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May 7, 2014

Chicken? based on The Ungrateful Son by Grimm

by: 19zhangl

A- Investigate: Determine your story choice
a] The Ungrateful Son
b] http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~spok/grimmtmp/113.txt
c] This story was written by the brothers Grimm.
d] The main characters are the greedy son and the old man who is the father.
e] The ethical decision was whether or not the son decided to hide the chicken, whether or not the son was being greedy.
f] The choice the son makes is to hide the chicken and be greedy, he doesn’t let his father eat it. The consequences of this decision is that the chicken became a frog that sucked on his face. The son had to feed the frog or else it would eat his face.
g] The alternate ending could be that the son didn’t hide the chicken, instead he left it out in the open for the father to eat. However, his father decides to take it back to his home. By the time his dad arrives at his home the chicken is a frog that jumped on to his face and now even when he stole chickens, he couldn’t eat it and had to feed his frog. The son never saw his father again, and the son got to eat his chickens alone.
The Lesson: Greed will eat us up.
B. Design
Story Script
The Son (Patrick)
The Father
The Wolf

Scene 1
The Narrator: The son is making his chicken while he is singing.
The Son: Oh how good this will taste when it’s done. Yum! He walks over with the chicken in hand.
The Narrator: The chicken is finally done being prepped so he put in the oven and let it cook for 20 minutes.
The Narrator: The chicken is finally done cooking now all was left was for the son to enjoy it.
The son leans close to the chicken and sniffs it getting all the good aroma.
The father knocks on the door of his son’s home *Knock knock*
The Father: Open up son.
The Narrator: O no! What should the son do? Should he hide it?

What should the son do? Should he hide it?
The Son: -is standing in front of the chicken-
The Father: -enters the room- Hello!
The Son: Hey what brings you here?
The Father: O nothing just came to see how ya doing.
The Son: Well I’ve been doing great, thanks for your concern, please come in!
The Father: Thank you. So what’s for dinner tonight. Is that a chicken I smell?
The Son: -thinks- oh no! -says- I haven’t cooked. Would you like a drink?
The Father: No it’s fine
The Narrator: As they talked together all the son could think about was what if his father saw the chicken behind him
The Son: Okay well bye father this was fun we shall do this again sometime.
The Father: Have a good night son! -the father disappears.
The Narrator: After his father was gone he looked behind him but what was left was not a chicken, it was a frog.
The Son: Oh no! What happened!?!
The Narrator: As the son leaned closer to the frog, the frog jumps on his face. *The frog sucks on the the son’s face* From that day on whenever the son had to eat he had to be selfless and feed the frog, or else the frog would eat him.
No The Son: Come in Father!
The Father: Hello son! The father peers his head into his home and sees a chicken on the table. Is that a chicken I see?
The Narrator: Now what would this mean for Patrick’s chances of eating the chicken? He couldn’t lie and say no when it was in sight. But he knew that his father was a greedy man.
The Son: Yes it is.
The Father: Well you do not deserve to eat this scrumptious chicken, so I will just take it off your hands. Thank you.
The Son: Father!!! You can’t do that!
The Father: Yes I can I am your father, I can do whatever I would like. Good bye!
The father walks out into the woods and it is dark.
The Narrator: O dear what could that be?
A wolf stomps in.
Wolf: *Growls*
The Father: What are you doing get out of here!!
Wolf: Give me the chicken
The Narrator: What will the father do? Save his chicken or his life?
The Father: This is my chicken.
Wolf: The wolf jumps on the father and the father dies.
The Narrator: The father has died because of his greed. And now the son was able to enjoy as many chickens as he would like without having to worry about them being taken away from him by his father.

Project Plan
1. Resources
Scratch Program
In the credits
I did most of the work (I put the whole Scratch Animation together)
At home, in my room.
It’ll take approximately 18 hrs to complete this project, of course 18hrs split into smaller intervals.
No money needed.
2. Action Plan
Schedule- To work everyday until the due date of my project, for the first 6 hours I will just focus on getting all the scripts done, then for the rest of the hrs remaining of the 18 hrs, I will go through my script and make changes to make it better.
Write a script, including stage directions, what the characters will say, and descriptions of the characters and of the setting.
Make your script come to life using animation and the program Scratch.
Test your animation making sure it goes smoothly.
Upload it to Scratch website.

Session #1:5/3/14, 3:30-7:20, my home
-Time Spent: I spent 3 hours and 50 minutes.
-Short Summary: I made my whole animation using Scratch. I made some minor changes to the script.
I couldn’t get the timing to be correct, sometimes there would be overlapping speech.
The speech bubbles were not even close to the character that was speaking.
I kept on watching the animation over and over trying to change the wait blocks so that the timing would be correct.
This problem couldn’t be resolved, unfortunately.
-Changes: I changed the script a lot. I changed it so that it would be a lot simpler to produce. Because my script was so complicated it was hard to produce it and animate it. I also changed the original story and didn’t put the wife in the story and also omitted the father and son drinking scene.

My animation clearly follows the design specifications of the Unit 3 Project. My porject is longer that 2 minutes long. It is also interactive since the user can decide the ethical decision whether Patrick hides the chicken or not. Based on that decisions there are two completely different outcomes for the animation. The lesson taught by the different outcomes is that greed isn’t good. The parts leading up to the story is longer than a minute.
My animation follows the whole script because all the speeches of the characters are the same as the lines I planned for them. My animation almost exactly my storyboards, because I used the same backgrounds and sprites/characters in both.

