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May 6, 2014

Jack and the Beanstalk

by: 19buttj
Jack and the Beanstalk Title Slide
Jack and the Beanstalk Act 1
Jack and the Beanstalk Act 2a
Jack and the Beanstalk 2b

A- Investigate: Determine your story choice
a)Jack and the Beanstalk
c)Joseph Jacobs
d)The main character is jack a farm boy, jill, jack’s brother, and a rich giant who lives in a land above the clouds in a big palace.
e)The ethical decision is to go into the giants’ palace and steal the gold or to make friends with the giant.
f)He will go and steal the giants’ gold until later when the giant will run after him one day and try to get the gold back but the boy cuts the beanstalk and kills the ogre, before he comes to him.
g) He meets the giants and start trading with him, with the goods of the earth and they live happily ever after.
Design: -
Story Script:-
Characters: - Jack, Jack’s Mom, The Giant, Waitress.
Setting: - The Earth, the castle in the fairy land, and inside the castle.
Jack: - Oh mom now what is it?
Mom: - Can you check the door, I think someone is there.
Jack: - Okay mom.
(Jack walks toward the door as the background changes.)
Jack: - What is this? I rather not tell mom about this bag of seeds. I’ll keep it for myself and plant it one day. Mom, it was no one.
Mom: - Are you sure, cause I am pretty sure I heard a knock.
Jack: - No, it was no one I checked very thoroughly.
(The setting changes to a very dark night.) ( Jack throws the beans he found into the ground, feeches water and feeds the plant.)
Mom- Jack what are doing outside?
Jack- (Tries to cover the location of the plant as the beanstalk rises from out of the ground)
Mom- Is there something you forgot to tell me when the messenger knocked on the door.
(Jack turns around to see the beanstalk rise from the ground and starts to stutter)
Jack- Um, about that… like…a… yesterday there was a bag of beans so I thought…
Mom- Not to tell me, and to plant them yourself.
Mom- I see you did a very good job.
Jack- Can I climb it and see where it goes?
Mom- Hmm… Maybe tomorrow morning.
Jack- Just a sneak peak.
Mom- Okay but be back before midnight.
(Jack climbs the beanstalk and the setting changes to the inside of a castle)
Giant- Bring me food. Food!
(Jack walks by slowly and then to the Kitchen the setting changes where he meets a waitress.)
Jack- Hello
Waitress- Go away or the Giant will eat or kill you!
Jack- But I come in friendship.
Waitress- But he has no tolerance for humans, and will devour you at first sight.
Jack- But I come in peace.
Waitress- He was no patience for individuals like you! If you care for your life run away.
Giant: - Where is my lunch?
Waitress: -I am coming. Please leave.
Giant- I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Waitress- You must be dreaming.
If Yes: - B If No: - A If Neither: - I did not understand. Please answer yes or no.

Do you think that Jack will face the Giant? (Yes or No)
Postive Negative
A: - (The setting changes back to the inside of a castle as the waitress keeps the food on the table. Jack climbs up to challenge the Giant.)
Giant: - Is that a human?
Jack: - I am Jack, a human and have come from the land of Macedonia and I mean no harm.
Giant: - But your kind has been very unkind to me. Centuries ago we all used to live in one land very peacefully. The humans’ government became poor due to their mismanagement. They started to loot us in order to get money and they discriminated us. This continued for years as we took the suffering but then our leader and people were done, and the Great War of the Giants and the Humans had started. After decades of war, we decided to live separately. The Giants lived in the clouds, and the humans lived on the Earth. And after living in the clouds the Giants kingdom had shortened and I am the only Giant left that is still living.
Jack: - Oh this is a very sad story indeed.
Giant: - Oh, Yes.
Jack- I can understand your pain.
Giant: - Wait but you are a human. Waitress, bring my knife, I found some dinner.
Jack- Wait I am sure that we can figure some way to live in peace.
Giant- But by forgiving you I would be going against my own ancestors, who died because of YOU HUMANS!! Where is my knife!
Waitress- One second I can’t find it.
Jack- Please don’t kill me what did I do to you.
Giant- You have a point, but nevertheless you would be good diner.
Jack- But what would you get by killing and eating me?
Giant- Food!
Giant- But wait, after the Great War, there was no way that you humans could reach the giants, and there was no way the giants could reach the humans. How did you get here?
Jack- There was beanstalk which I climbed.
Giant- Could I see it?
(The setting changes to the beanstalk.)
Jack- Would you like to come to my house.
Giant- No, no the humans would kill me.
(The Giant vanished through the clouds. Setting changes back to Jack’s house.)
Mom- Where were you?
Jack- If you climb the beanstalk there is Giant!
Mom- Stay away from those creatures.
Jack- But he was so nice to me. And we started the conflict. I am going to the court to let him stay with us.
Mom- But…
(Jack walks out, and the setting changes to a court.)
Judge- What is it you need youngling?
Jack- Years ago we hurt the Giants causing our separation, but now I want that the last Giant would be allowed to live with us humans, peacefully.
Judge- Forget about it, this will never happen.
Jack- It was our fault and we have to change it.
Judge- I guess you’re right. Bring the Giant to the house next to your and we’ll give him that house.
(Setting changes back to the Castle.)
Jack- Come with me, we can live together, my fellow humans are ready to accept you.
Giant- No the other humans will kill me.
Jack – Trust me
Giant- Okay
(The setting changes to the Giant’s new house.)
Jack- Here is your new house.
Giant- Thank you so much, Jack
Jack- Make yourself at home.
B: - (The Waitress enters and keeps the food on the table. The Giant eats his food, and takes out a bag of coins. He goes to sleep. The waitress leaves.)
Jack: - This is my chance. If I take all the coins I’ll be able to afford anything.
(Jack goes up and he leaves with the gold coins. The giant wakes up to see that his gold coins are gone.)
Giant: - Where are my gold coins?
(Waitress runs in.)
Waitress- I have no idea, sire.
Giant- Hmm, I think that an Englishman, came and robbed me.
Waitress: - Stop dreaming.
Giant: - I won’t spare if I ever see him again…
(The setting changes back to Jack’s house, where he hands the gold coins to his mom.)
Mom- Where did you get so many gold coins from?
Jack- Um, it was on the beanstalk.
Mom- Well go to sleep now it is getting late.
(It becomes dark and Jack sneaks back to the Castle.)
Jack- Hello
Waitress- You again! Do you know that the day you came the Giant lost a bag of his coins.
Jack- I have no idea.
Waitress- Hid for if the Giant sees you, your name will be written on his menu for dinner tonight.
Giant- Oh, Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Waitress- You must be dreaming sire.
Giant- Oh, bring me my food, and my golden goose.
(Waitress enters with the goose and food.)
Giant- Lay
(The Goose lays an egg.)
Giant- Put my goose back.
(Before the Waitress come Jack sneaks in and takes the goose away and leaves.)
Waitress- Giant, rise, where is your goose.
Giant- It was definitely that Englishman.
Waitress- Yes, supposedly.
(Changes setting to Jack’s house where he gives the goose to his mother.)
Jack- Lay
(The goose lays an egg.)
Mom- Wow, where did you get such an amazing creature.
Jack- Um.. It was on top of the Giant… I meant the Beanstalk.
Mom- Okay go to sleep.
(It becomes dark and Jack sneaks out of his house and up the beanstalk. The setting changes to the night, then to the beanstalk and then to the castle.)
Giant- Fee fi fo fum. I smell the blod of an Englishman.
Waitress- You must be dreaming.
Giant- Give me my food and my harp.
(The waitress brought in the harp and food.)
Giant- Sing
Harp- La, la, la
(The Giant goes to sleep and Jack sneaks in and runs away with the harp.)
Harp- Master.
(The Giant gets and runs after Jack)
Giant- You Englishman, I will kill you!
(Jack vanishes and then the Giant does, as the setting changes to the beanstalk.)
Giant- Get back here you Englishman.
Jack- Get the axe mom.
(His mom comes rushing out with an axe, and Jack cuts the beanstalk.)
Giant- NOOOOO!
Jack- Wof, that was a close call.
(Hands his mom the harp.)
Mom- So you were stealing from that Giant.
Jack- Yes, I’m sorry.
Mom- Stealing isn’t ever a good thing, and never do so ever again.

Project Plan: -
Resources: -
-Tools Computer, Internet Connection, Scratch.
Animations from Scratch, Images from Internet.
For this project you will need yourself, no one else except your computer.
Hopefully the project will be done at home. Parts will be done at school and at the library.
You need at least 3-4 hours, and as efficiency goes down the time increases and vice-versa.
You will not need any money this project.
Action Plan-
My schedule is spend 30 minutes-1 hour writing the script.
You will need at least 40 minutes-1 hour to finish your storyboard.
1 to 2 hour to animate your presentation using Scratch.
First, open Google Docs.
Secondly, create a script.
Third, upload on storyboardthat.com make Act 1 of your script and then Act 2a and Act 2b for the two different endings.
Finally, animate your project on Scratch and post it on the Scratch website using your Scratch account and on youth voices with your project and action plan.
Developer’s Journal (Create): -
Session: -
Number one
Date: -
2:15-2:45 p.m
Short Summary: -
In this time I went to the library finished my script.
Problems: -
Some problems I faced were with the split script and the two endings, because then the script gets way longer and then it becomes harder to work on it.
Solution: -
I had to increase the time I worked on my script.
Changes: - I thought the script would take 30 minutes to 1 hour, but it took almost 1 hour 15 minutes in reality. Session: - Number two Date: - 04/26/14 Time: - 5-9 p. m Short Summary: - In this time I finished my storyboard and I finished my Scratch Animation. Problems: - Some Problems I faced was the timing of the dialogue of the sprites and the timing to when the background had to change in the Scratch Animation. Solutions: - I had the time I had to work on my storyboard and scratch animation. Changes: - I thought the Scratch Animation will take 1-2 hours, but it took 2 ½ hour. I thought the storyboard would take 40 minutes to 1 hour but it took 1 ½ hour.

