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May 8, 2014

Wobbly Wonderland

Act 1
Positive Ending
Negative Ending

BSGE Anokha K.K. Venugopal
7-2 4.9.14

A: Investigate- My Fairy Tale Choice:

a) Story title and author
b) Link to webpage that has full text of the story
c) Identify the main character (who makes the decision?)
d) Identify the ethical decision
e) Describe the character’s choice and consequences as written
f) Describe an alternate ending
g) Explain the moral/ethical lesson you will teach
B: Design


Story Script:
Alice in Wonderland

Scene opens onto a bored Alice sitting on the river bank
Alice: Sigh, what is there to do? I’ve finished making my daisy crowns.
Alice’s Sister: Shh, let me read my book in peace!
Alice: Fine, fine! I’ll just sit here and be tragically bored.
[Alice notices a hopping bunny rabbit, costume change to surprised face]
Alice: Why in the world is that rabbit wearing a petticoat? Let me find out.
[Alice follows the bunny, and falls down the hole]
Scene 2:
Alice: What? Where am I? Why am I falling?
Alice: Oh, look, it’s a giraffe! And a book! And a turkey!
[Suddenly, Alice falls onto a table, and a cupcake and potion appear]
Alice: What should I pick?

Viewer Interaction:
Label appears; “Eat the cupcake or drink the potion”
Potion Label: “This will make you strong, so you can destroy anything.”
Cupcake Label: This will make you small.
Positive Negative
If Alice chooses the cupcake, she will be able to fit through the small door, and meet the rabbit. If Alice chooses the potion, she will be able to break the door, but will frighten away all the animals and the rabbit.

Storyboards, see pictures above.

Positive Script:
Scene 3:
[Scene change to a background tea party]
Rabbit: Ah, smart Alice! You knew that to be small is to be mighty.
Alice: Why of course! Why would I want to break your things?
Rabbit: If you had, well let me just say that it wouldn’t be a party anymore.
Alice: I think that it’s better to be small, quick and respected than strong, clumsy, and ruining everything.
Rabbit: Of course--you think things through quite thoroughly!
Alice: When will I become bigger?
Rabbit: Once you leave our realm, you’ll return to normal size. Tea?
(A plate of tea and cake appears)
Alice: Ooh la!
(As the tea gradually disappears, Alice becomes a little larger every bite)
Rabbit: Here’s to the small.

Negative Script:
Rabbit: Intruder! Silly, foolish child--you have proved to us that you choose brawns over brain.
Alice: But I got through the door, didn’t I?
Rabbit: Of course, but that potion gave you the mindset that it’s better to be strong than small and fast.
Alice: So? If I’m small, I’ll get trampled on, and I won’t be respected.
Rabbit: If you’re using your brains, then your size doesn’t matter. Didn’t you see the consequences of breaking through this door?
Alice: What consequences?
Rabbit: You scared all the animals away, and now you’re wanted by the Queen of Hearts for your destruction of property and party-pooping.
Alice: That’s ridiculous!
Rabbit: Guards, take her away!
(Guards appear and Alice cries)

C: Plan

Project Plan
Resources USed

Tools: Computer, USB flash drive, Internet access, Scratch
Materials: Computer, scratch, email, pens, pencils, paper.
Sprites: Alice, the Rabbit, Alice’s sister.
Backgrounds:River bank, vortex, room with doors, tea party room
Time: 4:23-8:56
Location: Kitchen/Computer Room
Labor: I will work on this everyday after school for an hour until I finish. I will need no help with my project, if I do I can always go on the scratch website.
Capital/Money: None needed

Action Plan
Schedule: Edit storyboard in class and on Saturday and Sunday.
Create animation on Monday.

D: Create

Developers journal:
5/1/14 library
I planed out how my project is going to work and I edited the script so it would make more sense with the actions of my sprite.
Otherwise, I was very productive and worked hard until my mom called me to come home.
5/4/14 my home
I put Act 1 on scratch and left out the negative and the positive so I can work on it tomorrow.
5/5/14 My home
I worked hard to do my negative act but stopped because I had to do work on other homework. I am very proud of it so far, but now that I’m home there are people rewiring the kitchen, so the internet is fluctuating. Right now it’s alright, but they said that the internet will be gone soon.
E: Evaluate:
I didn’t get to finish the project because of yesterday. The workers in our kitchen did something so that the modem wouldn’t let us access the Internet. I’m ⅔ done, because I’ve finished Act 1 and 2, but yesterday after the Internet went out, nothing could be accomplished. The only internet access was on my mom and dad’s phone, but I obviously couldn’t do anything on their phones. Otherwise, I think my project has several good aspects. For example, Alice’s dialogue fits the time period, and I think the viewer will anticipate what is coming throughout the animation, hopefully. A frequent problem that occurred was when I forgot to put the “show” tab at certain events in the story, or the “hide” tab. Overall, even though I had some problem with the Internet, and some problems with having my characters assume the costumes I wanted to assume, I hope my animation goes well.

May 8, 2014

The Bee and the Orange Tree

by: 19lickeyg


The Bee and the Orange Tree-

Little Ogre
Setting- In the forest in the 1700’s.

(King and Queen enter from stage left)
King- I think we’ve lost our baby forever…
Queen- We should keep on looking!
King- For how long?
Queen- Until we find her!
King- Hun, our ship crashed and so she may be drowned somewhere! So we may just be wasting our time looking for our dead girl.
Queen- How dare you think like that?! This is our daughter at stake and we are just going to leave her?
King- Well, excuse me! She may already be dead and we have our son so we are fine!
Queen- Fine, but I shall keep on looking even if it takes 15 years.
(King leaves to Stage left while Queen leaves to stage right)
Scene 2-

Ogre- She is beautiful but would should we do? Eat her or raise her?
Ogress- We should raise her and let her be our little princess! Maybe she can one day marry our son!
Ogre- Great idea! Mhahahaha!
Aimee- Um, so you guys are my parents?
Ogress- Well we have adopted you and you shall be ours forever!
Scene 3-

Aimee- Ohmy! The beach is beautiful! I wish I can come here more often…
Prince- Hey there! Please help!
Aimee- Um, who are you? What do you need?
Prince- I’ve been buried under the sand since the thunderstorm and I can’t move now! I need to get back to my cave and I’d appreciate if you’d help me!
Aimee- Oh, of course! Lemme help you!
(Man comes out of sand)
Prince- Thank you so much! I’m sorry but I’m all alone and I may need food and care for awhile… Will you mind to help me?
Aimee- Not at all! I’ll come back everyday and bring you food and assist you until you are fine! I’m sorry for everything!
Prince- Yes, now hurry home before you get in trouble.
Scene 4-

Ogre- Princess, where have you been? We have been preparing your wedding all day and its going to be tomorrow!
Ogress- Yes, now help out and you shall marry our ogre son!
Aimee- Uh? I haven’t been notified about this! He is like my brother and I don’t plan on marrying him.
Ogre- HUSH! The wedding is tomorrow and you will get married! No doubt!
(Aimee runs to stage right fast)
Aimee- I don’t want to marry the ogre, and i want to fled! But if I do, there’s a chance that they might find me… What should I do?

