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Feb 11, 2013

Michael Jordan - Eric Thomas, Motivation


Michael Jordan-

“If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

Michael Jordan, One of the if not the best basket ball player ever, was more motivated to succeeded because he was not afraid to fail. He would work his tail off to do things others said he wouldn’t. Pushing through the adversity when life shuts you down you get back up push through and love life. If you ever looked at Michael Jordan he always seems to be playing on a different level. He always was showing that he was the example and that if you followed him he would lead you to greatness. In 1997 NBA Finals “The Flu Game” as many people called it, Jordan came down with a nasty flu. He dug down enough to stay and play through it not many people can or would do that. Jordan went on and was the MVP of the game and of the Finals. He is still one if not the best NBA player that ever lived.

Eric Thomas

Now Pushing through things that are hard is a challenge but a Mr. Eric Thomas said that when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful. Every time you stay out late; every time you sleep in; every time you miss a workout every time you don’t give 100%- You make it that much easier for me to beat you. Now that will motivate you to do things I don’t know what will.



Feb 7, 2013

Mel Gibson "Are we in the matrix

by: nwalker13

This article is about how Mel Gibson has been spouting conspiracy theories, similar to the matrix theory. He is of the belief that nothing is real; “"Zionist" American government - that is to say any American government - is the embodiment of evil, and an understandable desire to shift the blame for 9/11 away from co-religionists.” He is involved in schemes to keep electric cars of off the market today, and most of them appear to have no validity. “It's possible to laugh at Mel Gibson, pathetic drunk that he is.” Most people may think he’s crazy, but what if he’s right and we are in the matrix; what if all of the conspiracies are true?

Feb 7, 2013

Article on "Are We in The Matrix"

by: nwalker13


We could be living in a virtual reality. Scientists recognize this as a theory and are actively studying the possibilities of this idea. the theory is that we are currently in a virtual reality. This reality would be some sort of computer program that depicts real life, but is, obviously, an illusion. some of the main ways scientists are testing this theory is through facts and theories that are made about the universe, such as the fact that the universe is infinite and expanding. if they were to find that the universe is in fact finite with limits, it would lend credence to the the Matrix theory. another piece of evidence scientists are considering is Plato’s hypothesis that our senses only give us a poor reflection of objective reality.This is to say that what we see is not what is really around us. our senses distort and change how we perceive the world. Another approach that scientists are taking is to attempt to recreate a virtual simulation. The thought process behind this being that if they can create a simulation like the one that it is hypothesized that we are in, then it would be logical to infer that we are in said simulation. This seems to me to be the most promising approach to determine the whether the Matrix theory could be correct. Failure would not disprove the theory, because we cannot assume that whoever made this virtual reality is confined to the same technology that we have. But if a believable simulation could be created, it would bring the theory closer to validity. the two main rebuttals to the matrix theory are whether the theory makes sense, and the other is that, assuming it makes sense, is there really a reason to think it is a plausible theory. Also, many find the evidence being searched for to be unconvincing even if it were found. I conclusion, the theory is still a ways from being determined valid or not, and will remain highly contested until such a time as it should be determined.

Feb 5, 2013

Celebrities and travelling

Celebrities and travelling

I found an article that talks about celebrities and travelling. It’s called “Celebrities and Africa”, and it’s written by Anouk Zijlma. It’s a really interesting article that makes a debate about why celebrities choose to travel to Africa.

The article claims that some celebrities like Madonna travel to Africa to promote their own faith or beliefs, not to make a difference in Africa. Some celebrities abuse the fact that the world’s eyes are on them, and it makes them look good that they want to “help” Africa, but in fact they’re not helping, they’re just taking advantage of the power they have.

The article also talks about how other celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt travel to Africa to make a difference. They’re not going there to promote something about themselves, they’re going there for the unselfish reason that they really want to help the poor people in Africa.

Many of the celebrities are touched by the personal experience travelling to Africa and experiencing it. Some celebrities become motivated and want to help all the poor people, while others see it as an opportunity to promote themselves in the shadow of the horrible condition Africa is in.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have both used their power to make the world’s eyes focus on the problems in Africa. They’ve both used their fame to get people to focus on Africa and its condition. They’ve also adopted a daughter from Namibia, and they’ve formed foundations that’s helping the medical condition in Africa.

Jolie and Pitt both travelled to Africa and experienced a personal development that caused that they opened their eyes to Africa’s need for help. Without travelling to Africa, experiencing it with their own eyes, and going through that personal development, they probably wouldn’t have spent so much time, money, and energy on helping Africa.

I’ve definitely learned that fame can be used as a positive thing when it comes to helping poor countries. The celebrities can put focus on certain countries, conditions etc. and the world opens their eyes for the issues and helps.


Feb 5, 2013

New Years Revolution

So far I have updated my New Years Resolution which was about improving my grades. My grades in both Humanities and English went up by 1 to a 4 because during the first progress report I got a 3 in both classes but now i have a 4 in both classes.

Feb 1, 2013

What do you play, Ping Pong or Table Tennis?

Table Tennis (TT) is considered a sport in my players eyes, but to many people it is just Ping Pong (PP). But there is a difference. So how can you tell the difference between TT and PP. Ariel Hsing, Olympic bad-ass and number 1 American female player, says Footwork is paramount.
"You use your hands in ping-pong," Hsing says, "but you use your feet to play table tennis."You hit a PP ball, but you spin a TT ball...PP is cheap, and TT can be expensive...TT is best of 7 to 11...there's an etiquette, if you're up 10-0, you mis-hit a serve to be polite."

You can see the difference watch people who think they are good at PP and then watch TT players play. There is a whole different view on things. Rallies are faster. Balls are lower. Screams of excitement.

