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May 7, 2014

"The Snow Man" by Hans Christian Andersen (Interactive Animations)

by: 19xues
The Snow Man by Hans Christian Andersen
The Snow Man by Hans Christian Andersen
The Snow Man by Hans Christian Andersen
The Snow Man by Hans Christian Andersen

A: INVESTIGATE - Choose my Story
a) The Snow Man by Hans Christian Andersen
b) Link: http://hca.gilead.org.il/snow_man.html
c) Main Character: The Snowman
d) Moral/Ethical Decision: whether to be addicted to the stove or not
e) Character’s Choice And Consequence In Story: The Snowman decided to fall in love with a stove, and melts because it isn’t aware of the thawing weather.
f) Alternate Ending: The Snowman forces itself not to be addicted to the warm stove, and climbs underground of the ice right before winter ends. It sleeps soundly until the next wind cold.
g) Ethical Lesson: Curiosity can lead to grave danger.

Story Script
Characters- Snow Man (main character)
Dog (secondary character)
Scene 1 - Outside in the snow; Snow Man is stage left and dog is stage right.
Snow Man: It is so delightfully cold, that it makes my whole body crackle.
(The sun rises up to the sky)
Snow Man: The sun shall not make me wink. I shall manage to keep the pieces.
Dog (barks): Away, away!
Snow Man: Is that thing up there to teach me to run? I saw it running itself a little while ago, and now it has come creeping up from the other side.
Dog: You know nothing at all. What you see is the moon, and the one before it was the sun.
Snow Man: Sorry, I don’t understand you?
Dog: It will come again tomorrow, and eventually get warmer; the weather is going to change.
Snow Man (thinking): What will come? What will happen?
Dog (barks): Away, away!
(Dog runs 50 steps to the right and disappears)
Snow Man: I have a feeling that he is talking of something very disagreeable. The one who stared so just now, and whom he calls the sun, is not my friend; I can feel that too.

Scene 2 - Next to the house; There are two humans (boy and girl), after 2 seconds they disappear; Snow Man is stage left and Dog is reappears stage right as the last scene
Snow Man: Who are these two? Do you know them?
Dog: Of course I know them.
Snow Man: Are they the same beings as you and I?
Dog: Well, they belong to the same master.
Snow Man: Oh I didn’t know that.
Dog: Certainly people who were only born yesterday know very little. I know everyone here in the house, and I know there was once a time when I did not lie out here in the cold, fastened to a chain.
Snow Man: No, the cold is delightful!
Dog: Look, let me tell you my experiences in the house.
Snow Man: I would like to hear!
Dog: I had my own cushion, and there was a stove—it is the finest thing in the world at this season of the year. I used to go under the stove, and lie down quite beneath it. Ah, I still dream of that stove.
Snow Man: Does a stove look beautiful? Is it like me?
Dog: It is just the reverse of you. It’s as black as a crow, and has a long neck and a brass knob; it eats firewood. You can see it through the window, from where you stand.
(Snow Man moves 50 steps to the right)
Snow Man (thinking): Well this must be a female stove!
Snow Man: How could you give up such a comfortable place?
Dog: I was kicked out when I bit one of the boys.
Snow Man: What a strange crackling feeling within me!

Scene 3: In front of window with a gleaming stove inside; Snow Man stage left and Dog is stage right

Viewer Interaction:
Snow Man: Should I go into the house and approach the stove? (answer yes/no)
Decision: Ask the user a question using the ask block, wait for positive or negative.

Positive Negative
Positive Outcome (“no” answer)
Snow Man: I think it’s safer to stay out here.
Dog: Yes, you should listen to the wise.
Snow Man (sighs): I hate to break up with her!
Dog: HER? You think the stove is female?
Snow Man: Oops, so it’s a he?
Dog: It’s an “it” you fool! Now stop looking at it or you’ll find yourself walking in the house.
Snow Man: You’re right. The fires will kill me because I am made up of the cold.
Dog: Learn some science boy. As spring comes along you will disappear anyways so good luck!
Snow Man: Oh no! It’s mid-February - almost warm season… nooooooo.
Dog (sneezes): Well done Einstein. I got to go so good luck on your existence!
Snow Man: Hmmm, I got an idea!
Dog: I’m curious what you got in your mind.
Snow Man: You know how bears hibernate during the winter and come out again when spring arrives?
Dog: For a smart dog like me, no duh I know.
Snow Man: Okay so you ready to hear this amazing plan of all time?
Dog: I’m waiting; not that you have great ideas anyway.
Snow Man: I can hibernate under the snow until the next winter comes again!
(Dog laughs really hard)
Dog: Tell me this is a joke!
Snow Man: No I am serious, isn’t this the best plan ever?
Dog: Do you have any common sense? All the snow will eventually melt due to the hot temperature and you’ll melt with the snow.
Snow Man: True but how about I go hide in the refrigerator?
Dog: The humans never use it anymore but still that’s not great idea.
Snow Man: Do you have any better ideas?
Dog: Well there aren’t any options but wait until the boy builds you up again when it snows next year.
Snow Man: NO! I will not die! I shall hide in the fridge where I will be safe from the heat!
Dog: Your funeral.
(Dog glides to the upper right corner while becoming foggier)

Scene 4 (positive) - In front of refrigerator
Snow Man: Okay I’m ready… 3.. 2.. 1….
(Snow Man gets smaller in size, jumps inside)

Scene 5 (positive) - Fridge with open door
~then back to scene 4 (positive)
Scene 6 (positive) - The next winter arrives…
Snow Man: Hiya Dog! I survived!
Dog: WUT?????????????????????????

Negative Outcome (“yes” answer)
Snow Man: I must go in and lean against her, the stove is too beautiful!
Dog: Whatever you say, but you will melt!
Snow Man: I can endure it no longer…

Scene 4 (negative) - Next to stove
Dog (thinking): Whoa, what a cool snowman. Teleporting skills!!!
Snow Man: Thanks! Umm, was that a compliment? Or not?
Dog: Omg did you just read my mind?
Snow Man: Naw, I just read your expression. It was pretty wild!
Dog: Haha, so you still want the stove to be your “bride”?
Snow Man: I really love her! She’s just so… shiny!
Dog: Okay no more, I see where you’re going there, I know.
(Snow Man glides to the stove)
Snow Man (thinking): Does it talk?
Snow Man: I love you so much, girl!
Dog (thinking): I feel so awkward right now.
Snow Man: I will sit with you day and night, love I can keep you company.
Dog: Bye Snowman. Um, I better get going!
(Dog gets smaller and eventually disappears)

Scene 5 (negative) - Background is same but it is dark in the night
Snow Man: I feel a little sick, wait oh no I am half the size I was before.
(Dog reappears with different costume)
Dog: What?
Snow Man: I feel really nauseous! And I am growing smaller…
Dog: You need to get out of there right now!
Snow Man: I’m sorry but my dear stove needs me and I need her too.
Dog: Okay, you shall await your death.
(A thermometer appears, showing the temperature increasing)
Snow Man: Help! (decreases in size) Noooo.
(Changes costume)
Dog: It is horrifying to see a snowman die, but the stove took her advantage on you with her beauty of fire - your worst enemy.
Snow Man: Help please.
(Snow Man melts into a puddle of water)
Dog: These youngsters never listen. And they pay the price in the end.
(Dog walks 20 steps to the right)
Dog: From this day on, no snowman shall ever enter a human house or fall in love with a stove.

Storyboards: See pictures above

Project Plan
Scratch Program
Location: At school, mostly at home (in the living room to be specific)
Labor: I will do all the work myself. However, credits to...
Moon Sprite from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Full_Moon_view_from_Munich_German...
Stove Picture from Altrol Company Site
Recorded Voice from James X.
Thermometers edited by Linda T.

