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"The Brave Tin Soldier" inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's "The Steadfast Tin Soldier"

Submitted by 19valituttis on Wed, 2014-05-07 16:06

A: Investigate: Chose my story

a) “The Brave Tin Soldier” by Hans Christian Andersen


c) The main character is the Tin Soldier.

d) The ethical decision was whether to talk to the Paper Ballerina or the Black Goblin.

e) The Tin Soldier talked to the goblin, who told the soldier not to want something he can’t have. He did not take the Goblin’s advice and ended up so sorrowful that he got thrown in a stove and burned to death.

f) An alternate ending would be that the Tin Soldier instead talks to the Paper Ballerina, they fall in love and live happily ever after. The Tin soldier does not get burned into the stove.

g) The ethical lesson is to go for your dream so you can achieve it. Instead of staying quiet and not getting what you want, you should try your best and not listen to advice that may discourage you.

B: Design
Story Script
The title starts with a black screen and the words “The Brave Tin Soldier: An Interactive Animation” The scene then changes to a bedroom with toys scattered around it. Among the toys are tin soldiers, one with a missing leg, a black goblin, a castle and a paper ballerina.

Tin Soldier: (wobbles away from group of soldiers) I stand tall and proud, even on one leg. Nothing should be able to throw me off balance.
Black Goblin: (enters on stage right, towards the Soldier on stage left) Hello my dear friend.
Tin Soldier: Hush, Black Goblin. I’m admiring the Paper Ballerina.
Paper Ballerina: (twirls on one leg, gracefully, on stage right)
Tin Soldier: (wobbles towards Paper Ballerina from stage left to right) She’s so beautiful, and missing a leg just like me! She shall be my wife!
Black Goblin: I must speak to you tomorrow, poor Tin Soldier. (moves to stage left)

(all toys go in their proper containers for a few seconds, then come back out to signify a new day)

Black Goblin: (enters from middle stage, progresses towards Tin Soldier)
Paper Ballerina: (twirls on stage right, in front of the Soldier)
Tin Soldier: That’s my good friend, the Black Goblin. And there’s the grateful and beautiful Paper Ballerina. To whom should I speak, a friend in need or a potential life partner? Should I stick with something I’m comfortable with or take my chance and follow my dream?
Black Goblin AND Paper Ballerina: (a faint golden glow outlines them. The viewer must now click one or the other to activate different parts of the script)
Tin Soldier: Click one or the other to determine my fate.

Viewer Interaction
[Decision: click either the Black Goblin or the Paper Ballerina]
Positive Outcome (Clicks Paper Ballerina) Negative Outcome (Clicks Black Goblin)
Black Goblin AND Paper Ballerina: (glow fades)
Black Goblin: (exits on stage left)
Tin Soldier: (wobbles towards stage right and Paper Ballerina) Good day, my beautiful dancer.
Paper Ballerina: Hello, my brave tin soldier. Would you like to dance? (twirls around once)
Tin Soldier: Why, yes. (wobbles to Paper Ballerina and moves around with her)
Paper Ballerina: (dances with Tin Soldier) You are a skilled dancer, my brave soldier.
Tin Soldier: Thank you, I always try my best. In the tin box, all the soldiers are too tightly packed to dance, or even move.
Paper Ballerina: (stops dancing)
Tin Soldier: (stops dancing) What’s wrong?
Paper Ballerina: Tin, soldier, would you like to live with me in the Paper Castle?
Tin Soldier: Of course, I would love to! (wobbles towards Paper Castle, disappears in the door)
Paper Ballerina: (follows soldier to the Paper Castle, disappears in the door)
Stage: (background changes to the inside of the Paper Castle)
Tin Soldier: (appears from stage left) This is a beautiful place! I’ve never been inside a Paper Castle before!
Paper Ballerina: (appears from stage left) I lived here, by myself, for the longest time possible… Looking for a partner to be with.
Tin Soldier: I can be your partner, my beautiful dancer.
Tin Soldier AND Paper Ballerina: (dancing around the Paper Castle)

A few seconds pass, then the screen fades to black as the credits start rolling, but the Tin Soldier and the Ballerina remain on the screen to dance with the credits.

Black Goblin AND Paper Ballerina: (glow fades)
Tin Soldier: (moves towards Black Goblin) Hello, my dear friend.
Paper Ballerina: (exits on stage right)
Black Goblin: Soldier, don’t wish for what does not belong to you. (exits on stage right)
Tin Soldier: (thinks) Wow, that sounded very harsh. What does he mean?
Stage: (window near Tin Soldier opens)
Tin Soldier: (falls out of window) Ahh! Help!
Stage: (changes to background with a house and a river right next to it)
Tin Soldier: (falls out of house and into the river)
Fish: (eats Tin Soldier, then exits on stage left)
Stage: (changes to background of kitchen. There’s a fish on the counter and a woman next to it)
Tin Soldier: (comes out of fish) It was dark in there!
Woman: (picks up Tin Soldier and exits on stage right) Honey, I found your one-legged lost toy!
Stage: (changes to the first background, with the toys)
Woman: (enters from stage left)
Tin Soldier: (falls out of Woman’s hands and into fireplace) OH NO!
Paper Ballerina: Ah, there’s wind blowing me away! (falls into fireplace on the Tin Soldier’s left)

A few seconds pass…
Tin Soldier: (turns into ash, but in the shape of a heart)
Paper Ballerina: (turns to ash, but only her ballet slippers remain)

Stage fades to black as the credits start rolling.

Storyboards: See pictures

C: Design (Project) Plan
Computers in school and at home
Teachers and students who can help
Websites and programs to help create my avatar

Design specification
Sprites found on the internet
The Design Phase (Script)

Scratch Program
USB Flash drive

School building; Shantanu’s classroom
My house

Computerized work

Money: no money will be used in this project

5-6 hours total to complete this project

Plan Of Action
Create a script for the project (and storyboard)
Start a scratch animation and follow the script and design specifications
Add credits to the animation
Review animation to make sure it runs smoothly and meets the criteria
Create a Developer’s journal for every time spent on the project
Submit Scratch Animation on/before due date

Developer’s Journal
Session #1
April 9th, 2014
2056 hours
Home Computer
Time spent: approximately 30 minutes

Work Accomplished:
Started script, finished first ethical decision

It was a little confusing as to how to present the two ethical decisions, since they don’t actually happen one after the other

Session #2
April 11th, 2014
0855 hours
BSGE: Shantanu’s Classroom
Time spent: approximately 20 minutes total

Work Accomplished:
completely finished the intro of the script, revised
created second ethical decision (must revise both 1 and 2)
made a table to better record and present the ethical decisions

I’m afraid I’ll have to revise or expand the positive decision because nothing much is happening and it’s probably too short

The introduction was expanded to better include descriptions of the Black Goblin and Paper Ballerina in the Tin Soldier’s point of view

Session #3
May 5th, 2014
1800 hours
Time spent: About 4-5 hours

Work Accomplished:
Created entire scratch project

Creating two different decisions that should flow smoothly took me a lot of time

The goblin is now red
The project does not follow the script exactly

Credits: Mother Fireplace Tin Soldier and Ballerina Red Goblin

This is the Scratch project. Go check it out!

E: Evaluate

My Scratch project follows all the criteria for this project and all the constraints as well. However, it does not exactly follow the script created for it. One example was the good ethical decision, when the viewer clicked the Paper Ballerina. In the script, the Tin Soldier and the Paper Ballerina dance together and then when the credits start, they remain on the screen. However, my scratch project did not make them dance and they didn’t appear at the end of the story. Overall, my project followed the gist of the script, what the characters had to say and do, but not precisely. I could have improved by making sure all the characters said and did what was written in the script. The project, however, follows the storyboard more closely. All the scenes were present and most of the dialogue was shown in both the project and the storyboard. Most importantly, the images created in the storyboard were the same as the ones in the project. Both of them show the same or similar backgrounds and the characters doing the same thing. One scene, which showed a Tin Soldier falling from a window and into the mouth of a fish, was present in both. Finally, my Scratch project follows the design specification and the storyboard more closely than in followed the script.

"Little Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault [Interactive Version]

Submitted by 19qusemf on Wed, 2014-05-07 15:39
"Little Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault [Interactive Version] "Little Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault [Interactive Version] "Little Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault [Interactive Version] "Little Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault [Interactive Version]

A: Investigate- Choose my story
1. Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault
3. The main character is Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.
4. The main decision whether or not Little Red Riding Hood talks to the wolf.
5. Little Red Riding Hood decides to talk to the wolf and tell him about where her grandmother’s house was and that she was headed there.
6. Little Red Riding decides not to talk to the wolf and goes to see her grandmother and returns safely. Eventually, a hunter comes along and kills the wolf.
7. Children should not talk to strangers who seem harmless because they are probably the worse ones.