But what I want to do is expand that question of what is the difference between TT and PP into what is the difference between Chinese TT and American TT?

American has never gotten an Olympic medal for the sport of TT. The closest was Wang Chen making it to the quarter finals at the Beijing Olympics losing to Li Jai Wei of Singapore. To make it to that quarter final Chen defeated South Korea's defensive wall, Kim Kyung Ah. Ariel Hsing almost beat the second seed, Li Xiaoxia of China, in the 3rd round of the London Olympics but lost. What makes the difference between the two sports in difference countries. I want to know more! Do you?

Feb 1, 2013


“City under the sea”

I believe there is or has been a city under the water that the humans don’t know much about. i am very interested in if there is a city under the water. So i went to google and i read an article about this and they said that an indian-British diving team found some things that can be a sign of a country under the water.

They say that if this city actually was a city it would be older than the Harappan civilization and that it could by laying right beneath the coast of Mahabalipuram.

The old fishermen's in Mahablipuram in Tamli Nadu have for a long time told stories about a secret country, they say that the great flood consumed a city over 1,000 years ago in a single day when the gods grew jealous of the city's beauty.
The myths are stories that have been told for a long time and legend says that it had been six temples who were crushed beneath the waves, with the seventh temple still standing.

Many indians and british divers found a spectacular discovery they said: A joint expedition of 25 divers from the Scientific Exploration Society and India’s National Institute of Oceanography led by Monty Halls and accompanied by Graham Hancock, have discovered an extensive area with a series of structures that clearly show man made attributes, at a depth of 5-7 meters offshore of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu.

This makes me think that it is true. They say that it is clear that it is man made and how could a human over a 1000 years ago made a lot of things under water hand made?

They are talking about that what they found under water or what they can describe it as and they say that they found : presence of the construction of stone masonry, remains of walls, a big square rock cut remains, scattered square and rectangular stone blocks, big platform leading the steps to it amidst of the geological formations of the rocks that occur locally.

This to me sounds like it has been a country there, like there have been people living there building their own city, it might be a long time ago, but i think this is very true. Some say that it could be 6,000 years ago and that could be true. But there is still signs that there has been people there.

Its very interesting because as it is almost proved that there has been people living here, it could be other places in the world there was a people many years ago that we don't know about. I think people should be more open minded as the author in this text.

What is interesting about this is that when the ice-age was it did terrible things and that could be a reason for a lot of countries to disappear we don't know it there was people there before or not so we need to do more research and found out more about this.

By Sanna

Feb 1, 2013

Can Our bodies Predict the Future?

by: smcavoy13

I am trying to answer the question "What is Going to happen in my future?" and researching this question I found an article that helped me in answering my question.
Our bodies can predict the future. The article “Can Our Bodies Predict the Future?” by Tia Ghose explains how our bodies can predict the future. The experiment these scientists designed an experiment in which they showed random pictures to people. Some images were of frightening images like a snake and there were peaceful, like a landscape.
While reading this article I noticed that our bodies can predict the future. Our bodies can do this because of our past experiences. For example, if you see a picture or hear something your bodies’ heart rate or pupils will become dilated around ten seconds before the event happens. This shows that are bodies sense something is going to happen before it happens.
This experiment doesn’t prove that we can predict the future long term, but we can sense the short term future. Reading this article I had many questions. First, how can they support humans can predict the future just by showing them a picture. The reason there heart rate increased could have been because they were anxious. Being anxious and predicting the short term futures are two different things.
My mind hasn’t changed after reading this article. However, I do believe that it is possible for people to sense the future. I have “predicted” the future in my own life. This experiment does not convince me that humans can predict the future

here is the URL to the article

Feb 1, 2013

Detox 1

by: ttridle14

Am I capable of reaching my goals?

This interests me because i'm not sure if i'm able to accomplish my goals. I am sure i can but there is always the doubt that i might not be able to. Also things change about a person every so often my goals could change from now to even a year. Im still not sure on what my goals are but i have some ideas.

I have ideas of what goals i want to achieve, i want to graduate high school. Then I would like to go to college, i don't really care what college, and become a paramedic. Once i finish college and i get a steady job, I’ll work as a paramedic for a few years. After being a paramedic, I would like to become a firefighter.

I'd like to know how much a paramedic gets paid?, maybe take a couple ride arounds with paramedics to see if I would like to become a paramedic, what schools offer paramedic training?. How many years it will take me to become a paramedic? What i can do to accomplish my goals.

What are future advancements in the future?

This interests me because I’d like to become a paramedic after high school and i think it would be cool to know what kind of new medical equipment there is.

I know there are new ways have helping people, new techniques. But i'm not sure if there is new equipment that can further help people in need.

I’d like to know what are the new advancements, how new technology is advancing and how it is used, how much the equipment is,

Feb 1, 2013

Detox- Supply of Resources

I am interested in how long the earth resource, oil will last because I am learning about it in my renewable science class, and it interests me. I would like to know about what's going on around me and if it could impact me. They can't last forever and are we using them the right way? I want to find out more information about this.

I know that we, around the world, are using resources faster than they are being created and they are going to run out. Then what? I know we use the natural resource oil in so many things from gas in our cars to plastic bags in the grocery store. I know Saudi Arabia is the world's leading oil producer. There is such a variety of uses, what are we going to do when its all gone and there is no more. I know we would like to think it can be around forever, but it can't, and what are we going to do?

I would like to know just how long raw oil is expected to last. Are we thinking of an alternative to use in place of oil? Have we found new major reserves of oil any time recently? Just what are we going to do when we run out? How long do we have 50? 100? 200 years? What are we going to do with gas to run our cars? How will we make plastic goods and toys? I know there has to be some answers out there somewhere, I know I'm not the only one wondering theses things. Just how long do we have before we run out?

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