May 7, 2014

The Fish Dilemma

by: 19deasisc

a) name the story
b) http://courses.wcupa.edu/johnson/golden.html
c) Alexander Afanasyev
d) Younger Daughter and Mother Fish
e) the Younger Daughter’s decision to save the Mother Fish or not
f) AN OLD MAN and his old wife had two daughters. Once the old man went to town and bought a fish for the elder sister and a fish for the younger sister. The elder sister ate her fish, but the younger one went to the well and said: "Little mother fish, what shall I do with you?" "Do not eat me," said the fish, "but put me into the water; I will be useful to you." The maiden dropped the fish into the well and went home.
Now the old woman had a great dislike for her younger daughter. She dressed the elder sister in her best clothes, made ready to take her to mass, and gave the younger one two measures of rye ordering her to husk it before their return from church.
The young girl went to fetch water; she sat on the edge of the well and wept. The fish swam to the surface and asked her: "Why do you weep, lovely maiden?" "How can I help weeping?" answered the maiden. "My mother has dressed my sister in her best clothes and gone with her to mass, but she left me home and ordered me to husk two measures of rye before her return from church." The fish said: "Weep not; dress and go to church; the rye will be husked." The maiden dressed and went to mass. Her mother did not recognize her. Toward the end of the mass, the girl went home. Very soon her mother too came home also and said: "Well, you ninny, did you husk the rye?" "I did," the daughter answered. "What a beauty we saw at mass!" her mother went on. "The priest neither chanted nor read, but looked at her all the time—and just look at you, you ninny, see how you're dressed!" "I wasn't there, but I know all about it," answered the maiden. "How could you know?" asked her mother.
The next day the mother dressed her elder daughter in her best clothes, went with her to mass, and left three measures of barley for the younger one, saying: "While I pray to God, you husk the barley." So she went to mass, and her younger daughter went to fetch water at the well. She sat down at the edge and wept. The fish swam to the surface and asked: "Why do you weep, lovely maiden?" "How can I help weeping," the maiden answered. "My mother has dressed my sister in her best clothes and taken her to mass, but she left me at home and ordered me to husk three measures of barley before she returns from church." The fish said: "Weep not. Dress and go to church after her. The barley will be husked."
The maiden dressed, went to church, and began to pray to God. The priest neither chanted nor read, but looked at her all the time. That day the king's son was attending mass; our beautiful maiden pleased him tremendously and he wanted to know whose daughter she was. So he took some pitch and threw it under her golden slipper. The slipper remained when the girl went home. "I will marry her whose slipper this is," said the young prince. Soon the old woman too came home. "What a beauty was there!" she said. "The priest neither chanted nor read, but all the time looked at her—and just look at you, what a tatterdemalion you are!"
In the meantime the prince was traveling from one district to another, seeking the maiden who had lost her slipper, but he could not find anyone whom it fitted. He came to the old woman and said: "Call your young daughter hither; I want to see whether the slipper fits her." "My daughter will dirty the slipper," answered the old woman. The maiden came and the king's son tried the slipper on her: it fitted. He married her and they lived happily and prospered.
I drank beer at their wedding; it ran down my lips, but never went into my mouth. I was given a flowing robe to wear, but a raven flew over me and cawed: "Flowing robe! Flowing robe!" I thought he was crying: "Throw the robe!" So I threw it away. I asked for a cap but received a slap. I was given red slippers, but the raven flew over me and cawed: "Red slippers! Red slippers!" I thought he was crying: "Robbed slippers!" So I threw them away.

Part B Design
-Elder Sister
-Younger Sister
-Mother Fish
-Fishing rod

-A house by a lake

Scene 1
Man: [walks to market]
Man: Oh no! I need to get food for my family! They will be starving! What do I do?
Man: [thinks...]
Man: [Looks around the market]
Man: Oh yes! I should get fish!
Man: [Walks over to the man selling fish and buys 2 from him]
Man: This should be it. Ok time to go home.
Man: [Walks home, shows fish to his daughters.]
Elder Sister: Thanks Father!
Younger Sister: Thank you Father!
Man: [Walks out of room.]
Elder Sister: [Cooks and eats the fish]
Younger Sister: [Looks at Elder Sister and back at the fish in her hands]
Younger Sister: Mother Fish, what do I do with you?
Fish: Put me back in the lake, and I will help you.

yes no
Younger Sister: [Thinks…]
Younger Sister: Ok. [Walks to the lake.]
Younger Sister: [Throws Fish into the lake.]
Younger Sister: There you go Mother Fish. I have set you free.
Younger Sister: [Goes back into the house and pretends she ate the fish and leaves stage.]
Mother: [looks toward elder sister]
Mother: Get dressed in your best dress! It is time for church! Your younger sister will stay here and gather two measures of rye to husk before we return from church.
Mother, Elder Sister, Man: [walks off stage]
Younger Sister: Oh no! What will I do?
Younger Sister: [Walks to the lake]
Mother Fish: What’s wrong? How can I help?
Younger Sister: My mother, father, and sister just went off to church without me and they expect me to gather two measures of rye to husk before we return! I don’t know what to do!
Mother Fish: Just go to church and everything will be fine.
Younger Sister: [Runs back into the house and dresses up and goes to church]
Younger Sister: What now?
Prince: My lady, will you marry me?
Younger Sister: YES!
And they lived happily ever after…
Younger Sister: [Thinks…]
Younger Sister: Sorry Fish, I am hungry.
Younger Sister: [Takes Fish, cooks it, and eats it.]
Younger Sister: This Fish couldn’t have helped me in any way. It was useless.
Younger Sister: [Goes back into her room and goes to sleep and leaves stage.]
Mother: [looks toward elder sister]
Mother: Get dressed in your best dress! It is time for church! Your younger sister will stay here and gather two measures of rye to husk before we return from church.
Mother, Elder Sister, Man: [walks off stage]
Younger Sister: Oh no! What will I do?
Younger Sister: [Walks to the field with basket]
Younger Sister: [Starts to gather rye into the basket, but only gathers one measure by the time her family came home.]
Younger Sister: I will not do this. I will run away from my parents and I hope that they will not see me ever again.
Younger Sister: [Runs into a desolate farm]
Younger Sister: Yes. This will do. I will forever be without my evil mother and I will never ever do her evil works.
Younger Sister: Leaves stage
And the Younger Sister lives a life of sorrow and agony…

Tools- computer

Materials- computer, scratch, internet

Labor- credits

Location- home/school

Time- about 4 hours

Money- none

Action Plan

- Open scratch and start my project.

- Follow Script and use the proper characters and settings

- Once finished, edit it until it is perfect, and timing is very good.

- Review everything if it follows the design specification.

Developer’s Journal

Session One: 5/5/14, 12:30A.M. Home

Short Summary:
This session took me about 5 hours. I did everything well and to my liking.
I had some problems with the timing of the project.
I replaying the project and did fixes in between where they required fixing.
Instead of making two days of the younger sister doing work, I combined her workload into one day to make it shorter.


I think that I did this project well. One thing I think I did well was introducing the characters and the events that are happening in the story. I think that I also descried all of the events well and that I did a good job telling the dialogue. However, one aspect I think I could improve on is the timing of the story. For example, some events happened more quickly than I wanted to. Also, sometimes, the time the speech bubble is on the screen is to short for a viewer to read the whole text.