Money: $0 (not using any money)
Time: About 4 hours
Action Plan
1) Do the script on Scratch. (Sunday afternoon for 3 hours)
2) Test it twice. (Sunday afternoon for 15 minutes)
3) If the project does not meet requirements or does not flow/work well, go back to Step 1 to edit the script. (Sunday afternoon for 1 hour)
4) When completely sure that the animation is finished properly upload to the Scratch website, naming it “ Unit 3 Project: (Your Title)”. (5 minutes)
5) Write a final developer’s log. (Sunday afternoon 40 minutes)

Developer’s Journal
May 4th, 2014 at 2:30 pm in the living room in front of my computer.
Time Spent: 5 hours
Work Accomplished: I finished my animation properly meeting all the design specification requirements. Compared to last time (Unit 2 Project), I had an easier time with the timing with the conversations between the Sprites. It was actually more fun because I took my time being creative and using other resources other than Scratch in my project for backgrounds and Sprites - I made sure not to use copyrighted material and gave credit to the images/people I used. I actually exceeded required time (3 minutes; one minute each part), and ended up making the animation about 4-5 minutes.
Difficulties: The major difficulty I had when creating the Scratch animation was that the script seemed more complicated with the ethical decision because there were the positive and negative outcomes and I used different backgrounds for each. I had to add up the numerous amount of seconds for each part of the story for the timing of background change, and one second off would alter the scene completely.
Changes: I decided that adding some sounds/sound effects would make the animation seem more interesting so I recorded a few people and used the “play sound until done” block. Another thing I changed were the backgrounds since extra searching made me find even better ones. Some of the Sprites were also edited as well.

E: Evaluate
I’m most proud of how my story really matched the actual fairy tale by using characters from other sources other than Scratch. Some of the backgrounds were drawn, and I am actually liking how I can draw on the computer. I am also proud of how my script followed all the design specification requirements - it had a negative or positive ending based on the answer of yes or no. Every part was more than a minute long so the whole animation I put together was about four to five minutes. Going over the time requirement made me feel really good because I didn’t do the animation just enough to satisfy the requirements. Instead, I had fun completing the whole project and this caused me to do more than necessary. Some of the weaknesses of this project was that the dialogue seemed a bit too long. I think if I shortened some of the words a little bit the reader (or the person watching it) wouldn’t feel like he/she is reading a long paragraph which can be boring. Also, I couldn’t control the dialogue bubbles in the animation - which direction they were going. Occasionally, the Dog Sprite would have the dialogue bubble coming out of its tail instead of out of its mouth. The bubble coming out of its tail would cover the Snow Man Sprite’s face so I didn’t know how to control that; I really wanted the characters to be closer together to make it seem like a true dialogue and “interaction.”

May 7, 2014

"The Princess and the Frog" based on "The Frog Prince" by The Grimm Brothers

"The Princess and the Frog" based on The Grimm Brothers
"The Princess and the Frog" Act 1A
"The Princess and the Frog" Act 1B
"The Princess and the Frog" Act 2A.1
"The Princess and the Frog" Act 2A.2
"The Princess and the Frog" Act 2B.1
"The Princess and the Frog" Act 2B.2

A: Investigate - Choose My Story
a) “The Frog Prince” by the Grimm Brothers
b) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Frog_Prince_(story)
c) The princess
d) The decision is whether or not to befriend/kiss the frog (even though he is a frog.)
e) The princess befriends/kisses the frog and he becomes a handsome prince and they
fall in love.
f) The princess does not befriend/kiss the frog and is alone forever.
g) Don’t judge people by their appearance because they could be beautiful on the inside.

B: Design
Story Script

Scene One, Section 1
in the castle
Characters: king, queen, princess

Princess: (crying) I’m forever alone!
Queen: Don’t worry. You’re not that old...
King: Yes, you won’t be alone forever. You just need to stop judging appearances and choose a prince to marry because he is nice!
Princess: But I HATE ugly people!
Queen: You need to get a new perspective.
King: Your mother is right. Go out to the garden.
Princess: But nature’s gross! There are bugs and dirt and weird, slimy things!
Queen: You’re always inside, by yourself.
Princess: I like being alone.
Queen: Go outside! Now!
Princess: FINE!

Scene Two, Section 1
outside in the garden by a pond
Characters: princess, frog

Princess: This is so gross! Nature is nasty.
Frog: (hops up)
Princess: EEEWWWW!!! I’m leaving, you gross frog!
Frog: Wait! Do not go!
Princess: Omigod, you talk?
Frog: Yes. I used to be a prince but an evil witch turned me into a disgusting frog. Now I need to kiss a princess to turn back into myself.
Princess: I’m going crazy. This is crazy. You’re crazy!
Frog: Please? At least be my friend. I’m so lonely.

YES or NO: Befriend the frog, or don’t?
[Decision: Click a “X” or “checkmark”

Positive Negative
Scene 1 (con.)
Princess: Well… We can be friends. But don’t come near my dress! This is silk, and you’re slimy.
Frog: Very well then. I needed a friend.
Princess: I’m getting out of this garden before anything else ridiculous happens to me.
Frog: May I come?
Princes: Well… I guess so.

Scene 2
in town
Characters: princess, frog
Frog: Do you come here often?
Princess: No. I stay inside.
Frog: Why?
Princess: Well, I… I don’t know.
Frog: That’s very sad. You should go out more often.
Princess: I think you’re right.

Scene 3
(Typing over black screen:) This went on for many weeks and the princess and the frog grew close.

Scene 4
in garden
Characters: princess, frog/prince
Princess: Frog?
Frog: Yes?
Princess: I remember you once told me that you are actually a prince, and that a princess’ kiss will turn you back into one.
Frog: That is true.
Princess: You have been so polite and so wonderful, that I think you deserve to be a human again.
about to kiss into pixilation and back to regular, but this time the princess and a prince
Prince: You have turned me back into a human! And for that I thank you. (down on one knee) Will you marry me?
Princess: You are not only handsome, but beautiful on the inside. Of course!

Scene 5
(Typing over blank screen:) The Princess and the Prince got married and lived happily ever after.

The End

Scene 1 (con.)
Princess: Ew! No! You’re so gross.
Frog: Please? PLEASE? I promise to leave you alone forever, otherwise but I am miserable in this form, with not even a friend. No other frogs speak English!
Princess: You are slimy and disgusting. I don’t know why anyone would want to be friends with you!
Frog: Princess, your heart is ice cold. You cannot take pity on a poor prince?
Princess: You’re not a prince. You’re a gross frog, who I should NOT be talking to. Hello, stranger danger much? GoodBYE.

Scene 2
in the castle
Characters: princess, queen, nurse
Princess: Mother! Come quickly!
Queen: (appears) What is wrong?
Princess: You won’t believe what just happened in that gross garden you sent me to!
Queen: What? Tell me!
Princess: A frog came up to me and started talking!
Queen: That is impossible.
Princess: It’s true! A gross, slimy, green thing. It was horrible. It said that it was a prince who was turned into a frog by an evil witch, and that only a princess’ kiss could turn him back into a handsome prince.
Queen: Daughter, why do you tell me these foolish tales?
Princess: No, mother, I am in fact quite serious. Why this all just happened right outside the gates in your garden! Why do you not believe me?
Queen: I fear you have gone ill. Nurse!
Nurse: (appears) Yes Queen?
Queen: My daughter is not right in the head. We must put her away where she cannot cause more harm.
Princess: What? I’m not crazy! I swear!
Nurse: Yes Your Highness.
Princess: What?! No! Please! I’m telling the truth!
fade out into black

Scene 3
(Typing over black screen:) The princess was locked up and never married. She was lonely for the rest of her days. But if she had looked for the true beauty in everyone, she would have been very happy.

The End

C: Design
Storyboards: see pictures above

Project Plan

Scratch program
Internet access

Majority of sprites- Scratch
Backgrounds- Scratch and personally created
Some sprites- Personally created


Emma VB (me)


About 6 hours.

Plan of Action
1. Create all sprites.
2. Create all backgrounds for the First Act.
3. Create the First Act.
4. Create all backgrounds for the Second Act’s first outcome.
5. Create the Second Act’s first outcome.
6. Create all backgrounds for the Second Act’s second outcome.
7. Create the Second Act’s second outcome.
8. Fix any mistakes.
9. Submit project.

D: Create

Developer’s Journal

4/30/14, School
35 min
Today I completed the first act for my storyboards on StoryboardThat. One problem that I had was that I had to extend the size of my storyboard, adding extra space that was not needed. I also had to split up some dialogue into multiple parts in order to make it fit in the speech bubble correctly. Therefore, I had to change my script in order to accommodate to the changes in these sentence structures.

