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Jun 3, 2015

The Golden Adventures

by: 20shumj



Game Proposal~

Rushaid: There are humanities Questions,with 8 different obstacles since this is now lvl 3. The questions will start off a bit easy, but will get harder and harder. This will be in the desert and you will get the treasure back by answering them correctly.

Chloe: Spanish questions, most likely asking to translate Spanish words into English, out of the mouth of a ghoul. There will be most likely 4 questions as this is level 1 of the group game. They will be of increasing difficulty. If you answer them all correctly, then you will be able to reach the key get on to the next level. If there is a wrong answer, however, you will get eaten by the ghoul and game over.


Jasmine: Math Questions, asking the viewer to answer 6 problems as obstacles. They will get harder as you go on. If you get them wrong, a lion will come out and scare you back to the start. Answering all of them right will earn you the key for the next level. It will be a platform game and will be on land, in a jungle.


Game Chrome: Level 1~ Underground labyrinth...Chloe

                         Level 2~ Jungle...Jasmine

                         Level 3~ Desert...Rushaid

Game Objective: Reach the final treasure, gold. For each level, reach the key.

Game Mechanic: Third-person

Game Obstacles: Academic problems- math (lion),humanities(mummy), and Spanish (ghoul and dragon)



Game Mechanic

  1. Rules

~If you answer the question incorrectly, you start over from the beginning of the level.

~If the question is multiple choice, type the letter of your choice in the answer box, not capitalized.

~The answers to math questions must only be in numbers and not include units.

  1. Game Play/ Game Engine

~There are three levels to the game and the player must answer an increasing number of questions for each level. At the end of each level, there is a key to get to the next level. At the very end of the game, the grand prize would be a huge treasure chest of gold. This gold will replace the gold that robbers stole from him. The questions will be about history, math, and Spanish and each correct answer will lead them to the next question.

  1. User Interface

~The user won’t have to use any keys to play the game because the game will just either restart automatically from the same level, or the player will just continue on in the game when she answers a question correctly. Therefore, only the “Move to” blocks will be used to move the character.



  1. Story

         ~There is a rich lady who is living on an island in the middle of nowhere until on one rainy night, she wakes up and finds out that she is robbed. There is a note and a map next to her bed and says, “If you want to find all this precious gold of yours you must look at the map given to you below”! Inside the map there are three stages included which are: Underground labyrinth, Jungle, and the Desert.

    2. Character

       ~The main character is a rich lady who is trying to get back her precious gold and in the first level he is intercepted by a sphinx than in the next level she is intercepted by a lion and then the last level she will be intercepted by mummies/zombies.

    3. Levels

~The first level will be about spanish and the obstacle will be the great great ghoul and dragon. It will have 4 questions.

~The second level will be about math and the obstacle will be monsters. It will have 6 questions.

~The third level will be about science and the obstacle will be mummies/zombies. It will have 8 questions.

Game Obstacles:

    1. Bosses

          ~There are no bosses in our game.

    2. Puzzles/ Riddles

          ~Rushaid: The questions would be asked from the mouth of a Mummy. They involve science. A possible question could be (at the beginning of the level the questions start of easy, but increase gradually): How many senators and House Representatives are there in America combined? It would be a one word answer and this would be written in the instructions. It will be questions that have to do with the American Revolution and our Government.

          ~Chloe: The questions would be asked from the mouth of a ghoul and dragon. They involve Spanish. The first two would be asked in English, requiring an answer in Spanish. A possible question could be: Where would people most likely go to pray? The questions would be multiple choice. The last two would be asked in Spanish, requiring an answer in English. A possible question could be translating a Spanish sentence to English. The question would also be multiple choice. There would be a 1 minute limit for each.

          ~Jasmine: The questions will be asked from the mouth of a lion. They involve math. A possible question could be: What is the square root of 4900? The questions won’t be multiple choice, but will have to be written out. Some concepts I will probably include are area, squares, equations, etc. Answers would have to be written in number format.

3. Leveling up

        ~After answering all of the questions of a level, the main character will reach the key. The key will transport the character to the next level. At the final level, level 3, the character will reach the gold that the robber has taken. The game ends at that.

Game Chrome:

  1. Graphics/Art

          ~Backdrops from Scratch and Storyboardthat, Characters from Scratch

    2. Sound/Music

        ~Sound Effects from Scratch

    3. Academic Content

        ~There will be no additional academic content aside from our questions individual            games, as mentioned above.



Materials ~ Sprite lady from Scratch library

                  Sprite thief in black from Scratch library

       Sprite ghoul from Scratch library

                  Sprite lion from Scratch library

       Sprite mummy from Scratch library

                  Backdrop bedroom from storyboardthat

                  Backdrop desert from Scratch library

                  Backdrop jungle from storyboardthat

                  Backdrop underground from storyboardthat


                  Other people’s games  

Tools ~ scratch.mit.edu


 Website Browsers


Labor ~ Rushaid - Level 3, Credits, Sprites

            Chloe - Level 1, Transitions, Backdrops, Sound Effects

            Jasmine - Level 2, Introduction

Location ~ Everyone’s house



Time ~ From tomorrow to June 1st

Money ~ $0

Gantt Chart
















Create Rushaid’s Sprite

Create Chloe’s Sprite

Create Jasmine’s Sprite

Create Treasure Sprite

Animate Rushaid’s level

Animate Chloe’s level

Animate Jasmine’s level

Create Intro Sprites

Create Credits Roll

Create Intro Backdrop

Create Rushaid’s Backdrop

Create Chloe’s Backdrop

Create Jasmine’s Backdrop

Animate Intro

Import all Levels

Connect all Levels

Add Rushaid’s Sound

Add Chloe’s Sound

Add Jasmine’s Sound

Add Group Sounds

Instructions & Credit





Developer’s Log #1:



Rushaid~ 5/21. 1:30-2:00. BSGE

We were discussing about how we would connect it all after we were done. Today I was trying to find a good animation which I could remix for my part of the project and I spent at least 25 mins searching for one until I realized that there was no use. In the process my group members were also looking for some remixes and sharing them with each other in order to see if the other found it useful. I decided to start off by making my own animation and got my main sprite and my main backdrop ready so I could use them which is what I was supposed to do according to my Gantt chart. Similarly my partners decided to do the same by starting off from scratch. Also, I didn’t send the intro sprites to my group members so I did it today so they could start using them for tomorrow.