May 7, 2014

The House Dilemma

by: 19taij

The three little pigs
There was an old sow with three little pigs, and as she had not enough to keep them, she sent them out to seek their fortune. The first that went off met a man with a bundle of straw, and said to him:
"Please, man, give me that straw to build me a house."
Which the man did, and the little pig built a house with it. Presently came along a wolf, and knocked at the door, and said:
"Little pig, little pig, let me come in!"
To which the pig answered:
"No, no, by the hair of my chiny chin chin."
The wolf then answered to that:
"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in."
So he huffed, and he puffed, and he blew his house in, and ate up the little pig.
The second little pig met a man with a bundle of furze and said:
"Please, man, give me that furze to build a house."
Which the man did, and the pig built his house. Then along came the wolf, and said:
"Little pig, little pig, let me come in."
"No, no, by the hair of my chiny chin chin."
"Then I'll puff, and I'll huff, and I'll blow your house in."
So he huffed, and he puffed, and he puffed, and he huffed, and at last he blew the house down, and he ate up the little pig.
The third little pig met a man with a load of bricks, and said:
"Please, man, give me those bricks to build a house with."
So the man gave him the bricks, and he built his house with them. So the wolf came, as he did to the other little pigs, and said:
"Little pig, little pig, let me come in."
"No, no, by the hair on my chiny chin chin."
"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in."
Well, he huffed, and he puffed, and he huffed and he puffed, and he puffed and huffed; but he could not get the house down. When he found that he could not, with all his huffing and puffing, blow the house down, he said:
"Little pig, I know where there is a nice field of turnips."
"Where?" said the little pig.
"Oh, in Mr. Smith's Home-field, and if you will be ready to-morrow morning I will call for you, and we will go together, and get some for dinner."
"Very well," said the little pig, "I will be ready. What time do you mean to go?"
"Oh, at six o'clock."
Well, the little pig got up at five, and got the turnips before the wolf came (which he did about six), who said:
"Little pig, are you ready?"
The little pig said: "Ready! I have been and come back again, and got a nice potful for dinner."
The wolf felt very angry at this, but thought that he would be up to the little pig somehow or other, so he said:
"Little pig, I know where there is a nice apple-tree."
"Where?" said the pig.
"Down at Merry-garden," replied the wolf, "and if you will not deceive me I will come for you at five o'clock to-morrow and get some apples."
Well, the little pig bustled up the next morning at four o'clock, and went off for the apples, hoping to get back before the wolf came; but he had further to go, and had to climb the tree, so that just as he was coming down from it, he saw the wolf coming, which, as you may suppose, frightened him very much. When the wolf came up he said:
"Little pig, what! are you here before me? Are they nice apples?"
"Yes, very," said the little pig. "I will throw you down one."
And he threw it so far, that, while the wolf was gone to pick it up, the little pig jumped down and ran home. The next day the wolf came again, and said to the little pig:
"Little pig, there is a fair at Shanklin this afternoon, will you go?"
"Oh yes," said the pig, "I will go; what time shall you be ready?"
"At three," said the wolf. So the little pig went off before the time as usual, and got to the fair, and bought a butter-churn, which he was going home with, when he saw the wolf coming. Then he could not tell what to do. So he got into the churn to hide, and by so doing turned it round, and it rolled down the hill with the pig in it, which frightened the wolf so much, that he ran home without going to the fair. He went to the little pig's house, and told him how frightened he had been by a great round thing which came down the hill past him. Then the little pig said:
"Hah, I frightened you, then. I had been to the fair and bought a butter-churn, and when I saw you, I got into it, and rolled down the hill."
Then the wolf was very angry indeed, and declared he would eat up the little pig, and that he would get down the chimney after hiin. When the littie pig saw what he was about, he hung on the pot full of water, and made up a blazing fire, and, just as the wolf was coming down, took off the cover, and in fell the wolf; so the little pig put on the cover again in an instant, boiled him up, and ate him for supper, and lived happy ever afterwards.

Design Stage
Pig 1
Pig 3
Mother pig

Open area where the pigs are building their house.

Scene 1:
Narrator: There once were three little pigs that were sent away from their mother to make shelter from the wolf.
Mother pig: Bye pigs make nice good homes that will protect you.
Pigs 1, 2, and 3: Okay mom.
Narrator: So the pigs were off to find a good spot to build their house.
[Pigs walk off screen and appear back at an open plain area.]
Pig 1: I’m going to make my house out of straw so I can finish faster and play, let me get some.
[Pig 1 leaves off right stage]
Pig 2: I’m going to make my house out of sticks so I can also finish faster and play. I am going to go get some.
[leaves left stage.]
Pig 3: Asks viewer: What should i make my house out of straw or brick?


Brick Straw
Pig 3: Okay thats great.
Narrator: So the pig worked really hard on his house and didn't get to play with his brothers.
Pig 1: Still working on your house?
Pig 3: No I just finished
Pig 3: Now I am going to get some sleep.
Narrator: Just before they went into their houses they heard something in the bush. It was the wolf.
Pig 1: The wolf is here!
Narrator: The pigs ran into their house trying to get away from the wolf.
Wolf: I am going to blow your house down.
[Goes to straw house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes to stick house house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes to brick house house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Unable to blow the house so he leaves
Pig 1: Thanks for keeping us alive by making this house.
Pig 3: Okay thats great.
Narrator: So the pig worked really fast and played with his brothers.
Pig 1: we had a great time good thing we finished our houses fast.
Pig 3: Yeah, lets get some sleep now so we can play tomorrow.
Narrator: Just before they went into their houses they heard something in the bush. It was the wolf.
Pig 1: The wolf is here!
Narrator: The pigs ran into their house trying to get away from the wolf.
Wolf: I am going to blow your house down.
[Goes to straw house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes to stick house house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes to Pigs 3’s straw house] And I huff and I puff and I blow your house down.
Wolf: [Goes up to the pigs and eats them.]

Project Plan:
Materials- scratch, sprites, images, scratch blocks
Labor- I did everything
Location- Home
Time- 4 hours
Money- $0

Action Plan
I plan to do the project over the weekend and spend 2-3 hours each day doing it.

Developers Journal 4/4/14 11:00 P.M
I did all of my scratch animations at once and finished everything on one sitting. It wasn’t how i planned but i finished with all the requirements.

I think I did this project fairly well. One thing i think I did well on is that I fit the design specification and added all the things required and finished my project. I don't think i did okay on expressing the characters and developing the story but not very well. I could have inproved on may things and spent more time on my project to improve it and make it better.

May 7, 2014

Bluebeard by Charles Welsh (an interactive version)

by: 19vieraa

Andrea Viera
Charles Welsh http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Tales_of_Mother_Goose/Blue_Beard
characters: Blue Beard a man who, has had many wives and has a bluebeard, and his wife, who didn’t want to get married to him.
~the wife decided to open the door although he specifically told her not to.
~the wife chooses to open the door.
~as a result, Blue Beard decided to kill his wife and lay her with the others.
-the wife wont open the room so she will never get threatened but when he returns she sees him acting suspicious so in the middle of the night she leaves the house and becomes a free woman.

Bluebeard: man with a blue beard that has many wives, all of which have “disappeared”
Mary/Sister: The wife's sister, the one who tells bluebeard the wife will marry him.
Abigail/Wife: bluebeard’s wife, she didn’t want to marry him.

Scene 1 [at sisters house]
Sister: It will be good for the family if you marry him, trust me.
Wife: But i don’t love him.
Sister: That doesn’t matter!
Wife: But sister, he has had so many wives, and he had a BLUE beard!
Sister: Just do it for the family.
Wife: You can’t do this!
Sister: I already said yes for you, sorry.