(Viewer says, “Go to prince” or “Stay with the ogres”)
Positive Aimee- No, I can’t stay here! I don’t want to marry the ogre! Lemme run away!
(Runs to stage left)
Aimee- Ahh! Ouch, I stepped on a thorn! I can’t move on.
(Background changes to Prince)
Prince- I wonder where she is…
Ogress- Aha! Caught you! You’re coming with me!
(Ogre takes Prince home)
Ogress- Stay in that room and don’t come out!
Prince- Oh dear...Hey
(Prince walks to bedroom)
Princess- Hey, come out through the window, I’ve come to rescue you!
Prince- Where have you been?
Princess- I’m so sorry, I stepped on a thorn and couldn’t move.
Prince- No problem, lets just get outta here!
Princess- Lemme get the magic wand first and okay!
(Both run to stage right)
Princess- I think dad is coming! Lets use the wand and transform!
(Princess changes to stranger and prince into a boat)
Ogress- Hey there have you seen a prince and princess?
Princess- Uh, yes I think they ran that way!
Ogress- Thanks! Wait, the magic wand is gone! They probably transformed themselves!
(Run to stage left)
Prince- Transform us again!
(Princess turns into a bee and Prince into tree)
Ogre- There’s no one here!
(Bee stings both ogre and ogress and run away)
Ogress- AHH!
Bee- Oh no! I can’t turn back now! Nor can the prince!
(Fairy enters from stage right)
Fairy- Hi there! You deserve a happy end I shall transform you back!
Princess- I’m back! Thank you!
(Everyone leaves happy)

Project Plan-

Scratch Program
Plan of Action-
Grab a laptop and create a new document to start a script.
Choose a fairy tale from one of the given websites.
Finish each scene.
Go to storyboardthat.com and create one for each scene.
Start your animation up in scratch.
Share the project onto scratch.

Developers Journal-
7-2, 5/6/14,
My project was based off the original story of the Bee and the Orange Tree which includes ogres and princesses. The troubles I had were that I kept forgetting when to have the exact timing to wait and when I should enter the next background or say the next thing from any characters. It was also sad when my computer froze on me again and I had to start my project from halfway all over again. I was also not able to use any backgrounds on my computer either because there was not enough space or overall didn’t work on my computer.

Overall, I am very proud of my project and how it is interactive and has two different endings to it where the viewer can choose the end. My project is also a bit better than the last one because it is more on time and the characters are more engaged in the story.
I only wish that I had improved on my time management for when the characters spoke because some of them are either speaking over each other or speak very fast which makes it less readable by the viewers.

Negative Aimee- But they are my family! I shall stay!
Ogre- So what are you gonna do? Runaway? HAHAHA!
Aimee- No, I shall stay.
Ogress- Great! Marry our son!
(All leaves to stage right into garden)
Ogre- I declare you man and wife!
Ogress- Time to eat!
Princess- Eat what?
Ogress- Tradition says that parents eat their children after they marry! So bye!
May 8, 2014

"Three Billy Goats Gruff" Adaptation And Interaction

Story Title: The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Author: George Webbe Dasent
Scratch Project:
Characters: Billy Goats Gruff (Group Of Three Characters), Troll (Underneath The Bridge Location)
Scene 1:
{Goats Coming up to a mountain side, where there is a bridge which is known for having a bridge that has a troll that is located)
{The youngest goat came to cross the bridge, (With the face if being intimidated by something that is known {Troll Under The Bridge})
{The bridge makes the sound that their is a tripping sound that is continued throughout the whole time that the bridge is being crossed by the goat}
Troll: Who is that crossing my bridge?
Youngest Goat Gruff {Keep in mind that all the goats were named Gruff}:
Oh it is only me who is the youngest of the bunch, who is crossing the bridge? Does their seems to be a problem with what is going on here?
Troll: Yes I Do have a problem, and that is why I am going to gobble you up.
Youngest Goat Gruff: Please don’t eat me, I am the youngest of the bunch.
Youngest Goat Gruff: Besides my brother is more tasty and much more delicious than I am.
Troll: Very well then, I will allow you to pass. Your brother must be a better choice.
{The troll successfully allows the goats to pass without anymore problems}
{Troll Waits for the seconds oldest goat Gruff which is short in time to arrive at the top of the mountain to the area of the rickety bridge.}
{The troll should be in an area not directly on the bridge but in sight to be able to see the goats in the foreground (should not be standing directly by the bridge itself.
{Goats walks up to the front of the bridge only to see the troll in a far away area.}
(Troll Goes to the bridge)
Troll: Your are not allowed to be on my bridge and for that reason I must gobble you up!
Troll: Your brother had told me that you are much bigger, and more than delicious than he is, is that true?
2nd Oldest Goat Gruff: Yes that is true, however my brother is much more delicious than i am and that he is also the oldest which means that he is the biggest.
Troll: Are You sure that you are not lying about this, because this is exactly the same story that you're brother had told me about.
2nd Oldest Goat Gruff: Honestly, I am telling you the truth, my brother will be arriving here shortly.
Troll: Very well then, I will allow you to pass. Your brother must be a better choice.
{Troll Successful)
(After that in general the next goat is so strong that he kicks the troll of the bridge)
(Alternate results in the saem outcome except wiht a lie)
Project Plan

Resources Used-

Resources- Internet, Google Drive/Docs
Tools- Scratch Program, Computer
Materials- Sprites, backgrounds, sounds
Time- 18 Hours
Location- House, School
Labor- Adapting Original Of Three Billy Goats Gruff
Action Plan- Attempting to alter the setting and the story with the power of making choices to alter the outcome of what the story would become.