B: Design
1) Little Red Riding Hood/ L.R.R.H.
2) Mother
3) Wolf
4) Grandmother
L.R.R.H.’s home, Forest, Grandma’s house
Scene 1:
Narrator: [Screen is dark] Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. She was adored by all the villagers and was nicknamed Little Red Riding Hood because she always wore one . One day her mother came to talk to her after a day of baking.
Mother: [switch’s background to L.R.R.H.’s home] Go, my dear, and see how your grandmother is doing. I hear she has been very ill. Take her a cake, and this little pot of butter.
L.R.R.H.: But I don’t wanna.
Mother: I am your mother, don’t you dare question my authority! I have been working all day just so that you have enough to eat! I work day and night so you can have clothes on your back and a roof over your head! So just take this basket [Hands Alkaline basket] and go to your grand mother!
L.R.R.R.H.: [annoyed sigh] Fine! Gosh! I can’t even spend a Friday night at home watching TV!
Mother: Oh grow up! You’re a teenager! Stop watching cartoons all the time and watch I don’t know. Watch that show your friends are always talking about.
L.R.R.H.: Do you mean Game of Thrones or Pretty Little Liars?
Mother: I don’t care! Anything but cartoons.
L.R.R.H.: Well those shows don’t have cool swords, vampires, ice kings and bubbline!
Mother: [Switch to monster] I DON’T KNOW WHAT HALF THOSE TERMS MEAN!
L.R.R.H.: Of course you don’t! [exasperated sigh] I’m just going to leave!
Mother: [Switches to nice mother] Okay! Be safe!
L.R.R.H.: [muttering] God!
Mother: [monster costume switch and demon voice] WHAT DID YOU SAY!
L.R.R.H.: [scared] Nothing!
Mother: Okay, bye! Be safe!
[L.R.R.H. leaves and screen goes dark]
Scene 2
[Background switches to forest scene]
Narrator: As she was going through the wood, she met with a wolf, who wanted eat her right then and there, but he didn’t dare do so because he had seen a hunter nearby. And so, he came up with a genius plan.
Wolf: [slyly, feigning innocence and curiosity] Hello, child. Where are you going with that basket.

Decision: Two buttons appear one that says, “Talk to wolf” another that says, “Don’t talk to the wolf.” When one button is clicked, that ending is initiated.
Don’t Talk to Wolf (Positive) Talk to Wolf (Negative)
Wolf: Hush, child. Hush. I mean no harm.
L.R.R.H.: Haha. NO. I would very much not like to get eaten and/or kidnapped for goodness sakes.
Wolf: WOAH! WOAH! What?1 I would never ever ever even THINK about doing that!
L.R.R.H.: Ha. I refuse to fall prey to your attempts to have me as your next dinner, you . . . wolf!
Wolf: 1- I have no intention to hurt you.
2- Such a great insult, human.
L.R.R.H.: I don’t care how many times you try to get me to loiter around. Mom, warned me about animals like you. I have pepper spray!
Wolf: Oh man!
L.R.R.H.: Yeah…And you should know that I know eight different forms of martial arts and I know that the hunters are nearby.
Wolf: Who cares I can eat you right now so fast that they won’t hear you even scream.
L.R.R.H.: You sure about that?
Wolf: Yea-
Hunter: [appear from nowhere] A damsel in distress! How may we help- A BEAST! [gunshot]
[Wolf is shown with X’s on its eyes]
L.R.R.H.: Oh thanks . I could’ve handled it but thanks anyway.
Hunter: No problem. I was out hunting for dinner anyway. Would you like me to escort you to wherever it is you’re headed to with that basket?
L.R.R.H.: Now why would you do that?
Hunter: Well it would be a shame if you were able to survive a wolf attack but died from...I don’t know…a snake bit.
L.R.R.H.: Well okay then.
Scene 3
Narrator: And so the hunter and Little Red Hood walked and talked all the way to her grandma’s home.
[background changes to the living room of a house]
[Old lady enters screen]
Grandma: Oh thank youi!
L.R.R.H.: Guess I’ll leave then.
Grandma: Oh be careful! I hear there is a sly wolf around these parts.
L.R.R.H.: It’s okay. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him anymore.
L.R.R.H.: Oh, hi!
Wolf: Hello?
Wolf: What?
L.R.R.H.: What did you say before?
Wolf: I just wanted to know where you were going with that basket.
l.R.R.H.: Oh. I’m just headed to my Gram-Gram’s house just a few miles from here.
Wolf: Oh really?
L.R.R.H.: Yeah. She’s pretty sick and weak right now so if a big bad wolf were to come along he could probably just eat her right up.
Wolf: Huh. Would you mind giving me directions to going there? I’m an old friend of hers and I bet she’s DYING to see me.
L.R.R.H.: Oh sure. Just go like a mile or two from here to the forked road and go the “wrong way.”
Wolf: Thank you. You’re such a good child. I’ll go ahead and see you there.
L.R.R.H.: Okay!
Wolf: [Thinking] HAHAHA! NOW I’LL HAVE TWO DINNERS!! But I’ll have to be careful. It really would be a shame if those horrid hunters catch me.
Wolf: [Out loud] BYE! See you later.
L.R.R.H.: Bye, Mr. Wolf-man.
[Wolf disappears]
L.R.R.H.: [Thinking] What a nice wolf. No wonder Gram-Gram and him are old friends. And they said wolves were sly and evil creatures. [Hunter appears]
Hunter: Hey, you there young lady.
L.R.R.H.: Uh. Yeah?
Hunter: Have you seen an evil wolf around here?
L.R.RH.: [THINKING] He can’t be talking about that wolf. [OUT LOUD] Nope.
Hunter: Oh man. Could’ve sworn I tracked him here. Well, thanks anyways.
L.R.R.H.: No problem. Bye! [Walks away]
Scene 3:
[Background change to bedroom with the wolf in it]
Wolf: Haha! Now that the Grandma is gone I can eat the girl.
[Knocking noise]
Wolf: Come in!
L.R.R.H.: [Comes in] Hi, Gram-Gram. Mom, made me bring you some food.
Wolf: [Nasally voice] Put it on the stool.
L.R.R.H.: [surprised] Grandmother, what big arms you have!
Wolf: All the better to hug you with, my dear.
LR.R.H.: Grandmother, what big legs you have!
Wolf: All the better to run with, my child.
L.R.R.H.: Grandmother, what big ears you have!
Wolf: All the better to hear with, my child.
L.R.R.H.: Grandmother, what big eyes you have!
Wolf: All the better to see with, my child.
L.R.R.H.: Grandmother, what big teeth you have!
Wolf: All the better to eat you up with.
Narrator: And, saying these words, this wicked wolf fell upon Little Red Riding Hood, and ate her all up.

Storyboards: [See Images]

C: Plan
Project Plan
6 hours
Action Plan
Choose a story.
1.Identify the characters, moral decision, the choice the main character made, etc.
2.Create a script for the story.
3.Create a storyboard for Act 1 and a storyboard for each decision whether it is good or bad.
After school and during lunch.

D: Create
Developer’s Journal:
6:00 PM, Home:
*Annoyed sigh* I can’t seem to understand whether the procedure counts for before or after you starts creating your animation. I also seem to be having problems with the internet so I’m just unhappy. I’ve decided to write about before the animation because that makes more sense.
7:17 PM, Home:
I just spent an hour and 17 minutes just looking for the photos for the sprites and backgrounds. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU INTERNET?! I search for werewolf and a picture of someone’s foot comes on my screen. *true story* WHAT DOES HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?! I am seriously losing faith in humanity. There, unfortunately, is no solution to this horrifying problem.
2:04 AM, Home:
I just spent a whole lot of time animating the project. It took way longer than expected. The only problem was figuring out the interactive part. I just completely forgor how to make choices appear so I just put it as pressing the up arrow key or the down arrow key.But I got through it and I’m ALIVE! And now for sleep.

E: Evaluate
I believe I did as the guidelines for the project said to do so. I believe I was able to go through the constraints and requirements. Although, I did have to change some things in my script either because of the sprites limited movements or that the action wasn’t possible. For example, in my script the wolf is supposed to sound nasally because he was trying to imitate the Grandma but that isn’t possible in scratch if you don’t use the recorded voice. I was able to recognize these problems in my storyboards so they do not appear there. All in all, I think I did a good job.