I completed all of the design specifications. My animations is way longer than 2 minutes. In my story the viewer gets to take a decision which affects the outcome of the story, yes or no. The outcomes tell a lesson about the decision made. The beginning part is more than a minute and so is both the outcomes. I gave credit to everyone who was no one. This is a project viewable to children younger than 13 and I completed the project before May 5. My script follows all the guidelines, and so does my storyboard.

May 6, 2014

The Griffin By Brother Grimm (Interactive Project)

by: 19ilichs

-Hans (the youngest son)
-Griffin’s Wife
-Old Man
-The Older Son

[boy comes into stage from right]
Messenger Boy: The king’s daughter is sick! The King has proclaimed that whoever brings his daughter apples for healing will marry her!
[change to background 1, sprites 2, 3, 4, and 5 appear]
Father: So, you boys seen the king’s offer? Nice right?
Older Son, Jack: Yea, lucky guy. I heard the daughter is pretty.
Father: Oh, so you’re interested? Well then, fetch some nice apples from our orchard and we’ll have you on your way to the king’s palace.
Jack: No, let Henry.
Father: What? Henry? Don’t be foolish! Henry, you are young and you are not smart! NO! You shall not go.
Henry: Please Father! This is a chance to prove myself! Please???!!!!
Father: Well fine… but if you fail, I shall box your ears for your stupidity.
Henry: Oh thank you Father! I won’t let you down.
Father: You better not.
[change to background 4 with sprite 8 (the son)]
Henry: Hmm… Hmm… Hmm.
[sprite 6 appears on stage]
Henry: Oh…. hello good sir.
Old Man: Hmm…. what do you have in the basket, son?

Henry: Mushrooms…. yea…
Old Man: Well, if that’s what they are, then that’s what they will remain. [thinks] Ughh this generation… never telling the truth and always being greedy… I’m out!
[Sprite 6 disappears from stage]
Henry: Right then… man the old generation are so mysterious …
[sprite 8 moves across stage]
[change to background 6, show sprite 8]
Henry: I am here to bring apples...
[sprite 7 appears from left]
King: What?
Henry: Please look sir.
Henry: What??
[change costume] Ohhhhhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
[change costume] I’m sooo sorry…. I don’t understand… they were here before……
King: Bah! I don’t want to hear any excuses! Go now before I call the guards.
[change background so door closes]
[sprite 8 costume changes and moves to the right so it disappears from stage]
[change to background 4 with sprite 8 slowly moving across stage to right]
[sprite 6 appears and sprite 8 stops moving right]
Henry: You! You changed my apples to mushrooms!
Old Man: Well, but you specifically said you were carrying mushrooms!
Henry: Yes, but…
Old Man: Ahhh… see… you lied and now that you think, you see that there was no reason to lie.
Henry: Well… you could’ve asked me if you wanted them…
Old Man: What a lousy excuse. Well, now you see what lying did to you. And hopefully, you will not do that again. Hmm?
Henry: Okay… you are right! I will not lie again.
Old Man: Hmmm… we shall see. Well I wish you the best and I hope nothing further unfortunate happens after.
Henry: I hope so, too. And thank you good sir for your good words of wisdom. I will definitely consider everything you have said.
[sprite 6 disappears from stage and sprite 8 keeps moving right to the end of stage]
[background changes to Henry’s house]
Father: Hello, boy. Did the princess get the apples?
Henry: Alas, no.
Father: What!?!?
Henry: I told a lie that cost me the apples. I am sorry.
Father: You --
[Jack comes into the stage from right]
Jack: Father! Father!
Father: What?
Jack: There is this horrid creature in the apple orchard! And-- And he’s eating them!
[Father’s costume changes]
Father: Oh no!
[change background to apple orchard] [Griffin appears, Father, Jack, and Henry]
Father: Good gracious! What is that?
Henry: I’m not sure…
Jack: He is eating all of our apples… Now we have nothing to sell…
Henry: Oh I am so sorry I lied! If I didn’t then I could’ve married the princess and we could all live in the castle but now we have nothing!
Jack: Me too! I will not lie again!
Henry: Apples that I am taking to the king’s daughter so she feels better.
Old Man: Well, if that’s what they are, then that’s what they will remain.
[sprite 6 disappears from stage]
[change to background 6, show sprite 8]Henry: Ummm hello? I am here to bring apples for the princess!!
[sprite 7 appears from left]
King: What? You do??
Henry: Please look sir.
[background changes to inside the basket]
King: Why, thank you good sir! I will take theses to my daughter right away!
[sprite: daughter appears]
Princess: Thank you, sir but alas I can not marry you until you carry out some errands.
Henry: I will!...... But what are they?
[background changes to: one more hour later]
[background changes to field and sprite 8 appears in different costume]
Henry: This is IMPOSSIBLE. Oh wait, I have this whistle, not sure what it does…. Oh right! Father gave it to me! It can attract anything! This will help.
[change background to: Next errand]
[change background]
[King appears]
King:You have only one more task left. You must get a tail feather from a griffin.
Henry: What?? Okay then…
[change background to Griffin’s house] {show sprite 8 and Griffin’s wife]
Wife: Oh hello boy. Why are you here.
Henry: To see the Griffin.
Wife: He isn’t home, but you are welcome to stay. But you must hide when he comes. He isn’t fond of humans.
Henry: Okay, but then can you ask him somethings. I ran into some people on the way here. One couple wants to know what will cure their daughter, and a man wants to know why he has to carry all these people across this lake.
Wife: Very well. Oh! Here he comes! HIde!
[sprite 8 moves across stage and Griffin enters the stage]
Griffin:Hello! Busy day… I think I’ll go to sleep…
Wife: Very well then but I have some questions. A couple’s daughter is sick…. What should they do to cure her?
Griffin: Fools… there’s a toad in the basement that’s home is made of her hair and if she gets her hair back she will be much better.
Wife: And suppose a man who carries people across a lake wondered why he is doing this….?
Griffin: Ughhh… the fool…. all he needs is to leave one person in the middle in the middle of the lake… Now hush, I need to get rest.
[at night, sprite 8 changes costume, then goes back to previous costume]
Griffin: Who pulled my tail?!?
Wife: No one… Go back to sleep.
[change background to: 3 days later, then change to wedding day. Sprite 8 and Princess appear]
Princess: Well, everything turned out okay except for my father…
Henry: Oh right…. I am sorry… He happened to be the first person after I told the man who carried people across the lake that he needed to leave one person in the middle of the lake… And the king couldn’t swim. But alas everyone else is well.

Tools: Scratch, internet
Materials: Scratch sprite, google images (credits for images)
Labor:credits for people who contributed (momothecat.deviantart.com)
Location: home and school
Time: class and school.

Step 1: Make storyboards
Step 2: Create project
Step 3: See if project matches requirements and edit if needed.
Step 4: Upload to scratch

Day 1: Do step 1.
Day 2: Do steps 2 and 3
Day 3: Do step 3 and 4

Developer’s Journal:
Today in class I started to work on my project. I got through one scene. I didn’t encounter any problems though I took time with some designs.
I finished my project today. I almost deleted it halfway through but didn’t I finished it a good time actually.

I couldn’t complete my project by the due date because the program started to glitch. It seems like I broadcasted too many messages but for some reason, I can’t make new messages. And my ethical decision doesn’t work either even though all of it should work. I checked everything multiple times and it all seems like it should work but yet it doesn’t. I don’t think it was my computer because I already tried on 3.

May 6, 2014

"Death and All His Friends" based on "Death's Messengers" by The Brothers Grimm INTERACTIVE

by: 19husains
Storyboard Act 1
Storyboard Act 2a

A: Investigate
Title: Death’s Messengers Author: The Brothers Grimm
Url: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~spok/grimmtmp/199.txt
Main character: the young man
Choice: to help Death
Choice And consequences: To help death and the world or to not help death and the world will perish
Moral: You have to do the right thing, even if you won’t gain anything.

B: Design
Story Script:
Narrator: narrates everything
Giant: Secondary character
Death: Secondary character
Felix Felicis: Main character, makes decision.
Young Man: [Negative Ending Only] secondary character, frees Death

Setting: A Road

Narrator: Once upon a time, a Giant was walking along a road.
Giant: *walking along the road*
Narrator:When suddenly, one blocked his path.
Death: Halt.
Giant: WHAT? I can crush you beneath my fingers! Who dares block MY way?
Death: I am Death. No one resists me, and you also must obey my commands.
Narrator: The Giant grew wary, but then he realized he was much bigger than Death. He wants to kill death for thinking anyone is better than himself.
Giant: No one resists you? You foolish being. What is death compared to a Giant?
Giant: *tackles death*
*brawl scene, blurs of circles rotating, cue sound effects*
*cue hurt sound, Death stuck underneath a boulder*
Narrator: After a long time of fighting, at last, the Giant beat death.
Giant: You amuse me puny death. You cannot even beat a giant. Fear not, no one can.
*Giant walks away in the journey*
Narrator: Death realizes that without himself to take the lives of others away, the world will be too full of living beings, immortal, crowding the world.
Death: *think bubble* I am too weak to move. How will those meant to die die without me to take them away?
*cut to new stage of the road. Young man will a healthy glow walking, whistling.*
Narrator: Soon, a young man came upon the path. Seeing Death, he wishes to help him.
*Shot of death looking weak, underneath the boulder*
*The young man sees death beneath the boulder, thinking he is a weak a weak man*
Young Man: Are you alright? Here, I have a healing draught. Please, do take some.
*small flask sprite, to death*
Death: You do not know who I am. I am Death. I spare no one, and you won’t be an exception. You wish to help me, when I will kill you in the end?