5/3/14, Home
60 min
Today I finished my Act 1 storyboard as well as my storyboard Act 2A.1. One problem I ran into was that I had to split my storyboard up into more and more parts, since each section is [at least] one minute long and it is very confusing. I have had to figure out more ways to label each individual storyboard so that it makes sense to outside sources who try to read them in order.

5/5/14, Home
3.5 hours
Today I completed the rest of my storyboards as well as my Scratch animation itself. I found that some small details, such as general character appearance were very different than my storyboards and were therefore somewhat disappointing. However, the characters were still clear and the dialogue remained the same. The project also took a very long time to complete, even though it was extremely simple.

E: Evaluate

The project does follow the guideline specifications. It has at least two characters for each scene and there are three different backgrounds. There is a beginning, a choice for the viewer, and two alternate endings. The time is also corresponding to the requirement.
My script also includes the alternate endings that follow the opening to the story. It includes the length and includes all of the parts of the animation itself. I did not modify or use any existing material from any outside courses. All material that I used was created by myself using the Scratch application or used from the Scratch original program.
My storyboards are also complete. There are several storyboards for each section of the project, since the storyboards themselves can not be longer than 15 frames. Therefore, there are two separate storyboards for the first section of the project, as well as two for each of the alternative endings. However, they are thorough and follow the script, also corresponding almost exactly with the animation. There were some effects that could not be translated onto either the storyboard or script.
My project is only different from my design plan when compared to my storyboards. I purposely wrote the script so that I would be comfortable creating the actions and changes, but could still create an interesting interactive animation. My storyboards are somewhat different because Scratch did not have many characters and backgrounds, particularly when compared to the resources available on StoryboardThat. The positioning and appearance of the characters is also altered due to these different background and the sizes the different animations are to fit correctly and make sense in the story. Therefore, the overall pictures look different but the content of words and storyline is the same.

May 7, 2014

The Three Little Pigs by Joseph Jacobs (interactive version)

by: 19tehs

A Investigate: The Three Little Pigs

English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs

14. The Story of the Three Little Pigs


The main character of the story is the pig, who has to choose whether to build a house

out of the bricks and spend a lot of time working hard building it or build a house out of straw and only spend a short time and be able to go and play.

The pig chooses to build a house out of straw and the fragile house was able to be blown down by the wolf.

The alternate ending is that the pig chooses to make his house out of bricks and he is able to protect himself from the wolf.

B Design: Story Script

Go to pathway scratch background

Mommy Pig: Little Pig, Little Pig, you are now ready to go off into the world.

Little Pig: The world? But I want to stay here with you!

Mommy Pig: No you can’t.

Little Pig: But… why not? I’m still a little pig.

Mommy Pig: You are too old to stay with me, you have to choose how to live the rest of your life.

Little Pig: How do you live the rest of your life?

Mommy Pig: I’ll show you...come

Go to houses scratch background.

Mommy Pig: You see these houses?

Little Pig: Yeah what about them?

Mommy Pig: These are the piggies that made their houses super quickly and then went out to play.

Little Pig: I love to play!

Mommy Pig: But playing can be dangerous, these houses are badly made and can be blown down by angry wolves.

Little Pig: WOLVES?

Mommy Pig: That’s right, but, if you take your time, and create a house with bricks…

Little Pig: Then I won’t get to play?

Mommy Pig: No, you won’t get to play, but your house will be safe.

Little Pig: Safe?

Mommy Pig: Yes but you must choose whether you want to play and build a wood house, or one out of bricks

Viewer interaction:

Little Pig Asks: Should I build a house out of wood or bricks? Answer either wood or bricks below please and make my decision.

Brick wall background appears

Little Pig: I am so proud of my work! But, I am too tired to go play.

Little Pig goes inside his house

Wolf enters from stage left

Wolf: Who shall become my lunch today?

Sniffs air

Wolf: I can smell a pig for miles but there is one right behind me!

Laughs softly


Little Pig: Who is there?

Wolf: little pig! little pig! let me in!

Little Pig: Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin



Wolf: Fine then

Blowing noises happen

nothing happens

Little Pig: I tooollddd you! I spent time and effort on this house so you cannot hurt me!

Wolf: Stupid pig!

Wood house appears

Little Pig: I’m done! I’m done! In record time, I can go play!

Little Pig runs of the stage into a park background

Little Pig: Yay! I am so glad I did not build a brick house!

Other Pig: And why is that?

Little Pig: So I could come to the park and play!

Other Pig: So you were lazy with your house building so you could relax?

Little Pig: Yeah? Whats the problem with that?

Other Pig: *sighs* You’ll see…

Wolf: Who shall become my lunch today?

Sniffs air

Wolf: I can smell a pig for miles but there is one right behind me!

Laughs softly


Little Pig: Who is there?

Wolf: little pig! little pig! let me in!

Little Pig: Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin



Wolf: Fine then

Blowing noises happen









Project Plan


-Tools: Scratch Program, Computer, Google Drive

-Materials:sprites, backgrounds

-Labor: three hours by myself

-Location: majority at home

-Time: three hours

-Money and Budget: none

Plan of Action

1) Write the Script

2)Do a storyboard

3) Do the animation

4)Test it at least twice

5)Upload it to Scratch

Schedule: Probably work from 7 to 10?

Developers Journal

Session #1

May 5

From 8 pm- 1 am


about 5 hours

I created my animation and uploaded it to Scratch. I didn’t have problems, it just took along time to put everything into the animation without the times overlapping each other. I adjusted it until it worked properly. It took a while to figure out how to ask the question and have actions in response to the answer.

My animation follow the guidelines pretty well. My script dialogue is the exact same wording of the dialogue I used in the actual Scratch animation. My storyboard covers the backstory before the interactive question is being asked, and the outcomes one of the possible answers the viewer may have given. There are no major differences between my script, storyboard and final animation. Some small movement and background things may have been made to fit the boundaries of that particular program being used. Overall, I could have done better if I had panned my time more and not did everything in one chunk on one day. Some of the timing is off and does need some more editing.

Positive (Bricks) Negative (Wood)
May 7, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault (Interactive Version)

by: 19dudam
Tech 7-2 Unit 3 Project Title Slide
Tech 7-2 Unit 3 Project Act 1
Tech 7-2 Unit 3 Project Act 2A (Positive)
Tech 7-2 Unit 3 Project Act 2B (Negative)

Tech 7-2 Unit 3 Project

A: Investigate - My Fairy Tale Choice
a) Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault
b) http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/perrault02.html
c) Lumberjack
d) If the lumberjack comes to help them
e) Whether or not the lumberjack thinks they’re in danger ( Positive = coming to help them and cutting Grandma out of the wolf ; Negative = leaving them alone and the whole community is devastated by the murderous wolf )
f) The wolf terrorizing everybody ; not just the Hood family
g) If you suspect that someone is in need of help, then trust your instinct and dive into the danger, willing to give up your life for someone else

B: Design - Story Script

Sasha: http://th04.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2010/321/8/9/little_red_riding_hoo...