Chloe~ 5/21. 1:30-2:00. BSGE.

We were all in the same place, discussing what our roles would be in the project. We also created our Gantt chart, assigning dates so that everything would logically be in order. After that, helping each other, we started on our individual animations. I followed the gantt chart and found a Sprite, and a backdrop. I also started the animation, by the teeniest bit. I had hoped to start more of the animation, but was only able to “set the stage” such as setting where the Sprites were, etc. I will be working on the animation for the next 2 days.

Jasmine~5/21. 1:30-2:00. BSGE.

I followed the Gantt chart, but I wasn’t really that productive because I only got a few sprites and a backdrop. The entire group was in the same place, but we worked on our individual projects. I didn’t start any of the actual animating yet, just preparing and setting it up. Something I had difficulty doing at first was properly importing the backdrop because Scratch wouldn’t process it. I eventually got it to work because I downloaded it as a high-resolution storyboard.

Developer’s Log #2:

Rushaid~ 5/23 1:00- 2:00 PM Home


I didn’t have time to start my scratch project from yesterday which I was supposed to according to my Gantt chart, but instead I started it today. I was able to get ⅝ of my questions done which is a really good amount considering that I didn’t do any work yesterday. I didn’t have any difficulties at all which was pretty surprising for me because I thought I might have trouble moving around all the blocks and sprites, but I was luckily able to go by in a breeze.     


Chloe~ 5/21. 7:30- 8:00. Home.

Following the Gantt chart, I continued working on my individual animation. I was created a total of 4 more Sprites, and finished asking the first question. One of the problems that came up was that I couldn’t get the ‘ask’ block to work. Therefore, I ended up using a multiple choice format, where all the choices were Sprites and the user would simply click on the choice they believe is right. I have to finish the animation in the next days.


Jasmine~ 5/21. 7:40-8:10. Home

I continued from where I left off in class and finished two questions and responses in my individual project. I created two sprites in total. Something that I had trouble with was getting it to save because of my internet connection. Also, I didn’t know how to put my blocks together properly so that it wouldn’t glitch. Eventually, I found out the best way to set out my blocks and my project eventually saved.


Developer’s Log #3

Rushaid~ 5/24 1:30- 2:00 PM. Home

Following my Gantt chart, as planned today was the day I would finish my animation which was pretty easy since all I had was 3 questions left. Again this was easy for me since I could just use similar blocks to the ones I used before so I won’t have to waste any unnecessary time. After finishing within 20 mins I decided to revise my whole project all over again to see if there were any mistakes. After doing this I sent a message asking them for their credits if they had any so I could add the credit roll at the end of my project.

Chloe~ 5/22. 8:45-9:15. Home

Following the Gantt chart, I kept working on my individual project. I finished the second question, and found it much easier than doing the first question, as now the blocks all went in the same format, so i mostly just had to change the questions and broadcasts. At first, I wanted to make 4 new Sprites as answer choices for every single question, until I realized that it would be too much unnecessary work. I ended up just using the original 4 Sprites and simply changed their costumes. Tomorrow I will finish the game by completing the final questions and adding any sound effects necessary.


Jasmine~5/22. 10:30-11:00. Home

I’m ahead of schedule, according to the Gantt chart. I continued working on my individual project and ended up finishing the rest of it. I found it a lot easier than when I first started creating my project because I finally got myself accustomed to the blocks and ended up duplicating a lot and editing them. I didn’t really have any problems, except for getting the key at the end of the level to transition in nicely. I did so by adding a “fairytale” sound effect. Overall, my work today was productive. I was one day ahead of schedule.


Developer’s Log #4


Rushaid ~ 5/25. 7:00-7:15 PM  Home

Since my fellow partners did not have any credits I added in my credits and all of our names by creating a credit roll at the end of my project as my last backdrop. I was supposed to create my credit roll yesterday, but everything was delayed by 1 day so ended up doing it today. Also, according to my Gantt chart I was supposed to add my sounds, but I was able to add the sounds along the way of my animation which makes it necessary now to add more sounds.

Chloe~ 5/23. 12:00-1:00. Home

Following the Gantt chart, I continued and finished working on my individual project. I went around the animation fixing things and adding sound effects. Then, when I played the animation, everything was mixed up and out of order! I couldn’t figure out what I messed up on, so I looked through every block and finally figured out that one of the broadcast blocks was out of place. I finished just on schedule.


Jasmine~ 5/26. 7:30-8:05. Home.

Today, I followed the Gantt chart and did the intro for our group project and did it pretty successfully to help show our whole storyline and why the main character needed to answer all of these questions. I made sure to include the robber to properly introduce the animation. The only problem I had was that all of the blocks and sprites were a little confusing because there were too many of them, especially after it was imported into the group project. I wasn’t familiar with what they meant so I had to spend some time working on understanding what all of the blocks did. After that, I finished it and helped to connect it to the first level. I am right on schedule. I am officially done, however I may help edit it later on.


Developer’s Log #5



Rushaid~ 5/26 1:15-2:00. School

Today our group was very productive because as I was  working on my credits for the group and I was able to finish it. We were looking at each others projects trying to help each other by giving helpful advice and pros/cons. Jasmine was trying to add her final touches while Chloe was trying to import all of our projects by making a basic outline. All we have left is Jasmine's intro the project and waiting to import all our projects together.

Jasmine~ 5/26. 1:15-2:00. School.

Today was very productive for me. Even though I already finished  my individual project, I continued to edit it with sounds and better dialogue. I helped and gave advice to Chloe with the backpack options. I didn’t really have any problems because it was really just simple editing. Something that was annoying was that I had to keep on going back and forth with my animation. I didn’t have any actual problems, so there wasn’t much to study.

Chloe~ 5/26. 1:15 - 2:00. School.

Today our group worked together, looking over each other’s animations. We gave advice on how to edit the animations to make them better. I started importing the levels and connecting them. One of the problems that I faced was that I couldn’t import backdrops from individual animations to the group one. This was solved by saving every backdrop to local file and uploading it that way. I was able to import the first level and make it work out. I will finish importing and connecting other levels at home tonight.


Developer’s Log #6


Chloe~ 5/26. 4:30-4:55. Home.

