons we continued and elaborated some scripts. I experienced zero difficulties

benjamin individual log: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63607522/

5:00pm to 7:00 pm on 5/21. home.

i did my project and made the enemies and terrain and also the boss and some questions. i am ahead of my schedule. some problems i encounter first is that i couldn’t seem to put enemies in a scrolling game so i had to do a non-scrolling game.

5:00pm to 7:00 pm on 5/22. home.

i  ahead of schedule. added more obstacles and enemies and more educational content. some problems i faced were that my clones wouldn’t die. i could fix this by not giving them hamealth and instead put it that at a specific time they get deleted.

3:00pm to 5:00pm on 5/30. home.

i finished my individual project. i didn’t add extra weapons and didn’t do all the questions because of time restrictions. i had some problems with glitches like the spear wouldn’t disappear, but i fixed that with a stop all block. need to finish my intro and might be late.

1:00pm to 5:00pm at home on 5/31. i didn’t follow my schedule on the gantt charts and finish intro a little bit late. mit.edu kept crashing on me and i solved that by putting all my stuff in the backpack. also one thing kept on triggering so i solved it by making sure it couldn’t trigger any more.


Akshay  Individual Log 5/22 at home: I started to work on basic movements and also the backgrounds and that stuff. One major headwind was that I wasn’t able to use the if touching color command, so I had to make sprites for every platform. This took a long time.

Akshay  Individual Log5/25 at home: Today I completed the basic game mechanics to moving around including gravity. I fixed many major bugs that were there previously. However, I still have to finish adding the questions in and adding the weapons shop.


Akshay  Individual Log 5/26 at home: I started to add in the questions, and tried to program them. However, for some reason they aren’t functioning properly. I don’t know how to fix this. I decided to postpone this task to tomorrow.


Akshay  Individual Log 5/27 at home: I continued to have the question dilemma as well as some other bugs. Also, another problem is that I can’t make it stay still when the question is being asked. In response to the question dilemma, I created an invisible sprite so that if it’s touching it, a whole bunch of other commands will execute.


Akshay  Individual Log 5/28 at home: I finished the question dilemma and moved onto making the weapon. It has been easy so far except for the fact that I can’t make it disappear after coming on contact of the enemy. Also, instead of the weapons listed there, I would be using a fireball and only a fireball. Also, because I’m behind, I will extend it for one more day. I also decided not to include the force machine.


Akshay  Individual Log 5/29 at home: Today I added some more functions to the weapon as well as add the portal question. Also I added the boss arena as well. The difficulties here were easier to overcome compared to the other one. However, after it goes to the boss arena, it asks the wrong question because of Sprite 12. Even if I move it, it will ask the question later on. I decided to fix it tomorrow.


Akshay  Individual Log 5/30 at home: Today I finally finished my individual project after many hardships. I fixed the question dilemma and also animated the boss and its weapon. One issue was that Sprite 2 was getting stuck on the purple and green platforms in the boss arena. I solved this by putting another invisible sprite that “allowed” Sprite 2 to jump.


Akshay  Individual Log 5/31 at home: Today I tried to link the projects together but had minimal success at it due to my lack of experience. Something was wrong, and my group members couldn’t figure it out. Roman eventually tried to redo the entire thing but it got late so we just put the links in the description area of the projects on Scratch.




may 21 2015. 5:00pm-7:00pm

Siliang  Individual Log: I made my sprite move around under the influence of gravity. I tried doing a side-scroller but I figured that it would be too challenging. Additionally, I gave my sprite 1 health in order to make my level challenging. Additionally, I created the backgrounds for my game.


may 22 2015. 5:00pm-7:00pm

Siliang : I was able to finish first level and make it really realistic. I made my sprite bounce when it lands from a high jump. I finished making the backgrounds for the rest of my group members’ games.


may 23 2015. 5:00pm-7:00pm

Siliang : I was able to start part of my second level. At first I didn’t want to do it, but I wanted to make my game longer so it holds the player’s interest.


may 24 2015. 5:00pm-7:00pm

Siliang : I finished my second level and started my boss level. Finishing my second level was easier than I thought. All I had to do was make the sprites go somewhere else and their role is still the same- whether to kill the sprite or serve as a platform.

may 25 2015. 5:00pm-7:00pm

Siliang : I thought about what I should incorporate in boss level for an hour. Then, I decided to make my boss level short and hard. The sprite had to defeat the boss by jumping onto to it 1 time. However, the boss will move insanely fast so it will be grueling to even touch the boss. At the same time, there will be another enemy sprite that will shoot balls that will diminish the sprite’s health.


may 27 2015. 5:00pm-6:00pm

Siliang : I finished my boss level. I didn’t encounter any problems.


may 28 2015. 5:00pm-7:00pm

Siliang : I changed the speed of the balls that will decrease the health of the character. I tried to make my game weird and stand out by making the first level the hardest and the difficulty level of each preceding level easier. Additionally, I added music to mine project and also my group member’s projects.


may 29 2015. 5:00pm-7:00pm

Siliang  : I made sure my game met all the requirements and constraints. Then, I shared my project. My group members viewed my game and gave me positive feedback on it. I am ahead of schedule by 1 day.




my group did a lot of work and i got alot done. all i need to do is add more questions and fix some glitches. my boss could get killed while answering the question so i would hide him until the question gets answer. need to fix intro.

20r we tested eachothers games and were relatively productive.

Siliang: I was able to finish my second level with a question and also part of my boss level. I made my boss level really challenging by making the boss move really fast.

Akshay : I was able to add on the questions and we checked out each other’s games. One difficulty was that I had many bugs on the questions thing and so I spent a lot of time fixing it.

may 28 2015. time is 1:00pm to 2:00pm.The school is the location.


benjamin: i helped my classmate in his script. i still need to do credits. i also need to complete the intro. i could add additional elements to my individual project, but it is hard enough. i completed all the individual requirements.  a person in my group inspired me to do somethings with my project. problems i had were at the minimum like there were some glitches which i ironed out. my group worked well and we got a lot done.

Akshay : Today I worked on my game and took out all of the bugs in it, partially through the help of Roman. One challenge was the fact that there were many bugs in it. However, I overcame it by just trying to find different ways to achieve that, find the root problem, or ask Roman if I was stumped.  

Siliang: I worked on my individual project today. I tried to make a secret passageway through the levels to make it more interesting. Additionally, I gave my group members advice on their games especially akshay.

Roman : I worked very hard and helped people with their individual projects to make glitches not happen


Individual Project:

Group Project:



Links to group members' accounts: 

Benjamin: http://youthvoices.net/users/20wongb


Roman: http://youthvoices.net/search/node/20schiffinor








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