Interactive Decision
Narrator: What do you think the young man should do? Press + is he should help death, and - If he shouldn’t.
Positive Negative
Narrator:The young man was kind. He wanted to help Death.
Young Man:It is nice to meet you Death. My name is Felix--Felix Felicis-- and I would be honored to help you.
Death:You are naïve. You choose Death over immortality?
Felix: Do you not want to get out of there? Do you not wish to do your job any longer? The job that you are bound to eternally?
Narrator:Death was wary. He wanted to test The Young Man. He wanted to see if he would continue helping, even if Death was rude.
Death:What I do is no concern of yours human. You are arrogant, thinking you have power over me.
Narrator:But the young man pursued him still
Felix:And yet you want my assistance. No, you don’t want it, I offer it.
Narrator:Convinced of his innocence, Death finally lets the Young Man help him.
Death: You are either a very brave man, or a very foolish one, Felix Felicis.
Narrator:And death wishes to repay him.
Death: Since I am forgiving, I offer to have some mercy on you. When your time of death comes, I will warn you beforehand, so you may do what you must before I take you away-- for good.
Felix: Thank you so much.
Narrator:And so the Young Man gave Death a healing draught.
Felix: [hands death a small bottle]
Death: [drinks it]Thank you, human.
Narrator:And so death and the young man went their separate ways.

Setting: Felix’s House, many years later

Narrator:And so as the years passed, the young man grew healthy and strong.He sometimes watched as Death did his job of taking lives away.
[Shot of animals and people dying]
Narrator:But youth and health did not last long.Soon came sickness and sorrows, which tormented him by day, and took away his rest by night.Die,I shall not, said he to himself,for death will send his messengers before that, but I do wish these wretched days of sickness were over.As soon as he felt himself well again he began once more to live merrily.

Setting: bedroom

Death:[appears] I have come to take your life.
Felix: What? you said you’d warn me!
Death: Have I not sent one messenger to you
after another?Did not fever come and smite you,and shake you,
and cast you down?Has not dizziness bewildered your head? Has not gout twitched you in all your limbs?Did not your ears sing?Did not toothache bite into your cheeks?Was it not dark before your eyes?And besides all that, has not my own brother sleep
reminded you every night of me? Did you not lie by night as if
you were already dead?
Felix: You cheated me. You said you’d warm me. You personally.
Death: I said I would get you notified. I did so. It is time for you to die.
Felix: I do not regret helping you. I know I did the right thing, even if I did not get rewarded.
Narrator: and so the young man went with death, peacefully
The End

Narrator: But the young man despised death. He didn’t want to help him.
Felix: Why should I help you? You are cruel. You take away the lives of even the innocent. You took the life of my baby brother when he was a child- he was 8 years old. Why help a merciless being when we will benefit without you? I can help humanity, if not you.
Death:You think yourself great, you arrogant being!I know you, you are Felix! Felix Felicis! You need me, or else the world will turn upside down. I am the pillar that keeps “humanity” alive. In fact, I keep all living being alive- by killing.
Felix: You make no sense. You call me arrogant, but you are more so! We do not need you! You are a burden! I refuse to help you. You will rot here, under a boulder. No one will find you here.I will make sure of that. Just you wait!
Narrator: that day, the young man built a fence around that road. He made a sign labelling it as restricted.

Setting [shot]: Road with a giant fence around it, boulders in the background. Sign says DO NOT ENTER

Narrator: And so no one entered. No one freed death.

Setting: shots of different people not dying. Animals,too. Shot of people with diseases.
Shot of the Earth slowly overpopulating.

Narrator[speaking while shots change]:People learned early that they could no longer die. Animals couldn’t be eaten-- they couldn’t be killed, so meat was unavailable. People became unnourished. So people began being exposed to diseases. Some sickness were so horrible, people begged for death. Alas, he never came, bound below the boulder.

Setting: shot to the road with fence

[little boy enters]

Narrator: Finally, one day, a young boy entered the road, searching for food for his sick mother. He climbed the fence, and saw Death.
Death: Young Boy, come free me!
Young Boy: Who are you?
Death: I am Death. Hurry, please! Or the world shall perish!
Young Man: Please, can you help my mother? Can you relieve her of her pain, if I help you?
Death: I can bring her a peaceful, painless death.
Narrator: The young man used a healing draught he had saved for his mother to help Death.

Setting:House at night, mother sleeping in bed. Glimpse of Death.
Narrator:Death killed his mother in her sleep, she did not feel a thing.
Death: Finally, Death continued his job, killing those in turn.Except for one Felix Felicis, who watched as those close to him died in front of his eyes painfully. He begged for Death, until finally, Death pitifully took his life 100 years later.

The End

Storyboards: See above

C: Project Plan: Resources
Tools: Internet Scratch Computer

Materials:Sprites- Death, Felix, Giant

Location: Home


Money:$0 because I’m broke.

Time:6 hours

Project Plan: Action Plan
Finish script
Create all Sprites (including all costumes.)
Begin making backgrounds needed
Begin making pre-decision
Make post-decision
Edit all scenes
Play through one more time

D: Developer’s Journal:

Wed, May 1st
Tech Room
I have made progress in my storyboards. I did most of the positive ending, but it got erased because of the browser. I will have to redo it.

Mon, May 5th
I had to make a separate sprite for death in the rocks, so i don’t make a mistake with another death costume.
Also, I will remove the shots of people dying, and skip straight to sickness (in the positive ending.)
I’m having trouble with keeping the time of each speech bubble there enough for people to read.
For some reason, after the question is asked, the answer region doesn’t leave.

I accidentally named 2 broadcasts the same thing, which took me a half hour to fix.

E: Evaluate

My project does meet all the design specifications. It is at least 2 minutes long. Its interactive, and splits in two endings, which is affected by the decision the user makes for the
main character.

Although, for the positive ending, the character dies anyways. This is because the moral of the story is that even though he didn’t end up being the most wealthy or rewarded in the end, he made the right choice. As a result, the Earth was in full balance again at the end. It is easier to understand this if the viewer watches both the positive and negative ending. In the negative ending, Felix (the main character) doesn’t help Death, and the world is put off balance. Since people can’t eat meat, they lack some nutrition, and get sick. If anyone is deathly sick, they won’t be able to be put out of their misery. Although death is now nonexistent, pain isn’t. At the end, Felix is left immortal until death takes pity in his suffering and finally kills him. Obviously, the negative ending is more… unforgiving.

One way I could have improved my project is by making it more interesting. This could be done by adding in sounds, and making the project more appealing to the eyes and more entertaining in general. Also, the scenery could have been improved, because it was so generalized in the animation.

When my project was finished, I had fixed the bugs I came upon when editing and reviewing the animation one last time. Those bugs include: broadcasts named the same thing, wrong dialogue cued, and the amount of time between each line performed by each sprite/ character.

May 6, 2014

The Serpent and the Eagle: Interactive

by: 19ChanS
Title Slide
Act 1
Act 2A
Act 2B

A: Investigate

“The Serpent and the Eagle”


Author: Aesop

The Serpent, Eagle, and countryman

The Ethical Decision: Does the countryman free the eagle from the serpent’s grasp, or does he watch what will become of the fight?

Choice and Consequences: The countryman frees the eagle from the serpent, who spits poison into his drinking cup, and the eagle knocks it out of his hands when he’s about to take a drink, successfully spilling the contents on the ground; the eagle saves him.

An Alternate Ending: The countryman watches as the two animals fight it out. The eagle escapes, flying away, and the serpent angrily spits poison into the countryman’s drinking cup. The countryman ends up dying from the poison in his cup because of his decision to stand by.

B: Design

Story Script

[Characters: Eagle, Serpent, and Countryman]

Scene 1

[Background is in a desert-like place]

[An eagle flies around in the sky]

Eagle [thinking]: That snake looks tasty…

[Serpent looks up and sees Eagle]

Serpent [thinking]: That bird will make for a good meal.

[Serpent gets his coils ready]

[Eagle swoops down and tackles Serpent]

Eagle: I think I’ll eat you!

[Serpent has his coils around Eagle]

Serpent: No, I’ll be eating YOU!

[Eagle and Serpent struggle]

[Countryman walks by]

Countryman: What’s happening?

Eagle: Come and help me, countryman!

Countryman: What could I, a mere human, do against a ferocious animal like the Serpent?

Eagle: Free me! You can get his coils off me!

Serpent: If you help him, I will kill YOU after I eat him!

Countryman [thinking]: I want to help Eagle, but I don’t want to be killed if he doesn’t survive! What should I do?

Viewer Interaction:
Countryman: [Ask viewer the question] Do I help Eagle or not? [yes or no question, viewer must type in his/her answer]
Help Eagle Don't Help
[If Yes]
Countryman: Who cares if I die? The Eagle should live instead.

[Countryman frees Eagle and steps back]

Countryman: There you go!

[Eagle flies back up to the sky]

Eagle: Thank you, kind Countryman.

[Serpent is angry and spits poison into Countryman’s canteen]

Serpent [thinking]: That will serve him right!

[Serpent poofs]

Countryman: That made me thirsty!

[Countryman picks up canteen]

Countryman: I’m so glad I have water.

[Eagle swoops down and knocks canteen out of Countryman’s hands, poison spilling out of the canteen along with water]

Countryman: Hey! What are you-

Eagle: Look at the poison! Did you think that I knocked it out of your hands for no good reason? After all, you saved me!

Countryman: No, you saved me this time, Eagle! Thank you!

Eagle: Anyway, here’s some random canteen I found in the desert that isn’t poisoned. I personally… checked, don’t worry.

[Eagle drops good canteen]

Countryman: You’re more generous than I thought!

[Countryman takes canteen]

Eagle [thinking]: What kind of eagle did he take me for?

Eagle: I’ll be off now! I will remember you for the rest of my blessed ninety year life!

[Eagle disappears]

Countryman [thinking]: But eagles don’t live that long… They only live thirty to forty-five years, don’t they?

[Eagle is flying in the sky alone past mountains]


[Meanwhile, background changes to Serpent in witch’s hat looking into a crystal ball]

Serpent: Darn it, I failed!
The End~ Credits Roll

[If No]
Countryman steps back]

Countryman [thinking]: He’s on his own.