Plan Action-
1. Start to create a script for the actual story (altered in ways)
2. Doing a storyboard to demonstrate actions
3. Finishing animation.
Around Arriving From School at around 3:00 PM EST

Developers Journal -

Sessions: Done All in 7 Sessions
Date: May 6, 2014
Location: Home, Library During Classes

Time Spent -
- Spent over the time of Weeks

(Theres A Lot Of Them)
- Scratch had crashed multiple times

No definite to solution for these problems involve the programs themselves.

Change from original to the beginning.

The original design that was desired was not really what had come out to what it had been. Obviously in mind we think of something that looks very professional and not something that would be on our capability and obviously my work was not the most of what was to be desired. As the constraints had changed my original idea of what was to be desired and was ultimately different than what had happened and essentially was what was the difference between the mind of what i thought my presoficanl oroect was about to tun out as instead of what was legitimately created.

May 8, 2014

Shita-kiri Suzume (Tounge-Cut Sparrow) by Andrew Lang

A: Investigate - Shita-kiri Suzume (Tongue-Cut Sparrow)

a) Shita-kiri Suzume (Tongue-Cut Sparrow) by Andrew Lang
b) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shita-kiri_Suzume
c) An Old Man
d) Has to decide over a large basket or a small basket
e) If he chooses the small basket, his greedy wife will try and get the large basket. once
she opens it the basket will be full of snakes, the scare leads her to fall off the mountain
f) If he chooses the big basket, the way back home will be very tiring, Once he get home,
and opens the basket, the house will be infested with snakes.
g) The purity of friendship overcomes the evil of greed and jealousy
Greed only leads to one’s demise.

B: Design

Main Characters:
Kind Old Man
Greedy Old Woman

Setting: A forest in Japan

[Current Setting: A small japanese home]
Old Man: Goodbye, I’ll be back in a a few hours.
Old Woman: You better be coming back soon you old sag!
Old Man: That’s not very nice…
Old Woman: Whatever! Come back with lots of wood, and I mean LOTS!
[Transition into Forest Setting]
Old man: *I wish she wouldn’t be so greedy*
Old man: *I’m just an old man after all…*
Old man: *Oh well, time to chop down some trees.*
Bird: Chirp!
Old man: Huh!?
Bird: Chirp! Chirp!
Old man: I probably shouldn’t cut down this tree.
Old Man: This bird won’t have a home.
*Bird flies down onto it’s shoulder*
Old man: Come on, let’s go home.
[back at the house]
Old woman: What is this!? Why don’t you have any wood!?
Old man: This sparrow would of have lost it’s home.
Old woman: Who cares about a stupid little sparrow?!
Old Man: Do we have any rice? I need to feed it.
Old Woman: What a waste of precious food! It’s just a stupid little bird!
Old man: *sigh* Ok, just make sure to feed it, I’ll skip dinner tonight. I’m going to go back into the forest.
*old man leaves*
Old woman: Stupid little bird!
*punches bird*
*Bird flies away*
[transition into to the forest]
*Old Man sees and goes back into the forest*
Old Man: Hello?! Are you there?!
*birds come in to the scene
Sparrows: Hello!
Old Man: I’m looking for a Sparrow! My wife had split its tongue!
Sparrows: We can take you into its inn!
Old Man: Show me the way!
*Transition into the sparrows inn
Sparrows: You are welcome in!
Old Man: Thank you.
Sparrow: Chirp!
Old Man: You are okay!
*Sparrows bring two baskets; A large one and a small one
Old Man: Oh! What’s this?
Should he choose the big basket or the small basket?

Choice A: Small Basket

Old Man: I’ll bring the small basket, it’s easier to carry.
*cue to home
Old Woman: There was a large basket? WHY DIDN’T YOU CHOOSE THE LARGE ONE?
Old Man: This is easier to carry.
*Old Woman goes into forest
Old Woman: Where is it? There it is!
*opens basket, it’s full of snakes
Old Woman: AAAHHH
Credits roll

Choice B: Large Basket
Old Man: The bigger the better! haha!
*cues to home
Old Woman: Yes! Finally you’ve done something good!
Old Woman: I’ve been waiting 30 boring years for you to actually do something!
Old Man & Old Woman open basket
Old Man and Old Woman: AHHHHHH
Credits roll


Credits: Sparrow - http://gif-favicon.com/birds/bird-small-brown-transparent-background-100...
Old Man- http://www.wpclipart.com/cartoon/people/men_cartoons/old_men/old_man_bea...
Old Woman- http://www.123rf.com/photo_17532845_old-woman-with-frying-pan.html

Project Plan:
Tools- Computer, WiFi, Scratch,
Materials- Blocks, Scripts, Backgrounds, sprites
Location- Home
Labor- Script Writer: Me
Animator: Me
Money: $0
Time: 2 days ; 6 hours

Action Plan:
Work on scripts
Find pictures and backgrounds when I need them.
Take an occasional 10 minute break every hour.
Continue to work.

Developers Journal: I’ve been working on my scripts, and everything seems to flow nicely
I have my sprites chosen and I think they look really nice.There are a few parts where it’s a bit choppy, but I don’t recognize any problem beyond that. Overall, I think I did a good job today.

I’m finally done with my animation, what a relief. Yet again, there were parts where it was a bit choppy, but I really couldn’t find a way to prevent that break of flow from happening. But other than that, I think I did a good job with the rest of the story. The sprites I feel really fit into the story and the characters and I feel like it’s well executed.

Evaluation: Something I feel I did really well on was the flow of the first half of the story. It went really well! I felt like it was well executed and I spent a LOT of time on it. My animation ended up being a little choppy after that first half, but I just feel really proud of that first half. I feel like I should've spent more time on the second half of my animation. It’s extremely choppy and I could of worked on it more. I’d say my script was well-constructed. It accurately follows the story. I am also aware that sometimes the decision does not work. I tried to figure out how that happened, but I couldn't figure anything out. My storyboard is also really long, so I ended up rushing it. It accurately follows the story and script, but I feel like I could have provided a more accurate representation of the story.