Scene 2 [at bluebeard’s house]
[6 Months later]
[Bluebeard and his wife sit at the table]
Bluebeard: How are you today?
Wife: I am fine.
Bluebeard: I am going away for a little, duty calls.
Wife: Okay, how long will you be gone?
Bluebeard: I don’t know yet but not for long.
Wife: I hope it isn’t for too long.
Bluebeard: Will you promise to take care of something while i am gone?
Wife: Sure, what is it?
Bluebeard: I’m going to give you this key, i just need you to not open the closet.
Wife: Okay, why?
Bluebeard: Just don’t open the closet or it will make me mad!
Wife: Okay.
Bluebeard: I’m going to go now, goodbye!
Wife: bye!
Scene 3
[wife is pacing back and fourth]
Wife: Should I open the door?
[Wife walked toward the closet]
(Yes and No buttons come up)

Positive Negative
[Wife walks back to her room]
[3 hours later]
Bluebeard: Where is the key?
Wife: Here.
[wife hands bluebeard the key]
[bluebeard checks the key]
Bluebeard: very good.
Wife: What?
Bluebeard: You didn’t open the closet.
Wife: You told me not to.
Bluebeard: You are a very good person and deserve to make your own decisions, i know you didnt want to marry me, you are free to marry whoever you want now.
Wife: Really?
Bluebeard: Yes, i want you to go back home and have a life of your own.
Wife: Thank you
Bluebeard: Go ahead.
[Wife takes out the key and opens the closet]
Wife: AHHHH!
[wife runs to her room, key in hand]
Wife: Oh my god! What did i just see?
[she realizes there is a stain on the key]
[zoom into key and make it an interactive game for the viewer to try to remove the stain]
Wife: It isn’t coming off!
[Bluebeard walks into the room]
Bluebeard: Where is the key?
Wife: h-h-here...
Bluebeard: Why does it have a stain on it?
Wife: I don’t know it came that way!.
Bluebeard: You are a LIAR!
[bluebeards face turns red]
Wife: I am not i swear!
Bluebeard: I can’t believe you betrayed me, now you will be with all the others!
Wife: No, no, please...
[Screen goes blank]

Project Plan
~I will need a computer, with internet and scratch
~i need 6 hours to complete this project
~i dont need help
~ i will work 1.5 hours a day starting today
~ i will work at home and at school when in 8th period.
Action Plan
~I will work on it everyday after school until the deadline
~this includes weekends
Developers Journal
my bedroom
Today i worked hard on my project and am very, very proud of it. I like the way blue beard looked and how i made him act, it was really what i thought he would sound like. I had trouble with uploading my scratch project, but i will ask about it tomorrow at 8th period. I had to change the script a bit so it would be shorter, i took away some lines. Otherwise, i did pretty well!

I worked on my project until late last night, that is when I realized that I didn’t know how to upload it on scratch, so therefore I called my two contacts from my class they were not answering so therefore I called my contact from another class. I asked how to upload it on scratch and they said it was due on Tuesday and I wasn’t thinking so I went to bed. I came in this morning and realized it was due today so I panicked and realized today was an A day, not B day.

Check out the animation at:

May 6, 2014

"The Crow and the Pitcher" by Aesop

by: 19leeT
"The Crow and the Pitcher" by Aesop
"The Crow and the Pitcher" by Aesop
"The Crow and the Pitcher" by Aesop

A-Investigate: Determine your story choice

a) The Crow and the Pitcher
b) http://aesopfables.com/cgi/aesop1.cgi?sel&TheCrowandthePitcher&&crowpitc...
c) Aesop
d) The Crow, the “Pitcher”
e) The Crow didn’t give up because he need to quench his thirst so he kept on trying and he eventually tried a good solution and he was able to get the water instead of dying of thirst.
f) The bird decides to stay and try to get the water but then he has to carry all the stones, and the bird drops all of the stones into the beaker and is able to drink the water that is in the beaker.
g) The bird doesn’t drink the water, and instead he goes for a bigger water source, and he finds a lake. However, because he is so thirsty and using so much energy to get to the water sources, while flying over a cliff, the bird cannot fly anymore and dies. The bird dies right before he reaches the water and ends up dying with its beak about an inch away from the lake. Then, a bunch of little insects come and eat the bird. THE END.

A CROW perishing with thirst saw a pitcher, and hoping to find
water, flew to it with delight. When he reached it, he
discovered to his grief that it contained so little water that he
could not possibly get at it. He tried everything he could think
of to reach the water, but all his efforts were in vain. At last
he collected as many stones as he could carry and dropped them
one by one with his beak into the pitcher, until he brought the
water within his reach and thus saved his life.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

B Design


Setting: In the mountains, on the peak of a hill. The bird was flying and got thirsty and couldn’t fly much anymore.
Characters: Crow
(Crow enters stage right)
Crow: oh man i’m so thirsty.
I need some water to quench my thirst.
(Crow moves to the middle)
Random voice (stage left): Come here, you can get some water, but you need to work hard for it.
Random voice (stage right): Come here, you can just put yourself out of your misery.
Crow: Where should we go? (Question)
Random voice (stage middle on the bottom): Please answer with “pitcher” or “cowards way out”
(User answers with “pitcher” or “cowards way out”)

Decision: The user has to decide whether wants to go to the pitcher and do work, or just kill himself.
Pitcher Cowards way out

(Crow moves to stage right)
Crow: Off to the pitcher we go!
Setting: A house and in front of the house porch, is a pitcher. The bird flies over and tries to get the little water that is in the pitcher.
Crow: Oh man, how the heck am I supposed to get this water out of this pitcher. I am dying of thirst!!!
(Crow pecks at the pitcher and the pitcher tips over but the water doesn’t come out. The crow puts its beak into the pitcher but is so close to the water but doesn’t get the water.)
Crow: Man, oh my god how did that not work? Let me try that one more time.
(Crow picks up the pitcher.)
Crow: Here we go again.
(Pecks at the pitcher again)
Crow: oh man. I’m about to die of thirst. I need water like RIGHT NOW.
(Crow picks up the pitcher again.)
Crow: Man what to do now?
(Lightbulb appears over the crows head)
Crow: Maybe i can….tilt the pitcher over just a bit harder, and then, ALL OF THE WATER WILL SPILL OUT AND I CAN DRINK EVERYTHING.
Crow: Jesus this thing is so heavy. Wasn’t so heavy before...what happened? How am I going to get the water out now? I’m going to die any second now….
(Crow finally lifts the pitcher and throws it but nothing happens.)
Crow: Man, what the heck. How are all of the things that I am doing not working? I can die anytime soon.
(Another lightbulb appears over the crows head.)
Crow: Oh, I remember Lasko telling me about liquid displacement, and I remember how the object moved closer to the surface because the object was taking up space. But...what object shall I use? (The crow looks around and spots rocks in the corner.)
Crow: oh em gee, those rocks can help. But how do I carry them? Let me give it a try.
(Crow walks over to the rocks and lifts one.)
Crow: YES!
(Crow walks over the pitcher, and then drops the rocks into the pitcher. The water gets higher.)
Crow: Yes! Finally the water has come at last! I am so thirsty!