Countryman: Eagle, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can help you.

[Countryman whips out popcorn and watches the fight]

Eagle: Are you seriously making this into your movie?

Countryman: Well, it’s not like I can help… might as well enjoy it.

Serpent: Hahaha, not getting any help from your little human now!

Eagle: You will pay for this, human!

[Eagle escapes from Serpent without help]

Serpent: No!

[Serpent is angry and spits poison into Countryman’s canteen]

Serpent [thinking]: Stupid human! It’s all because I was distracted by him!

[Serpent poofs]

Countryman: I’m thirsty! I’ll just take a sip of water…

Eagle [thinking]: Hah! That will definitely serve him right!

[Eagle disappears]

[The countryman dies. The canteen is dropped, spilling the rest of the poisoned water on to the ground]

[Zoom-in on dropped canteen]

[Screen changes to Serpent in his evil lair]

Serpent: It worked! Hahaha!

The End~ Credits Roll

Project Plan

Tools: Scratch, computer, Internet access
Materials: Scratch sprites, images, credits for images, Scratch blocks, Scratch backgrounds, creative common images
Labor: Credits (for people who contributed)
Location: Home
Time: About four hours
Money: Nothing
Action Plan: I will work on my project in three parts. On one day I will set aside two hours to work on the first half of my project, finishing the part of the script all the way up to the ethical decision and if I have time, part of the first choice. On a second day I will set aside an hour or so to finish the part of the first choice and then start on the second choice. If I have time, I will finish the entire project and set the credits roll aside for another day. However, on the third day I will finish everything, including the credits roll. This will all be done at home.

Developer’s Journal

Session 1: 5/1/14, 10:19 AM, School
Time spent: 20 minutes
Short summary: I downloaded and cropped various images for the characters in my Scratch and started their dialogue.
Problems and solutions: None.
Changes: I will have to lessen the time I need to work on my project.

Session 2: 5/4/14, 9:13 PM, Home
Time spent: 3 hours and 30 minutes
Short summary: I finished the rest of my project.
Problems and solutions: First, I had difficulty matching up the characters’ looks (actions) and speech, so I had to adjust their costumes multiple times. The three main character sprites ended up having at least five costumes each. I also had to add certain sprites according to the script, or it wouldn’t work otherwise. I also found that using hide and broadcast blocks right on top of each other would not work, so I put a wait block in between them and solved the problem.
Changes: The time I needed increased.

E: Evaluate

Design Specifications:

1. My story animation was at least two minutes long, no matter what choice the user selected.
2. The viewer had to type in an answer at one point as their decision.
3. The viewer had to choose between two choices to make an ethical decision.
4. There were two branches involved in the animation that have different endings.
5. The outcomes show the consequences of positive and negative decisions.
6. The story leading up to the outcome is at least a minute long, and the same for either branch after the decision.


1. I gave credit to Aesop for the original fable.
2. The credited sources appear at the end of the animation.
3. The story is appropriate for viewers younger than 13 years old.
4. The story was published by May 5th.

My script was similar to the final product, but not exactly. Some parts of it were adjusted to have more dialogue and to fit the consequences of each branch after the ethical decision. My storyboard matches the final product because it was short and summed up what would happen in the final product.

May 6, 2014

"Keep Things a Secret" based on "Little Red Riding Hood" by Grimm Brothers

"Keep Things a Secret" - Act 1
"Keep Things a Secret" - Positive Scene
"Keep Things a Secret" - Negative Scene

A: Investigate - My Fairy Tale Choice
a) Story title and author:
Little Red Riding Hood
By: Brothers Grimm

b) Link to webpage that has full text of the story

c) Identify the main character (who makes the decision?)
The main character in the story is the little red riding hood herself. She makes the ethical decision of telling the wolf where she lives.

d) Identify the ethical decision
The ethical decision was when little red riding hood told the wolf where her grandmother lives.

e) Describe the character’s
The characters in the fairy tale are the little red riding hood, the wolf, the grandmother and the huntsman.

f) Describe an alternate ending
While walking by the hut, the huntsman hears the cries of despair coming from the inside of the small house. Frightened, he ran away from the hut never to be seen again. In desperate need of help, little red riding hood and the grandmother began to kick the wolf’s stomach until he became so sick he threw up the little girl and the old woman. After exiting the wolf’s evil depths, they called the local police and the wolf got punished for his wrong doing.

g) Explain the moral/ethical lesson you will teach
The moral/ethical lesson you will learn is that you should never talk to strange, especially do not give out personal infromation to people you don’t know.

B: Design
a) Script
Scene 1 ~ Home
Characters ~ Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother
Mother: Honey, can you please go over to grandma’s house and give her this sack of money, she’s awfully poor and she needs to pay FairyTaleInsurance her monthly fee.
LRRH: Sure Mom, but may I ask a question, since when did grandma have insurance.
Mother: She got insurance last month when her home got destroyed because of Hurricane BlowYourHouseDown.
LRRH: Okay, I’ll tell grandma you said hi!
Mother: Be careful honey, be back before sunset!
LRRH: Of course, by mom.

Scene 2 ~ The Forest
Characters ~ Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf
The Wolf: Good day, Little Red Riding Hood
LRRH: Thank you kindly, wolf.
The Wolf: Where are you going so early Little Red Riding Hood?
LRRH: To my grandmother's. I need to give her money to pay off her insurance.
The Wolf: Where does your grandmother live, Little Red Riding Hood? I could give her the money myself, it would make it much easier for you.
[Ethical Decision = If Little Red Riding Hood tells the wolf the location of her grandma's house]

[Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t tell the Wolf where she lives]
LRRH: It’s okay, I’ll give this to grandma on my own. You don’t need to know anything.
Wolf: No no no! I insist. It would be my pleasure.
LRRH: It’s okay, I got this.
[LRRH exits the stage] [The Wolf goes in the other direction]

Scene 3 ~ Grandma’s House
Characters ~ LRRH, Grandma
LRRH: Good day Grandma. How are you doing?
Grandma: I’m doing fine. What brings you here so early.
LRRH: I just wanted to give you this sack of money to pay off your insurance.
Grandma: Oh! Isn’t that lovely. Thank you so much honey. I’ll make sure it stays safe.
LRRH: Okay! By the way grandma, mom said hi.
Grandma: Tell her I said hi as well.
LRRH: Gotta go grandma! See ya around!
Grandma: Run along honey.

[Little Red Riding Hood tells the Wolf where she lives]
LRRH: Oh thank you wolf! That would be much help. My grandmother lives west of Cinderella Avenue. She lives in a big wood hut, you can’t miss it.
Wolf: Thank you young lady, I’ll make sure I get there quickly. [Wolf exits the stage]
[LRRH begins to walk in the opposite direction]
LRHH: Oh my! I forgot! I promised mother that I’d tell grandma she said hi. Oh dear me, I told Wolf to go for nothing. [LRRH exits the stage]
Scene 3 ~ Grandma’s House
Characters ~ LRRH, The Wolf, Grandma
[LRRH enters the house, wolf is already inside]
LRRH: Wolf, wolf! You don’t need to give grandma the money, I needed to tell her something else anyways!
Wolf: It’s alright I’ll deliver the message.
LRRH: No, it’s okay, if you do all the work, grandma will think I don’t care about her. Just hand over the money.
[Wolf runs off the stage into the wilderness]
Wolf: You’ll never catch me little girl! Don’t you know, you should never trust a wolf!

C: Project Plan
Google Drive
1. Sprites
2. Backgrounds
For this specific project, I didn’t receive any help.
1. During this project, I will be working at home because of several reasons such as: Good internet access, a quiet and mellow place to work in, a more comfortable working station.
During this project, I plan to work on this every day from wednesday to monday day for about 30 minutes.
For this project, I plan to have a budget of $20 max.
Action Plan
Brainstorm, write down whatever ideas come to mind.
Look through all of my notes and gather everything that is necessary.
Write down the script, 1 positive outcome, 1 negative outcome to the viewers decision.
Implement the scenes into storyboardthat.com
Implement the scene/storyboard into Scratch™.
Test out the animation.
Upload the animation to Scratch™.

D: Developer’s Journal
Entry #1
Session #1 ~ 4/30/14; School; 1:58pm
-Time spent ~ 40 minutes ---> 1:15pm - 1:55pm
-Summary of what you did ~ In this session, I drew out my sprites’ as well as I worked on the first 10-30 seconds of my first scene.
-Problem(s) ~ In this session I did not encounter any problems.

Entry #2
Session #2 ~ 5/3/14; Home; 6:26pm
-Time spent ~2 hours ---> 5:15pm - 6:15pm
-Summary of what you did ~ In this session, I finished and uploaded my animation.
-Problem(s) ~ In this session I did not encounter any problems.

E. Evaluate
After completing the project, I was happy about several things as well as there were some things that I could’ve improved on when constructing the animation. First of all, I was particularly happy with the simplicity of my script. Last animation I only used wait blocks, as my animation got longer, I had to add up the time making it more and more difficult to be precise. But on this project I used broadcast blocks resulting in an easier to follow animation. But aside from that, I wasn’t particularly happy about how well my animation followed my storyboard. It had the same concept but the storyboard used a different background and a much shorter version of the animation. Overall, I improved in this animation as well as it became more sophisticated but it didn’t follow the storyboard in a very good matter.