May 8, 2014

(Cinderella) Brothers Grim Interactive

by: 19tosich
Cover Page

Story and Title: Cinderella by Brothers Grimm
Main character: Cinderella
Ethical decision:whether Cinderella should go to the ball.
Sequence: Yes or No
Alternate Ending: yes, Cinderella marries and falls in love with the prince.
No, cinderella dies alone and her step sister marries the prince
Ethical Lesson: Love happens when you're willing to break rules.

Stepsister 1: Oh my god Cinderella clean the house and stop singing.
Step Mom: Cinderella clean this house or else i will call your father.
Step Sister 2: Mother she doesn’t understand. She is super dumb.
Cinderella: I wish people could understand me.
Step Sister 1: Lets go to Ye Old Starbucks and get frappes made by this super cute bistro.
Step Sister 2: Yasss lets go and leave this trash home to clean.
(Both sisters walk out)
Cinderella: I wish people could understand me.
Step Mother: Go back to cleaning you waste of space.
Cinderella: Okay.

Next Day
Step Sister 2: Oh my gosh! The super cute Prince just sent us an invitation to his ball. I hear he wants to find a wife.
Step Sister: Yes now one of us can get married.
Cinderella: I wish i could go.
Fairy God Mom: I am here to grant your wish. You deserve to go.
Cinderella I don’t know. Should i go or nahhhhhh

Viewer Interaction
Yes= Positive Ending
No=Negative Ending

Negative Ending
Positive Ending
Cinderella: I won’t go
Fairy God Mom: Are you sure?
Cinderella: Yes i am.
Fairy God Mom: Suit yourself but remember you lost out on something special.
(Fairy go mom leaves)
Next Day
Step Sister 1: I can’t wait to go to the ball.
Step Sister 2: Me too. Thank god Cinderella isn’t going to come.
Cinderella: I should have chosen to go. Now i have to clean this house.
Step Sister 2: Ha loser. Keep cleaning. Its the only thing you’re good at
Cinderella: hehehehehehehehehcwdqjlcvedckkjberflkew WHYYYYY?!?!?!
At the ball
Step Sister 1; This ball is so much fun and me and the prince really like each other.
Step Sister 2: Congrats sis. Me and the cute bistro are in love and getting married.
Step Sis 1: Lets dance.
10 days later
Prince walks to their home
Prince: Will you marry me Laquisha?
Laquisha: Yes i wil.
Cinderella: Why didn’t I go?!
Fairy God Mom: I told you. Now back to cleaning.
Police: You’re under arrest for doing something dumb.
Cinderella: Like what?
Police: For trying to assault the Prince or his wife. You have the right remain silent.
Cinderella: Noooooo!
Cinderella: I want to go.
Fairy God Mom: Now let me make you become a princess. 1 and a 2 and a 3. Poof.
(Cinderella changes into a pretty dress
Cinderella: I look amazing.
Fairy God Mom: I know. I work miracles kid.
Cinderella: Now I can go to the ball!
Fairy God Mom: Here’s your ride.
Cinderella:Thank you!
Fairy God Mom: Remember to come hom.
e before the clock strikes 12 please.
Cinderella: Ok.
At the ball
Cinderella: He looks great.
Step Sis 1: How did you get here loser
Prince: You look great. So, wanna dance?
Cinderella: Yeah sure.
Step Sis 2: I just got married
Step Sis 1: You married that guy from Starbucks?
Step Sis 2: we fell in love a while ago. Bye i got to go post a pic of my ring on Fablegram.
Cinderella: Oh shoot its 12. I got to go.
Prince: Cinderella, your shoe!

The next day
Step Sis 1: Let me try.
Worker: It doesn’t fit your foot.
Cinderella: Can i try.
Worker:Sure… It fits.
Prince comes out of nowhere
Prince: Will you marry me?

Developers Journal
Resources: internet
Tools and materials: USB drive, computer, and the internet. Time : Mostly done on May 4th . I spent maybe 5 hours doing it. Location: Done at home.
Labor: I spent roughly 5 hours doing the project.
Money: $1 for a new usb drive.
Problems: There was some flitching in my animation.
Solutions: None
Change: Next time I would be more concentrated on my project.

Phase E: Evaluation
The final product is close to the design specification as it includes a major decision that needs to be made and follows the story well. My script was somewhat close to the original Brothers Grimm version but there were parts added in to create some humor or to make the story a little less serious. The animation follows my storyboards closely and is pretty accurate. I made some changes from the design as I changed the dialogue so it wouldn’t be more time consuming and I took out words that I didn’t need.

Project Plan

Resources: Scratch, Computer, and Google Mail.
Materials: Sprites and backgrounds.
Labor: 5 hours of work done by myself but also done with the small revision of my peers.
Location: At home.
Money/Budget: $0

Plan of Action
Create the script.
Create the storyboard
Create the animation.
Check the animation.
Upload to scratch.

May 8, 2014

The Spirit in the Bottle

by: 19guox

A: Investigate:
a.) Story title and Author: The Spirit in the Bottle by the Brothers Grimm
b.) http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~spok/grimmtmp/074.txt
c.) The main character is the son and his name is Jared.
d.) The ethical decision is whether the character should trust a person one more time and give him a second chance.
e.) Jared chooses to believe in the spirit thinking that he really wouldn’t kill him after a second and gets the ability to become a doctor for believing in himself and the spirit. The consequences for not trusting the spirit a second time is having to work with his father for the rest of his life as a woodcutter and then getting lost in the woods one day.
f.) The alternative ending is helping the spirit and living a good life or not helping the spirit and live as a servant forever until death.
g.) The moral/ethical lesson is trying to give others a second chance to redeem themselves and believe in yourself because in the end you might get what you want in the first place and they will be grateful for you.