"The Truth of the Three Little Pigs" based on the "3 Little Pigs" from Disney

Submitted by 19habibk on Wed, 2014-05-07 14:45
"The Truth of the Three Little Pigs" based on the "3 Little Pigs" from Disney "The Truth of the Three Little Pigs" based on the "3 Little Pigs" from Disney "The Truth of the Three Little Pigs" based on the "3 Little Pigs" from Disney "The Truth of the Three Little Pigs" based on the "3 Little Pigs" from Disney


Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 3.21.48 PM.png

(A) Investigate: Choose my story

a) The Three Little Pigs- The Disney Version

b) Link:

c) Main Characters: Big Bad Wolf and the Three Brother Pigs

d) Moral/ethical decision: Is how the wolf is able to break down the brick house made by the third pig.

e) Choices:

Negative: The wolf decides to use dynamite to blow the house up. But then the pigs become friends.

Positive: He can’t open up the house to tell the pigs that he needs medical help, maybe he has a cut.

f) Alternate Endings:

Positive: The wolf gets to talk with the pigs and tell them that he needs medical help for a cut, and then they become friends, and he gets healed.

Negative: The wolf uses dynamite to open up the house and it explodes. The pigs are terrified and use a laser beam for their protection.The gets hurt even more.

g) What is the ethical lesson?

The lesson was that always think efficiently. But even before that, first try to get your point across. The pigs were afraid of the wolf, but if the wolf was friendlier, he would have gotten the help he needed.

(B) Design

Story Script

Sprite1: Wolf

Sprite 2: Pig 1 Clark

Sprite3: Pig 2 Steve

Sprite4: Pig 3 Bruce

Scene 1

Setting: Will be in the wolf’s house and the wolf will be introduced. The background will be like the interior of a cottage.

Wolf) [On the left of the stage]

*Groans in Pain* This cut hurts really bad

I don’t even have any bandages. Let me ask my neighbors, the three little pigs.

[Walks out from the left of the the stage to the right and disappears.

Scene 2

Setting: Is going to be a sunny place outside, with a straw house on the right of the stage.

Wolf) [On the left] Will be alert  

I think the pig Clark lives around here.

Clark) Oh Hi wolf. Wait, WOlf!! I have to go inside

WOlf) No Clark--

[The door of Clark’s house slams and makes a loud noise.]

Clark) I won’t let you come in, my mommy told me not to interact with strangers.

Wolf) But I am not a stranger I need help.

Clark) Why should I believe you. HUh!!

Wolf) But it hurts a lot.

Clark) What hurts alot?!?

Wolf) Ow *Groans in pain, and accidently blows Clark’s house down by screaming*

Clark) See, you are a bad stranger. Why did you do that !?!?!?!?!!

WOlf) Sorry, while I yelled wind pushed your weak house down. It was an accident.

Clark) Are you saying I am stupid for making a weak house. You are a stranger!!

I am going to my brother Steve’s house. You are a big, fat, huge meany!!

Scene 3

Setting: Is going to be a sunny place outside, with a wooden house on the right of the stage.

Wolf) [On the left]

I think the pig Steve lives around here.

Steve) Oh my god, you are a WOlf!! I have to go inside

Clark) THat was the wolf I was talking about Steve.

WOlf) No Steve, I have to---

[The door of Steve’s house slams and makes a loud noise.]

Steve) I won’t let you come in, my mommy told me not to interact with strangers.

Clark) YEa!! Steve is right!!

Wolf) But I need help, my foot hurts and it is a bad cut

[THe wolf trips and hits the wooden house and breaks it]

Steve) What was that for you evil meany?!?!?!?!?!

WOlf) THat was an accident, I got hurt and then I tripped over.


[THe two pigs leave the stage towards the right, then the wolf leaves he same way after them]

Scene 4

Wolf) I found the last brother, Bruce I believe.

Wolf) What should I do? Use dynamite or ask for help.



[Negative] User presses the dynamite to break open the house


[Positive] User presses a button that says “Ask for HELP”



WOlf) I shall place dynamite over there.


[All pigs are surprised]

Bruce) Well you fell into our little trap.

Wolf) What do you mean?

Bruce) [Brings out a laser beam] I hope you learned a lesson.

Wolf) I think this is a misunderstanding.

Bruce) Yea, okay. Since when should I listen to a wolf.

Wolf) When they are innocent and didn’t do anything.

Bruce) How would you verify that?

Wolf) Umm, because all I need was help.

Bruce) Haha now you must face the consequences.

[Shoots the laser]

Wolf) OWWW!!!!

Bruce) I hope you learn you learned your lesson.

Wolf) Sorry I wait!!

Wolf) I need help, I have a bad cut.

It hurts so much.

Bruce) Wait, you pigs didn’t tell me why he was “bothering” you.

Clark+Steve) We were scared and also we don’t like strangers.

Bruce) But he needed medical help, you should have at least tried.

Clark+Steve) Okay we are sorry wolfy

Wolf) Don’t sweat it guys. You were just taking safety precautions, I get it.

Clark+Steve) Thank you for understanding.

Wolf) No problem.

Bruce) LEt us just be friends now.

Wolf) alright pal.

Clark+Steve) Yup, what a great day it is.

Wolf) I will remember this day forever.

Clark) Me too Mr.Wolf.

Wolf) No call me Kyle

Steve) Okay Kyle.

Action Plan

Money- $0

Resources- Scratch, 


      <iframe allowtransparency="true" width="485" height="402"src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Story Boards

Act 1

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 3.15.19 PM.png

Act 2


Look down for Act 2

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 3.18.07 PM.png

Act 3 (Big Decision)

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 3.19.56 PM.png



Developer Journal# 1 out of 1

Time) 4pm to 9:14pm

Date) May 5 2014

Problems) Well timing was what made this a bit difficult. I did this in the last minute unaware of this animation/project being due tomorrow. Lack tim made me become unable to go over flaws and make the project much more perfect.


Solutions) Saving time and making the project very good I used sprites and backgrounds by other people ( and gave them credit) to make my animation look better and save time.



Improvements) Well, I could’ve added sounds and more actions, but overall I think I did pretty good. But I could have included more dialogue also.


Differences) I had to change my original script because it would have been longer about 3 to 4 minutes. I also changed my credits because I forgot to mention which 3 little pigs version did I use, so I edited my “Credits” Sprite.

I also at one point forgot how to make an action occur when a sprite is clicked, so I used the if click conditional block, but nothing happened. But then I found the control block if this sprite is clicked.



"The Crow and the Pitcher" by Aesop

Submitted by 19villaw on Wed, 2014-05-07 14:07
Title Act 1 Act 2A Act 2B

A: Investigate
Fable: The Crow and the Pitcher by Aesop

B: Design

Story Script

Bobby: main character
Joe: secondary character

Setting: Behind a Dumpster

Scene 1
[Joe enters]
Joe: Wow. I am so tired from yesterday...
[Bobby enters]
Bobby: Hey Joe!
Joe: What’s up Bobby?
Bobby: Nothin much. Aren’t you tired from the club last night.
Bobby: I am so thirsty...
Joe: Same.
Bobby: Hey look at that pitcher over there.
Joe: Yeah I see it…
[Both walk over to pitcher]
Joe: It’s nearly half full! I can’t reach that. I’m done...
Bobby: I have a choice. I can either figure out a way to obtain that water or I can just put it off to the side.
Joe: What are you going to do? I know I myself can’t reach that pitcher.
Bobby: Yeah I know, I’m thinking.

Instructions: Create a 1x1 table to contain the interactive elements of your story. Below are some sample ways you can give the viewer to interact with the story
Viewer Interaction

Bobby: [to the viewer] Press A to [Continue with figuring a way to obtain water] or B [to give up and not obtain any water].

[Continuing figuring out a way to obtain water]

Bobby: You know what? I’ll keep at it…
Joe: Suite yourself.
[Joe flies off the stage]
Bobby: What can I do, what can I do…
Bobby: I know [spots pebbles near by]
[Bobby puts pebbles in the pitcher until the water rises up.
Bobby: Yes...Water!
[Bobby drinks happily]
Bobby: Lets see how my friend Joe is doing now.
[Next Scene]
Bobby: Oh Joe where are you?
[Spots Joe on the ground dead]
Bobby: Oh my god!!!
[Hospital Scene]
Bobby: Doc, what happened to him?
Doc: He died of dehydration.
[Reveal Moral]

[Giving up and not obtaining any water]

Bobby: You know what? Forget it. There will be more on the way back home.
Joe: Yeah. Whatever you want to believe…
[Bobby and Joe fly together]
Joe: Oh no. I feel like I’m going to faint!
Bobby: No!
[Joe falls and lands on a rock and breaks his head]
Bobby: Owww my head hurts. I can’t see anything…
[Bobby falls and lands harder on a rock and breaks his skull]
[Changes scene to a newspaper]
Reporter: Two crows, named Bobby and Joe died yesterday because of dehydration. Scientists believe this was the cause of lack of determination to achieve water.
Reveal Moral]

StoryBoards (see above)
Act 1:

Act 2A:

Act 2B:

Project Plan:
-Tools: Computers, Scratch Program.