(Crow moves to stage left)
Crow: Oh god, I wanna put myself out of my stupid misery. I’m too thirsty.
(Crow tries to fly)
Crow: God I’m getting too tired from this thirst.
(Crow tries to fly again)
Crow: How am I going to make it over to the cliff? I’m even too tired to fly!!!
(Crow heavily walks over to stage right)
Crow: The thirst is real.
Setting: The crow is going over to the mountains to jump off a cliff to get himself out of his misery.
Crow: Lets just get this over with.
(Crow walks along the mountain side and sees many things that remind the crow of its family)
Crow: Wow, that tree right there looks exactly the way the tree our nest lived on looked like.
Crow thinks: I miss my family.
(Crow starts to cry)
Crow: Is this really the decision to make just because I am thirsty?
(Crow starts to cry even harder)
Crow: Lets just get this over with.
(Crow walks to stage left)
Setting: The scene changed to the mountain cliff and it is very high off the ground level making it impossible for the crow to live if it jumped off of the cliff.
(Crow flies up and over the cliff)
Crow: 3….2…..1….
No I can’t do this.
(Crow gets back onto the land)
Crow: I won’t be able to live much longer..
(Crow just jumped off of cliff)
Setting: Stage turns black.
Setting: Changes to grass valley.
Crow: Oh man...what happened?
(Crow looks around)
Crow thinks: Oh man is that water?
Crow walks about towards the blue object)
Crow: AHHHH thats not water!
(Crow tries to run away)
(The monster chases the crow)


Act 1

Act 2a

Act 2b

Project Plan
Tools- Scratch, computer, Internet access
Materials- Scratch, sprites, images (credits for images), scratch blocks
Labor- Me
Location-Home, School
Time-about two to three hours
Money- 2 dollars

Action Plan
Developers Journal
Session #1 4/29, 9:20, School
1 hour
In this hour, I was able to make my two characters and then make my title background.
However, I wasn’t able to get much of my story done.
I made my own characters by drawing. I learned nothing.

Session #2 5/1, 9:50, School
30 minutes
In this time was able to work on my scratch, and I worked up to the part where the question that alters the story comes out.
However, when I asked a question from one of my sprites, I wanted the answers to affect everything.

Session #3 5/3, !2:00, Home
1 hour
In this time I was able to work up to the middle of act 1a.
I learned how broadcasting is so much easier than calculating how much time a sprite has to wait.

Session #4 5/4, 12:00, Home
3 hours
In this time I was able to finish part 2a.
One problem I had was syncing everything together, however, I learned how to broadcast even better.

Session #5 5/4, 6:00, Home
2 hours
In this time I finished everything.
I didn’t have any problems.
E: Evaluation
My animation, was about two minutes long, maybe just a bit longer than two minutes. The story is interactive, and there are two different ways that the story can end. The character asks a question, and there are two ways that the question can be answered. The animation has two branches, “pitcher” and then there is “cowards way out”. My animations does tell a lesson, which is to never give up, when you want or need something. However, the story leading up to the main decision isn’t at least a minute long and it is shorter. However, the story after the decision is more than a minute. I had a credits after my animation, and it is appropriate for viewers under the age of 13. I handed it in by May 5th.
My script was very close to how my animation was. I followed the exact lines of my script and put it into my animation. And all of the stage directions were put into my animation.
My storyboard also had was an outline of my animation. My animation, didn’t follow exactly my storyboard and some changes were made to my story.

May 6, 2014


Tech 7-1 Unit 3 Project Oubaita act #1
Tech 7-1 Unit 3 Project Oubaita act #2a
Tech 7-1 Unit 3 Project Oubaita act #2b

Once upon a time there was a young fellow who enlisted as a soldier, conducted himself bravely, and was always at the very front when it was raining bullets. As long as the war lasted all went well, but when peace was made he was dismissed, and the captain said he could go wherever he wanted to.
His parents were dead, and he had no longer a home, so he went to his brother and asked them to support him until there was another war.
The brother, however, were hardhearted and said, "What can we do with you? We have no work for you. See that you go and make a living for yourself."
The soldier had nothing left but his gun, so, putting it on his shoulder, he went forth into the world. He came to a large heath, on which nothing was to be seen but a circle of trees. Filled with sorrow, he sat down beneath them and thought about his fate.
"I have no money," he thought, "and the only trade I have learned is that of making war, and now that they have made peace they can no longer use me, so I see that I shall starve."
Suddenly he heard a rustling sound, and when he looked around, a strange man was standing before him. He wore a green jacket and looked quite stately, but he had a hideous horse's foot.
"I know what you are in need of," said the man. "You shall have money and property, as much as you, with all your might, can squander away, but first I must know if you are fearless, so that I won't be giving away my money for nothing."
"A soldier and fear -- how can those go together?" he answered, "You can put me to the test."
"Very well," answered the man, "look behind you."
The soldier turned around and saw a large growling bear running towards him.
"Aha," shouted the soldier, "I'll tickle your nose until you lose your desire for growling." Then taking aim at the bear, he shot it in the snout, and it fell down motionless.
"I see quite well," said the stranger, "that you do not lack for courage, but there is one more condition that you will have to fulfill."
"If it does not endanger my salvation," answered the soldier, who knew quite well who was standing before him. "Otherwise I'll have nothing to do with it."
"You'll see about that for yourself," answered Greenjacket. "For the next seven years you are neither to wash yourself, nor comb your beard and hair, nor cut your nails, nor say the Lord's prayer. I will give you a jacket and a cloak, which you must wear during this time. If you die during these seven years, you are mine. If you stay alive, you are free, and rich as well, for all the rest of your life."
The soldier thought about his desperate situation, and having faced death so often before, he decided to risk it now as well, and he entered into the agreement.
The devil took off his green jacket and gave it to the soldier, saying, "Whenever you wear this jacket and reach into its pocket, you will find a handful of money."
Then he pulled the skin off the bear and said, "This shall be your cloak, and your bed as well, for you are to sleep on it, and you are not allowed to lie in any other bed. Because of your clothing you shall you be called Bearskin." With that the devil disappeared.
The soldier put on the jacket, immediately reached into the pocket, and found that the promise was really true. Then he put on the bearskin and went forth into the world. He did whatever he pleased, refraining from nothing that did him good and his money harm.
During the first year his appearance was still acceptable, but during the second he looked like a monster. His hair covered nearly his entire face. His beard looked like a piece of coarse felt cloth. His fingers had claws, and his face was so covered with dirt that if someone had planted cress on it, it would have grown. Everyone who saw him ran away. However, because everywhere he went he gave money to the poor to pray that he might not die during the seven years, and because he paid well for everything, he always found shelter.
In the fourth year he arrived an inn. The innkeeper would not let him enter, refusing even to let him have a place in the stable because he was afraid he would frighten the horses. However, when Bearskin reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of ducats, the innkeeper softened and gave him a room in an outbuilding. Bearskin, however, had to promise not to let himself be seen, lest the inn should get a bad name.
One evening Bearskin was sitting alone, wishing with all his heart that the seven years were over, he heard a loud moaning in a neighboring room. He had a compassionate heart, so he opened the door and saw an old man weeping bitterly and striking his hands together above his head. Bearskin went nearer, but the man jumped to his feet and tried to run away. At last, hearing a human voice, the man let Bearskin talk to him, and with friendly words Bearskin succeeded in getting the old man to reveal the cause of his grief. Slowly but surely the old man had lost his wealth, and now he and his daughters would have to starve. He was so poor that he could not pay the innkeeper and was to be sent to prison.
"If that is your only problem," said Bearskin, "I have money enough." He called for the innkeeper and paid him, and then put a bag full of gold into the poor man's pocket.
When the old man saw that he was freed from all his troubles he did not know how to show his gratitude.
"Come with me," he said to Bearskin. "My daughters are all miracles of beauty. Choose one of them for your wife. When she hears what you have done for me she will not refuse you. You do look a little strange, to be sure, but she will put you in order again."
This pleased Bearskin well, and he went with the old man.
When the oldest daughter saw him she was so terrified at his face that she screamed and ran away.
The second one stood still and looked at him from head to foot, but then she said, "How can I accept a husband who no longer has a human form? The shaved bear that once was here and passed itself off for a man pleased me far better. At least it was wearing a hussar's fur and white gloves. If ugliness were his only flaw, I could get used to him."
The youngest one, however, said, "Father, dear, he must be a good man to have helped you out of your trouble. If you promised him a bride for doing so, your word must be kept."
It was a pity that Bearskin's face was covered with dirt and hair, for otherwise they would have seen how his heart laughed within his body when he heard these words. He took a ring from his finger, broke it in two, and gave her one half. He kept the other half himself. He then wrote his name inside her half, and her name inside his. He asked her to take good care of her piece.
Then he took leave saying, "I must wander about for three more years. If I do not return at that time you are free, for I shall be dead. But ask God to preserve my life."
The poor bride-to-be dressed herself entirely in black, and when she thought about her future bridegroom, tears came into her eyes. From her sisters she received nothing but contempt and scorn.
"Be careful," said the oldest. "If you give him your hand, he will hit you with his claws."
"Beware," said the second. "Bears like sweet things, and if he takes a liking to you, he will eat you up."
"You must always do what he wants you to," continued the oldest, "or he will begin to growl."
And the second added, "But the wedding will be merry, for bears dance well."
The bride-to-be said nothing and did not let them irritate her. Bearskin, however, traveled about the world from one place to another, did good wherever he could, and gave generously to the poor that they might pray for him.
Finally, at dawn on the last day of the seven years, he went once more out to the heath, and seated himself beneath the circle of trees. Before long the wind began to howl, and the devil stood before him, looking at him angrily. He threw Bearskin's old jacket to him and demanded the return of his own green one.
"We haven't gotten that far yet," answered Bearskin. "First of all you have to clean me up."
Whether the devil wanted to or not, he had to fetch water and wash off Bearskin, comb his hair, and cut his nails. After this he looked like a brave soldier and was much better looking than he had ever been before.
When the devil was safely gone Bearskin was quite lighthearted. He went into the town, purchased a splendid velvet jacket, seated himself in a carriage drawn by four white horses, and drove to his bride's house. No one recognized him. The father took him for a distinguished colonel and led him into the room where his daughters were sitting. He was given a seat between the two oldest ones. They poured wine for him, served him the finest things to eat, and thought that they had never seen a more handsome man in all the world.
The bride-to-be, however, sat across from him in her black dress without raising her eyes or speaking a word. Finally he asked the father if he would give him one of his daughters for a wife, whereupon the two oldest ones jumped up and ran into their bedrooms to put on splendid dresses, for each of them thought that she was the chosen one.
As soon as he was alone with his bride-to-be, the stranger brought out his half of the ring and dropped it into a glass of wine, which he handed across the table to her. She took the wine, but when she had drunk it and found the half ring lying at the bottom, her heart began to beat. She took the other half, which she wore on a ribbon around her neck, put them together, and saw that the two pieces matched perfectly.
Then he said, "I am your betrothed bridegroom, whom you saw as Bearskin. Through God's grace I have regained my human form and have become clean again."
He went to her, embraced her, and gave her a kiss. In the meantime the two sisters came back in full dress. When they saw that the youngest sister had received the handsome man, and heard that he was Bearskin, they ran out filled with anger and rage. One of them drowned herself in the well. The other hanged herself on a tree.
That evening, someone knocked at the door, and when the bridegroom opened it, it was the devil in his green jacket, who said, "You see, I now have two souls for the one of yours."