Dark Forest:

Scene 1:
[Background = There once was a girl called Sasha, who went to her grandma’s house to bring her food…]
[Background = House]
Sasha: Bye bye, mother! See you soon!
Mother: Bye bye, honey! Don’t talk to strangers!
Sasha: Of course, mother!
[Sasha walks to edge]
[Background = Forest]
Sasha (thinking): What a beautiful day…
Sasha: What?!
Sasha: Please don’t hurt me!
Wolf: …Why would I hurt such a cute little girl…
Wolf (thinking): Much food comes with this one…
Sasha: Please!
Wolf: Where are your parents?
Sasha: I don’t know if I have a dad and my mom is at home… Why do you need to know anyway?
Wolf: I need to know EVERYTHING…
Sasha: Whoa… You’ve got serious issues…
Wolf : What?!
Wolf: Catch me if you can! I’m going to your grandma’s house!
Sasha: No!
[Sasha walks to edge]
[Background = Dark Forest]

Scene 2:
Sasha (thinking): I need to get out of here…
[Sasha walks to edge]
[Background = German-Austrian Border]
Sasha (thinking): Oh, fudge… Guess I’ll just have to run!
[Background = Seconds Later Background]
[Background = Austrian Mountains]
Sasha (thinking): Nobody tried to stop me… Weird…
[Sasha walks to edge]
[Background = Train Station]
Sasha (thinking): These trains go to Italy! I’ll just hop into one of them and hide in the bathroom…
[Background = Hours Later]
[Background = Plaza]
Sasha (thinking): That was the worst experience of my life…
Wolf: Hehehehehehe…
Sasha: You stalker!
[Wolf slowly fades away]
Sasha (thinking): I don’t get it…
[Sasha walks to edge]

Scene 3:
[Background = Grandma’s House (Outside)]
Sasha: Grandma’s house! I hope the wolf hasn’t come yet…
[Sasha slowly fades away]
[Background = Grandma’s House (Inside)]
Grandma: Hello, my child!
Sasha: Grandma!
Grandma: Aw, come here!
Sasha: What a scratchy voice you have!
Grandma: I’m down with a cold… What a shame…
Sasha: What big ears you have!
Grandma: Only because of me tugging on them too much!
Sasha: What sharp teeth you have!
Grandma: That’s so I can EAT YOU!
[Grandma changes to wolf]
Sasha: AHHHH!
Lumberjack (thinking) : What’s that noise I hear? A little girl screaming!
Ethical Decision: Should I help her?

[Lumberjack walks to edge]
[Background = Grandma’s House (Inside)]
Sasha: HELP ME!
Lumberjack: He’s finished now…
Sasha: Thank you so much! That monster ate my grandmother, though…
Lumberjack: No problem… I’ll just slice her out…
Grandma: Is that you, Sasha?
Sasha: Why yes, grandmother!
Grandma: Oh, how I love you!
Lumberjack: Shall I be going on my way?
Grandmother: Why, no! We will take you into our home to live with us away from your hard job!
Lumberjack: Thank you very much! You both are very blessed to have such a happy lifestyle! I thank you for showing your gratuity to me!
Sasha: You’re our family now! Come with us to my mother’s house!
[All slowly fade away]
[Background = … and they all lived happily ever after … ]
Lumberjack: Doo-dee-doo-dee-doo…
[Background = Hours Later]
Lumberjack (thinking): Well, I should go home now…
[Lumberjack walks to edge]
[Background = Grandma’s House (Outside)]
Lumberjack (thinking): What happened there?!
Lumberjack (thinking): … omg…
Lumberjack (thinking): The town!
[Lumberjack slowly fades away]
[Background = Plaza]
Lumberjack (thinking): Where is everyone?
Wolf: Snarl…
Lumberjack: Whoa! What happened? Do you know?
Wolf: Heh heh… I killed everyone!
Lumberjack: You horrifying thing!
Wolf: That’s right! Thank you for recognizing my true identity! Unlike that girl with her grandmother…
Lumberjack: Were they the ones that lived in that mansion near the town?
Wolf: Bingo!
Lumberjack: You monster…
Wolf: You won’t need to worry about me being a monster anymore…
Lumberjack: Why’s that?
Wolf: Because I’m gonna kill YOU next!
[Background = … and everybody in the town was killed by the wolf…]

C: Project Plan


Tools - Scratch, computer, Google Drive and WiFi
Materials - Sprites, backgrounds and music
Time - About 3h15
Location - My desk in my bedroom
Labor - Credits
Money/Budget - None ($0)

Action Plan:

Step 1: Download all materials into Scratch
Step 2: Write scripts for the materials
Step 3: Test the project
Step 4: If any errors are present then go to beginning until it’s perfect
Step 5: Upload the project to scratch.mit.edu

D: Developer’s Journal

Session #1: 5/6/14, 5h00, desk in my bedroom
- 5h30
- First I downloaded all of my materials. Then I scripted them until I thought they were perfect. Afterwards I tested and tweaked my project. Finally, I uploaded it.
- 1) One of my sprites got deleted by accident
2) My file was too large
3) Some of the music was “innapropriate”
- 1) I had to rewrite its scripts
2) I deleted an audio file
3) I made the project so that it wouldn’t be in the time frame of the bad part of the song
- Some changes that I had to make to my design phase were that I had to delete some actions in my script because I was too lazy to put them in my project

E: Evaluation

My project follows the design plan very well, because everything except the positive decision is pretty good. The music was also a bit inappropriate for little kids so I had to make the project so that the formatting would not let the music get to the part that wouldn’t be good for kids to hear. I am very happy with the end result of my project, because I worked on it for a very long time.

Click this to see the animation:

May 7, 2014

Rumpelstiltskin Published by Brothers Grimm interactive version


Farmers daughter appears with the king holding her by the wrist
*background is of a castle*
King ; “Come with me peasant”
[King tugs at the daughters arm and they walk towards the castle]

[Background changes to a room filled with reels of straw/gold]
King; “If you can spin these spools of gold gold into straw by daybreak, I will spare your life”
[Farmers daughter begins to weep and thinks] *why would anyone want gold to turn into straw?”
[She sat there weeping until an old goblin looking thing walks in]
“MY PRECIOUSSS” he squeals seeing the golden ring on her finger
[she backs away quickly]
Farmers daughter: “Who are you and what do you want with me”
“I’m here to help you through your troubles” he says slyly “I can spin this gold into straw”
“What do you want for your generosity?” Says the millers daughter
“MY PRECIOUS, WE WANTS HER BACK” Says the goblin looking creature
The miller’s daughter takes off her ring and hands it to the man/creature
as it begins to spin the gold into straw, he steals some of it into his back pocket
When the job is done, the little man hobbles out of the room contently
When daylight comes, the king is amazed to see the room is filled with straw
He then takes the daughter out into the hallway and brings her to a room filled with hair
“If you can turn this dull brown hair into beautiful golden locks, only THEN will I let you out”
The girl cries out for the little goblin man, and to her surprise, an old woman shows up instead
“My my what pretty hair you have, I used to have a niece with the same golden locks on her head as you do. Sadly she went through a rebellious phase and all of her pretty hair was gone.”
“I’ve heard you need help turning all of this hair blonde, I believe I can help you with that. The small price you have to pay is to give me your hair.”
The farmer’s daughter sighed and sadly agreed to give the woman her hair
The hag set off to work, quickly turning the brunette hair spread all over the room to luscious golden locks.
When morning arrived the kind appeared at the girl’s door, and to his surprise, not only was she bald, but the room was now filled with glinting golden hair
However, the king again noticed that some of the hair was stolen.
[Furious, he took the girl and threw her into a room filled to the brim with books.]
King: “ Read each and every one of these books by tomorrow afternoon, and you shall live. If not, you will be sentenced to a life in the dungeons.”
[Scared for her life, the farmers daughter cries out for the hag and the little man, but neither show up.]
[She waits and waits until daylight comes,and finally there is a knock on her door]
[A handsome man appears,and asks for her name]
“Khaleesi” she replies, realizing that no one has asked her for her name since she has arrived her
Handsome man:“ I have seen you suffering here all this time,and I think the time has come to kill the king. If he dies, I will be on the throne and I shall take you as my queen”
[Khaleesi hesitates, not sure what to do]

Decision: A question pops up saying “Should she agree to assassinate the king, or should she just tell him the truth and accept her fate?” “Type Kill the king if you want her to kill the king, or Tell the truth if you want her to accept her fate”

Positive : Tell the truth Negative : Kill the king
Khaleesi shakes her head and backs away
“I am no murderer, and I would never want to be your wife” she spits at the man

The man gets angry and grabs Khaleesi by the neck

‘You shall not speak to me that way, foolish girl’ he says
Khaleesi gasps for air and screams

The king hears Khaleesi’s call of distress and sends guards over to see what’s going on

The guards take away the man and bring Khaleesi to the king

“I’m sorry my king, but I could not read all those books.”

The king sighs and there is fear in Khaleesi’s face

However, the King begins to smile.

“Fear not, young Khaleesi, for I was testing your loyalty all along, of course I wouldn’t expect anyone to read all of those books on their own.”

Khaleesi looks relieved

“What happens now,sir? And how did you know my name?”

King: “I’ve known who you were all along, I have been keeping an eye on you since the day you were born”

Khaleesi looks confused

King: “See, you were born into a royal bloodline, however your great great great great grandfather was dethroned many years ago.”