Characters are Jared, Father (woodcutter), spirit, Rich Lady, Jace, Jacob.
B: Design
Story Script:
The setting is where Jared and his poor father a woodcutter is at home thinking about what he earned today.
Scene 1:
Father: I must be able to earn much more than this for you to go to school.
Jared: Father, it’s ok I can stay home and help you with your work..
Father: No it is not okay my son, you must go to school and learn another trade that will benefit you in life.
Jared: But father, your trade is enough for life.
Father: Barely, you are going to school with the money that I saved up and I hope you achieve well in your classes.
Jared: If you insist father, I will learn my trade well enough to help you instead of just being useless here.
Father: Take my little amount of money to use. Oh and also go get my ax?
Gives the money to Jared
Jared: But why do you need your ax for? It’s nearly midnight and you can barely carry it.
Master: I must cut more wood to sell so that you may be able to stay in school longer.
Jared: I understand, I will do my best in school and learn another trade that will benefit both of us.
Scene 2:
The setting is in the woods where the woodcutter tries to teach Jared the trade after his money runs out and Jared can no longer stay in school.
Father: Do you have the ax that you borrowed from our neighbor?
Jared holds up the rather battered looking axe
Jared: Yes
Father: Good, now start chopping down trees as fast as you can.
After an hour of chopping the two eat and rest for a while.
Jared: I’m going to go back to the house to get something.
Spirit: Let me out, let me out, whoever lets me out will get a reward from me.
Jared: Where are you?
Spirit: You’re stepping on me
Jared takes his feet off and finds a antique silver bottle and inside is a human inside and opens it carelessly.
Spirit: Now you can go die in a hole.
Jared: Why would you do this to me?
Spirit: I was once a powerful magician but because of trickery I was forced into this bottle. I shall vent my anger out on you.
Jared: Wait, can you really do magic tricks? I mean, I don’t think you can really even though you managed to fit into the bottle?
Spirit: Excuse me? I will murder you to prove it.
Jared: How about you turn that tree into gold while you’re inside this miniature bottle? Then maybe, you can try to kill me because I’m running out of here as soon as you start.
The spirit goes back into his bottle and Jared quickly seals the bottle.
Spirit: Father of God! I swear, if you let me out, I promise to not kill you and reward you.
Jared: No thanks, I’m not helping you bye.
Goes away but finds himself unable to find his way to his father.
Jared: Argh, how can I not find my way to my father? Did that spirit place a spell on me?
He spins and falls down.
Scene 3:
The setting is in this another foreign place like a castle when Jared wakes up.
Jared: Where in the world am I?
Rich Lady: Who are you? You look strange and out of place.
Jared: I- um.
Rich Lady: Ok your my servant let’s go.
She turns and beckons Jared to follow her, curious about this place, he does.
Jared spends the whole day learning about the country and how to take care of the Rich Lady’s palace who won’t tell him what her name is.
Jared: Can you please tell me the name of this country?
Rich Lady: I’m sorry but you are my servant and I don’t have to listen to me. As you punishment you have to clean the whole floor on this level.
Jared: What? That’s impossible!
Rich Lady: And the second level.
Jared: I was never your servant in the first place! I’m getting out of here!
Everything suddenly turns black.
Scene 4
The setting is in this prison where Jared finds himself lock in there.
Jared: Argh, I hate to repeat this question but where am I?
A figure looms from the corner
Jacob: My name’s Jacob, welcome to the small room.
Jared: Oh. But why did I end up here?
Jacob: Do I look like I care about you? No offense intended.
Jared: Um, it’s ok I’m not really that offend.
For the second time in a row, everything turns black and Jared wakes up to find the Rich Lady staring into his face
Rich Lady: Get up will you, and finish cleaning the floor.
Jared: I should have gave that spirit or magician and second chance, I could have a better life than this.

Jared: Fine, I’ll help although I have no clue why I’m such a nice person, be happy.
He unseals the bottle and the spirit rises in full form again.
Spirit: Here’s your reward.
Three seeds that is made of gold appears in his hand and also a book.
Spirit: The first coin gives you money, the second never ending food, and the third immortal. The book is my copy of spells and will make you the smartest person alive.
Jared: Wait, for real?
The spirit disappears
Jared: Oh well, I’ll find out.
Jared runs back to the woods and work with the father until sunset.
Scene 3:
The setting is in the city where they are trying to buy some food to eat.
Jared: Father, you wait here, I will go buy what you want for dinner tonight.
Father: Ok, but hurry up, I’m getting hungry.
Jared gets the food
Father turns pale
Father: Where did you get all of this? We are not this rich!
Jared: Because I’m such a nice person that’s why.
Father: Shut up and tell me the reason will you.
Jared: Ok gees, I used a magical coin that produces never ending money although I have two other coins also. I don’t get why I need a coin for money and food when I can just use the coin of money to buy food.
Father: Who did you get it from?
Jared: A spirit, it’s his way of paying me back.
Father: For what may I ask?
Jared: Well, I gave him a second chance and saved his life.
Father: Oh.
Jared: Yep, and the third coin is immortality and I also received a book of spells.
Father: You’re really lucky.
Jared: I’m glad I helped him. Now let’s party!

View information:
(Son): {Ask view a question} Is it a good idea to release the spirit after he swore to threaten me, or should i trust his word that he will reward me Should I release him or should I leave him in the bottle? {negative choice} (Wait for my answer)


two sprites appear, one labeled positive and one labeled negative. Pause until view choses one of the two sprites.

C: Plan
-google drive
-website scratch.mit.edu
-Scratch program
-notes from class
-Unit 3 Project sheet Design Specification
-backgrounds and sprites (www.clker.com, openclipart.org, dreamstime.com)
-subscripts consisting of wait blocks and say blocks (example, When green flag clicked,
-I’m doing everything by myself with no help.
Credits to:
-Sprites: Coin:www.clker.com, Ghost:openclipart.org, Old man: www.clipartof.com, ax: openclipart.org
-Backgrounds: www.dreamstime.com
Plan of Action:
1.) Open my project on google drive.
2.) Open scratch animation
3.) Get out notes from class
4.) Try to work on animation without getting distracted or procrastination.
5.) Use some movement blocks and saying blocks combine together.
6.) Make sure the script is what I’m really going to be using.
I plan to spend three days working on the subscripts and not sprites and each day for about an hour because it’s hard to make the animation properly without preparations. All of them would be at home where I’m just going to start working on the animation by making the sprites and backgrounds first with no blocks or subscript because it’ll make things complicated. Then I would start making the subscripts from my script from the beginning.Then I would spend the day before the project is due working on the animation fully and making sure there is no mistake on anything. I don’t really have a specific plan and I usually do things on snap decision so it’s kind of hard know what I’m going to do exactly.