Following the Gantt chart, I imported all the levels today. One of the problems that I encountered was that some of our broadcasts were the same. Therefore, the whole sequence would mess up. I had to change the broadcasts and receiving blocks to make everything flow. I’m slightly ahead of schedule, as I’m supposed to start connecting on the next class but started connecting all the levels today. The remaining parts of my job is to add sound effects and finish connecting all levels. I will complete this next class.


Rushaid ~ 5/25. 7:30-7:40 PM  Home

I was supposed to do the Instructions and Credits for our group scratch project on the viewing page where everyone watches the animation, but I did it one day earlier than what was said on the Gantt chart since I had free time. I took all of our instructions and put it in the Instruction section and then put in all of our credits in the credits section which only took me about 10 mins.

Developer’s Log #7



Rushaid~ 5/28. 1:15-1:55. BSGE

We followed the Gantt chart and waited for Chloe to finish connecting and importing all the levels together. After she finished connecting them all together we watched the whole thing play through together and together started editing each others projects. There were a few errors in mine that they pointed out so I went back and fixed them as now my individual project is officially complete. We also finished our group project and I just need to add the instructions and credits on the cover page to make sure the viewers know what they are doing.

Chloe~ 5/28. 1:15-1:55. BSGE

Following the Gantt chart, today our group finished our group animation. We added sound effects and looked over everything together. We made edits to blocks and Sprites that were necessary. I added sound effects and finished up connecting all of the levels, so that it would make sense. There weren’t really any problems, as we mostly finished already and were just editing today.

Jasmine~ 5/28. 1:15-1:55. BSGE

We followed the Gantt chart and finished our animations. I helped Chloe mostly with connecting all levels and fixing typos, as well as importing all of Rushaid’s backdrops. We worked mostly as a group about how to properly finish it off. We didn’t encounter any significant problems.

Developer’s Log #8: Plan for Improvement



Rushaid~ 6/3. 1:10-1:30. School.

If we had a chance to improve our project, our priorities would be to maybe make our levels a bit more difficult since the questions were a bit too easy and the answers were pretty easy. Also, maybe we could have made our games a bit more fun and creative since in all of our levels, the viewer mostly could answer the questions and nothing else. Maybe they could have interacted with the game a bit more or maybe we could have used the arrow keys a bit more efficiently so the viewer could maybe move around the sprite. Last of all I would add more lives since it’s a bit annoying starting from the beginning of the questions, but just get another chance for the question you got wrong.

Chloe~ 6/3. 1:10-1:30. School.

If we had a chance to improve our project, our priorities would be in fixing some of the features to make them better. One of the first things we would fix would be the user interface. In our game, we only needed arrow keys in Rushaid’s level, or the last level. It would be more fun for the player if there were arrow keys used in every level. Another thing I would want to fix would be our story plot. Our story plot is pretty unrealistic and somewhat illogical. For instance, we allowed the game to restart after game over without some kind of explanation. Therefore, I would add lives in our game, so that restarting at the beginning of a level after dying would make more sense.

Jasmine~ 6/3. 1:10-1:30. School

If we had a chance to improve our project, our priorities would be maybe adding and fixing some parts to make it more challenging for the user. We could add in some arrow keys so that the user could use it to move around. Also, I could add more creativity or more interesting details and dialogue to accompany the storyline. Also, we might have made the flow between each level too choppy. It may have been better to add another backdrop to act as a transition slide.



Group Animation:   <iframe allowtransparency="true" width="485" height="402" src="//scratch.mit.edu/projects/embed/64232306/?autostart=false" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>    

Jasmine’s Animation:    <iframe allowtransparency="true" width="485" height="402" src="//scratch.mit.edu/projects/embed/63566132/?autostart=false" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>    

Jasmine’s Reflection:


  1. For my individual project, I would like to highlight the nice organization of my blocks and how I was able to successfully and smoothly connect the intro to the first level. I think it made it a lot easier for my group members, especially for Chloe, who had to connect the levels.

  2. 2. My individual project could have been better if I had added more dialogue to add to the story line, which would’ve helped engage the viewer’s interest even more. Also, I could have made my character’s movements a little less awkward by making it change directions and make more costumes.

  3. Other than my individual project, I animated the introduction for the group project to introduce the story of why the lady went on an adventure. I connected the introduction to the first level, which was Chloe’s project.

  4. I could have improved my group work by adding more detail into it. I could’ve achieved this by adding more dialogue from the robber and making the girl’s reactions better.

  5. The positive contributions Chloe made to the group was import/connect the levels for the group project. She was an integral part of this since she also helped with sound effects. The positive contributions Rushaid made to the group was adding credits and connecting it to the last level, which was his own, as well as adding in the sprites.

  6. Something Chloe could have done to improve her contributions was not use so many sprites in her individual project, which would then be imported into the group project. It caused some confusion on what each sprite represented in the game. Something Rushaid could have done to improve his contributions was to help edit the group animation a little further by helping to find resources we need or blocks we could use to solve a problem.



Jun 3, 2015

Different People so unrelated

by: 20mehtar
Group Project
Individual Project
Group Project Plan - Part 1
Group Project Plan - Part 2
Group Project Plan - Part 3
Group Project Plan - Part 4
Group Project Plan - Color Key

Individual Project -

What my Game is About

Raj - My game is going to be a math game about the player trying to get a treasure chest guarded by zombies. The objective is to get to the treasure chest by killing away the zombies by answering math questions correctly. The obstacles in the game are going to be the zombies protecting the treasure chest. The chrome is going to be having to defeat zombies and therefore, having a great impact on the result of the story. In the game, you (the main character) are going to stay stationary in the game until you can get enough math questions right to beat the zombies and go ahead to the treasure chest. In the game there is going to three levels where the difficulty or in other words the amount of math problems needed to defeat each of the zombies is going to increase. So, in the first level, there is going to be two zombies that require the player to get two math problems right for each of them. Also, the math problems are going to be ones of algebra. In the second level, there is going to be two zombies again, but this time, they require the player to get three math problems right to beat each of them. In the third and last level, there is going to be three zombies that also require the player to get three math problems right to beat each of them.