Khaleesi gasps and says
“Does this mean that I’m a princess?”

King: “I was thinking more of,a queen”

Flashes forward two years

Khaleesi and the king are having a marriage

Khaleesi steps forward and extends her hand towards the man
“It’s a deal” she remarks
and in her head
“What a fool, he’ll kill the king for me and then once I am queen, I will kill him and take all the riches for myself”

The man smiles and shakes Khaleesi’s hand
“So it shall be, my lady”

Background changes to: Three hours later
The man says
“I’m going to have to sneak up on the king, and you’ll have to be a distraction while I pull out my sword”

Khaleesi hesitates then agrees

Screen changes to:Shortly afterward

Khaleesi: King! Oh my dear King! I believe I’ve lost my toe!

King: No matter about your toe, why are you not completing the task I set for you!?

Khaleesi fumbles: “Ummmm uhhhhhhhh I was just out for a wee sir”
King laughs then says
“If only you weren’t so naive young Khaleesi”
The man pops out and pulls a lever, dropping khaleesi into an underground dungeon.

Flashes forward two years, khaleesi is muddy and dirty and in a cell underground

“If only you had been more intelligent, young khaleesi” the king smirks and walks past her cage

The End

script; King shows up with the girl
king says”Come with me peasant”
brings her to a room filled with straw/hay and tells her to turn it into gold
she cries and a goblin man comes
asks for his ring
Lord of the rings reference
she gives him the ring and the next morning all the straw is gold
the king takes her to a room filled with brown hair and asks her to turn it into golden locks
goblin man shows up and turns it into golden locks
the king goes out and gets an inspector to inspect the hair
a man shows up asks if she wants to be his wife and kill the king with him to escape

Kill the king (negative) tell the truth (positive)
girl agrees to kill the king
shakes the mans hand
secretly plans on killing both him and the king to get his money
guard overhears and takes away the girl
man rats her out about killing the king
king sentences her to a life of living in a hay field searching for a needle
Girl refuses to be his wife and kill the king
man gets angry and refuses to take no for an answer
girl screams for help
guard hears and comes over to help
guard takes away the man
the king comes over to check on the girl
she tells him the truth
the king tells her he was testing her loyalty the whole time
king sets her free

C- Plan
Project Plan:
Materials: Scratch
Tools: The internet, a computer
Time: 6 hours
Labor: Me
Money: none
Location: School and home

Action plan:
Go home
Turn on scratch
open document in google drive
re-read script
create project

Developers journal entries:
Entry 1
It’s been half an hour since I’ve started my project, everything is going as planned in the script, but I only have about 15 seconds done.

Entry 2
Its been 2 hours since I started my animation on scratch, I’ve ended up changing most of the script, so i also changed it above, I removed many parts to reduce the duration of the animation. Other than that, everything has been going smoothly
Entry 3: Its now been 2 ½ hours since i’ve started. I’m up to the decision and I think I’m going to keep changing some parts of the script for conveniences sake.

Self evaluation:
My project met all of the design specifications. For example, the whole thing was two minutes long, whichever decision you choose. #2, the story is interactive. #3 the user has to make an ethical decision. #4 The story has two different branches which end in two different outcomes. #5 The outcomes of each branch tell a lesson about the consequences of your actions. And finally #6 the story leading up to the decision is one minute long, and the stories after the decision are both one minute long.
My script I think was too detailed. I wrote it more like a story and not like a script. I also wrote things like facial expressions and things that I should’ve known I wouldn’t be able to re-create. This caused me to have to cut down on a lot of the script and change the project almost entirely. Also, the English that the characters were originally speaking in was quite old English so I just ended up making the dialogue a bit more modern. I also thought that if I didn’t cut down on some scenes, the project would end up being too long. My storyboards do generally match up with my project, however because I changed the scenes, the dialogue and stuff doesn’t really match. I’m planning on just changing some of the dialogue so that it matches the project more. However after the decision, my other storyboards don’t seem to have saved so I might have to either find them in my files or redo them.

May 7, 2014

Rumpelstiltskin by the brothers grimm

by: 19mejiac

A:investigate-choose my story
a)Rumpelstiltskin by brothers grimm
c) the main character is the miller girl
d) whether or not to face the king or let Rumpelstiltskin do all the work.
e) the character has the choice to either let Rumpelstiltskin spi the wheat into gold or to face the king. she chooses to let Rumpelstiltskin spin the wheat into gold. so she has to promise him to give him his child. the consequence is that she has a child and Rumpelstiltskin comes back for it and she doesn't want him to take it away.
f) she could have faced the kind and then died. because her father said she was able to and the king said that if she couldn't then she would die.
g) the moral is to not be greedy and to appreciate what you have with you and not want more.

b: Design
story script
Poor Miller- Matthew
Miller’s daughter- lights

Setting: kings castle
(Cameron goes to visit the king)
Poor Miller- Matthew: I have a daughter that can spin anything into gold.
King- Jaime: fine. Bring her tomorrow and we will see
Poor Miller- Matthew: As you say your majesty
(Next day)
King- Jaime: You will sit here and spin this straw into gold.

Positive Decision Negative Decision
Miller’s Daughter- Lights: I don't know how to do this.
( door opens)
Daughter: You arent the king. What are you doing here.
Rumpelstiltskin: I came here to help you.
Daughter: With what! the straw?
Rumpelstiltskin: Yes. What will you give me if i spin this straw into gold?

positive (good at first, then bad,then good at the end)
negative ( bad at first and yeah its all bad)
Daughter: I will give you my necklace.
Rumpelstiltskin: Alright. Ill just get back to work.
( after a few minutes)
Rumpelstiltskin: Alright. I am done now.
Daughter: Oh my! thank you. You have saved my life.
( the next morning)
King: i am so happy. All this gold for me!
Daughter: Yes your majesty.
King: Now you have more straw to spin into gold.
Daughter: No i can't do it!
King: You have no choice!
(after the king left)
Daughter: How will i ever be able to do his again.
Rumpelstiltskin: I can do it for you again.
Daughter: Oh thank you.
Rumpelstiltskin: What will you give me this time.
daughter: I don't have anything else!
Rumpelstiltskin: Thats ok just promise me that you will give me your first child.
Daughter: Yes yes! Ill do anything you want. Just please i don't want to die.
( after a few minutes)
Rumpelstiltskin: Ok everything is done!
Daughter: Thank you! Thank you!
Rumpelstiltskin: Bye now
( next day)
King: You really are wonderful.
Daughter: Hm. Thanks.
King: You shall become the queen.
Daughter: What?!?!
King: Yes, you don't have to spin anymore gold. That is all done.
Daughter: oh yes thank you.
(they get married and have their first baby. the miller girl is in her room with the baby. Rumpelstiltskin appears)
Rumpelstiltskin: you promised to give me the baby
Daughter: no! get away
Rumpelstiltskin: fine! you can keep the baby if you can guess the my name.
DAughter; ok. is it jacob?
Rumpelstiltskin: nope
Daughter: how about cameron?
Rumpelstiltskin: not even close.
Daughter: Rumpelstiltskin?
Rumpelstiltskin:how did you know !?!?
DAughter: not important! now leave!

Daughter: i can't give you anything
Rumpelstiltskin:you can give me your necklace.
Daughter: i can't. my father gave that to me!
Rumpelstiltskin: how about that watch?
Daughter: i don't know
Rumpelstiltskin: come on
Daughters: its very valuable
Rumpelstiltskin: of course it is. its gold
Daughters: yes but my mother gave it to me
Rumpelstiltskin: she can give you another one
Daughter: she can't. thats the thing
Rumpelstiltskin: why not?
Daughter: because she died five years ago
Rumpelstiltskin: i understand
Daughter: so you will spin this gold for me
Rumpelstiltskin: no. i want something back
Daughter: there is nothing i am willing to give you
Rumpelstiltskin: so do yo want to die? because that is what the king will do.
Daughter: no i don't want that!
Rumpelstiltskin: too bad. ( vanishes)
daughter: no come back!
(Rumpelstiltskin doesn't come back)
( next morning)
King: why is this wheat still wheat!
Daughter: im sorry. i just dont know how to spin it into gold!
King: you must die for lying to me.