D: Create
Developer Journal/Log
Session #1:
Date: 5/2/14
Time: 12:56 p.m. to 1:56 p.m.
Amount of time spend on this: 1 hour
Location: At home

Sesson #2:
Date: 5/4/12
Time: 3:40 p.m. to 4:40 p.m.
Amount of time spend on this: 1 hour
Location: At home

Session #3:
Date: 5/5/14
Time: 7:00 to 11:00 p.m
Amount of time spend on this: 4 hours
Location: At home

Short Summary:
On my first session I tried making all my sprites and backgrounds and then decided to try and start the subscripts for the two main sprites. On my second session I checked over my sprites and everything else to make sure it’s correct and continue working on the script that will be in the animation. On my third, I continue working on the animation and and used the broadcast and receive blocks in necessary places when the wait blocks doesn’t help sprites to switch between. I used the green flag a lot and hide with it so that when the beginning of the animation started some of the sprites not needed for a scene will show because of the subscript of green flag and hide is used.
Problems and Solutions:
Some problems I was having was how to get my sprites to broadcast the positive and negative ending correctly. But I managed to figure it out by asking my friends what type of blocks should I use for clicking sprites which is using broadcast and receiving sprites when clicked and then make both of them hide after. I also had a problem with hiding and showing the sprites with correct timing but managed to after. While working on my animation on the final day, my laptop kept crashing and I couldn’t kept saving my animation every five seconds so I had to redo it over again several times which took up some of my time to work on it. Finally, the computer stopped crashing and I saved it on a flashdrive and started working on the animation.
At first I decide to use sprites from only the program but then I had to get a lot of sprites from other sources or get them painted since the scratch program didn’t really have the sprites that fitted into my animation. It was same thing with the background, I decided to use most from program and one from other sources. I realized my script after the decision wasn’t long enough so I had to add some more lines after which took up more of my time to finish the animation. Some of my script were changed to make it sound more interesting and I had to change that in the animation. Overall, everything was more or less the same. Instead of working on the animation for four days, I only worked on it for three days because of procrastination.

This animation was more annoying to do then my first animation but in some way felt a tiny bit easier with a few exceptions because I knew what type of subscripts I had to use for certain things that I used in my animation. Like for example, I had a general idea of how long my wait blocks should be for the other sprite to finish “talking”. If the other sprite subscript consisted of a say block for two seconds, the sprite that talks next needs to wait three seconds which makes the conversation run smoothly. I was more familiar with certain subscripts but I wanted to use movement blocks and say blocks together more but it took up a lot of time so I managed to incorporate some movements though not a lot really. I was hoping it could be better than my first animation. What annoyed me was that I had to use a lot of sprites in the animation and since the sprites couldn’t interfere with each other it took up a lot of time which was really annoying. It was really hard to keep track on the amount of broadcast I had to use in order for the sprites to work so sometimes I had to make sure it was the right broadcast I was using. Also, some of my sprites weren’t as well edited so it looked kind of strange. The animation felt longer than it was and I felt like it kind of suck because it didn’t seem like a good story which worried me. Some of the movements also seem a bit strange and wasn’t the same way I wrote it for the script. But overall, I tried my best and hopefully it’s good enough.

May 8, 2014

"The Master Thief" by Aarne-Thompson (Interactive Version)

by: 19hsuihj

A: Investigate

B: Design

Story Script:

Scene 1

[Three sons are at a crosswalk where their poor father is leaving them]
Father: I am sorry my sons, but I must leave you now.
[Each son goes a different path]
[The youngest goes into the woods]
[Young boy sees a house]
[Young boy meets an old woman by the house]
Old woman: Be careful, a gang of robbers live in that house!
[Young Boy goes in the house anyway]
[Gang of robbers come]
Robbers: What are you doing in our house!
Young Boy: I didn’t do anything! Please just let me be your servant!
Robbers: We will make you our leader, if you can steal three oxen from a man at the market.
[The boy makes a sound that sounds like an ox, in the woods]
Market Man: That sounds like an ox. Better check it out.
[Market Man goes towards the woods to see if an ox is there]
[Young Boy steals all three oxen]
Robbers: We don’t want you to be our leader, we are out.
[Young Boy takes all the treasure]
[The Young Boy goes back to his poor father and puts down the money]
Father: Yay!

Scene 2

[A few years later]
[At the king’s castle]
[Sees the squire]
Young Boy: Can I marry your daughter?
Squire: Why should I let you.
Young Boy: Because I am the “Master Thief”
Squire: Oh really?
Master Thief: Yes I am.
Squire: Okay, steal a horse while riding it.
[The scene changes to a hill]
[The Squire comes in on a horse]
Master Thief: I accidentally left something in the valley, can you go get it for me?
Squire: Sure.
[The Master Thief takes the squire’s horse and rides on it.]

Viewer Interaction: Viewer chooses to steal the horse from the squire or not to steal.

Thief steals the squire’s horse (Positive)
Thief doesn’t steal squire’s horse (Negative)

C: Project Plan:

1. Resources Used
Tools: Computer Scratch, Internet,
Materials: Sprites, Backgrounds, Blocks
Labor: Credits to some sprites and some backgrounds.
Location: Home
Time: 10 hours
Money: None

2. Plan Of Action
Sequence Of Steps: I got all of my sprites needed. Then I put the blocks in according to my script. Next I would add credits to the resources that helped me. Finally I would make sure the animation is smooth and put it on the scratch website.

Schedule: I would try to get this done on the weekend and maybe edit it on Monday.

D: Developer’s Journal

Session #1, 5/3/14, 12:34 PM, Home
I spent a numerous amount of hours on this project. The exact time would be ten hours and six minutes. What I basically did was I took pictures from the internet, “Storyboardthat.com”, and “Scratch” to make a copy of what seemed to be the animation of the “Master Thief”. I did take breaks to eat and get snacks, but it didn’t take up much time. What took the most time was probably trying to coordinate all the broadcasts and make the decision smooth. The only solution was to add more directions so that the decision would play out right. I only changed the amount of time in my project plan because I didn’t think the animation would take this long.

E: Evaluate

The animation is at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It is also interactive. The ethical decision does have two choices. These two choices both lead to different endings. The outcomes of the animation somewhat tell a lesson of how stealing can actually make people feel fear into things you want them to do for you. One ending is positive and the other negative. Each ending are a little bit over one minute. I had to mess with some of the actions of the script, but the dialogue was all in line. My storyboard couldn’t be very similar because some things weren’t on storyboarthat.com.