My Game Design

Game Design - Raj
Part 1 - Game Mechanics Rules - In my game the only rules are really going to be the objectives of the game. So, in other words, the rules are going to be to try and get as many math problems correct so as to defeat the zombies and gain access to the treasure chest. Gameplay - The player plays the game by trying to get math problems right and achieving the objectives of each level of the game. User Interface - There are really no game controls except using the mouse and number keys to answer the math questions given to the player. Everything else like the moving of the player and the transitioning of the levels in the game are done by scratch or the computer itself.
Part 2 - Objectives Story - There is going to be a story for my game. It is going to be comprised of a town losing it’s most precious items to zombies, and the town depending on a certain boy (the player) to get back its valuables from the zombies. Characters - The boy, the town’s mayor, and the zombies. The boy is going be a regular ten-year old boy wearing a blue-striped shirt and black shorts with black shoes. He is going to have dark-beige skin with light brown hair and blue eyes. The town mayor is going to be a middle-aged man wearing all black clothes and black shoes. He is going to have white skin with blond hair and brown eyes. The zombies are of course going to be disgusting-wrinkling undead humans wearing a yellow shirt and blue pants along with brown shoes. They are going to have green-colored skin with no hair and red eyes. Levels - In my game there are going to be three levels, the third one being a little more difficult than the last two. In the first two levels, there are going to be two zombies that require the player to get two math problems right for each of them. Also, the math problems are going to be ones of algebra. In the third level and last level, there is going to be two zombies again, but this time, they require the player to get three math problems right to beat each of them.
Part 3 - Obstacles Bosses - There aren’t really bosses in the game, but instead, sort of zombies that act as normal obstacles that the player has to destroy by getting the math questions they get correct. Puzzles/Riddles - Players are going to solve math problems as part of the educational component of my game. By answering puzzles correctly, you can kill the zombies and attain the objective of each of the levels in the game. Leveling Up - There is going to be leveling up when the player manages to get enough math questions correct to kill all of the zombies and get to the treasure chest.
Part 4 - Chrome Graphics/Art - Yes there are going to be two different backgrounds. One of the backgrounds is going to just be a regular view of a house which represents the “battleground” for the player and the zombies. The other background is going to be representing the mayor’s office where the player meets as well as talks with the mayor along with, starts and ends the game. Sound/Music - No, there is going to be no music or sound playing in my game. Academic Content - In my game, the academic content is all about math because the player accomplishes the objective by getting the number of algebra questions right, needed to kill the zombies.

Process Of Creating My Game

Raj : Individual Developer’s Log #1 - May 21, 2015 - 1:30 - 1:55 - Tech Room - Our group members each worked on our own projects and we didn’t work together as a group for our group project. I made my sprites and backgrounds from my game on storyboard and didn’t at all work on my coding. I ended up finishing this work and for the next time I work on my individual project, I can start coding. In my work for today, I didn’t have any difficulties and everything went smoothly.
Raj: Individual Developer’s Log #2 - May 24, 2015 - 7:00 P.M. - 7:40 P.M. - Home - In today’s work session, I worked on my own project and I didn’t work with the rest of my group members on our group project. Today, I started coding my project by creating my introduction sequence where the character is first introduced to the game story and first learns about the problem. Also, I finished my title sequence and animated all of the letters for my title. In this work session, I had one small problem. One of my sprites wouldn’t appear when I first tried to code it because it was already hidden for some reason. Though, I fed the problem by using the wait and show blocks after the green flag was clicked. It helped properly transition my game well.
Raj: Individual Developer’s Log #3 - May 26, 2015 - 1:15 P.M. - 1:55 P.M. - Tech Room - In this work session we worked on our own projects and worked individually. Today, I made some sprites for my project and finished coding the whole beginning sequence for my game. The beginning sequence is all of the beginning part of my game that comes before my fighting scene. I didn’t have any problems today, either. Everything went smoothly and I was able to complete the coding and making sprites for my game.
Raj: Individual Developer’s Log #4 - May 27, 2015 - 5:50 P.M. - 6:40 P.M. - Home - In this work session, I worked on my own project and our group didn’t meet with each other and, so, therefore, we didn’t work on our group project. in this work session, I did a lot of the transitioning between each level and each part of my game. In other words, I worked on how the fighting scene in my game would work out. I also coded certain parts for my zombie sprites, for example, when they would appear and when they would hide, and how their health bars would be shown. While I was working, I had one problem today. It was not technical in any way, but moreover an event problem. In other words, I had a problem deciding what would happen to the player for getting a math problem in my game would be. To fix this problem, however, I decided to look at the list we made in class about what motivates people to learn, and so I decided to use a consequence as a motivation for the player to keep playing the game and learn more about math. In my game, though, to be more specific, I decided to create a variable called “Player’s Health” that would start at 20 at the beginning of each level and go down by five each time the player got a math question wrong. This would act as my consequence and solved my problem.
Raj: Individual Developer’s Log #5 - May 29, 2015 - 5:40 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. - Home - In this work session, I worked on my individual project and didn’t meet up with my group to work on our group project. In this work session, I kept coding my project and ended up creating more sprites, but this time they were letter sprites to label the different levels for my game. In my coding for today, most of what I did was code the letters so that they would appear at a certain coordinate when they received a certain message and also, made them hide for the rest of the game as well. For this work session, I only had one silly problem. When I was trying to see how my main player would look at a certain coordinate when he/she completes the level, I tried to move the sprite to that coordinate. Though, what I noticed was that nothing was happening. Despite this, it turned out that the sprite actually wasn’t shown in the stage and therefore was hidden. So, I had realized that I had not remembered to show the sprite when testing how it looked at a certain coordinate. So, of course, I fixed this problem by using the “show” block and making the sprite appear. Raj: Individual Developer’s Log #6 - May 30, 2015 - 9:30 A.M. - 12:30 A.M. - In this work session, I worked on my individual project and didn’t meet up with my group to work on our group project. In this work session, I finished coding my project, but I had to change my project a lot because there was a problem with it. So, now my project doesn’t have multiple levels, but instead only one level because of a problem I was having. This problem was that when the player went from the first level to the second, the fighting scene in the second scene was skipped and the game skipped directly to the level 3 title page and then went directly to the end scene. Therefore, as only one on my levels was working - my first one, I decided to fix the problem.