Project Plan:
Scratch Program
Internet Access
Labor: (scratch website)
Money: $0
Time: about 4hours
Plan of Action:
1) Do the animation
2)check if it works
3) fix it and change small things
4) see if it works again
5) upload it to the Scratch website.
Developers journal: I had to change a few things in my script so it wouldn't just be easier to understand but also to understand it when you see it in the animation. My negative side in the animation was good. It went a bit fast I think especially the beginning. I started out using broadcast blocks but I got a bit confused using them so I just decided to continue doing the animation with wait blocks.

E: Evaluate
Im pretty sure my animation is two minutes long. i put a block where the sprites ask the question and the viewer has to write in something. so in this case depending on what the viewer writes, a good side or bad side will occur. i think that it does tell a lesson. it may not be the smartest lesson to teach but it basically teaches how sometimes in life you need to take chances and risks even though at the time of making the decision you may not be too sure. im not too sure if the story leading up to the decisions is a minute long but i can fix that since it goes a bit too fast. it goes to fast not letting the viewer read very well so if i fix it it might take a minute long. if not i will have to add more dialogue. i think it follows my script pretty well except for a few actually missing words in the animation. however, its still understandable.

May 7, 2014

"Cinderella" by the Grimm Brothers Adaptation and interactive Version

by: 19astonf

To enable screen reader support, press CTRL + ALT + Z. To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press CTRL + FORWARD SLASH.

A: Investigation-my fairy tale
a) story title and author “Cinderella” Grimm Brothers
b) link to the web page that has full text of the story
c) identify the main character (who makes the decision) Cinderella
d) identify the ethical decision the decision is to either save her sisters or leave them
e) describe the character’s choice and consequences as written
f) describe the alternate ending
g) explain the moral/ethical lesson you will teach

B: Design
Story Script
evil sisters
evil step mother
prince charming
Setting: Mansion
Scene One
Evil step mother: Clean Up this mess!
Cinderella: But i just cleaned it up!
evil step mother: as your step mother i say that it is not clean.
Cinderella: fine, ill clean it
(door bell rings)
evil step mother:wait, first get the door!
cinderella: oh my god! we are invited to the ball! the prince wants to marry someone
evil step mother: correction, i am you going need to clean.
cinderella: why are you so mean to me? what if the prince wants to marry me?
evil step mom: why would he marry a peasant?
cinderella: he would do anything if it was true love.
evil step mom: haha, you keep me young and laughing! you should right that one down
cinderella: but i wasn’t ...
evil step mom: never mind, just go clean the floors
Scene Two
cinderella: i'll show them, ill go to the ball to
evil step mom: cinderella, we going to lock you in your room so that you don't try and escape.
cinderella: dang it and now i wanna cry a lot
{fairy appears}
cinderella: who are you?
fairy god mother (fgm): gurl, imma make you look amazing
fgm: girl, there you go
cinderella: OMG I LOOK FABULOUS!!!!
fgm:you’re welcome. be home by twelve.
prince: oh, i like her. HEY YOU, LETS DANCE!
cinderella:okay. sounds great.
(at twelve)
prince: why my dear?
cinderella:bye! (shoe falls)
prince: you left your shoe!
cinderella: don’t care, goodbye!

scene four
back at the house
prince: (not on screen) excuse me but i'm looking for a woman who has a unique type of feet
who will fit into this shoe
evil step mother: we have these two lovely girls. no one else. (shows the evil step sisters)

Viewer Interaction

cinderella: should i help them? click this red button if you want me to help them but click this
blue one if you want me to leave them be.

the red button is a sprite that, when clicked will show the positive decision. the second, blue
button it a sprite that, when pressed will come out with the negative decision.

Ethical Decision

Cinderella: i better go help them before they
die of blood loss by cutting their heels off,
even if they had been mean to me, they are
(cinderella walks out)
prince: who is this girl, i thought you said
that there was only three women in this
cinderella: maybe i should help them
(cinderella hears through the wall)
step sister one: i want him!
step sister two: i want him more
step sister one: hes mine
step sister two: no, hes mine
(fight breaks out)
developer’s journal
session: from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
five hours spent
summary: i did my work and finished most of it by five. then my brother deleted the work
because i wouldn't let him borrow my novel.
problems: my brother deleted all my work because i wouldn’t let him borrow my graphic novel
when he was sick and would infect my book.
solutions: i did everything all over again

i do not think that my project turned out how i wanted it to turn out. i blame this mostly on my
brother for deciding that it was okay to delete all my work right before i was going to finish it all
because i wouldn’t let him read my walking dead graphic novel because he was sick and i
didn’t want to get a sixty dollar comic book full of germs.i think that i could have done better
but i also think that starting a project as ten o'clock at night isn’t the ideal time to start. i was
unable to complete the entire project but i did complete most of it. i do think that i did a good
job of summing up the story. the ethical decision was basically choosing a ending from the
original story or the new, revised edition.

May 7, 2014

Homer's Odyssey: the decision

Part 2b
Part 2a
Part 1
Title page

A Investigate- choose my story a) Homers Odyssey by Homer b) the story is about a hero, looking to go home, but with many enemies, it is deemed difficult. c) the big question, is whether Odysseus should continue to fight for his voyage home to Ithaca, or to go somewhere to run away from all his fears. d)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odyssey

B: DESIGN Odysseus, one of the bravest and most heard heroes sails off on a mission to return to Ithaca, and right all the wrongs that have been done to his family and his city. Setting: In the cold winds of the vast ocean. Odysseus’ ships were swaying off course to a place feared by many. They are met by the lotus eaters, who offer them lotus flowers to eat. But those who accept, loose all of their memory, and stay on the island for the rest of their lives. Odysseus: We could rest here! What good land! Crewmate: Yes… food! *Lotus eater offers lotus flower to crewmate* *Crewmate eats flower, and suddenly collapses* Odysseus: We must leave! These people are here to trap us here! (grabs crewmate) Crewmate: no! (struggling against Odysseus’ grip) Odysseus: We have to go! our friends need us! Crewmate: uh…(vomits)...no! Odysseus: (drags crewmate to ship) Help me get these men aboard! Odysseus: Thank the gods, we have found shelter with food, and water plenty! We shall make camp here for a day, and set off the next day. the crew make shelter on the island where they will rest, and replenish their hunger. But no good fortune comes without misfortune. Odysseus: (wakes up) what is that deep thundering sound? It sounds like. Well, it sounds like footsteps! Gods help me… its a giant! Odysseus quietly walks to his men, wakes them up one by one Odysseus: *whispering with a sudden urgency* We must go! We are in grave danger! Crewmate: *mumbles to himself* slowly wakes up and opens his eyes and flinches at the horrific noise*. Good heavens, what must we do?! Odysseus: We must warn the crew of course! We must leave! This place reminds me of… well, it reminds me of the den of a cyclops! *footsteps get louder* Polyphemus: Well, look what came. Looks like a mighty dinner for myself tonight! Hahaha! *grabs two of Odysseus's men, and walks off, chuckling to himself* Odysseus: We must save ourselves from this creature! The shipmates make a plan. If the giants came again, then Odysseus would stab him in the eye. But this plan later on makes trouble for them, after Odysseus makes one crucial mistake. *Polyphemus rumbles back* I am here to take your men! Odysseus: You have no right! *he jumps up and stabs the giant cyclops in the eye.* Polyphemus: What is your name, vile hero?! Odysseus: Everybody calls me nobody. My mother, and my father and my friends. Polyphemus: Curse you! *runs to other cyclops’s*. “Nobody” stabbed me in the eye! the cyclops’s were confused for a moment, giving a chance for Odysseus to run. Odysseus: I am Odysseus! Fear me! *runs to the boat with his crew and sets sail* Interactive Decision But where? Back to Ithaca to confront his kingdom? Or elsewhere, somewhere to run away from his fears? If you want Odysseus to return home, type in homecoming. If you want Odysseus to run away from Ithaca, type in run. 