-Bird 1
-Bird 2
[All are drawn]

-Grassy background
-Newspaper background

-Location: Home, and a little bit in School [Technology Class and 8th period]

-Labor: Credits, (me)

-Money: $0.00

-Time: 6hrs

Action Plan:
1. Finish my script.
2. Start on my sprites.
3. Draw and customize my sprites.
4. Write scripts on Scratch.
5. Revise and Test at least twice.
6. Edit and publish by Tuesday: May 6, 2014.

Developers Journal:
Where: Home
Time: 4pm-10pm
Work: Well, I started and finished my project. I did make changes in the story because I found out that some parts didn’t fit and were unnecessary. I forgot to edit them out, but I did make changes in the actual animation.

E: Evaluate

In my animation, it was sort-of difficult to follow the guidelines. For me, I feel like since my fairy tale/fable wasn’t really that long, it was hard to make it last a couple of minutes. It was tough coming up with all of the details for the animation as well. I believe that was the most difficult part there was apart from creating the story boards. The fact of being precise with the fable was difficult. Also, there were many complex situations, where for example, I had to switch backgrounds and costumes at the same time. Also, the fact that the two responses took a long time.

Chicken? based on The Ungrateful Son by Grimm

Submitted by 19zhangl on Wed, 2014-05-07 08:56

A- Investigate: Determine your story choice
a] The Ungrateful Son
c] This story was written by the brothers Grimm.
d] The main characters are the greedy son and the old man who is the father.
e] The ethical decision was whether or not the son decided to hide the chicken, whether or not the son was being greedy.
f] The choice the son makes is to hide the chicken and be greedy, he doesn’t let his father eat it. The consequences of this decision is that the chicken became a frog that sucked on his face. The son had to feed the frog or else it would eat his face.
g] The alternate ending could be that the son didn’t hide the chicken, instead he left it out in the open for the father to eat. However, his father decides to take it back to his home. By the time his dad arrives at his home the chicken is a frog that jumped on to his face and now even when he stole chickens, he couldn’t eat it and had to feed his frog. The son never saw his father again, and the son got to eat his chickens alone.
The Lesson: Greed will eat us up.
B. Design
Story Script
The Son (Patrick)
The Father
The Wolf

Scene 1
The Narrator: The son is making his chicken while he is singing.
The Son: Oh how good this will taste when it’s done. Yum! He walks over with the chicken in hand.
The Narrator: The chicken is finally done being prepped so he put in the oven and let it cook for 20 minutes.
The Narrator: The chicken is finally done cooking now all was left was for the son to enjoy it.
The son leans close to the chicken and sniffs it getting all the good aroma.
The father knocks on the door of his son’s home *Knock knock*
The Father: Open up son.
The Narrator: O no! What should the son do? Should he hide it?

What should the son do? Should he hide it?
The Son: -is standing in front of the chicken-
The Father: -enters the room- Hello!
The Son: Hey what brings you here?
The Father: O nothing just came to see how ya doing.
The Son: Well I’ve been doing great, thanks for your concern, please come in!
The Father: Thank you. So what’s for dinner tonight. Is that a chicken I smell?
The Son: -thinks- oh no! -says- I haven’t cooked. Would you like a drink?
The Father: No it’s fine
The Narrator: As they talked together all the son could think about was what if his father saw the chicken behind him
The Son: Okay well bye father this was fun we shall do this again sometime.
The Father: Have a good night son! -the father disappears.
The Narrator: After his father was gone he looked behind him but what was left was not a chicken, it was a frog.
The Son: Oh no! What happened!?!
The Narrator: As the son leaned closer to the frog, the frog jumps on his face. *The frog sucks on the the son’s face* From that day on whenever the son had to eat he had to be selfless and feed the frog, or else the frog would eat him.
No The Son: Come in Father!
The Father: Hello son! The father peers his head into his home and sees a chicken on the table. Is that a chicken I see?
The Narrator: Now what would this mean for Patrick’s chances of eating the chicken? He couldn’t lie and say no when it was in sight. But he knew that his father was a greedy man.
The Son: Yes it is.
The Father: Well you do not deserve to eat this scrumptious chicken, so I will just take it off your hands. Thank you.
The Son: Father!!! You can’t do that!
The Father: Yes I can I am your father, I can do whatever I would like. Good bye!
The father walks out into the woods and it is dark.
The Narrator: O dear what could that be?
A wolf stomps in.
Wolf: *Growls*
The Father: What are you doing get out of here!!
Wolf: Give me the chicken
The Narrator: What will the father do? Save his chicken or his life?
The Father: This is my chicken.
Wolf: The wolf jumps on the father and the father dies.
The Narrator: The father has died because of his greed. And now the son was able to enjoy as many chickens as he would like without having to worry about them being taken away from him by his father.

Project Plan
1. Resources
Scratch Program
In the credits
I did most of the work (I put the whole Scratch Animation together)
At home, in my room.
It’ll take approximately 18 hrs to complete this project, of course 18hrs split into smaller intervals.
No money needed.
2. Action Plan
Schedule- To work everyday until the due date of my project, for the first 6 hours I will just focus on getting all the scripts done, then for the rest of the hrs remaining of the 18 hrs, I will go through my script and make changes to make it better.
Write a script, including stage directions, what the characters will say, and descriptions of the characters and of the setting.
Make your script come to life using animation and the program Scratch.
Test your animation making sure it goes smoothly.
Upload it to Scratch website.

Session #1:5/3/14, 3:30-7:20, my home
-Time Spent: I spent 3 hours and 50 minutes.
-Short Summary: I made my whole animation using Scratch. I made some minor changes to the script.
I couldn’t get the timing to be correct, sometimes there would be overlapping speech.
The speech bubbles were not even close to the character that was speaking.
I kept on watching the animation over and over trying to change the wait blocks so that the timing would be correct.
This problem couldn’t be resolved, unfortunately.
-Changes: I changed the script a lot. I changed it so that it would be a lot simpler to produce. Because my script was so complicated it was hard to produce it and animate it. I also changed the original story and didn’t put the wife in the story and also omitted the father and son drinking scene.

My animation clearly follows the design specifications of the Unit 3 Project. My porject is longer that 2 minutes long. It is also interactive since the user can decide the ethical decision whether Patrick hides the chicken or not. Based on that decisions there are two completely different outcomes for the animation. The lesson taught by the different outcomes is that greed isn’t good. The parts leading up to the story is longer than a minute.
My animation follows the whole script because all the speeches of the characters are the same as the lines I planned for them. My animation almost exactly my storyboards, because I used the same backgrounds and sprites/characters in both.

The Fish Dilemma

Submitted by 19deasisc on Wed, 2014-05-07 08:53

a) name the story
c) Alexander Afanasyev
d) Younger Daughter and Mother Fish
e) the Younger Daughter’s decision to save the Mother Fish or not
f) AN OLD MAN and his old wife had two daughters. Once the old man went to town and bought a fish for the elder sister and a fish for the younger sister. The elder sister ate her fish, but the younger one went to the well and said: "Little mother fish, what shall I do with you?" "Do not eat me," said the fish, "but put me into the water; I will be useful to you." The maiden dropped the fish into the well and went home.
Now the old woman had a great dislike for her younger daughter. She dressed the elder sister in her best clothes, made ready to take her to mass, and gave the younger one two measures of rye ordering her to husk it before their return from church.
The young girl went to fetch water; she sat on the edge of the well and wept. The fish swam to the surface and asked her: "Why do you weep, lovely maiden?" "How can I help weeping?" answered the maiden. "My mother has dressed my sister in her best clothes and gone with her to mass, but she left me home and ordered me to husk two measures of rye before her return from church." The fish said: "Weep not; dress and go to church; the rye will be husked." The maiden dressed and went to mass. Her mother did not recognize her. Toward the end of the mass, the girl went home. Very soon her mother too came home also and said: "Well, you ninny, did you husk the rye?" "I did," the daughter answered. "What a beauty we saw at mass!" her mother went on. "The priest neither chanted nor read, but looked at her all the time—and just look at you, you ninny, see how you're dressed!" "I wasn't there, but I know all about it," answered the maiden. "How could you know?" asked her mother.
The next day the mother dressed her elder daughter in her best clothes, went with her to mass, and left three measures of barley for the younger one, saying: "While I pray to God, you husk the barley." So she went to mass, and her younger daughter went to fetch water at the well. She sat down at the edge and wept. The fish swam to the surface and asked: "Why do you weep, lovely maiden?" "How can I help weeping," the maiden answered. "My mother has dressed my sister in her best clothes and taken her to mass, but she left me at home and ordered me to husk three measures of barley before she returns from church." The fish said: "Weep not. Dress and go to church after her. The barley will be husked."
The maiden dressed, went to church, and began to pray to God. The priest neither chanted nor read, but looked at her all the time. That day the king's son was attending mass; our beautiful maiden pleased him tremendously and he wanted to know whose daughter she was. So he took some pitch and threw it under her golden slipper. The slipper remained when the girl went home. "I will marry her whose slipper this is," said the young prince. Soon the old woman too came home. "What a beauty was there!" she said. "The priest neither chanted nor read, but all the time looked at her—and just look at you, what a tatterdemalion you are!"
In the meantime the prince was traveling from one district to another, seeking the maiden who had lost her slipper, but he could not find anyone whom it fitted. He came to the old woman and said: "Call your young daughter hither; I want to see whether the slipper fits her." "My daughter will dirty the slipper," answered the old woman. The maiden came and the king's son tried the slipper on her: it fitted. He married her and they lived happily and prospered.
I drank beer at their wedding; it ran down my lips, but never went into my mouth. I was given a flowing robe to wear, but a raven flew over me and cawed: "Flowing robe! Flowing robe!" I thought he was crying: "Throw the robe!" So I threw it away. I asked for a cap but received a slap. I was given red slippers, but the raven flew over me and cawed: "Red slippers! Red slippers!" I thought he was crying: "Robbed slippers!" So I threw them away.