My Game -

Group Project - I worked with Sharupa, Abby, and Rachel

Sharupa - http://youthvoices.net/users/20azmals

Abby - http://youthvoices.net/users/20wua

Rachel - http://youthvoices.net/users/20zhangrr

What Abby, Rachel, and Sharupa's Games are About

Abby: My game is about spanish or, the player will enter the world of wonderland and will meet quests along the way and if they survive they may go back to earth! At least when they face the Queen of Hearts! The objective is to teach spanish to the player, if they don’t succeed then they will will be eaten by the jabberwocky and never see daylight on Earth, MWHAHA!(don’t ask) The game will focus on spanish dialogue between wonderland characters and the player, the Wonderlandian will ask favors and question, if the player can understand them they can move ahead if not then they have to keep staying there until they get it right! The boss maybe a little harder though, in which there is spanish quests!

Rachel R.: My game is about geography and history. The player types in his or her username and will have to answer a series a questions which enables them to go to a land in Europe where a war is taking place. To win the war, the player must be able to answer more questions and moves on to a different battle after they answer a certain number of question correctly. The objective is to win the last big, major battle which declares whoever wins the war. If you don’t succeed, you lose the war and get taken captive. The game will mainly be about locations and people in the past. If the player answers too many questions wrong, they will have to lose the battle and start over. Overall, there will be 4 battles, each with increasing difficulty in the questions.

Sharupa: My game is about science and the different branches. The player will be asked questions and be part of many of the objective is to complete all the missions to stop King Lasko’s evil plans to destroy Laskoville.. Some of them will be multiple choice. Others will be figuring out the answers. This will encourage people to try to get questions right. The increasing level of difficulty will be that you will get more questions your critical thinking ability. The objective of the game is to make players learn stuff relating to science. This is not going to be a multi player game. The chrome will be the story based on the game. The obstacles are really difficult questions that test your critical thinking skills and also you have to get past some real life obstacles that help you in life.

Abby, Rachel, and Sharupa's Game Designs-

Game Design - Abby
Part I - Game Mechanics A.Rules: There is really no specific rules towards the game, since it is in Spanish. So you technically fall down the rabbit hole and end up in wonderland. They will meet the characters who speak spanish, however you can get clues in English that is. But there is one important rule: no translator or outside help, although the creator, this I, may never know that, it means the player is a sore loser! B.Game Play/Engine: The mouse is the control in which the player will inevitably fall down the rabbit hole, and end up in Wonderland. They will interact with the characters who speak spanish with the exception of the Chesire Cat who will give the player some hints along the way. The rabbit will introduce the game in English! C. User Interface: The player is controlled through the use of the mouse, and the answers will be pretty short, nothing with much variation!
Part II- Objectives Story: The game is basically the spanish version of Wonderland, and it’s an adventure on its plus side. There is starting point and ending point so its starts from the Rabbit hole all the way to the Card Castle.(the King of hearts home) Along the way to the boss, the characters like the caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and etc, will challenge the player in spanish or simply give directions, you get on the right path that is if you understand it, MWHAHAHA! Characters: King of Hearts Caterpillar Princess of Hearts (Queen of Hearts Player (Alice or Alice's) White Rabbit Knave of Hearts Princess of Hearts Cheshire Cat Dormouse Flamemingo Cheshire cat, below) Tweedledum & Tweedledee March Hare Wonder Bird card soldiers White Queen Well of Wonder The Mad Hatter Jabberwocky Other Wonderful Creatures ( sisters of flora & fauna, etc.) (Alicetair & Alicia) Picture Credits: DeviantArt: More Collections Like EAH: Scarlet Feather by SnowFright www.deviantart.comAlistair Wonderland by FreshPlinfa-Ivy [PDF] DeviantArt: More Like [EVER AFTER HIGH] VECTOR 6# by obscurepairing www.deviantart.com Rebel Won - Alisia Daughter of Alice by StarsNeverStop Characters/adults - Ever After High Wiki everafterhigh.wikia.com Queen of Hearts The Official Rendering Request Topic - Signature and Avatar … www.marriland.comPart Rendered: I want the white background rendered out, so it's just Lizzie (the girl) [PDF] Group of: Disney | We Heart Itweheartit.com Most popular tags for this image include: alice in wonderland, wonderland, cats, Image - Briar and the Wishing Well - Thronecoming.png - Royal … royal-rebel-pedia.wikia.com File:Briar and the Wishing Well - Thronecoming.png Ever After High Hat Tastic Party Episode - Viewing Gallery galleryhip.comtoolbar creator C. Levels There are really no levels it’s just an adventure, when the player has gone through each character they can proceed. There is the boss though, the Queen of Hearts, so will be challenging you to a series of challenges which the may be levels.
Part III - Obstacles A. Bosses : The boss is that the Queen of Hearts will treat you to a series of challenges, which are designed like levels. If you past them you technically win which causes the Queen to be very very angry! B. Puzzles/ Riddles: There will definitely be riddles since it’s in wonderland. The mad hatter will definitely be talking crazy! C. Leveling Up: Every time you complete an character dialogue or request you move on through wonderland all the way back home.
Part IV - Chrome A. Graphics/Art: The backgrounds are through wonderland, some may be drawn and some may be imported. The Characters will most likely be from other sources, or if not then drawn and perhaps customized. B. Sound/Music: There will be some music in between places because some place just don’t need music and some should have, like the mad hatter’s house! C. Academic Content: Spanish is incorporated into Wonderland, there will be an basic lesson before the game starts, then the player is guided by the Cheshire Cat in English. Not only will you learn spanish you can have a conversion and learn to use it on quests. Also the Mad Hatter can add in a little fun like a riddle in either spanish or english, which may not or may make sense!