Two Sisters
Old Man

Bearskin: Brother I need your help the war is over and now I am penniless.
Brother: You have missed a lot while you were away.
Bearskin: Like what?
Brother: Our parents are dead
Bearskin: Is that so.
Brother: Unfortunately, yes.
Bearskin: That is bad, can I have a job?
Brother: What can you do?
Bearskin: I’m your brother just give the damn job.
brother: Answer the question.
Bearskin I can hunt game…

User Interaction: Should he give Bearskin a job or not?
Yes No
brother: We need you to hunt for rabbits.
Bearskin: aight (leaves)
Bear: (charges) and leaves bearskin unconscious and in bad condition.
Devil: You are in fatal condition I can help you at a price, you need someone to willingly give up their soul.
Bearskin: Yes, please heal me.
2 boring years later…
Bearskin: (visits an inn) and finds a beggar.
Beggar: please, spare some wealth.
Bearskin: Yes, but you must sell your soul to the devil
Beggar: I did I did.
Bearskin: Here is a sack of gold coins.
Beggar: Thank you so dearly.
Bearskin: (returns home)
brother: We are rich, we received a huge donation from a man named Lediv.
Bearskin: Splendid
Bearskin: Well fine then (walks away).
Devil: I know you are in need of money.
Bearskin: How did ya….
Devil: I shall put you to test, what is your courage like? look behind you.
Bearskin: AHA (gunshot shoots charging bear)
Devil: For the next seven years you musn’t groom yourself, say the lords prayer and wear the bearskin. If you survive you will be rich and free, if you die your soul belongs to me.
Bearskin: Ok (puts on cloak)
126230400 boring seconds later.
Old Man: Please spare me a few coins… AH
Bearskin: (gives bag of gold)
Old Man: Thank you, I have beautiful daughters that will marry you.
First Sister: (runs away)
Second Sister: screams
Bride: Says yes.
Bearskin: waits 3 years so he can groom and be beautiful once again.
The two sisters went crazy upon seeing the beautiful rich man that their sister was marrying.

Project Plan
tools- computer, scratch, internet
materials- sprites, images
labor- I did the work
location- home, school
time- 3-4 hours
money- $0.00
Action Plan
schedule- 2 hours on Saturday, and Sunday
procedure- Make at least two changes
Developers Journal
9:20- 10:20
Session #1
problems: I needed to import characters and finish storyboarding
solutions: I cropped images from storyboardthat.com and finished summarizing what happens on the storyboard
changes: I imported characters from storyboardthat.com and finished all the acts/parts
summary: I storyboarded and imported characters into scratch.

1:00- 6:40
Session 2
problems: I unsuccessfully cropped characters
solutions: I used sprites
changes: I finished the animation.
summary: I added music finished the animation and decided to use regular sprites.

Things I Liked:
I liked that I was able to keep it appropriate for all ages. I liked that I was able to make such an amazing credits scene. I spent plentiful of time on the project so there were very little errors. I liked how I displayed emotions well. I liked that I was able to find a kid appropriate replacement for Bearskin, the Monkey King. I liked the narration.