Part B Design
-Elder Sister
-Younger Sister
-Mother Fish
-Fishing rod

-A house by a lake

Scene 1
Man: [walks to market]
Man: Oh no! I need to get food for my family! They will be starving! What do I do?
Man: [thinks...]
Man: [Looks around the market]
Man: Oh yes! I should get fish!
Man: [Walks over to the man selling fish and buys 2 from him]
Man: This should be it. Ok time to go home.
Man: [Walks home, shows fish to his daughters.]
Elder Sister: Thanks Father!
Younger Sister: Thank you Father!
Man: [Walks out of room.]
Elder Sister: [Cooks and eats the fish]
Younger Sister: [Looks at Elder Sister and back at the fish in her hands]
Younger Sister: Mother Fish, what do I do with you?
Fish: Put me back in the lake, and I will help you.

yes no
Younger Sister: [Thinks…]
Younger Sister: Ok. [Walks to the lake.]
Younger Sister: [Throws Fish into the lake.]
Younger Sister: There you go Mother Fish. I have set you free.
Younger Sister: [Goes back into the house and pretends she ate the fish and leaves stage.]
Mother: [looks toward elder sister]
Mother: Get dressed in your best dress! It is time for church! Your younger sister will stay here and gather two measures of rye to husk before we return from church.
Mother, Elder Sister, Man: [walks off stage]
Younger Sister: Oh no! What will I do?
Younger Sister: [Walks to the lake]
Mother Fish: What’s wrong? How can I help?
Younger Sister: My mother, father, and sister just went off to church without me and they expect me to gather two measures of rye to husk before we return! I don’t know what to do!
Mother Fish: Just go to church and everything will be fine.
Younger Sister: [Runs back into the house and dresses up and goes to church]
Younger Sister: What now?
Prince: My lady, will you marry me?
Younger Sister: YES!
And they lived happily ever after…
Younger Sister: [Thinks…]
Younger Sister: Sorry Fish, I am hungry.
Younger Sister: [Takes Fish, cooks it, and eats it.]
Younger Sister: This Fish couldn’t have helped me in any way. It was useless.
Younger Sister: [Goes back into her room and goes to sleep and leaves stage.]
Mother: [looks toward elder sister]
Mother: Get dressed in your best dress! It is time for church! Your younger sister will stay here and gather two measures of rye to husk before we return from church.
Mother, Elder Sister, Man: [walks off stage]
Younger Sister: Oh no! What will I do?
Younger Sister: [Walks to the field with basket]
Younger Sister: [Starts to gather rye into the basket, but only gathers one measure by the time her family came home.]
Younger Sister: I will not do this. I will run away from my parents and I hope that they will not see me ever again.
Younger Sister: [Runs into a desolate farm]
Younger Sister: Yes. This will do. I will forever be without my evil mother and I will never ever do her evil works.
Younger Sister: Leaves stage
And the Younger Sister lives a life of sorrow and agony…

Tools- computer

Materials- computer, scratch, internet

Labor- credits

Location- home/school

Time- about 4 hours

Money- none

Action Plan

- Open scratch and start my project.

- Follow Script and use the proper characters and settings

- Once finished, edit it until it is perfect, and timing is very good.

- Review everything if it follows the design specification.

Developer’s Journal

Session One: 5/5/14, 12:30A.M. Home

Short Summary:
This session took me about 5 hours. I did everything well and to my liking.
I had some problems with the timing of the project.
I replaying the project and did fixes in between where they required fixing.
Instead of making two days of the younger sister doing work, I combined her workload into one day to make it shorter.


I think that I did this project well. One thing I think I did well was introducing the characters and the events that are happening in the story. I think that I also descried all of the events well and that I did a good job telling the dialogue. However, one aspect I think I could improve on is the timing of the story. For example, some events happened more quickly than I wanted to. Also, sometimes, the time the speech bubble is on the screen is to short for a viewer to read the whole text.

The House Dilemma

Submitted by 19taij on Wed, 2014-05-07 08:53

The three little pigs
There was an old sow with three little pigs, and as she had not enough to keep them, she sent them out to seek their fortune. The first that went off met a man with a bundle of straw, and said to him:
"Please, man, give me that straw to build me a house."
Which the man did, and the little pig built a house with it. Presently came along a wolf, and knocked at the door, and said:
"Little pig, little pig, let me come in!"
To which the pig answered:
"No, no, by the hair of my chiny chin chin."
The wolf then answered to that:
"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in."
So he huffed, and he puffed, and he blew his house in, and ate up the little pig.
The second little pig met a man with a bundle of furze and said:
"Please, man, give me that furze to build a house."
Which the man did, and the pig built his house. Then along came the wolf, and said:
"Little pig, little pig, let me come in."
"No, no, by the hair of my chiny chin chin."
"Then I'll puff, and I'll huff, and I'll blow your house in."
So he huffed, and he puffed, and he puffed, and he huffed, and at last he blew the house down, and he ate up the little pig.
The third little pig met a man with a load of bricks, and said:
"Please, man, give me those bricks to build a house with."
So the man gave him the bricks, and he built his house with them. So the wolf came, as he did to the other little pigs, and said:
"Little pig, little pig, let me come in."
"No, no, by the hair on my chiny chin chin."
"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in."
Well, he huffed, and he puffed, and he huffed and he puffed, and he puffed and huffed; but he could not get the house down. When he found that he could not, with all his huffing and puffing, blow the house down, he said:
"Little pig, I know where there is a nice field of turnips."
"Where?" said the little pig.
"Oh, in Mr. Smith's Home-field, and if you will be ready to-morrow morning I will call for you, and we will go together, and get some for dinner."
"Very well," said the little pig, "I will be ready. What time do you mean to go?"
"Oh, at six o'clock."
Well, the little pig got up at five, and got the turnips before the wolf came (which he did about six), who said:
"Little pig, are you ready?"
The little pig said: "Ready! I have been and come back again, and got a nice potful for dinner."
The wolf felt very angry at this, but thought that he would be up to the little pig somehow or other, so he said:
"Little pig, I know where there is a nice apple-tree."
"Where?" said the pig.
"Down at Merry-garden," replied the wolf, "and if you will not deceive me I will come for you at five o'clock to-morrow and get some apples."
Well, the little pig bustled up the next morning at four o'clock, and went off for the apples, hoping to get back before the wolf came; but he had further to go, and had to climb the tree, so that just as he was coming down from it, he saw the wolf coming, which, as you may suppose, frightened him very much. When the wolf came up he said:
"Little pig, what! are you here before me? Are they nice apples?"
"Yes, very," said the little pig. "I will throw you down one."
And he threw it so far, that, while the wolf was gone to pick it up, the little pig jumped down and ran home. The next day the wolf came again, and said to the little pig:
"Little pig, there is a fair at Shanklin this afternoon, will you go?"
"Oh yes," said the pig, "I will go; what time shall you be ready?"
"At three," said the wolf. So the little pig went off before the time as usual, and got to the fair, and bought a butter-churn, which he was going home with, when he saw the wolf coming. Then he could not tell what to do. So he got into the churn to hide, and by so doing turned it round, and it rolled down the hill with the pig in it, which frightened the wolf so much, that he ran home without going to the fair. He went to the little pig's house, and told him how frightened he had been by a great round thing which came down the hill past him. Then the little pig said:
"Hah, I frightened you, then. I had been to the fair and bought a butter-churn, and when I saw you, I got into it, and rolled down the hill."
Then the wolf was very angry indeed, and declared he would eat up the little pig, and that he would get down the chimney after hiin. When the littie pig saw what he was about, he hung on the pot full of water, and made up a blazing fire, and, just as the wolf was coming down, took off the cover, and in fell the wolf; so the little pig put on the cover again in an instant, boiled him up, and ate him for supper, and lived happy ever afterwards.