May 6, 2014

"Jack and the Beanstalk" by Joseph Jacobs (Interactive Version)

by: 19tianc
Title as above, title slide
Title as above, act 1 slide
Title as above, act 2a slide
Title as above, act 2b slide

A: Investigate- My Fairy Tale Choice
a) Jack and the Beanstalk by Joseph Jacobs
b) http://www.authorama.com/english-fairy-tales-15.html
c) Jack
d) Jack can either buy the beans from the old man, or leave and sell the cow for regular money.
e) Jack bought the beans, and his mother scolded him when he returned home. However, later on, the beans did turn out to be magical, and led him to an ogre’s home. There, he was able to bring home riches to his mother.
f) He goes to sell his cow, and his mother is happy and so is he, but then after a while they get poor and die from starvation.
g) The moral of the story is don’t be afraid to take risks, because it may be the better choice.
B: Design
This animation takes place on a farm. There are two sprites at first, the mother, her son, and a cow, then a trader, ogres, then other object sprites such as a beanstalk.
Scene One (Farm)
[Enter Jack, stage left]
[Enter Mother, stage right]
[Enter cow, stage left]
Mother: Jack! The cow isn’t giving milk anymore!
Jack: It’s fine, mother. We can just sell her.
Mother: We need her for money…
Jack: Maybe we can wait and see if she makes milk.
Mother: She’s so old, I don’t think she will…
Jack: How badly do we need money?
Mother: Aww, you’re such an innocent kid…
Jack: ...Mom.
Mother: Oh yeah sorry. Anyway we will run out of food in three days if we don't get more money.
Jack: Why didn’t you tell me sooner?
Mother: Even I wasn't aware of it! Anyway, think of something!
Jack: I still say sell her.
Mother: We can’t!
Jack: But we need the money now. I’ll get a job, okay?
Mother: Well, if it works…
Jack: Mother, I know it will work.
[Exit Mother, stage right]
[Exit cow and Jack together, stage left]
Scene Two (Trading Post)
[Enter Jack and cow, stage left]
[Enter Trader, stage right]
Jack: Hello, what can I have for this cow?
Trader: Well, for such a nice cow, you can have these beans.
Jack: Beans? What good are those?
Trader: These are magic beans.
Jack: Magic beans? What exactly are those?
Trader: Beans that are magical.
Jack: Okay yeah, but what do they do?
Trader: They will grow overnight into a beanstalk. If you climb it, you will find a secret.
Jack: [Thinks] That sounds so cool!...But so impossible.
Trader: Well?
Jack: [Thinks] Should I take them?

Viewer Interaction:
Jack: [Ask viewer the question] Should I take the beans or ask him for money?
[two sprites appear, one box labeled “take the beans” and the other labeled “ask for money”. [Wait for the answer.]
Take the Beans Ask for money
Jack: Okay, I’ll take it.
Trader: Great!
Jack: Thank you.
Trader: Bye now! Enjoy the beans!
[Exit Trader, stage right]
[Exit Jack, stage left]
Scene 3 (Farm)
[Enter Mother, stage right]
[Enter Jack, stage left]
Mother: Jack! You’re back! How much did you get?
Jack: I got these magical beans.
Mother: Beans?! You fool!
Jack: The trader said-
Mother: You gullible waste! Go to your room, no supper!
Jack: Okay.
[Exit Jack, stage left]
[Exit Mother, stage right]
Scene 4 (Room)
[Enter Jack, stage left]
Jack: Ugh. I really messed up.
Jack: I should just throw these beans out the window.
[Walks to window, throws beans out]
[Sits on bed, cries and eventually falls asleep.]
Scene 5 (Farm)
[Show beanstalk, middle of stage]
[Enter Mother, stage right]
Mother: Jack! Your beans were magical!
[Enter Jack, stage left]
Jack: They were?
Mother: Look at that!
Jack: Wow. [Climbs beanstalk] I’m going to go see what’s up there.
Scene 6 (Clouds)
[Enter Jack, stage bottom]
Jack: Hello? Anyone here?
[Enter female ogre, stage right]
Jack: Nice to meet you!
Jack: A gold chicken? Sure, why not?
Jack: Awesome.
[Enter male ogre, stage right]
[Exit Jack, stage left]
Ogrette: OH, NO WORRY! HIS NAME IS… where is he?
Scene 7 (Farm)
[Enter Jack, stage left]
[Enter Mother, stage right]
Jack: Mother, I got a golden chicken!
Mother: Good boy! Now we can be rich beyond our wildest dreams.
[Background change: And they did. After a couple of weeks and hundreds of golden eggs, they were the richest in the village. And of course, they lived happily ever after. THE END Moral: Always take a risk, and think ahead.]
Jack: Instead of beans, how about some money?
Trader: Well, alright, if you insist!
[Exit Trader, stage right]
[Exit Jack, stage left]
Scene 3 (Farm)
[Enter Mother, stage right]
[Enter Jack, stage left]
Mother: Jack! You’re back! How much did you get?
Jack: I got bags of money!
Mother: How much?
Jack: $100!
Mother: Wow, that’s enough to keep us for a couple weeks!
Jack: Great, isn’t it?
[Change background: Two months later…]
Mother: Jack, we’re absolutely broke!
Jack: We don’t have the cow,
Mother: no chickens,
Jack: no pigs,
Mother: nothing to sell!
Jack: What do we do?
Mother: We need to beg.
Scene 4 (Street)
Jack: Please, just some food!
Mother: Food, anything.
Jack: Rotten meat, expired juice!
Mother: Anything, please!
Jack: Please!
Mother: PLEASE!
[Change background: 5 years later…]
Jack: We’re starving.
Mother: I know.
Jack: We’re going to die.
Mother: I know.
Jack: I knew we shouldn’t have sold that cow!
Mother: I know.
Jack: [Thinks] Didn’t the man mention magic beans?
Mother: What can we do… we’re poor, hungry…
Jack: I guess that’s that.
Mother: I know.
[Change background: In the end, both of them died of starvation. THE END Moral: Always take a risk, and think ahead.]

See above
C: Plan
Project Plan
1. Resources Used
Tools: Computer, Internet, Scratch
Materials: Sprites, blocks, scripts
Labor: Myself
Location: Home, school
Time: Until May 2nd
Money: $0
2. Plan of Action
Sequence of steps:
1. Investigate: Choose your story and research it.
2. Design: Write your script.
3. Create storyboards.
4. Plan your project, including the materials and time needed.
5. Create your project!
1. Create scenes before the decision.
2. Create the decision scene.
3. Create the positive scene.
4. Create the negative scene.
Developer’s Journal
Session #1 4/30/14 2:02 pm, school
Time spent: 1 hour
I started the Unit 3 Project and finished it up to the choice. I used the Scratch program to start my animation.
I had some trouble with the dialogue because the part before the choice wasn’t one minute long.
I ended up adding a lot more dialogue to the characters so that it fulfilled that requirement.
Session #2
5/1/14 6:04 PM, Home
Time spent: 1 hour
I continued working on the Unit 3 project and got a considerable amount done. I finished the positive story, so now the only thing I have left is the negative one.
I had a problem with timing in a lot if places. Near the end I forgot to put a couple of wait blocks which really messed it up.
I was able to track down the area with the problem and fix it so that it runs smoothly.
Session #3
5/3/14 11:02 PM, Home
Time spent: 1 hour
I finished my Unit 3 Project, getting the negative story done.
I didn’t really have any problems this time. The hardest part was getting the cow to leave the stage.
It was really easy to solve the problem. There was an extra broadcast block that wasn’t needed and when I took it out the cow left the stage.

E: Evaluate
My animation for the Unit 3 project followed the design specifications properly. The entire animation is two minutes long, and the story is interactive. There is a scene where the viewer can make a choice between taking the beans or money, and the story branches off into two parts after a decision is made. Those two parts are both at least one minute each and it tells a lesson about positive and negative decisions. My script may be a little different from the actual animation because it the animation wasn’t one minute long, so I had to add more lines. The storyboards are still similar because it tells the basic plot.

May 6, 2014

"The Princess and the Pea" By Hans Christian Anderson (interactive version)

by: 19jangs
"The Princess and the Pea" By Hans Christian Anderson, title
the title stated above
the title stated above
the title stated above

A: Investigate- The Princess and the Pea

a.) The Princess and the Pea By Hans Christian Andersen

b.) http://www.speakaboos.com/full-text/the-princess-and-the-pea

c.) The main character of the story is the princess that tells the truth to the prince.

d.) The ethical decision is whether or not the all the princesses should tell the truth or not. But in the end, there is always this one princess who tells the truth to the prince and in the end they get married.

e.) There are multiple princesses that try out to see which princess best matches up with the prince. The princesses that lie to the prince telling him that they had comfortable sleep when they actually didn’t, they won’t get to marry the prince. However, the one princess that tells the truth is the one that gets to marry the prince in the end.

f. ) The alternate ending is that once the prince asks the princess how her sleep was last night, she says that she slept great and that sleeping on all those mattresses was extremely comfortable. Then it proves she is not a true princess, so she won’t get married to the prince. This may result in the prince not having princess to marry.

g.) The moral lesson is that you should always tell the truth and not to judge people by what they look like. Get to know people first, then make up your mind. The lesson is that even the smallest things can make a big difference. Sometimes we don't think that something so small can make an impact but this story tells us that something so small is what made the difference.

B: Design- Story Script

Setting: the castle

Characters: multiple princesses, the main princess, the prince, mother, the servant

Title: The Princess and the Pea

1.) Scene 1

Mother: I will only accept nothing less than the best, especially for my son. Son, you deserve the best woman in the whole world. Do not settle for just any pretty face. A prince must be named to a princess.
Prince: Got that mom.
Mother: But remember, a real princess is not just the daughter of a king and queen. A real princess is delicate and refined and only eats the finest foods. She is well-educated and reads only the greatest books and poems. She wears the loveliest dresses, and carries herself with grace and dignity. And the first thing you will notice, a real princess has the voice of an angel.
[The prince goes to travel]

2.) Scene 2

[He met the Queen and the King, and they were impressed by his politeness in the lobby]

3.) Scene 3

[Goes upstairs to meet the princess in her room]
Prince: Hello Princess.
Princess: Hello Prince.
Prince: [thinks] Her voice is so crackly and hoarse.
Prince: Um, are you alright Princess? Do you want want me to bring you a glass of water?
Princess: No, I’m not a thirsty.
Prince: Well it was nice to meet you. I must be going, it is getting late.