Game Design- Rachel R.
Part 1- Game Mechanics Rules: In my geography/ history game, the only rule is to try to answer all questions correctly. That is the only rule. If you fail to answer one question correctly, you have to restart the level. Game Play/ Game Engine: The user must get past all the battles, but in order to do so, he/she/it must be able to answer all questions directed at them. A minimum of 4 questions must be answered correctly to move on to the next battle. A maximum of 7 questions must be answered correctly to move on to the next battle. User Interface (What are the game controls?): The only game controls in my game are the letter/ number keys to type in your answer. Press the ENTER button to submit your answer to the game.
Part 2- Objectives Story: A war in Europe between Germany and Russia is occurring and it seems as if Germany is winning, even though Germany started the war and wanted to take over. The player is a general on the Russian side and there are four more battles in order to determine who wins the war. In the last battle, Germany sends a vast army supplied with countless weapons and this is the most important fight. Characters: The player, as a Russian general. The German general, who is leading the German army. Levels: Each different battle represents a different level, and the later the battle, the harder the level. In total, there will be 4 levels.
Part 3- Obstacles Bosses (?): In the last battle, there will be a last general, who is a controlling leader and extremely hard to beat. In order to beat him, there will be harder questions about locations in Europe. Puzzles/ Riddles: In my game, there will be no puzzles and riddles, as I can see no way how to fit this into it. Leveling Up: Every time you answer at least 4 questions right, you move on to a harder level.
Part 4- Chrome Graphics/Art- Most likely all the scenes, backgrounds, and sprites I use will be from Scratch. There will be some graphic effects, but I don’t plan on creating my own sprites unless absolutely necessary. Sounds/ Music- There will sounds of clashing swords and the occasional yells from the soldiers fighting while questions are being answered. There will also be encouraging music to push the player on. Academic Content- The player will learn about the locations of places and the events that took place years, decades, centuries, or even eons ago. The purpose of this is to store more information about humanities in the player’s mind.

Game Design - Sharupa
Part I - Game Mechanics A. Rules: You can’t use any knowledge from the internet or from any notes. This is a test of your own knowledge about science. Only for some questions you are allowed to use some information. Also you have to get all of the questions right in order to get onto harder missions. B.Game Play/Engine: You are going to get a missions to stop King Lasko who is doing evil in his kingdom. C. User Interface: The person playing the game is going to to have to have to use all of the keys on the keyboard. If not all at least some since there are a variety of questions that could be asked such as multiple choice and critical thinking questions.
Part II - Objectives A. Story: You are in the kingdom of King Lasko. His kingdom is called Laskoville. You are one of the smartest people and in secret you’re a secret agent but no one else knows that other than you. You live in a mansion and have everything you want. A ton of weird stuff is happening in King Lasko’s kingdom so you get missions to stop all the corrupt stuff happening to help the people. So you have to stop him doing evil by accomplishing all the missions successfully. B. Characters King Lasko who is the ruler of Laskoville. (corrupt) The player aka the amazing secret agent C. Levels: Each mission is like a game level. If you complete one mission you go onto the next one which is harder than the last mission. Each mission will start out easy and will become harder.
Part III - Obstacles A. Bosses(?) : The boss that you have to defeat is the evil King Lasko and he will be asking you questions. You will have to answer the questions he asks you and they will be all critical thinking questions related to science. He will sometimes come in disguises but you won’t be able to recognize him unless he conveys his thoughts. B. Puzzles/ Riddles: There will be no riddles since I don’t know any science riddles relating to science. C. Leveling Up: Every time you answer a specific amount of questions for each mission you move onto the next mission which is considered another level if you think about it.
Part IV - Chrome A. Graphics/ Art: The backgrounds such as the places where the missions will take place. I will probably upload some of the backgrounds but most likely they will be from Scratch. The characters will probably be from Scratch as well. so there really isn’t going to be that many cool looking graphics. B. Sound/Music: Whenever the player gets question right there is going to be a sound. If they get a question wrong there will be another sound. There will be a ton of different music playing to give the player motivation. C. Academic Content: So by answering the questions related to chemistry and physics and other stuff related to science people playing this game will gain a better understanding of the different branches of science. These questions will be related to many aspects of our everyday lives and how science is related to them.

Process Of Creating Group Game -

Group Developers Log #1 5/28/15 Tech Room, School BSGE 1:20 P.M.-2:00 P.M.

Sharupa: In the today’s group meeting we were busy remaking our group account since we forgot the password to our old one. We still continued working on our individual projects but at the same we started connected our projects. I started working on the credit rolls by making the backgrounds. I finished all of most of them now and basically I am done with the credit rolls. Now I won't have to do it on the 29th which is tomorrow . Looks like a ton of relaxing time for me don't you think.

Abby: In today’s meeting, things were chaos and busy. We are so very behind schedule because things are running late. However we sorted things out partially. Afterwards we went into doing our individual project and we scheduled other meetings where we will actually work on the project.

Rachel R: During today’s session, our group had forgotten our password and we went through about 10 minutes of arguing so in the end, we just decided to make a new account, with a new password and username. After I finished this, I still had some time left so I spent it on working on my individual project.

Raj: In today’s meeting, it was chaos and everything was so disorganized. In this group session, I worked on the beginning scenes for my group project. In other words, I worked on the beginning part of my group’s project where all of our game’s names are shown and the player has to click on one of our games so that they can start playing it.

Group Developer’s Log #2 - May 31, 2015 - Each Of Our Homes - 1:30 P.M. - 2:30 P.M.

Sharupa: Today, we all met as a group and didn’t work on our individual projects. Today, we each checked over all of the other group members’ projects. I believe that everyone did a really nice job and I think that we can all do well on this project. Though, we aren’t so great as a group because during the meeting and checking over each other’s projects - everyone started to yell at each other a lot. It just never stopped. I finally got everyone to quiet down though being so smart as we can all see. This is what you get for having the sass master in your group. Oh yeah out of the entire group I was the one yelling the most and i think i almost lost my voice. I’m glad that vitamin water exists at least. It cured the pain and the complete suffering I had to face while working with my group. And pizza was also a great help. I was hungry while screaming at them. And then after a whole pizza I was still hungry so I ate donuts too. My group puts too much pressure on me thats for sure. BUT WE ALL SURVIVED!!!! YAY!!!!!! I forgot who started the fight but I know it’s not me thats for sure.

Raj : In this work session we all worked as a group and met up with each other. In this session, we all checked over each other’s projects. I thought that everyone else’ projects were very interesting and showed a lot of effort. Though, in our meeting, it was anarchy because everyone was yelling at each other to fix parts of their project and it was just crazy.

Rachel R.: Today, we met up as a group and worked on our group project. We didn’t do work on our individual projects because they were all done. Instead, we checked over each other’s projects and made sure that everyone project were good and made sense. However, our meeting was completely chaotic because we all just kept yelling at each other. It was like such a headache. But we got over our fights and I’m confident that we’ll get decent grades on this.

Abby: In this work session, we all met up as a group and worked on our group project. We didn’t work on our individual projects as we completed them fully. Today, we looked over each other’s projects and determined how good each of them were. However, it was a crazy meeting because everyone had to shout at each other when trying to tell the others about the mistakes they made and the fact that some people were not there on time! Of and sharupa thinks she yelled a lot, I gonna press charges!