Design Stage
Pig 1
Pig 3
Mother pig

Open area where the pigs are building their house.

Scene 1:
Narrator: There once were three little pigs that were sent away from their mother to make shelter from the wolf.
Mother pig: Bye pigs make nice good homes that will protect you.
Pigs 1, 2, and 3: Okay mom.
Narrator: So the pigs were off to find a good spot to build their house.
[Pigs walk off screen and appear back at an open plain area.]
Pig 1: I’m going to make my house out of straw so I can finish faster and play, let me get some.
[Pig 1 leaves off right stage]
Pig 2: I’m going to make my house out of sticks so I can also finish faster and play. I am going to go get some.
[leaves left stage.]
Pig 3: Asks viewer: What should i make my house out of straw or brick?


Brick Straw
Pig 3: Okay thats great.
Narrator: So the pig worked really hard on his house and didn't get to play with his brothers.
Pig 1: Still working on your house?
Pig 3: No I just finished
Pig 3: Now I am going to get some sleep.
Narrator: Just before they went into their houses they heard something in the bush. It was the wolf.
Pig 1: The wolf is here!
Narrator: The pigs ran into their house trying to get away from the wolf.
Wolf: I am going to blow your house down.
[Goes to straw house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes to stick house house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes to brick house house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Unable to blow the house so he leaves
Pig 1: Thanks for keeping us alive by making this house.
Pig 3: Okay thats great.
Narrator: So the pig worked really fast and played with his brothers.
Pig 1: we had a great time good thing we finished our houses fast.
Pig 3: Yeah, lets get some sleep now so we can play tomorrow.
Narrator: Just before they went into their houses they heard something in the bush. It was the wolf.
Pig 1: The wolf is here!
Narrator: The pigs ran into their house trying to get away from the wolf.
Wolf: I am going to blow your house down.
[Goes to straw house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes to stick house house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes to Pigs 3’s straw house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes up to the pigs and eats them.]

Project Plan:
Materials- scratch, sprites, images, scratch blocks
Labor- I did everything
Location- Home
Time- 4 hours
Money- $0

Action Plan
I plan to do the project over the weekend and spend 2-3 hours each day doing it.

Developers Journal 4/4/14 11:00 P.M
I did all of my scratch animations at once and finished everything on one sitting. It wasn’t how i planned but i finished with all the requirements.

I think I did this project fairly well. One thing i think I did well on is that I fit the design specification and added all the things required and finished my project. I don't think i did okay on expressing the characters and developing the story but not very well. I could have inproved on may things and spent more time on my project to improve it and make it better.

Bluebeard by Charles Welsh (an interactive version)

Submitted by 19vieraa on Tue, 2014-05-06 23:02

Andrea Viera
Charles Welsh
characters: Blue Beard a man who, has had many wives and has a bluebeard, and his wife, who didn’t want to get married to him.
~the wife decided to open the door although he specifically told her not to.
~the wife chooses to open the door.
~as a result, Blue Beard decided to kill his wife and lay her with the others.
-the wife wont open the room so she will never get threatened but when he returns she sees him acting suspicious so in the middle of the night she leaves the house and becomes a free woman.

Bluebeard: man with a blue beard that has many wives, all of which have “disappeared”
Mary/Sister: The wife's sister, the one who tells bluebeard the wife will marry him.
Abigail/Wife: bluebeard’s wife, she didn’t want to marry him.

Scene 1 [at sisters house]
Sister: It will be good for the family if you marry him, trust me.
Wife: But i don’t love him.
Sister: That doesn’t matter!
Wife: But sister, he has had so many wives, and he had a BLUE beard!
Sister: Just do it for the family.
Wife: You can’t do this!
Sister: I already said yes for you, sorry.

Scene 2 [at bluebeard’s house]
[6 Months later]
[Bluebeard and his wife sit at the table]
Bluebeard: How are you today?
Wife: I am fine.
Bluebeard: I am going away for a little, duty calls.
Wife: Okay, how long will you be gone?
Bluebeard: I don’t know yet but not for long.
Wife: I hope it isn’t for too long.
Bluebeard: Will you promise to take care of something while i am gone?
Wife: Sure, what is it?
Bluebeard: I’m going to give you this key, i just need you to not open the closet.
Wife: Okay, why?
Bluebeard: Just don’t open the closet or it will make me mad!
Wife: Okay.
Bluebeard: I’m going to go now, goodbye!
Wife: bye!
Scene 3
[wife is pacing back and fourth]
Wife: Should I open the door?
[Wife walked toward the closet]
(Yes and No buttons come up)

Positive Negative
[Wife walks back to her room]
[3 hours later]
Bluebeard: Where is the key?
Wife: Here.
[wife hands bluebeard the key]
[bluebeard checks the key]
Bluebeard: very good.
Wife: What?
Bluebeard: You didn’t open the closet.
Wife: You told me not to.
Bluebeard: You are a very good person and deserve to make your own decisions, i know you didnt want to marry me, you are free to marry whoever you want now.
Wife: Really?
Bluebeard: Yes, i want you to go back home and have a life of your own.
Wife: Thank you
Bluebeard: Go ahead.
[Wife takes out the key and opens the closet]
Wife: AHHHH!
[wife runs to her room, key in hand]
Wife: Oh my god! What did i just see?
[she realizes there is a stain on the key]
[zoom into key and make it an interactive game for the viewer to try to remove the stain]
Wife: It isn’t coming off!
[Bluebeard walks into the room]
Bluebeard: Where is the key?
Wife: h-h-here...
Bluebeard: Why does it have a stain on it?
Wife: I don’t know it came that way!.
Bluebeard: You are a LIAR!
[bluebeards face turns red]
Wife: I am not i swear!
Bluebeard: I can’t believe you betrayed me, now you will be with all the others!
Wife: No, no, please...
[Screen goes blank]

Project Plan
~I will need a computer, with internet and scratch
~i need 6 hours to complete this project
~i dont need help
~ i will work 1.5 hours a day starting today
~ i will work at home and at school when in 8th period.
Action Plan
~I will work on it everyday after school until the deadline
~this includes weekends
Developers Journal
my bedroom
Today i worked hard on my project and am very, very proud of it. I like the way blue beard looked and how i made him act, it was really what i thought he would sound like. I had trouble with uploading my scratch project, but i will ask about it tomorrow at 8th period. I had to change the script a bit so it would be shorter, i took away some lines. Otherwise, i did pretty well!

I worked on my project until late last night, that is when I realized that I didn’t know how to upload it on scratch, so therefore I called my two contacts from my class they were not answering so therefore I called my contact from another class. I asked how to upload it on scratch and they said it was due on Tuesday and I wasn’t thinking so I went to bed. I came in this morning and realized it was due today so I panicked and realized today was an A day, not B day.

Check out the animation at:

"The Crow and the Pitcher" by Aesop

Submitted by 19leeT on Tue, 2014-05-06 18:39
"The Crow and the Pitcher" by Aesop "The Crow and the Pitcher" by Aesop "The Crow and the Pitcher" by Aesop

A-Investigate: Determine your story choice

a) The Crow and the Pitcher
c) Aesop
d) The Crow, the “Pitcher”
e) The Crow didn’t give up because he need to quench his thirst so he kept on trying and he eventually tried a good solution and he was able to get the water instead of dying of thirst.
f) The bird decides to stay and try to get the water but then he has to carry all the stones, and the bird drops all of the stones into the beaker and is able to drink the water that is in the beaker.
g) The bird doesn’t drink the water, and instead he goes for a bigger water source, and he finds a lake. However, because he is so thirsty and using so much energy to get to the water sources, while flying over a cliff, the bird cannot fly anymore and dies. The bird dies right before he reaches the water and ends up dying with its beak about an inch away from the lake. Then, a bunch of little insects come and eat the bird. THE END.