4.) Scene 4

[It was a terrible thunderstorm outside that night]
Princess: My driver got lost in the rain. Would you be kind enough to provide us shelter for tonight?
Servant: Of course you are welcome to stay. Allow me to take your coat.
Princess: Thank you so much sir.
Mother: My dear son, she is no princess. What kind of princess goes out in the middle of the night knocking on people’s doors?
Prince: But mother, I’ve never seen anything more graceful than that.
Mother: Alright, then, if you don’t believe me, we will put her to a test.
Prince: Fine, if that is what it takes.
Mother: Tonight we will dress her bed with ten of the softest, fluffiest feather mattresses in the castle. Then under the ten mattresses we will place a single uncooked pea. if the pea disturbs her sleep, then we will know only a real princess would be delicate and refined enough to feel the pea.
Prince: [thinks] Nobody would be able to feel such a small of pea.

5.) Scene 5

[tomorrow morning]
Servant: How was last night’s sleep Princess?

Viewer Interaction:
Princess: Should I pick [postive: tell the truth and what last night actually felt like] or [negative: lie to them and tell them it was wonderful]?
Positive Negative
Princess: I am so tired. Please do not tell the Prince, but that bed is awful, I felt like there was a brick inside it. I did not sleep a wink all night.
[The Prince rushes over and kneels down beside her]
Prince: You are a true princess, aren’t you? Please marry me and live here and I will get you any mattress you choose.
Princess: Just promise that you will never let me sleep on that mattress ever again.
Prince: Yes, I love you so much.
Princess: It was okay and it was not that bad. I enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me sleep here.
Prince: Oh, okay you welcome. Are you leaving right now?
Princess: Yeah, thanks tho.
Prince: Welcome again. Bye have fun!

Storyboards: see pictures above

C: Project Plan:

1. Resources Used:

Tools- Scratch, Computer, USB Flash Drive, Internet access
Materials- sprites, backgrounds
Time-5-6 hours
Location-home and school
Labor- I will do all the work myself.
Money/ Capital: Budget-nothing

2. Plan Of Action:

1.) Procedure: Sequence of Steps:
2.) First I must pick a story and write the script to it.
3.) Then, I have to decide on the positive and negative side
4.) After that, I have to design the cover
5.) Next, I have to design the storyboards
6.) Write up this project plan
7.) Design the project of Scratch

3. Credits:

Storyline: http://www.speakaboos.com/full-text/the-princess-and-the-pea
Backgrounds: https://www.storyboardthat.com/classroom/users/19jangs

D: Developer’s Journal:

Session 1: 5/2/14, school

Time Spent: 70 minutes

Summary: I went to Scratch and first had to import the title page on the storyboardthat website to Scratch. Once that was done, I realized that if I added more scenes or separate storyboards I could keep on downloading the images and import to Scratch. It would be much more easier than actually scripting the whole entire thing. From there, I went to the storyboardthat website and there I expanded my storyboards and created more. After that, I just kept on downloading them, unzipping them, and then importing them onto Scratch. Once done after that, I just set it up ad spaced out all the timing correctly to put it all together.

Problems: I didn't exactly have many problems. The only probably main problem I had was organizing all my files after unzipping them and making sure which png was after one another.

Solutions: I just named it different documents so it would all work out and I could learn to differentiate everything.

Changes: I wish I could change a couple of the characters because some of the character was supposed to look and stay the same throughout the whole entire animation, but I changed certain part of their look such as the skin tone so the viewer might think of it as a different character.

E: Evaluate:

The Design Specification: Apparently my animation is about twenty seconds less than two minutes long. It is approximately 105-110 seconds. It is interactive meaning that when the princess asks the main question, the viewer can reply back with either "I am so tired. I did not sleep with a wink last night" or "ummmm...it was okay and it was not that bad." Then, depending on what the viewer chooses, the story goes on and there are two different ways because the viewer is actually making the princess make a decision. Depending on what decision, the endings come out differently. The viewer makes two choices. One where the princess lies and the prince doesn't marry her. On the other hand, the princess tells the servant honestly and in the end she gets married to the prince. Telling the servant what she truly felt and experienced is the positive side, whilst, lying leads the prince with no bride. The two different ethical decisions don’t add up to one minute. One is 15 seconds and the other one is 20 seconds. There were no credits to give to the other people. Moreover, it is appropriate for kids 13 and younger and I handed it in on time.

Script: The script was properly followed like the one I wrote above. The dialogue and everything each character was supposed to say was done in the right format and in order. Though I did skip a little bit of the Queen also as known as the Prince's mom's speech in the beginning. But overall, the viewers' would understand what the qualities of a princess were and what the Mom expected of a princess that the prince would later on marry. The number of scenes may have been more than the ones I listed above, but it followed the structure of the story line and how the story moved on.

Storyboard: The title page is simply the cover of my whole animation. After that, the three different storyboards are the ones that represent the three major acts that happen in the animation. The first one is everything that happens before the ethical decision. This consists of the prince going to different castles to meet new princesses and also the hope of finding one that he can marry. Then, Act 2A is the positive side of the ethical decision. What happens is that the princess tells the truth and she later on gets married to the prince in the end. On the other hand, Act 2B is the negative side. This is when the princess lies and she doesn't get to marry the prince because she doesn't meet the qualities that the prince was looking for.

May 6, 2014

"Rapunzel" by Brothers Grimm (Interactive version)

A. Investigation- Rapunzel
a) Rapunzel by Brothers Grimm
b) http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~spok/grimmtmp/009.txt
c) The Prince
d) If to follow the music and go to Rapunzel’s tower or turn back the other way.
e) If he chooses Rapunzel’s tower, he will go to meet Rapunzel and befriend her. If he turns back, he will let Rapunzel become trapped in the tower for the rest of her life.
f)If he turns back, he will let Rapunzel become trapped in the tower for the rest of her life.
g) Being curious can sometimes lead to the benefit or self and others.

B. Design

Story Script
Mother- Minor character
Father- Minor character
Rapunzel- Main character
Witch- Main character
Prince- Main character
Scene 1

[Background is a magical garden and a tall tower]
[Mother and Father enter stage left]
Mother: I want to have some rapunzel to eat off that garden or I shall fall ill and die!
Father: I will get you rapunzel wife whatever the cost.
[Father climbs into garden and is confronted by witch as she moves from stage right]
Witch: You dare to come here! you can have the rapunzel as long as you give me your firstborn child!
[Changes to a bedroom where mother is giving birth to Rapunzel and Witch appears in which she takes child]
Witch: Mine, called dibs
[17 years later]
[Changes back to magical garden and tower background with witch entering left]

Witch: Rapunzel let down your hair
Rapunzel: kay
[Blonde hair roles down from top of tower and witch climbs up]
[Background changes to Rapunzel room with Rapunzel standing at center]
Rapunzel: Will I be able to see the outside world?
Witch: You will never leave this place until the end of time!
Scene 2.
[Changes to a grassy field with tower in the distance]
[Horse and Prince ride from stage left]
[A song sang is played]
Prince: That is a wonderful sound of music, should I follow it or turn back now?

Viewer Interaction:
[Two sprites appear, one labeled turn back and one labeled go follow, Pause until viewer chooses a sprite]

Positive Negative
[Background changes to tower as prince climbs it]
Prince: I must know the source of the sounds!
Prince: Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down yur long hair. [Hair appears falling down the tower]
Prince: Yey, away magic hair! Rapunzel: Kay [Background changes to Rapunzel’s tower]
Prince: Wah woah no. I’m a friend and you got some nice singing.
Rapunzel: Do I now? Prince: Yeah, wanna leave?
Rapunzel: Yeah Prince: I shall help ya den girl
[Prince leaves and a day passes as the background turns from morning to night]
Prince: Back, let down your long hair!
[Witch appears and curses him and he dissapears]
Rapunzel: No my love! [She jumps out of the tower to find him him]
[Shows after a few years later] Prince: Rapunzel is that you? With a child?
[Prince turns other direction to go left of stage]
Prince: Welp what can you do, weird music is weird.
[Background changes to Rapunzel’s tower with witch and Rapunzel standing inside]
Rapunzel: Oh I shall become stuck in this tower forever!
Witch: Yeah, stuck in here forever with me! AHAHA!
Rapunzel: Welp. [Changes background to broken and old version of tower]
Rapunzel: Oh dear…Has it been 60 years or something.
Witch: Yes trapped here forever!
Rapunzel: NOooooOOOoooOo

Storyboard: see pictures above

Project Plan
Resources-Internet, Google Drive/Docs
Tools- Scratch, Computer
Materials-Sprites, backgrounds, sounds
Time-9:00-9:30, 3:00-:10:00
Location-Home Bed room
Labor-original story by Brother’s Grimm
Action Plan-I thought of trying to make something similar to the original Rapunzel story and Tangled.

A Plan of Action
Sequence of steps:
1. Find what type of story I want to do
2. Start drawing the backgrounds/scenes
3. Start drawing the sprites being used
4. Put in any additional things such as music
5. Animate the sprites and story
6. Animate credits
7. Upload

Developer’s Journal
4/16/14 9:00pm
I was working on my backgrounds as I traveled to another country over break to match my storyline. Since I had many hours while on the ride, I had a lot of time on redesigning and designing characters and backgrounds and how the story will be planned out
5/4/14 12:00pm
It was hard on trying to complete the project as it took a lot of scripts, more specifically broadcasting in order to make everything flow correctly. Also of how I had messed a part in between the final part in which took a lot of time to fix up where all the backgrounds and the character dialogue and sprites started to overlap onto each other and also going ahead of each other.

The design specifications all fit the project. It includes more than 2 mins of animation. The viewer is able to affect what the character’s choices are and how others around them are affected. The story includes two different choices that lead to two different endings. It teaches a lesson of how destiny will lead you to good paths through your life making it that it could also have a bad outcome. It was kid friendly because of how cartoony looking the characters are. The animation relates to the script because of it having the dialogue between characters be based around the the script and also where and what the characters are doing. The animation relates to the storyboard because of the character designs and the background designs and where each character is in the animation.