Final Group Developers Log: Plan for Improvement, June 3, 2015, 1:20 P.M.-1:30 P.M., Tech Room, BSGE

Sharupa: My project would be totally better if I made the characters fit their descriptions. like making the evil king look more evil. Also I should make more levels which are the missions of the game. also i should have more variety of questions like different question design. In addition some music would also be good too since it would just give my game more swag. There should also be more dialogue and more drama to make the plot of the game and the game itself interesting. I also think that I should’ve made the other sprites ask the questions rather than having the secret agent say the questions since this is really about completing missions and defeating all the other sprites in order to gain success and make the village safe. There should also be more backgrounds because the more backgrounds you have the more variety you have in your game.

Abby: My game would be better if I actually added levels and put less hints. So I think it’s too easy, and I only have 2 hints, he he he. Music would be good too, since my music is too crazy and very limited. In addition, I want to make more spanish lesson with Sr. Rump so the player can be properly educated. Furthermore, I want to seriously fix the part where both players appear in the Mad hatter’s tea house. My game would be awesome in my opinion if that was fixed up. By the way the groups project would be better if the objective were introduced. I may also consider in critical thinking in spanish that will make the game more challenge and computer destroying encouraging.

Rachel R.: My project would be so much better if I had used much more harder questions, seeing as how easy everyone thought my questions were. There were questions like “In what year did Christopher Columbus discover America?” which I could’ve replaced with questions like “In what year did France give America the Statue of Liberty?” Also, I could’ve used 49 less backdrops, using the same correct! and incorrect! backdrop. Instead, I used different correct and incorrect backdrops for each question. In all, I had 55 backgrounds, most of which was unnecessary. It would’ve also been a good idea to add some victory music to encourage the player to go on.

Raj: There are many improvements that I could make to my individual project. For this work session, we worked in a group, but we ended up working on our individual projects. This is because by improving each of our individual projects, we can improve the quality of the group project as a whole. So, for my project, I can add music to make my project more exciting and more enthusiastic, so that the player will get more interested in the game. Also, I want to try and improve how my game transitions because certain sprites and backdrops appear a little too late or early, so that the game looks a little weird at certain times. For this work session, we didn’t have any problems and were, therefore, well off for our work. Everything went smoothly for once as a group.

Group Game -

My individual project was one part of me and my group members' group project. We all contributed to it with our games that were each unique and tried to get the player to have fun while learning about various school subjects.

May 5, 2015

Ayiti: The Cost Of Life Game

by: 20mannans

Ayiti: The cost of life is a game where the point of the game is to test your skills on how to survive with very little. You are playing as 5 family members that are very poor and have very little. Your mission is to survive four years without all of your family members all dead, it sounds quite simple but its much more complicated. You must choose a strategy (health,education,money,happiness) that will help you thrive through out the game. Its very hard to mantain a balance of all 4 stratagies in order to win even though your supposed to focus on 1 main strategy.
The first time I played I had no idea what I was supposed to do and so I realized I wasnt implying any strategy in order to win. Turns out you have to click on the character and then click on the place you want to send them to. But I didnt know that at first when I was playing, but even then i survived through almost 4 years until i realized i was doing something wrong and so i quit the game and restarted.
The second time i played i decided i would go with education as a strategy. Since educations gives you boost in the game and can get you good paying jobs. I sent the kids to school where they got some education from Catholic school and the parents to work . But then the family turned broke and so the kids had to go back home. So I thought education did'nt really work out and so i sent some of the kids to volunteer to get some education but they got too sick and died.
The third time I played i tried to focus on health and it didnt work out so well because the family was very broke and easily became ill by working and so there was no money left to send them to the clinic.

May 5, 2015

My experience playing "Ayiti: The Cost of Life"

by: 20breent

"Ayiti: The Cost of Life" is a very interesting game. My first game, I had no idea what to do so I kept all of my family at home and they all got sick and died the first summer. My second time, I started to figure out what to do, and everybody but the father died by Year 3. However, the father survived with 2 education, no diplomas, 0 health, and 0 happiness. My third time was not much better. Only the mother and father were left at the end of year 4. The mom had 0 health, 0 happiness, 4 education, and 1 diploma. The dad had 0 health, 0 happiness, 2 education, and no diplomas.

May 4, 2015

Ayiti: The Cost of Life

by: 20rajua
Cité Soleil, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Ayiti: The Cost of Life is a game set in Haiti, or Ayiti in Haitian Creole. You play as a family of five trying to have a better life. The game is played turn by turn except an emergency occurs (which is actually very common). Your family has a family farm, can work outside, has access to the school and the hospital. Also, each person has a specific amount of health, happiness, and education level that fluctuates throughout the game.

My main strategy initially was to sent two of the kids to school at one time and then have the rest work in the distillery, market, or farm. This however, didn’t work out, for everyone eventually got sick, and I couldn’t pay for the hospital visits, leaving the dad the only survivor in the family. I had trouble with their happiness as well because I couldn’t find a way to make them happier. What really made no sense was the exaggerated effects of depression on one’s work and school, for the characters couldn’t work somewhere just because the had depression. In real life, they would be committed to keeping the job and not let their minor depression of their financial state weigh them down, for the job would allow for a better financial state. In the second try, I decided to do the same thing, yet take them to the hospital even when they’re slightly sick. I thought this would lead to healthier people and people who could work. However, I ran out of money pretty soon and the depression and happiness dilemma still haunted me. I eventually survived with only the father and teenage boy. On the last try, to avoid my mistakes, I make everyone work in the first year or so, when they had a lot of health and happiness and then accumulate that money later on to pay for medical expenses. However, the happiness and depression dilemma still haunted me and everyone died from the hard work conditions that I had forced them to do earlier, and I eventually couldn’t pay all of the hospital bills once my money depleted. I ended up surviving only with the teenage son and had to end the game early.

May 3, 2015

Ayiti: The Game of Life Summary

by: 20mehtar
Ayiti: The Cost of Life

Ayiti: The Cost of LifeThe game on ayiti.globalkids.org is a game about a black family of 5 people trying to survive in the land of Haiti. In the game, there are four strategies that you can use to try and beat the game, education, health, happiness, and money.