Positive Decision Negative Decision
(Odysseus: I must voyage home! To return to my wife and family, at Ithaca! Odysseus meets up with Aeolus the god of the winds. Odysseus: *kneeling down before him in his throne* Aeolus, i need your help to get my ship saftley to Ithaca, where i am needed! We are asking for a wind to grant us safe passage through all of the sea! Aeolus: Of course Odysseus! Here is a bag of winds. But be careful! These winds are forces to be reckoned with! *Odysseus goes back to his ship where his men are awaiting him. crewmate: What did you get? Was it gold? jewels? Treasures? *Odysseus refused to tell his crew, so one night, they opened the bag of winds that Odysseus recieved, and WHOOSH! All of the winds scattered into the wilderness, blowing them off course. *An island of people awaited them. The people looked angry. All ships docked on the island except Odysseus’s. Too late, he realizes that the people are savages. The boats are destroyed, leaving Odysseus and the rest of his crew to travel on to his homeland- Ithaca.) ( I must run away from my land, for if i am to be there, bad things would happen! *Odysseus rounds up his men* Odysseus: We must flee to an island, all is lost! Odysseus sails onwards until 4 days later, when he discovers an island. He and his men explore the island. They come upon a cave. Odysseus: We must explore! *leads men into cave* Suddenly, a monstrous roar echoes through the cave. A hydra, at full lenght, charged the men head on. The men stabbed and sliced at the beast, but no one could defeat it. The hydra ate all of Odysseus’s men. Odysseus ran for his life, onto the ship, where he prayed for a life away from horror. Poseidon, drowns the ship in waves, and while the ship slowly sinks, Odysseus wished that he had tried to go home and help his people. )

C: Plan Resources · Tools -Sufficient browser o Safari o Chrome o Firefox -sufficient/reliable database Britannica · Materials -Scratch · Location § At home § At bsge school · Labor § Father-helps me program when i run into complecations § Me Finish script Finish storyboard Finish animation · Money § $0.00 · Time § About 7hrs 2) PlanOfAction · Steps 1. Finish script 2. Use script to complete storyboard 3. Use storyboard and script to create an animation.

D:Creation Developers Journal Sunday, May 4, 2014 Finished my script, and put my script onto my storyboards. Time spent: 2hrs 30min House Monday, May 5, 2014 started and finished to make the story into a scratch project Time spent: 6hrs 30min House


E: Evaluate The project mostly follows the script, but is modified to lengthen the time as well as to fit in all aspects of the story. The script has more detail than the animation, because i was able to type it up, it was necessary to cut out small details to ensure that all of the story was present during the 2 min animation. The animation was very close to the storyboard, with the exception of one or two minor details. The storyboard provided a visual representation of my script, which helped me plan what scenes i should add and subtract to fit in all of the story in about 2-3 min. The animation followed all of the design specifications. It was more than 2 min long, had an interactive decision, in which the person watching can alter the storyline with 2 different outcomes. Each outcome was more that 1 min long, and had different endings, one positive and one negative. The animation changed over time due to major and minor improvements needed to keep the animation plentiful, and understandable, and fun.


May 7, 2014

"Psyche and Eros", based on "Cupid and Psyche" by Lucius Apuleius

by: 19adayr
Psyche and Eros, Title Slide
Psyche and Eros, Act 1 Storyboard
Psyche and Eros, Act 2A Storyboard
Psyche and Eros, Act 2B Storyboard

A: Investigate: Cupid and Psyche
a) Cupid and Psyche, by Lucius Apuleius
b) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cupid_and_Psyche
c) The main character is Psyche.
d) The ethical decision of the story is to discover who the hidden man is.
e) Psyche decided to find out why the hidden man is, who turns out to be Cupid (or Eros), and the god left Psyche in a cave. Morose, the girl begged the god’s mother, Aphrodite (or Venus) for favors in order for recompense, and that she could see her lover again. She eventually succeeds, and reunites with Cupid, in which both become immortal and are willing to spend their eternities in love.
f) Psyche decided not to find out who the man behind the curtain was. She spent years living with the stranger, and was very happy, even without knowing who the hidden man was. Eventually, Psyche met a handsome prince whom she wanted to marry with. She then abandoned her husband to marry the prince, but the hidden man was Cupid. He grew so angry that he used his powerful bow to claim the life of the woman he once trusted and loved.
g) The moral of the story is that “great risks can lead to great opportunities”.

B: Design
Story Script
Characters: Psyche, Eros, Venus (conditional)

[Scene: There is a castle atop a mountain. The day is sunny, without a cloud in the sky. The scene then switches to Psyche’s bedroom. It is pink, overlooks the sky, and has a large bed.]
[Enter, Psyche to left. Glide to bed.]
Psyche: What a perfect day! Finally, I get to see my betrothed! I hope he isn’t late to the feast.
[Enter, Eros, to the right. Move until 40 steps towards Psyche. Use costume “hide”, and appear with a puff.]
Eros: Hello, my maiden. Are you truly satisfied with your husband-to-be?
[Psyche, switch costume to “alarmed”]
Psyche: Of course! I have dreamed of him for years, and you insist that I do not love him?!
Eros: I have a much better offer. Travel with me to my hidden palace in the sky. I will protect you and love you to the best of my abilities.
Psyche: Let me see if what you offer is true.
[Scene changes to noon sky; Eros files with Psyche to his kingdom. Scene then changes to Eros’ castle, with no windows, but well lit and filled with amazing treasures.]
Psyche: Amazing! This place is filled with more gold than any kingdom in mankind!
Eros: All for you, my love. Here, come to my room. There, we shall be content for the rest of our lives.
[Costume showing change in time appears, Psyche ages.]
Psyche: My love, why have you hidden after all these years? Why do you not reveal your face?
Eros: I’m sorry; if you saw my face, you would be so frightened that you would run away. Now please; I must go to bed.
[Psyche waits until Eros goes to sleep. Scene then changes to Eros’ room, and stands by his bed, which is coated in a blanket.]
Psyche: [asks viewer the question] Shall I uncover my lover’s face?

[Two sprites appear, one listing “take it off” (positive) and the other “leave it on”(negative).
Positive Negative
[Psyche takes off the blanket, revealing a beautiful, boyish face with no imperfections. Startled, Psyche moves away from the bed, and Eros awakens.]
Eros: No! You have seen my true form. You now know how who I am. I am sorry.
[Eros flies away from Psyche and into the sky.]
Psyche: On, no! I never thought it was Eros behind the cloth! [weeps] Come back, my love!
[Venus appears in the doorway, frowning].
Venus: Why have you mistreated my son! He commanded for you not to look at his face! Have you seen what you have done to him?!
Psyche: I am so sorry. I never knew that he was a god! Please, I’ll do anything to see him again.
Venus: Very well, my mortal. I have many assignments for you…
[Scene changes; it lists all of the deeds Psyche did to see Eros again. Scene then changes back into Eors’ room, Psyche bruised and battered.]
Psyche: There! I have done what you have asked of me! Now will you let me see your son?
Venus: Very well; I will fulfill my promise. Eros, come out, my sweet!
[Eros, enter stage right, glide to Psyche]
Eros: My love!
Psyche: Eros! I am so sorry that I looked at you! Please forgive me.
Eros: No worries. Mother has given permission for me to give you eternal youth, so that we can love each other for eternity. Let us fly to Olympus, where we can truly rest together.
[Psyche and Eros fly out of the window into the night sky, roll credits]
[Psyche leaves on the blankets, and moves back to her room. Scene changes to next morning.]
Eros: Hello, my love. Did you rest well?
Psyche: Sure, plenty well. What do we have for breakfast?
Eros: Sorry, we have run out of bread. I’ll be back soon to get it.
[Eros flies out of palace, and brave knight enters to the left]
Knight: My maiden! Are you okay? I have finally come to rescue you!
Psyche: I’m not in any danger. How did you get here?
Knight: I climbed the stairs. I thought that you were being held captive by a dragon, or a witch, or a…
Psyche: Well, I am tired of staying here. Do you happen to come from the Poultry Palace?
Knight: Do you mean the city of the lost princess? Yes, I do.
Psyche: Could you take me there?
Knight: Sure. I have a knight waiting for me outside.
[Eros arrives, carrying bread.]
Eros: Psyche! Explain yourself! Who is this intruder?
Psyche: This is a knight; he has come to take me home.
Eros: I don’t believe so. [holds knight and Psyche: I’m sorry, Psyche.
[throws them out of the window]
Eros: We could have been lovers for eternity.
[Scene changes into black, shows the words: ”Psyche and the knight fell to the ground, mortally injured. They attempted to crawl to their kingdom, but soon died from their injuries.” Roll credits.]
Credits: Moral- Sometimes it is best to take risks.

