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Mar 4, 2013


by: Itstrishh

As a frequent shopper, i check out interest for the new trends and cute outfit ideas. the fashion industry is always moving and fast paced. The great thing about Pinterest is that it doesn't just show you clothes; it shows you practically anything a girl would need or desire. You can scroll through a feed of recently pinned things, explore other pinners or pins by searching it, or go through the different categories. Whenever I'm bored, looking for quotes, or trying to cook something new, i always know i can look on pinterest to help me. I think Pinterest doesn't get enough credit for how popular it is among all ages of women. I think Pinterest could improve by making the links valid and helping the search tool more specified on personal likes and more recently pinned objects.

Mar 1, 2013

John O'Hurley and the Effects of Tech on Sports

by: kmason13

In all of my research and browsing for information on the question I have: How will sports adapt to the world around them? I have found that not only can technology change how we watch a sport and how it can totally change the strategies and techniques of how the athletes approach their opponents such as in the article I read on:http://www.popsci.com with coach Greg Jackson, telling a reporter about his strategic coaching style, using math and pattern recognition techniques to coach an athlete to use certain moves in certain situations that prove statistically to work better than any other move. Given the success of Greg Jackson and his fighters he has become more and more popular, getting him more attention by other coaches and other fighters who want to know more or figure out his secrets. So as his coaching techniques are learned and mastered by more coaches and fighters the sport mixed martial arts and UFC fighting is improving more each day, showing that technology is changing the sport and improving it as it continues to grow more popular.
Also I have seen in an article with John O’Hurley being interviewed about his recent success and many events in his life how technology in sports can change minor things and produce major improvements in how a golfer scores on the course, in the interview O’Hurley is talking about his love for golf and how his family are prominent golf players and as O’Hurley creates his own brand of golf clubs, his family is becoming more engaged in the game of golf, and he say’s "Cobra/Puma has this incredible brand, and a new line of clubs called the baffler. This is similar to the Wonder Club that came out in the 70s and it's a club that is designed to get your out of trouble." O'Hurley goes on to explain that “it is a hybrid and it helps you get the ball up in the air.” While reading these two quotes in the article I came to realize that not only can technology help athletes perform better strategically, the equipment they use can be altered technologically to help improve the athletes performance, which could open many new pathways not only for the game of golf but more all the other sports out there that are played with some type of equipment.
The reason I am interested in this question so much, is because I am an athlete I have played sports ever since I can remember from T-Ball to Little Tikes Basketball, To Varsity Basketball at Windsor Middle School for two years, and playing Basketball every since, athletics are a big part of Windsor High School and as technology in the world around us is changing and improving every day, I’m very interested in how the sports we all love and watch will be affected by the changing and improvements of modern day, for example look back at football uniforms of the 70’s and basketball uniforms of the 70’s and compare them to the football and basketball uniforms of today its very interesting to see how the uniforms have improved and changed and the big question is what’s next?

Feb 28, 2013

Personal Project Presentations

I have been waiting to get my personal project presentation. My teacher has been absent for the last two days and I can't wait until I get to share my personal project. I can't wait until I get to share all that I have learned throughout the year about sports and hockey and so on. I can't wait until I get to share...I want to see what people think about my progress thus far.

Feb 27, 2013

Product/ service review

by: TaylorB

I am doing a product review on the IPhone 5 which just recently came out. People are thrilled to hear that apple has invented or updated yet another product. The iPhone 5 is an update from the iPhone 4S, and is bigger, thinner, and "faster". I did upgrade myself to the iPhone 5 and am not so pleased... What is the point of getting the newest apple product if you know they are going to make another cooler, better, faster one in the near future?

When I got my new iPhone 5 I was ecstatic. Then after a few weeks with it I realized that its not much cooler than the previous version of the iPhone. Yes, it's bigger and lighter, but it freezes A LOT. There are good sides and bad sides of the new iPhone 5 but, does it honestly make sense to get the newest apple product right when it comes out? In my opinion, no. There are always more advancements to be made, and if you get the device right away soon there will be a newer, finer, higher quality phone that comes out. And you will want that one no less than how much you wanted the previous one.

If someone asked me the question " do you like the iPhone 5?" I would say yes. But does that mean that it's perfect? No, there are many ways to improve the quality of the iPhone 5. I have stated things about the iPhone 5 that make me seem like I'm not satisfied with it, but in all truth I love it, yes there are things I wish would change about it but, I wouldn't want any other phone. No apple product will ever be perfect and satisfy everyone, and there is always room for improvement.

Feb 24, 2013

Micheal Jordan--- Greatness, Motivation

Greatness is right around the corner for some people, For others its going to take some work but you can achieve it. For those people whose goals are going to take some work it will NOT happen if you are not motivated. “Motivation- Motivation is literally the desire to do things.” Psychology today. If you're not motivated to do something its not going to happen. How are you going to go to college? How are you going to win that state championship? If you Work for something and you work for it everyday, if you sell out to do something its going to happen.

Michael Jordan scored 32,292 points in his career. Michael Jordan was motivated to play basketball, did he know that he was going to be one of the best that ever lived? No he just gave 110% every practice, every drill and every game. Michael gave his best every chance he could and looked where he ended up.

When you finally dig deep enough ask yourself these questions and find out what you’re made of.Why do you do what you do? What is the one thing that keeps you going, that keeps you getting up every day? Why do I play football? I want to know what really drives people? I would like to know why I come to school or why I love to do is interesting to me. I want to look back on this and say thats why I did that. Thats why you always go 110%. Are you focusing on the details, the little things? Is this really what you think you should be doing? Are you give your best every day? What’s the drive that you have?