May 8, 2014

Interactive Version of the Boy who Cried Wolf

by: 19parka

Story Title: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Author: One of Aseop’s Fables
Moral of Story: Don’t lie or there will be consequences

Stage is presented: A farmground, brightly lit and full of plants
First sprite is present: Flock of sheep
Second sprite enters: Shepherd boy, named John
John: What a great day to prank somebody!
Sheep: Yeah man! Do it!
John: Okay! Let’s pull a prank on the local villagers!
John: If I yell “WOLF! WOLF!” Then the villagers will come running to help save my flock!
Sheep: Sounds good! Let’s do it!

Change Stage: To the front of the village, with John and his flock of sheep standing in front of it.
Sheep: [Sheep sounds]

Change Stage: Inside the village, with the crowd of villagers and the mayor standing in front of it
Sounds: [Village sounds; talking, gasping]
Villagers: “That’s John, the shepherd boy!”
Mayor: “We have to help him!”

Change Stage: Back to the farmground, with John and his flock of sheep standing in front of it
Mayor enters the scene, closely followed by the villagers
Sounds: [Villagers talking; murmuring]
Mayor: John! We heard you calling for help!
Villagers: Where’s the wolf? We heard there was a wolf? [More murmuring]
John: Just kidding! [Laughs hysterically]
Mayor: That’s not cool, man. We really thought a wolf was gonna kill you.
Villagers: I thought we were all friends.
Mayor and Villagers leave the scene to the right.

Change Stage: Back to the front of the village
John: That was funny!
Sheep: Let’s do it again!
John: I don’t know, I might get into trouble or it might be bad for me in the future.
Sheep: On the other hand, we can make fun of the villagers later!

Change Stage: Blank screen with two choices
[Allow the user to make the choice]

Positive Choice
John: I won’t prank the villagers again so that we can all be friends and trust each other.
Sheep: Aw man you suck.

Change Stage: To the front of the village
John: Hey guys!
Mayor: Hey there, Johnny!
Sheep: You guys all suck.
Villagers: We can trust you now!

Mayor: John, let’s promise not to prank each other anymore.
John: Alright, Mr. Mayor. I won’t listen to the demonic thoughts of my sheep inside my head anymore.
Mayor: What
John: Nothing

Change Stage: Inside the village
John: Let’s all be friends now!


Negative Choice

John: Hah! They fell for that again. Wow, it really is getting pretty dark.
Sheep: Yup. I’m getting the chills and it’s creepy out here.
John: We should be getting back to town soon.
Sheep: I don’t know if they’d be okay with us going back...
John: If they’re really mad at us, it’s your fault for making us prank them like that.
Sheep:At least I’m not talking to my own flock of sheep.
John:Shut up, Let’s get going.
Sheep:Am I hearing things? It’s so quiet because everyone’s sleeping and I can hear everything.
John: That’s just all the farm animals going to sleep.
Sheep: There aren’t any actual wolves out there, right?
John: I would hope not. That would make me look like an idiot and mark me as the antagonist if this ever became a book.
Sheep: Yeah that would be so ironic it would be overly ironic.
John: Wait do you hear that?
Sheep: Well, I don;t appear to have ears, so no. Not really.
John: Dude, I think that’s an actual wolf.

[Hear wolf sounds]


Developer’s Journal
10:55, In my room on 5/4/2014
The animation I started over because I messed up on the sprites and their scripts; I used a variable and it kept messing up, so today I started the animation with broadcasts with assigned actions. The “John” sprite is coordinated to walk around and the sounds olay at times where they make most sense.

9:26, In my room on 5/4/2014
I finished most of the animation today and I look forward to adding all the backgrounds and editing the scripts so that they make most sense in the way the sprites interact. Every single sprite, including John, his sheep, the mayor and the villagers (Not including the title) have dialogue and talk in a way that progresses the storyline.
Project Plan:
Materials: Sprites, Blocks, Sounds from Soundbible Audio archives, Internet
Tools: Scratch, Computer, Wifi, iPhone
Time: 7-8 Hours at home and at school
Budget: None
Labor: Only me

1. Find and draw all backgrounds and sprites required to complete portraying the chosen fairy tale, “The Boy who Cried Wolf.” (Note the authors, artists or photographers that you took the art from in order to give them credit in the end of the animation.)
2. Begin the animation and use the sprites, the backgrounds, and the sounds to create the storyline of the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
3. Finish the animation and upload onto websites (After citing sources)

Phase E: Evaluate
My project overall follows the design specifications because my animation was more than two minutes long, and I cite the credits to all the art and backgrounds I took from other sources (WikiArchives.) The animation is interactive; it allows the user to make a decision between two choices that affects the outcome of the story. The choices leads to two branches (The wolf eating the sheep and the villagers deciding they can trust John the Shepherd) and the user has to choose the ethical decision that can help the plot change. The choices to describe the outcome and how the outcome has consequences when you choose the unethical decision.
The project closely follows the storyboards and the script, but the storyboard is more vague to allow it to capture the overall story of the animation. The dialogue and actions of the script are identical to those in the animation.

May 8, 2014

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" by Mairi Mackinnon

by: 19waseefr
The Boy Who Cried Wolf Title Page
The Boy Who Cried Wolf Act 1
The Boy Who Cried Wolf Act 2a
The Boy Who cried wolf Act 2b

Investigate Stage

Fable-The boy who cried wolf

B Design
Story Script

Boy-Well, well looks like I have to start tend the sheep again, I wish a wolf would show up, it add excitement and tension.
Boy-Alright now I am lonely, forever alone I guess… let me go into town.
Man-Hey sherperd boy did you tend the sheep?
Boy-Yeah, but I was all alone, like always..
Man-You don’t need company, I grew up alone and look at me know!
Boy-Yeah, okay I think you should look at yourself in the mirror again
Man-Just go home now
Boy-Alright, I will, and then it will be another boring day of tending sheep.


