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Jul 14, 2014

Lion and Dove

by: hsulayman

Jul 14, 2014

Unicorn and Penguin fable

Do what makes you happy. Make short-term goals to achieve your long-term goal. Ignore rude comments and follow your dreams. Above all, be patient.
"Great things comes to those who wait"

May 8, 2014

"His Royal Remis-nis-ness" based on the story "The Wolf and the Fox" collected by The Brothers Grimm

by: 19moonj
"His Royal Remis-nis-ness" Title page
"His Royal Remis-nis-ness" Act 1
"His Royal Remis-nis-ness" Act 2a
"His Royal Remis-nis-ness" Act 2b

A: Investigate - Choose my story
a) Title and Author - “The Wolf and the Fox” collected by The Brothers Grimm
b) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wolf_and_the_Fox
c) The Wolf and the Fox
d) If you don’t do things yourself, you will never learn
e) The Wolf wanted the fox to do everything for him and didn’t learn for himself so he always ran into problems that put his life on the line.
f) The Fox could’ve went back for the Wolf and possibly had tried to save him

B: Design - Story Script
[In a Castle]
King: (In the kitchen) *looks at cooking stuff*
Cook: *uncomfortably watches but then quickly makes food*
King: *Looks happy in a derpy way*
[Throne Room]
King: (Sitting in his throne) *Looks at sword and disgust*
Servants: *gestures him to train*
King: *Shakes his head and gestures to his army*
Knights: *Pose with their swagger*
[On the outside of the King’s bedroom window]
Nanners: “Now check this out, check this out...” *Looks through the window and sings* “Sometimes it feels like...” *giggles*
Gassy: “Somebody’s watchin’ me~” *laughs
[At the gate of the castle]
Knights: *Standing aroun*
Dragons: *Attack the castle with Nanners and Gassy on their backs*
The Knights: *Get burned to crisp*
YOU: you see the King run while Nanners and Gassy follow him after they burn all the knights…. WHAT WILL YOU DO???

Positive Negative
YOU: *overhear the enemies trying to break through the glass to the King’s room*
Gassy: *Talks to Nanners* “You’re trying to bust the glass, aren’t you...”
Nanners: *laughs*
*glass breaks*
Nanners: “OHHHH!” *laughs*
*more glass breaks*
Nanners: “OHHHH!” *more laughter*
You: Push Nanners off a cliff and Gassy runs away
Nanners: “OH NO I’M A GHOST!!!~”
YOU: *watches through a telescope at the scene*
Gassy: *Talks to Nanners* “You’re trying to bust the glass, aren’t you...”
Nanners: *laughs*
*glass breaks*
Nanners: “OHHHH!” *laughs*
*more glass breaks*
Nanners: “OHHHH!” *more laughter*
*breaks the window glass*
King: “OH GOD… OH NO!”
Random Person: “RUN!”

Project Plan
Tools - Computer, Scratch Programming, Internet
Materials - Backgrounds from StoryboardThat, sprites,
Location - School or Home
Labor - Credits
Money - 0$
Action Plan
Create self drawn sprites and use backgrounds from Storyboardthat.com to use in the project
Make different costumes for the sprites
Create scripts for the sprites
Create scripts for the backgrounds
Add audio to the project
Review the project and correct any flaws
Developer’s Journal
Session 1: 4/21/14, 6:35 PM, Home
Time Spent: 3 hours
Work Accomplished: The first act of the animation
Difficulties: It just took a lot of time drawing the sprites and then making costumes for them to add to the script.
Changes: I tweaked the guide a little bit so it won’t be exactly how I planned it to be, but it will be very similar.
Session 2: 5/6/14, , Home
Time Spent: 3 hours
Work Accomplished: The rest of the animation and the credits [act 2a and 2b]
Difficulties: I had trouble editing and matching time
Changes: I edited the ending.

E: Evaluate
Like I said in the developer’s journal, I tweaked my storyboard outline and my script a bit to alter scenes and the amount of dialogue each sprite will “say.” The design consisted of a short format compared to the amount of work done in my animation to make it longer than two minutes. I had to incorporate a lot of my drawings as sprites. The costumes were a bit harder seeing that I come to being a neat freak in technology and wanting to get everything perfect. The decision making wasn’t that difficult to make, well the sprites at least to help out with the decision making process. The script however was a bit challenging to get it to perfectly match the scene and the actions of the sprites. Luckily I was able to find out a way to get it done. The different endings took a while because it took twice the time and work to complete the animation. Also, I forget to add the credits… Silly me… so here they are below:
- SeaNanners
- Gassy Mexican
- MinaLotToMe
Subscribe to their Channels on YouTube
- “Mine Turtle” a clip from ASDF Movie
- Weird things that come to my head because the voices told me to
- Thanks to Scratch
- Backgrounds created by Storyboardthat.com
- Sprites created by MWA
I believe I followed all the components to the guideline/design specifications. My animation is at least two minutes long, it interacts with the viewer and it has two choices that represent an ethical decision made by the viewer. The result of the choices are positive and negative.