I know that I come from a family that supports and loves me all the time. Look back and say what have I accomplished, what will you accomplish? Have you set the goals that will take you farther in life? That when times get rough you can look back and say I really don’t have it that bad. What are the real things in your live. What really are they.

What will be the outcome, of how much time you put in.

Feb 24, 2013

What Brad and Angelina learned through travelling

What Angelina and Brad learned through travelling

I’m interested in travelling. I believe that travelling is living. I love to travel around the world and learn about other cultures. That’s one of the reasons why I chose to move to America for a year. I’m a foreign exchange student from Denmark who’s living here in the most beautiful state of Colorado for a year.
I think that it’s necessary to travel and experience other cultures to get a better understanding of the world and why we act the different ways we do. Something else, that I also find very interesting, is how our role - and personal values - change depending on who we’re together with, and where we are. Most of my interests all center around the fact how we act like people, what our personal values are - and what can affect our personal values - and what we believe in.

I’m curious about what other people say about travelling, and I found this article with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt travel to change the third world’s conditions, and at the same time it affects their own personal values as they experience another culture. After helping the third world, Jolie and Pitt decided to adopt a kid from the third world. That’s another sign of that it affected their values., and that travelling to the third world caused a personal development.
Other celebrities like Madonna travel to Africa to promote their own faith or beliefs, not to make a difference in Africa. Some celebrities abuse the fact that the world’s eyes are on them, and it makes them look good that they want to “help” Africa, but in fact they’re not helping, they’re just taking advantage of the power they have.
Angelina and Brad are not going there to promote something about themselves, they’re going there for the unselfish reason that they really want to help the poor people in Africa.
Many of the celebrities are touched by the personal experience travelling to Africa and experiencing it. Some celebrities become motivated and want to help all the poor people, while others see it as an opportunity to promote themselves in the shadow of the horrible condition Africa is in.

I also really wanted to read an research article about travelling and personal development, and I found a really interesting article. The article “Does travel really teach you anything?” by Ben Groundwater, talks about how some people don’t think that travelling can change you, while others think the opposite. The article also says, that every time you travel, it changes you. It’s not saying that it changes you a lot every time, but maybe now and then when you go to a destination which culture is completely different from yours, you’ll get a wake-up call and it’ll change you and your personal values and beliefs. I totally agree, but I also think that just going to a country, that is similar to your own, can change you.
The article also talks about that travelling doesn’t provide you with educational growth, but it provides you with a ton of personal growth. It’s not just enough to travel around the world and then think, that you can add that to your CV. Because you can’t. But it’s the perfect supplement to an educational career. When you have a better understand of the world and you’ve experienced foreign cultures, transport systems etc. you’re more likely to overcome the daily life easier than others.

So my conclusion is; travelling is necessary to develop an understanding of the world. Through travelling you experience personal development, through the things you experience. The things, travelling can teach you, are things that you can’t learn in school such as personal growth, values and beliefs. It’s really interesting to me, how travelling can change people. Travelling means so much to me, because I grew up travelling around the world learning about other cultures etc. I do really believe that you learn so much from travelling and experiencing other cultures, countries, societies etc. that you can’t learn anywhere else.

By Pernille Helleberg, Windsor High School.

Feb 21, 2013

Are Video Games educational

by: Pierceb

Over the last few years, there's been a lot of research done on the social, emotional, mental and physical benefits of gaming, and the results may surprise you: video games actually have considerable real-world benefits.

Video games are educational because they contain new information this is the educational information provided. It may be text or graphics, and is normally unknown by the age group or skill level for which the game is made.Memorization this is the part of the game that rewards good memory. If players are able to remember the new information, they can advance in the game.context and cognition this is the part of the game that puts the new information to use. Players win or score points by matching pairs, answering questions or problem solving.

Example of educational video games are Big Fish Games. These games teach about animal habitats and the solar system, like Wild Thornberry's Australian Wildlife Rescue and Chicken Invaders 2.


Feb 21, 2013

Media Personality Sports v. Tech

by: kmason13

In an interview with John O’ Hurley, he talks about doing many things in his lifetime which make him happy, and two of those things are golf, and being a talk show host on family fued, in an interview, he was talking about how while he loves the game of golf he believes creating his own golf clubs will help engage him and his family into the game of golf even more so, and as he promotes his clubs he says “"Cobra/Puma has this incredible brand, and a new line of clubs called the baffler. This is similar to the Wonder Club that came out in the 70s and it's a club that is designed to get your out of trouble." He also say’s “O'Hurley goes on to explain that it is a hybrid and it helps you get the ball up in the air.” As i read this article it show’s to me that not only are the main sports such as Basketball, Football, Baseball etc. Affected by sports but also sports where only one club and a ball are the equipment you use to play the game are also affected by technology, and it is apparent to me that all sports any activity you can think of that can be watched and enjoyed by an audience can be improved on in some way by technology as the years progress.


Feb 12, 2013

Pixklr ( Bird house)

by: MJames

Today, in digital photography, I worked how you can edit photos online. Simply its known as photoshop, there are many types of online edit photos that like photoshop. I'm working on pixlr and read the pixlr editor. When I read the pixlr editor, the editor said, " I used pixlr for fifteen years, its cheap, fun, entertaining, and useful." So I tried playing with pixlr too. I want to say it was fun, a little difficult.

Feb 12, 2013


I truly do enjoy the site iPiccy. It basically has the same concepts as photoshop, but it's a little more user friendly. It also had different things, like filters, frames, etc. It seems like a very reliable site to use.

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