Things I Disliked:
I disliked my voice acting. The same character sounded different every time he spoke. A woman sounded like a man. I disliked that during a conversation a character randomly turned. I disliked that the three sisters looked very different, one looked rich when they had a begging father. I disliked the background of where there was an inn. I disliked that it looked like

May 6, 2014

Jack and the Beanstalk

by: 19buttj
Jack and the Beanstalk Title Slide
Jack and the Beanstalk Act 1
Jack and the Beanstalk Act 2a
Jack and the Beanstalk 2b

A- Investigate: Determine your story choice
a)Jack and the Beanstalk
c)Joseph Jacobs
d)The main character is jack a farm boy, jill, jack’s brother, and a rich giant who lives in a land above the clouds in a big palace.
e)The ethical decision is to go into the giants’ palace and steal the gold or to make friends with the giant.
f)He will go and steal the giants’ gold until later when the giant will run after him one day and try to get the gold back but the boy cuts the beanstalk and kills the ogre, before he comes to him.
g) He meets the giants and start trading with him, with the goods of the earth and they live happily ever after.
Design: -
Story Script:-
Characters: - Jack, Jack’s Mom, The Giant, Waitress.
Setting: - The Earth, the castle in the fairy land, and inside the castle.
Jack: - Oh mom now what is it?
Mom: - Can you check the door, I think someone is there.
Jack: - Okay mom.
(Jack walks toward the door as the background changes.)
Jack: - What is this? I rather not tell mom about this bag of seeds. I’ll keep it for myself and plant it one day. Mom, it was no one.
Mom: - Are you sure, cause I am pretty sure I heard a knock.
Jack: - No, it was no one I checked very thoroughly.
(The setting changes to a very dark night.) ( Jack throws the beans he found into the ground, feeches water and feeds the plant.)
Mom- Jack what are doing outside?
Jack- (Tries to cover the location of the plant as the beanstalk rises from out of the ground)
Mom- Is there something you forgot to tell me when the messenger knocked on the door.
(Jack turns around to see the beanstalk rise from the ground and starts to stutter)
Jack- Um, about that… like…a… yesterday there was a bag of beans so I thought…
Mom- Not to tell me, and to plant them yourself.
Mom- I see you did a very good job.
Jack- Can I climb it and see where it goes?
Mom- Hmm… Maybe tomorrow morning.
Jack- Just a sneak peak.
Mom- Okay but be back before midnight.
(Jack climbs the beanstalk and the setting changes to the inside of a castle)
Giant- Bring me food. Food!
(Jack walks by slowly and then to the Kitchen the setting changes where he meets a waitress.)
Jack- Hello
Waitress- Go away or the Giant will eat or kill you!
Jack- But I come in friendship.
Waitress- But he has no tolerance for humans, and will devour you at first sight.
Jack- But I come in peace.
Waitress- He was no patience for individuals like you! If you care for your life run away.
Giant: - Where is my lunch?
Waitress: -I am coming. Please leave.
Giant- I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Waitress- You must be dreaming.
If Yes: - B If No: - A If Neither: - I did not understand. Please answer yes or no.

Do you think that Jack will face the Giant? (Yes or No)
Postive Negative
A: - (The setting changes back to the inside of a castle as the waitress keeps the food on the table. Jack climbs up to challenge the Giant.)
Giant: - Is that a human?
Jack: - I am Jack, a human and have come from the land of Macedonia and I mean no harm.
Giant: - But your kind has been very unkind to me. Centuries ago we all used to live in one land very peacefully. The humans’ government became poor due to their mismanagement. They started to loot us in order to get money and they discriminated us. This continued for years as we took the suffering but then our leader and people were done, and the Great War of the Giants and the Humans had started. After decades of war, we decided to live separately. The Giants lived in the clouds, and the humans lived on the Earth. And after living in the clouds the Giants kingdom had shortened and I am the only Giant left that is still living.
Jack: - Oh this is a very sad story indeed.
Giant: - Oh, Yes.
Jack- I can understand your pain.
Giant: - Wait but you are a human. Waitress, bring my knife, I found some dinner.
Jack- Wait I am sure that we can figure some way to live in peace.
Giant- But by forgiving you I would be going against my own ancestors, who died because of YOU HUMANS!! Where is my knife!
Waitress- One second I can’t find it.
Jack- Please don’t kill me what did I do to you.
Giant- You have a point, but nevertheless you would be good diner.
Jack- But what would you get by killing and eating me?
Giant- Food!
Giant- But wait, after the Great War, there was no way that you humans could reach the giants, and there was no way the giants could reach the humans. How did you get here?
Jack- There was beanstalk which I climbed.
Giant- Could I see it?
(The setting changes to the beanstalk.)
Jack- Would you like to come to my house.
Giant- No, no the humans would kill me.
(The Giant vanished through the clouds. Setting changes back to Jack’s house.)
Mom- Where were you?
Jack- If you climb the beanstalk there is Giant!
Mom- Stay away from those creatures.
Jack- But he was so nice to me. And we started the conflict. I am going to the court to let him stay with us.
Mom- But…
(Jack walks out, and the setting changes to a court.)
Judge- What is it you need youngling?
Jack- Years ago we hurt the Giants causing our separation, but now I want that the last Giant would be allowed to live with us humans, peacefully.
Judge- Forget about it, this will never happen.
Jack- It was our fault and we have to change it.
Judge- I guess you’re right. Bring the Giant to the house next to your and we’ll give him that house.
(Setting changes back to the Castle.)
Jack- Come with me, we can live together, my fellow humans are ready to accept you.
Giant- No the other humans will kill me.
Jack – Trust me
Giant- Okay
(The setting changes to the Giant’s new house.)
Jack- Here is your new house.
Giant- Thank you so much, Jack
Jack- Make yourself at home.
B: - (The Waitress enters and keeps the food on the table. The Giant eats his food, and takes out a bag of coins. He goes to sleep. The waitress leaves.)
Jack: - This is my chance. If I take all the coins I’ll be able to afford anything.
(Jack goes up and he leaves with the gold coins. The giant wakes up to see that his gold coins are gone.)
Giant: - Where are my gold coins?
(Waitress runs in.)
Waitress- I have no idea, sire.
Giant- Hmm, I think that an Englishman, came and robbed me.
Waitress: - Stop dreaming.
Giant: - I won’t spare if I ever see him again…
(The setting changes back to Jack’s house, where he hands the gold coins to his mom.)
Mom- Where did you get so many gold coins from?
Jack- Um, it was on the beanstalk.
Mom- Well go to sleep now it is getting late.
(It becomes dark and Jack sneaks back to the Castle.)
Jack- Hello
Waitress- You again! Do you know that the day you came the Giant lost a bag of his coins.
Jack- I have no idea.
Waitress- Hid for if the Giant sees you, your name will be written on his menu for dinner tonight.
Giant- Oh, Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Waitress- You must be dreaming sire.
Giant- Oh, bring me my food, and my golden goose.
(Waitress enters with the goose and food.)
Giant- Lay
(The Goose lays an egg.)
Giant- Put my goose back.
(Before the Waitress come Jack sneaks in and takes the goose away and leaves.)
Waitress- Giant, rise, where is your goose.
Giant- It was definitely that Englishman.
Waitress- Yes, supposedly.
(Changes setting to Jack’s house where he gives the goose to his mother.)
Jack- Lay
(The goose lays an egg.)
Mom- Wow, where did you get such an amazing creature.
Jack- Um.. It was on top of the Giant… I meant the Beanstalk.
Mom- Okay go to sleep.
(It becomes dark and Jack sneaks out of his house and up the beanstalk. The setting changes to the night, then to the beanstalk and then to the castle.)
Giant- Fee fi fo fum. I smell the blod of an Englishman.
Waitress- You must be dreaming.
Giant- Give me my food and my harp.
(The waitress brought in the harp and food.)
Giant- Sing
Harp- La, la, la
(The Giant goes to sleep and Jack sneaks in and runs away with the harp.)
Harp- Master.
(The Giant gets and runs after Jack)
Giant- You Englishman, I will kill you!
(Jack vanishes and then the Giant does, as the setting changes to the beanstalk.)
Giant- Get back here you Englishman.
Jack- Get the axe mom.
(His mom comes rushing out with an axe, and Jack cuts the beanstalk.)
Giant- NOOOOO!
Jack- Wof, that was a close call.
(Hands his mom the harp.)
Mom- So you were stealing from that Giant.
Jack- Yes, I’m sorry.
Mom- Stealing isn’t ever a good thing, and never do so ever again.