Scene 2-
Boy-Ughh, now I go tend the sheep.
Boss-Just go
Boy-(As he arrives, he gets a bright idea) Hey why don’t I make a fake wolf call, I will get attention than.
Boy-Teleportation Jutsu! Towns people there is a wolf, there is a wolf
Boy-Umm...it’s in the sheep herding place.
(Teleportation Jutsu

Scene 3-
Man-There is no wolf!
Boy-Yeah, umm I don’t know what happened
Man-You shouldn’t have done that

Scene 4-
Boy-Should I do it again

IF A PRESSED ,Positive) outcome-Boy-Alright fine, I won’t do it again.
(runs back into town.)
Townsmen-So where are the wolves?
Boy-There weren’t any, I am sorry for doing that last time, I guess it was wrong to do…
Boy-Okay, okay I get it, I won’t do it again.
Townsmen-Good, you learned your lesson, now get back to your job..
Boy-Oh yeah that..
If B pressed-(negative) outcome-Alright, lets do this again.
(runs back into town.)
Boy-There are wolves, lots of them they are trying to attack the sheep.
Townspeople- LETS GO
Boy-(runs with the town people)
Boy-Ummm...They left?
Townspeople-You lied to us again?!?!
Townspeople-Okay, this is the last straw you shall pay the price. (run back into town.)
Boy-Huh….I wonder why I see grey creatures coming towards me?
Boy-Wait they are wolves. (cries to the people that there are wolves.)
Man-Yeah sure
Boy-You have to listen to me,
Man-Just keep on cryin
Boy-Fine, leaves shamefully and listens to sad music

StoryBoards Act 1

Act 2a

Act 2b

Project Plan-
Resources-Sprites and backgrounds
Materials-Sprites and backgrounds
Tools-Storyboardthat, Scratch Program, internet connection, laptop.
Labor-Steve Wright Jr for cm punk picture
Pokemon remix studios for soundtrack 1,
All rights for WWE for Undertaker’s theme song
and Cm pUnk theme song
Time-4 hours

Phase C

Action Plan-
Step 1-Complete storyboards and scripts.
Step 2- Get the proper music tracks and make sure it has a creative commons tag, and get proper images and make sure that has proper creative commons tag.

Step 3- Get through the actual project and make sure it is correct

Step 4- Test out the project for any mistakes and make sure it meets the design specifications.

Phase D-Create

Developer’s journal-
Well, my animation has a few modifications from my script, such as no wolf, because there were some technical difficulties and the wolf wouldn’t come out well, so I decided not go with that idea but improvise instead, and just made the wolf come but nobody saw it.. I did this at my house and it took about 4hrs.

Phase E-Evaluate

Well my project does follow my script, except for the music track, my original idea was just to make a animation without music, but then I realized that the animation was a bit dull, so I decided to use music tracks to make it bit more interesting to see and watch. My animation does follow the design specifications, my animation is more than 2 minutes long, my animation is interactive with the user, as he or she decides the outcome of the story. My animation does have two branches and two different endings, and the user makes an ethical decision that involves two choices, and does teach a lesson whether or not the outcome is positive or negative. The story that leads up to the ethical decision is one minute long, and the branches that follow up the story are one minute long. My animation does not completely follow my storyboards, as there was supposed to be a wolf, but no matter what I did for some reason, I couldn’t get the timing exactly right, so therefore I took out the wolf, and just made it seem like the wolf made an off screen appearance, and there were some differences between the design and the final product, such a the music tracks, and the image I chose, i was going to choose a stock sprite that scratch already had, but they didn’t portray the character in the comedic way I wanted him to be like, and the tracks were added to make the story more interesting and exciting, and there were a few changes in dialouge as I added more lines to make the story a bit longer and more comedic.

May 8, 2014

"The Ugly Duckling" (Interactive Version)

by: 19dokicr
Story Board
Title Image

Design Phase:
Story: The Ugly Duckling

Characters: Mother, Sons, the Ugly Duckling

Scene 1:
Setting: Pond
Mother: Enter from left.
Two sons: Enter from right.
Mother: Look at you, all of my beautiful children!
Son1: Not all mother…
Mother: What do you mean?
Son2: Look over there, there is another egg!
Mother: That looks like a turkey egg, not mine.
Son1: Your right! Look at how ugly it is!

Scene 2:
Setting: Mother’s nest
All: Enter from left.
Son2: What an ugly egg! That is surely not yours!
Mother: Wait a second…Shh!
The egg slowly begins to crack and hatch.
All: Gasp!
Son1: ...Mother… is that a duckling…
Mother: Yes, yes it is.
Son2: That still looks like a turkey…
Son1: It is our brother. That ugly, ugly duckling.
Mother: What shall we do?

Positive Decision
Negative Decision

Scene 3A:

Son2: Let’s Abandon it!
Mother: We cannot… we are going to raise and love this ugly duckling.
Son1: Thinks, Fat chance!
Son 2: Are you sure?
Mother: Who knows? This child might help us in the years to come…

Scene 4A:

One year later...
Son1: Look at me and you, we are beautiful grown ducks!
Son 2: Our feathers shine brighter than the stars themselves!
The ugly duckling: Why am I not so elegant or beautiful?
Mother: Ahh! The pond monster! The monster is coming!
Sons and ugly duckling:Noo!
Ugly duckling: I will save you!
The Ugly duckling hits the monster, driving him away.
Son1: How, how did you do that?
Ugly duckling: I have no Idea.
Suddenly the Ugly duckling changed into a magnificent grow up duck.
Sons and Mother: Gasp!
Mother: Not only did you save us from death, but you have transformed into the most beautiful bird that I have ever seen!

Moral: Never let up on an opportunity. You never know how it could affect you later.

Scene 3B:

Son 2: Let’s Abandon it!
Mother: We should… there is no way that anyone can this ugly duckling.
Son1: Thinks, woo-hoo!
Mother: There is no way that this ugly duckling will ever be a benefit to us.

Scene 4B:

One year later…
Son1: Look at me and you, we are beautiful grown ducks!
Son 2: Our feathers shine brighter than the stars themselves!
Mother: Ahh! The monster! The monster is coming!
Sons and ugly duckling:Noo!
The monster jumps at the three ducks, eating them all.

Moral: Never let up on an opportunity. You never know how it could affect you later.

My project fits the design specifications. The animation is a total of 3 minutes long. Because of the split ethical ending, the positive outcome lasts 2 minutes and the negative outcome lasts 2 minutes. The beginning is 1 minute, totaling the animation to 3 minutes, 1 more minute than the requirement. Also, the viewer makes an ethical decision to take or leave the ugly duckling.

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