May 6, 2014

The Little Mermiad, by Hans Christian Andersen (interactive animations)

by: 19spajica
Title as Above, Title Slide
Title as Above, Act 1
Title as Above, Act 2A
Title as Above, Act 2B

Tech Unit 3 Project
A: Investigate-My Fairytale Choice
a.) Story Title: The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson
b.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Little_Mermaid
c.) Main Character: The Little Mermaid
d.) Ethical Decision: The Little Mermaid is happy is with what she has and does not go to the witch to seek legs.
e.) In this story, the Little Mermaid’s choice is to give up her tongue in exchange for legs and excruciating pain. She takes the opportunity to be with humans despite the pain it may cause her.
Because of this, the Little Mermaid is tries to find love with the prince that she has seen. She ends up dying and turning into sea foam as a mermaid does, then goes to heaven.
f.) An alternate ending to the story could be that the witch of the ocean simply kills the Little Mermaid when she seeks help instead of offering her an opportunity. The Little Mermaid could have been saved from her despair simply with this.
g.) The moral or ethical lesson I will be trying to teach is that sometimes you should just be fortunate with the things you have and remain optimistic about what is already there for you.

B: Design
Setting: The Little Mermaid lives in an underwater palace. She travels to the sea witch’s palace which is an underwater cave.
In the scene (characters):
The Little Mermaid (Ariel) is the main character.
Ursula is the sea witch.
The Little Mermaid’s father appears once and orders her not to go to the sea witch and to be happy for what she has.
Prince: The Little Mermaid is in love with the Prince that she has seen on land.
Jasmine: Finds the prince on the shore near her temple.

Scene One:
Ariel: [Enter Ariel, stage left] Father why can’t I surface and see those who dwell above?
Father: [Enter Father, stage right] Dear, it simply is not for you!
Later in time…
Ariel: [swims to surface and sees ship] Oh dear, what is occurring here?! I must rescue that prince; he surely has a family and friends that care for him. [brings prince to the shore near a temple.]
Jasmine: [Enter Jasmine, stage left] It’s such a lovely day today! Oh dear, is that a prince?!?! On my shore? It cannot be!!! [runs over to the unconscious prince] And he is quite handsome! [laughs]

Scene 2:
Ariel: [enter Ariel, stage left] Oh I wish I could see the prince again! [thinks: I shouldn’t have put him on the shore of a beautiful woman’s palace...]
Father: [enter Father, stage right] Which prince?
Ariel: I met this prince when I swam to the surface! Oh was he handsome…Wait! I’ve realized! I can still have him for myself! He will be mine!!!!

Scene 3:
Ariel: [enter Ariel, stage left] Ursula! Oh, Ursula!
Ursula: [enter Ursula, stage right] What can I do for you today my dear you seem to be down. [laughs hysterically]
Ariel: When I surfaced to see the world, I saw a prince. Oh was he a beauty….I wished to marry him. But of course, I am a fish and he is a prince, a human! If only I had a pair of legs for myself….I could then even blend in!
Ursula: But my dear, you have have not realized that that is in access to you. You can have your own set of legs…
Ariel: Really?! [exclaims excitedly] Yes! Yes! Yes please!
Ursula: Under one condition…you will give up your beautiful voice to me and never be able to sing until you find your true love. With this comes walking with excruciating pain…And if you don’t accomplish this true love you will die and decompose into seafoam. Your dreams of floating to heaven will vanish…
Ariel: Well…I suppose...

Viewer Interaction:
Ursula: [ask viewer the question] What is the choice my dear: stay with your tail [positive] or get yourself a pair of legs? [negative] Yes or No?!?!?!? [wait for the answer]

Positive Negative
Scene One:
Ariel: Give up my voice, gain excruciating pain, and have the possibility of dying for my true love? I’m not that desperate!!
Ursula: Well…if that’s what you want…I suppose it’s the right choice for you [laughs in an evil manner]
Ariel: I’m happy with what I have now, a family, friends, and I’m a princess! I don’t need a stupid prince to suit me! I’ll find myself a handsome man in the ocean! [leaves cave]

Scene Two:
Ariel: [enter Ariel, stage left] [sings with voice]
Ariel’s sister: [enter sister, stage right] Why you seem happy!
Ariel: I made the right choice today!
Ariel’s sister: For what? What happened?!
Ariel: Well, to make it short and sweet, love will come to me soon, but it hasn’t today.
Ariel’s sister: Dear, you have time. Do not fret and the right person will come.
Ariel: I know, in time….[leaves stage]

Scene Three:
Ariel: [enter Ariel, stage left] Hello! Nice to meet you!
Merman: [enter man, stage right] Hi there! And you as well! My name name is Aaron.
Ariel: I’m Ariel.
Merman: Yes, yes I know who are. You’re the great princess of the sea! With the beautiful voice and serenading beauty.
Ariel: [laughs] Well I certainly am flattered!
Merman: It’s all that you deserve!

Scene Four:
Ariel’s Father: [enter Father, stage right] Dear, I would like you to have an arranged marriage with a prince in a nearby sea!
Ariel: Really? What would be his name?
Ariel’s Father: I believe it would be Aaron.
Ariel: Really?! I’ve met him just yesterday actually!
Father: What great news! I am joyous at your discovery and hope it will bring good fortune in the future!
Ariel: Thank you father. [thinks: I knew I had made the right choice]

Scene Five:
Aaron: [enter Aaron, stage right] Hello, my dear! It is great to see you!
Ariel: [enter Ariel, stage left] Hello! And I would wish the same to you as well.
Aaron: I am very anxious for our marriage! It is certainly to be for us!
Ariel: I agree! We will certainly have a great life together….
Ariel and Aaron: [walk away into the distance.]

Scene One:
Ariel: Of course I will take the chance! What a great opportunity!
Ursula: [blasts a spell on Ariel: flashes light]
Ariel: [screams] What have I done?!?!?
Ursula: My dear, it was your choice after all….
Ariel: [leaves cave slowly, for she is unable to swim without a tail]

Scene Two:
Ariel: [swims up to surface to meet the prince]
[smiles for she is mute now]
Prince: Have we met before? I feel like I have seen you in some alternate universe. [Thinks: Wow, this girl is gorgeous]
Ariel: [smiles again]
Prince: Say something! I want to hear you speak, sing, laugh!
Ariel: [still stays quiet]
Prince: Would you like to dance? We have a ballroom at the palace!
Ariel: [looks down at feet and knows that dancing will cause her excruciating pain] [nods and smiles]
Prince: [takes Ariel hand in hand and they begin to dance]
Ariel: [Thinks: Oh this hurts so much!]
[continues dancing for a few more seconds...]
Prince: That was lovely! When will I see you again?
Ariel: [smiles] ...

Scene Three:
Prince’s Father: Son! You’re getting married!
Prince: Huh? I am?! With who?
Prince’s Father: I have found a wife for you at a neighboring castle! She is simply splendid!
Prince: I already met a girl….And she’s beautiful!
Prince’s Father: Is she a princess? What do I know about her? Nothing!
Prince: Please give me some time!
Prince’s Father: My son…make the right choice!

Scene Four:
Princess: Good day to you!
Prince: Wow! Have we met before?
Princess: Yes! I found you on the shore of my temple a few days ago!!
Prince: That’s right I remember now! [laughs]
Ariel: [swims up to shore and sees the two] [gasps]
Princess: So I here we have an arranged marriage!
Prince: Yes! My father has given me a decision and now I know what the right choice is! I would like to marry you!
Princess: [gasps happily]
[Prince and Princess leave stage]

Scene Five:
Ariel: [enter Ariel, stage left] [Thinks: he forgot about me!] [cries] [Thinks: my heart is broken! I have not found true love and will die!]
Ariel’s sister: [enter sister, stage right] My dear sister, I have seen your sorrow and sacrificed my long hair to bring you this knife! You can kill the prince, let his blood drip on your feet and you can turn into a mermaid once again!
Ariel: [shakes head] [Thinks: well…How could I do that to my prince?! He has a wife now! I can’t do that to him!]
Ariel’s sister: As you say my dear….
Ariel: [sobs] [Thinks: What has become of me ?!]

Scene Six:
[Dawn arrives and Ariel slowly deteriorates into sea foam]
Ariel: [cries deeply]
Ariel’s sister: Sister, you have lived a good life! Just remember that…
Ariel: [light strikes her body and she dissolves into sea foam but floats to heaven instead of turning into sea foam.]

Storyboards: see pictures above

C: Project Plan
Resources Used:
Tools: Computer, USB Flash Drive, Internet Access, Scratch
Materials: Sprites, Backgrounds, Scripts
Time: About 3-4 hours for completing, and another 1 hour for editing.
Location: Home
Labor: I will be completing this project by myself and will not be needed help from anyone else to complete this project. I will however be using other websites for help with sprites and backgrounds.
Ariel: http://pad2.whstatic.com/images/thumb/0/0d/Draw-Ariel-Step-7.jpg/670px-D...
Ariel #2: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/356/0/c/princess_ariel_by_randomp...
Ariel’s Father: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101207030330/disney/images/c/cb/Tri...
Ursula: http://supertotallyawesome.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Ursula.jpg
Eric: http://cdn1.disneybaby.com/images/2012/05/prince-eric-mermaid-disney-pho...
Princess (pink): http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131023030807/disney/images/1/1c/1959_aurora_(sleeping_beauty).png
Princess #2 (blue): http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130701031347/disney/images/2/2b/Aur...
Ariel transformed: http://jpreis2.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/lil-mermaid.png
Ariel dress:
Prince’s Father: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130619115134/disney/images/d/dd/J25...
Ariel’s Sister (Arista): http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140131051607/disney/images/4/4b/Ari...
Merman (Aaron): http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/11900000/Ariel-Eric-disney-prince...