I played this game three times and I used three different strategies to try and beat the game - education, money, and health.

Each time, I played with a different strategy in the game, I tried to get each person in the family to have a great amount of it. For example, if I played with the strategy of money, then I tried to make each person in the family do activities that give them a little education like volunteering and going to school. Though, each time I played with the different strategies, I lost the game because the family ran out of money, got sick, and died.

Even though, I tried to equally make each person in the family work and rest, I still lost the game each time i played.

Mar 13, 2015

March Madness

by: pridgeon8

Ok so its March and that only means one thing, March madness. This basketball tournament is played every year with the hopes of crowning a new king. Every basketball fan in the united states tries to watch these games. Its conference verses conference and it makes for a goo matchup. But I think the reason so many people watch this tournament is there is always one cinderella team. Now when I say a cinderella team I am referring to a team that is not suppose to win. Every odd in the world is against them but somehow they pull it off. That and the fact that every game in this tournament is close. There are wild halfcourt shots at the buzzer and clutch free throws at the line. It gives fans a new team to hope for and its just a great amount of joy to watch for everyone.

Now i am on to the bracket play. This is a system in which they arrange the teams. It is turned into a friendly competition with friends and family. YOu get to pick teams to win the first games in then if you think that they will keep on winning you keep picking them. You are probably thinking, well this sounds easy....Well its really not almost always the number one seeds get knocked off and the two seeds do get knocked off as well. What i mean when i say knocked of is when a very good team loses to a not so good team. Its a game of chance and I have had a blast doing it every year.

Feb 23, 2015

In what ways can you use the Internet whist avoiding the risks?

by: 20akyuza

On the web, it might look like a reliable piece of modern media and it is clean on the exterior. But in the inside, there are some or more hazards where ever you go, whether you are typing a book report or searching the online dictionary. Sometimes you can avoid risks by checking if the website is okay for any usage. If the URL starts with http:, or https:, it is clean. You can also check the "About" section in a website you don't trust to check if there are trojans (hidden viruses in an app or web page) or phishing issues, which is an online way to get someone's password for their email, bank account, etc. If the website says it is clean, it probably is. If it doesn't have an "About" section, get out of the site immediately. Also, you should be aware of hackers and code-breakers, so stay away from any application that hackers can gat any access code of any sort. Also avoid websites that have not enough security from hackers. Another tip is if you want to use some one else's information, image, document, etc, you not only need to cite that in a lab report, but you need to check if it is in Copyright (©). If it is, then you need to get permission to use it, and that would be a hassle. You need information that is in Creative Commons, or filter out the copyright files [if using images websites, like Google Images] so it would be much easier to use files, but you still have to cite it though! If you want to avoid any risks, then you could follow some of these pieces of advice. The Internet is dangerous enough to crash your computer, and you can be able to prevent them from penetrating your computer.

Jan 29, 2015

Internet is Innocent

by: atang

In what way is the internet potentially dangerous? Our world in slowly progressing and becoming better and advance. But there is always some cons to something new. The internet, fairly new and a place where people post what they are doing, talk to friends and meet new people. But in the world some people don’t respect others which leads to things like cyberbullying, where people talk negative things about other people. In social media like facebook and in the gaming industry cyberbully is becoming an ongoing problem same with sexual predators. But the internet is not becoming dangerous it is the people on the internet that are the cause of these problems.

The internet itself is of no harm. Its the people behind the scenes and their actions that turns the internet from something harmless to something potentially dangerous. Like the internet, guns and knives can be use for the good or the bad, all of it depends on how people use it. The like many other devices the person using it is responsible for example on kqed.org they said that “Tevon Harris, a 22 year old in Houston, TX, plead guilty to two charges of child sex trafficking. He would meet young girls online, and gain their trust by talking to them about their goals and dreams. He would tell them that he was going to help them become models, and ask to meet up in person. When he picked them up, he took them to hotel rooms, forced them to take drugs, raped them, and took away their phones—cutting off communication with the outside world. He took their photos and posted them online as advertisements for prostitution. Then, he forced them to meet with the people who would buy them online, and kept all of the money that they received.”. If Tevon never decided to do such an act this would have never happened.

I personally believe that cyberbully is another thing that causes the internet to become something negative. In my experience I have played games that players would talk vulgar and negative things about me and another players, when in actuality they are hardly doing any better than the rest of us. I think for cyberbully the players should either be more nicer and not talk negative about others or they should not talk at all about others. On www.ongamers.com they said “Carter was arrested in March after comments made on Facebook following a League of Legends match. After another player called him crazy, Carter responded by saying "I'm fucked in the head alright, I think Imma shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent reign down."
He reportedly followed up these comments with "lol" and "jk". A woman in Canada saw his comments and informed the Canadian authorities, “
As you can see your action will affect you in amazing ways like what happened to Carter. Because the women failed to understood gaming terms for “just kidding” Carter ended up in jail. If he never said such ridiculous things it would not have ended that way for him.

In conclusion I believe the internet is not the problem per say but the actions of the users behind the internet that is the problem. If we learn to rethink our action the internet will only be a place to post things and have fun online in games.

Dec 23, 2014

Juan's Animated Introduction

Here’s my animated introduction:

My name is Juan Carlos Alejo. I am from Mexico. I am 15 years old. I was born on April 7, 19-99. My mom is Maria de Lourdes and my dad is Lucas Alejo. I have two siblings, an older sister named Norma and a younger brother named Luis. We live in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Just last year, I was living in a village in Mexico called the Tuxtepec state of Oaxaca. It is a place with lots of trees, warm temperatures, many lakes, rivers and ponds. There is a little wildlife. It feels good be there because there is more free space. It is a poor place and there are no large buildings, shopping centers, or libraries. When I'm there, I think, “This is the place where I spent my childhood, where I was born, where I grew up, where I saw many people in my family die. Beyond the birdsong, the sound of the cars is heard, and you can see many flowers, trees, and many animals. Also you can smell the great aroma of food cooking and natural fruits, almost everything.

Today, in New York, I am studying at a school whose teachers are good. My favorite class is art, an issue that I got this year I hope to do many things in the coming year. I would like to learn to drive, cook well. I'm good at volleyball because I learned when I was 10. My uncle showed me each to go park. Outside of school, I do not usually go because I could lose myself in this great city.
That is my introduction.

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