Storyboards: See the top for the storyboards.

C: Design/ Phase/ Project Plan
Tools: I will use Google Documents, Scratch, and my chosen story.
Materials: I will use sprites, sounds, and backgrounds.
Labor: I plan to work alone.
Cost: The project will not cost any money.
Setting: I will work on the project at home, and possibly at school.
Time: I will work on the project on Friday, 5/2, and on the weekend, possibly before Friday.

Action Plan
When beginning the project, I plan to first look at the storyboard so I know the basis of the setting and where the sprites have to be placed, and then look at the script to find the lines of each sprite, with necessary adjusting. I will then find appropriate sprites for my animation, and if not, just make my own. I will have to remember to use the “answer” block for interaction, and to use appropriate settings as well. After the project is complete, I will then test it to make sure it works properly, and then upload it to youthvoices.com using the procedure for it.

D: Developer’s Journal

Developer’s Journal Entry #1
4/30/14 1:20 p.m., 40 minutes. Room 402, BSGE
Today, I gathered all of the necessary pictures for the background and sprites of the animation, and began the scripts that change the backgrounds, as well as the scripts for the dialogue.
One of the problems I first realized was that I did not have the necessary skills to draw the necessary pictures. I also had some problems when attempting to copy and paste the script, as those attempts failed and produced a beeping sound.
To solve those problems, I used images from storyboardthat.com to create the backgrounds and sprites, and just wrote out the dialogue instead of having to keep trying to copy and paste it.
I didn’t have any changes, other than using pictures from storyboard.com for the sprites and the backgrounds.

Developer’s Journal Entry #2
5/5/14 9:14 p.m., 180 minutes. My House
Today, I completed the animation for Act 1, and finished Act 2A and 2B immediately afterwards. I had to use storyboardthat.com for most of the pictures and storyboards beacause of their versatility.
The only one problem I had with the animation was timing. As I checked to see if the animation was properly working, I noticed that some of the dialogue was off-timed.
I solved the timing problem by looking back to the scripts and editing them so that the dialogue was evenly timed.
I changed some of the dialogue in Act 1 as Psych first met Eros, as I then believed it to be too “corny”. I also changed some of the backgrounds (Venus never came from a door, she materialized, and I think the bed was supposed to be on the right, not the left). A major change was when I decided to use pictures from storyboardthat.com. I originally thought that I could just draw the pictures for the backgrounds and sprites, but then realized how difficult it was and decided against it, using the websites pictures most of the time and creating my own occasionally. .Other than that, I did not change the original pictures from the storyboard or the website.

E: Evaluate

My animation lasts for about three minutes (about one minute for each act) and is interactive in which it uses the Ask block from the Sensing menu. It has two branches with different endings depending on whether the main character decides to reveal who the other one looks like, and both tell of outcomes relating to ethical decisions (make sure to not love a jealous man, or that some risks have great consequences). There are credits that give recognition to the picture source (storyboardthat.com), and should be appropriate for anyone younger than thirteen years old. The storyboard was finished at around 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 6th, but was further edited upon due to errors realized by the creator as he woke on that day.
There were some changes in the script, particularly from Act 1 (from “I’m sorry; if you saw my face, you would run away” to a different line [I forgot what it was]), and that some actions were not mentioned (in the script, Psyche never went to her room after refusing to find out who Eros was, where in the animation, she did).
There were very little alterations with the storyboard and the animation, except for some scenes that fit with the altered script (when Psyche went to her room, a new scene was added to show her doing it).

May 7, 2014

"The King and the Nightingale" based on "The Nightingale" by Hans Christian Anderson

by: 19chene
"The King and the Nightingale" Title Page
"The King and the Nightingale" Storyboard Act 1
"The King and the Nightingale" Storyboard Act 2 Part A
"The King and the Nightingale" Storyboard Act 2 Part B

A: Investigation-Choose My Story
a) The Nightingale by Hans Christian Anderson
b) http://www.aesopfables.com/cgi/aesop1.cgi?hca&a61
c) the king and the nightingale
d) the king decides to forgot about the original nightingale
e) the king banishes the nightingale because it is so plain and loves the artificial one more
f) the loves the nightingale more because of her beautiful music
g) do not be concerned with looks because what is on the inside is what counts

Story Script
King: My castle is beautiful and the garden is magnificent. It is the most beautiful in the world.
Servant: Why yes your majesty. The emperor of japan has sent you a book of his accounts.
King: Let me read it then. (He reads the book)
King: What how can the best part of my castle be something that I have never heard about before? Please find this nightingale for me to see.
Servant: I have never seen it before but I will do my best to follow your request. (Walks around the castle and asks people if they know the nightingale)
Maid: Yes I see her each evening I will ask her to see come.
Nightingale: (sings to the King)
King: You are very plain but you have the voice of an angel. How can I ever repay you for such a gift?
Nightingale: There is no need the tears from your eyes are the greatest gift I can get
Servant: the emperor of japan has sent you this (lifts up diamond and ruby encrusted nightingale that sings almost as good as the real one.)
King: It is amazing. Now we do not need the nightingale anymore.
Servant: My king surely you are overreacting

Interactive Decision
If you want the king to banish the real nightingale for the artificial one press the up arrow
If you want the king to love them both equally press the down arrow

Positive Decision Negative Decision
King: Yes you are right that would be very harsh. Besides this artificial nightingale is not real. Please ask the nightingale to come to my castle.
(Servant finds her and brings her back)
King: I am very sorry about forgetting you. Would you ever forgive me?
Nightingale: I suppose I could.
King: I will build a nest for you in the castle and you may live here forever
Nightingale: No you already repaid me remember? The beautiful tears that I saw the first time I sang to you.
King: Yes, I remember but I will still build a nest for you if you ever need it.
Nightingale: You truly are a kind person at heart.
The End
King: Are you challenging me servant?
Servant: Why no sir. I will do as you say right away.
(After a few more plays, the artificial nightingale breaks and the king grows very sick)
King: Please help me, I am dying.
(just then, nightingale comes through the window)
Nightingale: You banished me and I will never help you even though my singing can make the demons harming your soul go away. This is your punishment.
King: No, I am very sorry. Please….
(The king dies)
Nightingale: If only he didn’t banish me away he would have lived.
(People are crying)
The End

Storyboards: See pictures above

C:Project Plan
Tools: I will need...
scratch program
Internet access

I will mostly work in my room but started some in class.
I will do all of the work creating the project but some people I give credits to
nightingale picture http://ztona.org/nightingale/8b1238e9f128f2e5ef6f59be123131121/
ruby encrusted bird http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/49/Painted_Bunting_by_Da...
Butler/ servant
I will not spend any money on this project.
I will spend about 4 hours on this project.
Plan of Action
1. Gather all of the materials and things that you may need to create the animation such as storyboard, script, etc.
2. Start to use the blocks and the things that I learned in class to create the animation
3. Test it twice
4. Upload it on to the Scratch website

D: Create
Developer's Journal
Session 1: 5/4/14, 3 hours in my room
Time Spent- I spent about 3 hours finishing the animation
Work Accomplished-I finished the whole script on Scratch.
Difficulties- I had a little trouble with the timing so I watched the animation a lot of times.
Changes- I had less people and less scenes because the more people there were the harder it was to time.

E: Evaluate
I think I followed the design specifications. For example, my animation was two minutes long. One minute was for the introduction another minute was for the interactive decision. Also, the viewer can affect the outcome because they can chose the important decision. In my animation, when the reader makes the decision the story will have two different endings. If the viewer chooses to be morally bad then the king dies but if the viewer chooses the positive one then the king makes a new friend that will always be there for him. It teaches the lesson that when you get something new you shouldn’t forget about what you already have and you should be grateful.
In addition, I also followed the constraints for the unit 3 project. For instance, I gave credit to the pictures and the story I used. The credits are not included in the required length and appears at the end of the animation. Also, the story is very appropriate for viewers of any age. Finally, I completed the animation in the required time constraint.

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