A CROW perishing with thirst saw a pitcher, and hoping to find
water, flew to it with delight. When he reached it, he
discovered to his grief that it contained so little water that he
could not possibly get at it. He tried everything he could think
of to reach the water, but all his efforts were in vain. At last
he collected as many stones as he could carry and dropped them
one by one with his beak into the pitcher, until he brought the
water within his reach and thus saved his life.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

B Design


Setting: In the mountains, on the peak of a hill. The bird was flying and got thirsty and couldn’t fly much anymore.
Characters: Crow
(Crow enters stage right)
Crow: oh man i’m so thirsty.
I need some water to quench my thirst.
(Crow moves to the middle)
Random voice (stage left): Come here, you can get some water, but you need to work hard for it.
Random voice (stage right): Come here, you can just put yourself out of your misery.
Crow: Where should we go? (Question)
Random voice (stage middle on the bottom): Please answer with “pitcher” or “cowards way out”
(User answers with “pitcher” or “cowards way out”)

Decision: The user has to decide whether wants to go to the pitcher and do work, or just kill himself.
Pitcher Cowards way out

(Crow moves to stage right)
Crow: Off to the pitcher we go!
Setting: A house and in front of the house porch, is a pitcher. The bird flies over and tries to get the little water that is in the pitcher.
Crow: Oh man, how the heck am I supposed to get this water out of this pitcher. I am dying of thirst!!!
(Crow pecks at the pitcher and the pitcher tips over but the water doesn’t come out. The crow puts its beak into the pitcher but is so close to the water but doesn’t get the water.)
Crow: Man, oh my god how did that not work? Let me try that one more time.
(Crow picks up the pitcher.)
Crow: Here we go again.
(Pecks at the pitcher again)
Crow: oh man. I’m about to die of thirst. I need water like RIGHT NOW.
(Crow picks up the pitcher again.)
Crow: Man what to do now?
(Lightbulb appears over the crows head)
Crow: Maybe i can….tilt the pitcher over just a bit harder, and then, ALL OF THE WATER WILL SPILL OUT AND I CAN DRINK EVERYTHING.
Crow: Jesus this thing is so heavy. Wasn’t so heavy before...what happened? How am I going to get the water out now? I’m going to die any second now….
(Crow finally lifts the pitcher and throws it but nothing happens.)
Crow: Man, what the heck. How are all of the things that I am doing not working? I can die anytime soon.
(Another lightbulb appears over the crows head.)
Crow: Oh, I remember Lasko telling me about liquid displacement, and I remember how the object moved closer to the surface because the object was taking up space. But...what object shall I use? (The crow looks around and spots rocks in the corner.)
Crow: oh em gee, those rocks can help. But how do I carry them? Let me give it a try.
(Crow walks over to the rocks and lifts one.)
Crow: YES!
(Crow walks over the pitcher, and then drops the rocks into the pitcher. The water gets higher.)
Crow: Yes! Finally the water has come at last! I am so thirsty!

(Crow moves to stage left)
Crow: Oh god, I wanna put myself out of my stupid misery. I’m too thirsty.
(Crow tries to fly)
Crow: God I’m getting too tired from this thirst.
(Crow tries to fly again)
Crow: How am I going to make it over to the cliff? I’m even too tired to fly!!!
(Crow heavily walks over to stage right)
Crow: The thirst is real.
Setting: The crow is going over to the mountains to jump off a cliff to get himself out of his misery.
Crow: Lets just get this over with.
(Crow walks along the mountain side and sees many things that remind the crow of its family)
Crow: Wow, that tree right there looks exactly the way the tree our nest lived on looked like.
Crow thinks: I miss my family.
(Crow starts to cry)
Crow: Is this really the decision to make just because I am thirsty?
(Crow starts to cry even harder)
Crow: Lets just get this over with.
(Crow walks to stage left)
Setting: The scene changed to the mountain cliff and it is very high off the ground level making it impossible for the crow to live if it jumped off of the cliff.
(Crow flies up and over the cliff)
Crow: 3….2…..1….
No I can’t do this.
(Crow gets back onto the land)
Crow: I won’t be able to live much longer..
(Crow just jumped off of cliff)
Setting: Stage turns black.
Setting: Changes to grass valley.
Crow: Oh man...what happened?
(Crow looks around)
Crow thinks: Oh man is that water?
Crow walks about towards the blue object)
Crow: AHHHH thats not water!
(Crow tries to run away)
(The monster chases the crow)


Act 1

Act 2a

Act 2b

Project Plan
Tools- Scratch, computer, Internet access
Materials- Scratch, sprites, images (credits for images), scratch blocks
Labor- Me
Location-Home, School
Time-about two to three hours
Money- 2 dollars

Action Plan
Developers Journal
Session #1 4/29, 9:20, School
1 hour
In this hour, I was able to make my two characters and then make my title background.
However, I wasn’t able to get much of my story done.
I made my own characters by drawing. I learned nothing.

Session #2 5/1, 9:50, School
30 minutes
In this time was able to work on my scratch, and I worked up to the part where the question that alters the story comes out.
However, when I asked a question from one of my sprites, I wanted the answers to affect everything.

Session #3 5/3, !2:00, Home
1 hour
In this time I was able to work up to the middle of act 1a.
I learned how broadcasting is so much easier than calculating how much time a sprite has to wait.

Session #4 5/4, 12:00, Home
3 hours
In this time I was able to finish part 2a.
One problem I had was syncing everything together, however, I learned how to broadcast even better.

Session #5 5/4, 6:00, Home
2 hours
In this time I finished everything.
I didn’t have any problems.
E: Evaluation
My animation, was about two minutes long, maybe just a bit longer than two minutes. The story is interactive, and there are two different ways that the story can end. The character asks a question, and there are two ways that the question can be answered. The animation has two branches, “pitcher” and then there is “cowards way out”. My animations does tell a lesson, which is to never give up, when you want or need something. However, the story leading up to the main decision isn’t at least a minute long and it is shorter. However, the story after the decision is more than a minute. I had a credits after my animation, and it is appropriate for viewers under the age of 13. I handed it in by May 5th.
My script was very close to how my animation was. I followed the exact lines of my script and put it into my animation. And all of the stage directions were put into my animation.
My storyboard also had was an outline of my animation. My animation, didn’t follow exactly my storyboard and some changes were made to my story.


Submitted by 19oubaitaa on Tue, 2014-05-06 14:03
Tech 7-1 Unit 3 Project Oubaita act #1 Tech 7-1 Unit 3 Project Oubaita act #2a Tech 7-1 Unit 3 Project Oubaita act #2b Title