Ursula’s Cave: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130418163306/villains/images/d/d1/Main_Hall_at_Ursula's_Grotto.JPG
Underwater: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c5/Biscayne_underwater_N...
Shipwreck: http://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/03/10/03/31/sinking-92108_6...
Castle Shore: http://avidcruiser.avidtravelmediai.netdna-cdn.com/blog/wp-content/uploa...
Beach: http://water.epa.gov/type/oceb/beaches/images/Malibu_Sunset_1.jpg
Ballroom: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b9/Queluz_Palace_ballroo...
Castle Room: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Buda_castle_interior_...
Capitol/Money: I will not need any more or budget for this project. I will be done directly by use of public internet sites. I will however have a time budget in having a due date for my assignment.

Action Plan:
Sequence of Steps: For this project, I will first plan all of my materials and the actions that will be in the script. I will then take time to begin act one leading up to the viewer interaction and will most likely begin this first at a certain time. Then, I will begin the positive side of the viewer interaction. When I am complete with that, I will begin the negative side of the viewer interaction. When I am finished with all of these things, I will check over that I have fulfilled all of the constraints and requirements for this project and that each part of the script is at least a minute long. I will also look for any mistakes that I have made and errors that have popped up.

Schedule: I will try to plan my time wisely and make sure that I am not cramming the entire project into one day. I will be trying to split the project so that it is much more manageable for me to complete, due to the time limit given.

D: Developer’s Journal
Session #1: Date: 5/4/14, time: 10:30AM-5:30PM, Location: home
Time Spent: approximately 7-7.5 hours
Summary: During this session, I completed the introduction leading up to the viewer interaction. I also completed the negative decision that is possible to be witnessed by the viewer. In this session I was able to make sure everything in these two portions of the project were perfect and did not glitch. I made sure the timing to everything was right. Instead of timing for this project, I used the “broadcast” scripts to make things easier. I was able to easily communicate the dialogue between characters and the changes in setting.
Problems: At the beginning of this session, I encountered the problem of timing. I did not want to repeat the problem I had during the previous project. Another problem that I faced was doing the two decisions. I did not understand how I was able to use the “if, then” block and include dialogue.
Solutions: For my problem with timing, I simply decided to instead use “broadcast” scripts to convey my information. Once again, I was able to solve the problem of the positive and negative dialogue by broadcasting the actions to another sprite and continuing from there.
Changes to Design and Plan:
I mostly followed my design and plan. I did not make any dramatic changes to the script that I had initially made. However, the only difference was that the amount of time I had spent on the project was much more than I had actually predicted at first. That was the only variation I had identified.

Session #2: Date: 5/5/14, Time: 8:30-11:00, Location: Home
Time Spent: approximately 3.5 hours
Summary: In this session, I completed the project, including the positive decision to the viewer interaction. I also checked over the project several times for errors to verify that I had fitted the criteria and requirements given. I made sure that each section was at least a minute long and that the project had at least two decisions that the viewer could possibly end up with.
Problems: I did not have any problems during this session in which I completed the project. I did however not save half of my project, which led it to being deleted when the program Scratch crashed mysteriously. I had to redo the portion that was deleted because of my lack of remembrance to save the project.
Solutions: Because there were no specific problems encountered, there were also no solutions to the problem.
Changes to Design and Plan: During this session, I made minor changes to the script in my actual project. I substituted a few words and simply edited the flow of the project.

E: Evaluate
The project that I have created for this unit fits the guidelines that I have been provided with. This unit on viewer animation succeeded in interacting with the viewer, so that s/he can make a decision that would lead to a positive and negative outcome. Each section that I have created is at least one minute long. The outcomes that I have designed are appropriate for viewers under the age of 13 and allow the viewer to understand the ethical decision in the interaction and also the negative decision. The project that I have created teaches the viewer of a moral: that sometimes, it is better to remain with what you have than to risk the fortune and gain nothing. I have accomplished giving credits to sources that I used in my project: various sprites and backgrounds.
My project did however slightly vary from the original script that I had created. I edited some dialogue that I had originally designed and this also made my project differ from the storyboards that I had created prior to the project.

May 6, 2014

Cannatella by Giambattista Basile

by: 19ahmedm
Cannatella by Giambattista Basile
Cannatella by Giambattista Basile
Cannatella by Giambattista Basile
Cannatella by Giambattista Basile

A: Investigate - My fairy tale choice.

a. story title and author: Cannatella by Giambattista Basile
b. link to webpage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannetella
c. main character: Cannatella
d. ethical decision: Her marriage and whoms she wants to marry
e. character's choice and consequence as written : SHe only wished to marry a guy with golden teeth and golden hair. SHe ended up being tortured by her husband.
f. an alternate ending of the story : SHe doesn’t choose to disagree to marry any prince and marries and lives happily
g. lesson you will teach :Expecting too much doesn’t always end well.

B: Design

“Story Script”
[At his main house]
[Maid enters stage from left]
King: Maid! Call my daughter, Cannatella. I wish to talk to her at the moment.
Maid: Yes, your majesty. Right away.
[Maid exists from stage left
Few seconds later daughter enters stage left ]
Cannatella: Good morning father.
King: Good morning, Cannatella.
Cannatella: Why have you called me so early in the morning?
King: To discuss your marriage.
Cannatella: My marriage?
King: Yes, you are fairly old enough and it is my duty as a father to have you married to nobleman.
Cannatella: But I do not wish to get married.
King: Don’t create a fuss about it. I have told you before and telling you now. You must get married.
Cannatella: But father!
King: That’s all for today. You may return to your room.
Cannatella: Yes father..
[Walks toward the exits]
King: Cannatella?
Cannatella: Yes father?

King: You can either ask to marry a man or you have to marry whomever I choose. Do you have a word to say?
Cannatella: [ Shows thought speech ]
Ask the readers: Should I marry whomever my father chooses or should I specify a man I want to spend my life with? ][ and wait for an answer ]

[Walks back toward the king]
Cannatella: I will marry whomever you choose.
[Cannatella walks out of the stage.]
Scene 2
New stage
King: Call Cannatella.
Maid: Yes your majesty.
[Canatella walks in.]
Canatella: Yes father?
King: I have chosen a man for you and you shall be married soon.
Canatella: But father! It’s too early.
King: I see no complication.
Canatella: I don’t want to get married just yet.
King: You are old enough to get married, Cannatella.
Cannatella: But father..
King: It’s my duty to get you married as soon as possible.
Cannatella: I didn’t even see the man.
King: He is a noble prince and I know what kind of man should be married to my daughter.
Cannatella: This is unfair!
Cannatella storms out of the room.
[Screen blacks out
Caption comes up- Five years later]
Cannatella: Father, I apologize for all the trouble I had given you. I am happy with my married life.
King: I knew you would be happy, daughter. Negative
[Walks back toward the king]
Cannatella: I will only marry a man with golden teeth and golden hair. At least his wealth can keep me happy.
[Cannatella walks out of the stage.]
Scene 2
[New stage
Magician, Fioravante appears
Spy enters stage from right]
King: Canatella, you will be getting married to this man as you wished.
King: Are you sure?
Canatella: He’s rich so of course.
King: Okay, whatever you wish.
Scene 3
[ Scene says- After five years of marriage of Cannatella and Fioravante ]
Fioravante: Cannatella! You shall do whatever I ask!
Cannatella: How dare you talk to me like that! I am a princess.
Fioravante: Not for long!
Cannetella: I am leaving at the moment and you should be punished for this behavior.
(Tries to walk out of the door but cage appears.)
Fioravante: You are not going anywhere! You must stay here and listen to everything that I tell you. If you don’t, your life will be taken.

Project Plan

Resources Used

Tools: Computer, USB flash drive, Internet access, Scratch
Sprites- The king, Cannabella, Maid, Spy, Fioravante
Action blocks

TIme: Seven Hours
Location: Home
Labor: Just me
Budget : $0

Action Plan

Procedure: Sequence of steps
1. Go on scratch software.
2. Create the animation.
3. Test it.
4. If it doesn’t cooperate properly, go back to step 2,
5. Submit the project.

Schedule: Wednesday: 1pm -2pm
Saturday: 1pm- 7pm

Developer’s Journal #1
Date: 4/30/14
Location: Tech Room

Today, I mainly used the blocks and put the dialogue in. I didn’t start working with my characters yet or start organizing the action blocks yet.
On scratch, they didn’t have any sprites for kings, queens or princess. However, the main characters of my story are consist of a royal family, Therefore, it is impossible for me to work without those sprites. I tried downloading some sprites. However, none actually fit appropriately for my animation. I planned on using storyboardthat.com. However, the number of storyboard I will have to download and edit is way too much and it will take me way too long to do it like that.
Because I can’t actually use a real sprite, I plan on using silhouette draw one or make one on paint and the actions will be easy to cooperate with the silhouetted figure. Although, my animation will have colorful backgrounds and some effects, the characters will have the same color.

Developer’s journal #2
Date: 5/3/14
Location: Home

I had to change my plan and I decided that I don’t actually want to put the sprites like silhouettes. Instead I used scratch sprite which were simple to use. Also, I changed some of my script because it was way too long. For some scenes, keeping track of what comes after what was hard so for broadcasting I had to use logical titles. Still sometimes, I kept forgetting the sequence. So I had to go back and check the whole animation multiple times.
Because there were so many scripts, I had create new sprites to keep everything neat and organized.


My project follows all the design specification. The project needed to be at least 3 minutes long and my project contains that. There are three acts in the animation. One act is provided for introducing the character and the main problem of the story, the first act is more than 1 minute long which meets the requirement of the design specification. ALso, act 2A and act 2B are the two decisions made by the characters. Those two acts add up to at least 2 minutes.
While creating my project, I transferred the dialogues directly from the script. Therefore, my project follows every detail mentioned in the script.
While doing my project, because of technical difficulties, I had to take out a scene that was mentioned by the storyboards. So, my projects contains the flow of the storyboard, except one scene which was deleted.

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