May 8, 2014

Wobbly Wonderland

Act 1
Positive Ending
Negative Ending

BSGE Anokha K.K. Venugopal
7-2 4.9.14

A: Investigate- My Fairy Tale Choice:

a) Story title and author
b) Link to webpage that has full text of the story
c) Identify the main character (who makes the decision?)
d) Identify the ethical decision
e) Describe the character’s choice and consequences as written
f) Describe an alternate ending
g) Explain the moral/ethical lesson you will teach
B: Design


Story Script:
Alice in Wonderland

Scene opens onto a bored Alice sitting on the river bank
Alice: Sigh, what is there to do? I’ve finished making my daisy crowns.
Alice’s Sister: Shh, let me read my book in peace!
Alice: Fine, fine! I’ll just sit here and be tragically bored.
[Alice notices a hopping bunny rabbit, costume change to surprised face]
Alice: Why in the world is that rabbit wearing a petticoat? Let me find out.
[Alice follows the bunny, and falls down the hole]
Scene 2:
Alice: What? Where am I? Why am I falling?
Alice: Oh, look, it’s a giraffe! And a book! And a turkey!
[Suddenly, Alice falls onto a table, and a cupcake and potion appear]
Alice: What should I pick?

Viewer Interaction:
Label appears; “Eat the cupcake or drink the potion”
Potion Label: “This will make you strong, so you can destroy anything.”
Cupcake Label: This will make you small.
Positive Negative
If Alice chooses the cupcake, she will be able to fit through the small door, and meet the rabbit. If Alice chooses the potion, she will be able to break the door, but will frighten away all the animals and the rabbit.

Storyboards, see pictures above.

Positive Script:
Scene 3:
[Scene change to a background tea party]
Rabbit: Ah, smart Alice! You knew that to be small is to be mighty.
Alice: Why of course! Why would I want to break your things?
Rabbit: If you had, well let me just say that it wouldn’t be a party anymore.
Alice: I think that it’s better to be small, quick and respected than strong, clumsy, and ruining everything.
Rabbit: Of course--you think things through quite thoroughly!
Alice: When will I become bigger?
Rabbit: Once you leave our realm, you’ll return to normal size. Tea?
(A plate of tea and cake appears)
Alice: Ooh la!
(As the tea gradually disappears, Alice becomes a little larger every bite)
Rabbit: Here’s to the small.

Negative Script:
Rabbit: Intruder! Silly, foolish child--you have proved to us that you choose brawns over brain.
Alice: But I got through the door, didn’t I?
Rabbit: Of course, but that potion gave you the mindset that it’s better to be strong than small and fast.
Alice: So? If I’m small, I’ll get trampled on, and I won’t be respected.
Rabbit: If you’re using your brains, then your size doesn’t matter. Didn’t you see the consequences of breaking through this door?
Alice: What consequences?
Rabbit: You scared all the animals away, and now you’re wanted by the Queen of Hearts for your destruction of property and party-pooping.
Alice: That’s ridiculous!
Rabbit: Guards, take her away!
(Guards appear and Alice cries)

C: Plan

Project Plan
Resources USed

Tools: Computer, USB flash drive, Internet access, Scratch
Materials: Computer, scratch, email, pens, pencils, paper.
Sprites: Alice, the Rabbit, Alice’s sister.
Backgrounds:River bank, vortex, room with doors, tea party room
Time: 4:23-8:56
Location: Kitchen/Computer Room
Labor: I will work on this everyday after school for an hour until I finish. I will need no help with my project, if I do I can always go on the scratch website.
Capital/Money: None needed

Action Plan
Schedule: Edit storyboard in class and on Saturday and Sunday.
Create animation on Monday.

D: Create

Developers journal:
5/1/14 library
I planed out how my project is going to work and I edited the script so it would make more sense with the actions of my sprite.
Otherwise, I was very productive and worked hard until my mom called me to come home.
5/4/14 my home
I put Act 1 on scratch and left out the negative and the positive so I can work on it tomorrow.
5/5/14 My home
I worked hard to do my negative act but stopped because I had to do work on other homework. I am very proud of it so far, but now that I’m home there are people rewiring the kitchen, so the internet is fluctuating. Right now it’s alright, but they said that the internet will be gone soon.
E: Evaluate:
I didn’t get to finish the project because of yesterday. The workers in our kitchen did something so that the modem wouldn’t let us access the Internet. I’m ⅔ done, because I’ve finished Act 1 and 2, but yesterday after the Internet went out, nothing could be accomplished. The only internet access was on my mom and dad’s phone, but I obviously couldn’t do anything on their phones. Otherwise, I think my project has several good aspects. For example, Alice’s dialogue fits the time period, and I think the viewer will anticipate what is coming throughout the animation, hopefully. A frequent problem that occurred was when I forgot to put the “show” tab at certain events in the story, or the “hide” tab. Overall, even though I had some problem with the Internet, and some problems with having my characters assume the costumes I wanted to assume, I hope my animation goes well.

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