Once upon a time there was a young fellow who enlisted as a soldier, conducted himself bravely, and was always at the very front when it was raining bullets. As long as the war lasted all went well, but when peace was made he was dismissed, and the captain said he could go wherever he wanted to.
His parents were dead, and he had no longer a home, so he went to his brother and asked them to support him until there was another war.
The brother, however, were hardhearted and said, "What can we do with you? We have no work for you. See that you go and make a living for yourself."
The soldier had nothing left but his gun, so, putting it on his shoulder, he went forth into the world. He came to a large heath, on which nothing was to be seen but a circle of trees. Filled with sorrow, he sat down beneath them and thought about his fate.
"I have no money," he thought, "and the only trade I have learned is that of making war, and now that they have made peace they can no longer use me, so I see that I shall starve."
Suddenly he heard a rustling sound, and when he looked around, a strange man was standing before him. He wore a green jacket and looked quite stately, but he had a hideous horse's foot.
"I know what you are in need of," said the man. "You shall have money and property, as much as you, with all your might, can squander away, but first I must know if you are fearless, so that I won't be giving away my money for nothing."
"A soldier and fear -- how can those go together?" he answered, "You can put me to the test."
"Very well," answered the man, "look behind you."
The soldier turned around and saw a large growling bear running towards him.
"Aha," shouted the soldier, "I'll tickle your nose until you lose your desire for growling." Then taking aim at the bear, he shot it in the snout, and it fell down motionless.
"I see quite well," said the stranger, "that you do not lack for courage, but there is one more condition that you will have to fulfill."
"If it does not endanger my salvation," answered the soldier, who knew quite well who was standing before him. "Otherwise I'll have nothing to do with it."
"You'll see about that for yourself," answered Greenjacket. "For the next seven years you are neither to wash yourself, nor comb your beard and hair, nor cut your nails, nor say the Lord's prayer. I will give you a jacket and a cloak, which you must wear during this time. If you die during these seven years, you are mine. If you stay alive, you are free, and rich as well, for all the rest of your life."
The soldier thought about his desperate situation, and having faced death so often before, he decided to risk it now as well, and he entered into the agreement.
The devil took off his green jacket and gave it to the soldier, saying, "Whenever you wear this jacket and reach into its pocket, you will find a handful of money."
Then he pulled the skin off the bear and said, "This shall be your cloak, and your bed as well, for you are to sleep on it, and you are not allowed to lie in any other bed. Because of your clothing you shall you be called Bearskin." With that the devil disappeared.
The soldier put on the jacket, immediately reached into the pocket, and found that the promise was really true. Then he put on the bearskin and went forth into the world. He did whatever he pleased, refraining from nothing that did him good and his money harm.
During the first year his appearance was still acceptable, but during the second he looked like a monster. His hair covered nearly his entire face. His beard looked like a piece of coarse felt cloth. His fingers had claws, and his face was so covered with dirt that if someone had planted cress on it, it would have grown. Everyone who saw him ran away. However, because everywhere he went he gave money to the poor to pray that he might not die during the seven years, and because he paid well for everything, he always found shelter.
In the fourth year he arrived an inn. The innkeeper would not let him enter, refusing even to let him have a place in the stable because he was afraid he would frighten the horses. However, when Bearskin reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of ducats, the innkeeper softened and gave him a room in an outbuilding. Bearskin, however, had to promise not to let himself be seen, lest the inn should get a bad name.
One evening Bearskin was sitting alone, wishing with all his heart that the seven years were over, he heard a loud moaning in a neighboring room. He had a compassionate heart, so he opened the door and saw an old man weeping bitterly and striking his hands together above his head. Bearskin went nearer, but the man jumped to his feet and tried to run away. At last, hearing a human voice, the man let Bearskin talk to him, and with friendly words Bearskin succeeded in getting the old man to reveal the cause of his grief. Slowly but surely the old man had lost his wealth, and now he and his daughters would have to starve. He was so poor that he could not pay the innkeeper and was to be sent to prison.
"If that is your only problem," said Bearskin, "I have money enough." He called for the innkeeper and paid him, and then put a bag full of gold into the poor man's pocket.
When the old man saw that he was freed from all his troubles he did not know how to show his gratitude.
"Come with me," he said to Bearskin. "My daughters are all miracles of beauty. Choose one of them for your wife. When she hears what you have done for me she will not refuse you. You do look a little strange, to be sure, but she will put you in order again."
This pleased Bearskin well, and he went with the old man.
When the oldest daughter saw him she was so terrified at his face that she screamed and ran away.
The second one stood still and looked at him from head to foot, but then she said, "How can I accept a husband who no longer has a human form? The shaved bear that once was here and passed itself off for a man pleased me far better. At least it was wearing a hussar's fur and white gloves. If ugliness were his only flaw, I could get used to him."
The youngest one, however, said, "Father, dear, he must be a good man to have helped you out of your trouble. If you promised him a bride for doing so, your word must be kept."
It was a pity that Bearskin's face was covered with dirt and hair, for otherwise they would have seen how his heart laughed within his body when he heard these words. He took a ring from his finger, broke it in two, and gave her one half. He kept the other half himself. He then wrote his name inside her half, and her name inside his. He asked her to take good care of her piece.
Then he took leave saying, "I must wander about for three more years. If I do not return at that time you are free, for I shall be dead. But ask God to preserve my life."
The poor bride-to-be dressed herself entirely in black, and when she thought about her future bridegroom, tears came into her eyes. From her sisters she received nothing but contempt and scorn.
"Be careful," said the oldest. "If you give him your hand, he will hit you with his claws."
"Beware," said the second. "Bears like sweet things, and if he takes a liking to you, he will eat you up."
"You must always do what he wants you to," continued the oldest, "or he will begin to growl."
And the second added, "But the wedding will be merry, for bears dance well."
The bride-to-be said nothing and did not let them irritate her. Bearskin, however, traveled about the world from one place to another, did good wherever he could, and gave generously to the poor that they might pray for him.
Finally, at dawn on the last day of the seven years, he went once more out to the heath, and seated himself beneath the circle of trees. Before long the wind began to howl, and the devil stood before him, looking at him angrily. He threw Bearskin's old jacket to him and demanded the return of his own green one.
"We haven't gotten that far yet," answered Bearskin. "First of all you have to clean me up."
Whether the devil wanted to or not, he had to fetch water and wash off Bearskin, comb his hair, and cut his nails. After this he looked like a brave soldier and was much better looking than he had ever been before.
When the devil was safely gone Bearskin was quite lighthearted. He went into the town, purchased a splendid velvet jacket, seated himself in a carriage drawn by four white horses, and drove to his bride's house. No one recognized him. The father took him for a distinguished colonel and led him into the room where his daughters were sitting. He was given a seat between the two oldest ones. They poured wine for him, served him the finest things to eat, and thought that they had never seen a more handsome man in all the world.
The bride-to-be, however, sat across from him in her black dress without raising her eyes or speaking a word. Finally he asked the father if he would give him one of his daughters for a wife, whereupon the two oldest ones jumped up and ran into their bedrooms to put on splendid dresses, for each of them thought that she was the chosen one.
As soon as he was alone with his bride-to-be, the stranger brought out his half of the ring and dropped it into a glass of wine, which he handed across the table to her. She took the wine, but when she had drunk it and found the half ring lying at the bottom, her heart began to beat. She took the other half, which she wore on a ribbon around her neck, put them together, and saw that the two pieces matched perfectly.
Then he said, "I am your betrothed bridegroom, whom you saw as Bearskin. Through God's grace I have regained my human form and have become clean again."
He went to her, embraced her, and gave her a kiss. In the meantime the two sisters came back in full dress. When they saw that the youngest sister had received the handsome man, and heard that he was Bearskin, they ran out filled with anger and rage. One of them drowned herself in the well. The other hanged herself on a tree.
That evening, someone knocked at the door, and when the bridegroom opened it, it was the devil in his green jacket, who said, "You see, I now have two souls for the one of yours."

Two Sisters
Old Man

Bearskin: Brother I need your help the war is over and now I am penniless.
Brother: You have missed a lot while you were away.
Bearskin: Like what?
Brother: Our parents are dead
Bearskin: Is that so.
Brother: Unfortunately, yes.
Bearskin: That is bad, can I have a job?
Brother: What can you do?
Bearskin: I’m your brother just give the damn job.
brother: Answer the question.
Bearskin I can hunt game…

User Interaction: Should he give Bearskin a job or not?
Yes No
brother: We need you to hunt for rabbits.
Bearskin: aight (leaves)
Bear: (charges) and leaves bearskin unconscious and in bad condition.
Devil: You are in fatal condition I can help you at a price, you need someone to willingly give up their soul.
Bearskin: Yes, please heal me.
2 boring years later…
Bearskin: (visits an inn) and finds a beggar.
Beggar: please, spare some wealth.
Bearskin: Yes, but you must sell your soul to the devil
Beggar: I did I did.
Bearskin: Here is a sack of gold coins.
Beggar: Thank you so dearly.
Bearskin: (returns home)
brother: We are rich, we received a huge donation from a man named Lediv.
Bearskin: Splendid
Bearskin: Well fine then (walks away).
Devil: I know you are in need of money.
Bearskin: How did ya….
Devil: I shall put you to test, what is your courage like? look behind you.
Bearskin: AHA (gunshot shoots charging bear)
Devil: For the next seven years you musn’t groom yourself, say the lords prayer and wear the bearskin. If you survive you will be rich and free, if you die your soul belongs to me.
Bearskin: Ok (puts on cloak)
126230400 boring seconds later.
Old Man: Please spare me a few coins… AH
Bearskin: (gives bag of gold)
Old Man: Thank you, I have beautiful daughters that will marry you.
First Sister: (runs away)
Second Sister: screams
Bride: Says yes.
Bearskin: waits 3 years so he can groom and be beautiful once again.
The two sisters went crazy upon seeing the beautiful rich man that their sister was marrying.

Project Plan
tools- computer, scratch, internet
materials- sprites, images
labor- I did the work
location- home, school
time- 3-4 hours
money- $0.00
Action Plan
schedule- 2 hours on Saturday, and Sunday
procedure- Make at least two changes
Developers Journal
9:20- 10:20
Session #1
problems: I needed to import characters and finish storyboarding
solutions: I cropped images from and finished summarizing what happens on the storyboard
changes: I imported characters from and finished all the acts/parts
summary: I storyboarded and imported characters into scratch.

1:00- 6:40
Session 2
problems: I unsuccessfully cropped characters
solutions: I used sprites
changes: I finished the animation.
summary: I added music finished the animation and decided to use regular sprites.

Things I Liked:
I liked that I was able to keep it appropriate for all ages. I liked that I was able to make such an amazing credits scene. I spent plentiful of time on the project so there were very little errors. I liked how I displayed emotions well. I liked that I was able to find a kid appropriate replacement for Bearskin, the Monkey King. I liked the narration.

Things I Disliked:
I disliked my voice acting. The same character sounded different every time he spoke. A woman sounded like a man. I disliked that during a conversation a character randomly turned. I disliked that the three sisters looked very different, one looked rich when they had a begging father. I disliked the background of where there was an inn. I disliked that it looked like

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