Project Plan: -
Resources: -
-Tools Computer, Internet Connection, Scratch.
Animations from Scratch, Images from Internet.
For this project you will need yourself, no one else except your computer.
Hopefully the project will be done at home. Parts will be done at school and at the library.
You need at least 3-4 hours, and as efficiency goes down the time increases and vice-versa.
You will not need any money this project.
Action Plan-
My schedule is spend 30 minutes-1 hour writing the script.
You will need at least 40 minutes-1 hour to finish your storyboard.
1 to 2 hour to animate your presentation using Scratch.
First, open Google Docs.
Secondly, create a script.
Third, upload on storyboardthat.com make Act 1 of your script and then Act 2a and Act 2b for the two different endings.
Finally, animate your project on Scratch and post it on the Scratch website using your Scratch account and on youth voices with your project and action plan.
Developer’s Journal (Create): -
Session: -
Number one
Date: -
2:15-2:45 p.m
Short Summary: -
In this time I went to the library finished my script.
Problems: -
Some problems I faced were with the split script and the two endings, because then the script gets way longer and then it becomes harder to work on it.
Solution: -
I had to increase the time I worked on my script.
Changes: - I thought the script would take 30 minutes to 1 hour, but it took almost 1 hour 15 minutes in reality. Session: - Number two Date: - 04/26/14 Time: - 5-9 p. m Short Summary: - In this time I finished my storyboard and I finished my Scratch Animation. Problems: - Some Problems I faced was the timing of the dialogue of the sprites and the timing to when the background had to change in the Scratch Animation. Solutions: - I had the time I had to work on my storyboard and scratch animation. Changes: - I thought the Scratch Animation will take 1-2 hours, but it took 2 ½ hour. I thought the storyboard would take 40 minutes to 1 hour but it took 1 ½ hour.

I completed all of the design specifications. My animations is way longer than 2 minutes. In my story the viewer gets to take a decision which affects the outcome of the story, yes or no. The outcomes tell a lesson about the decision made. The beginning part is more than a minute and so is both the outcomes. I gave credit to everyone who was no one. This is a project viewable to children younger than 13 and I completed the project before May 5. My script follows all the guidelines, and so does my storyboard.

May 6, 2014

The Griffin By Brother Grimm (Interactive Project)

by: 19ilichs

-Hans (the youngest son)
-Griffin’s Wife
-Old Man
-The Older Son

[boy comes into stage from right]
Messenger Boy: The king’s daughter is sick! The King has proclaimed that whoever brings his daughter apples for healing will marry her!
[change to background 1, sprites 2, 3, 4, and 5 appear]
Father: So, you boys seen the king’s offer? Nice right?
Older Son, Jack: Yea, lucky guy. I heard the daughter is pretty.
Father: Oh, so you’re interested? Well then, fetch some nice apples from our orchard and we’ll have you on your way to the king’s palace.
Jack: No, let Henry.
Father: What? Henry? Don’t be foolish! Henry, you are young and you are not smart! NO! You shall not go.
Henry: Please Father! This is a chance to prove myself! Please???!!!!
Father: Well fine… but if you fail, I shall box your ears for your stupidity.
Henry: Oh thank you Father! I won’t let you down.
Father: You better not.
[change to background 4 with sprite 8 (the son)]
Henry: Hmm… Hmm… Hmm.
[sprite 6 appears on stage]
Henry: Oh…. hello good sir.
Old Man: Hmm…. what do you have in the basket, son?

Henry: Mushrooms…. yea…
Old Man: Well, if that’s what they are, then that’s what they will remain. [thinks] Ughh this generation… never telling the truth and always being greedy… I’m out!
[Sprite 6 disappears from stage]
Henry: Right then… man the old generation are so mysterious …
[sprite 8 moves across stage]
[change to background 6, show sprite 8]
Henry: I am here to bring apples...
[sprite 7 appears from left]
King: What?
Henry: Please look sir.
Henry: What??
[change costume] Ohhhhhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
[change costume] I’m sooo sorry…. I don’t understand… they were here before……
King: Bah! I don’t want to hear any excuses! Go now before I call the guards.
[change background so door closes]
[sprite 8 costume changes and moves to the right so it disappears from stage]
[change to background 4 with sprite 8 slowly moving across stage to right]
[sprite 6 appears and sprite 8 stops moving right]
Henry: You! You changed my apples to mushrooms!
Old Man: Well, but you specifically said you were carrying mushrooms!
Henry: Yes, but…
Old Man: Ahhh… see… you lied and now that you think, you see that there was no reason to lie.
Henry: Well… you could’ve asked me if you wanted them…
Old Man: What a lousy excuse. Well, now you see what lying did to you. And hopefully, you will not do that again. Hmm?
Henry: Okay… you are right! I will not lie again.
Old Man: Hmmm… we shall see. Well I wish you the best and I hope nothing further unfortunate happens after.
Henry: I hope so, too. And thank you good sir for your good words of wisdom. I will definitely consider everything you have said.
[sprite 6 disappears from stage and sprite 8 keeps moving right to the end of stage]
[background changes to Henry’s house]
Father: Hello, boy. Did the princess get the apples?
Henry: Alas, no.
Father: What!?!?
Henry: I told a lie that cost me the apples. I am sorry.
Father: You --
[Jack comes into the stage from right]
Jack: Father! Father!
Father: What?
Jack: There is this horrid creature in the apple orchard! And-- And he’s eating them!
[Father’s costume changes]
Father: Oh no!
[change background to apple orchard] [Griffin appears, Father, Jack, and Henry]
Father: Good gracious! What is that?
Henry: I’m not sure…
Jack: He is eating all of our apples… Now we have nothing to sell…
Henry: Oh I am so sorry I lied! If I didn’t then I could’ve married the princess and we could all live in the castle but now we have nothing!
Jack: Me too! I will not lie again!
Henry: Apples that I am taking to the king’s daughter so she feels better.
Old Man: Well, if that’s what they are, then that’s what they will remain.
[sprite 6 disappears from stage]
[change to background 6, show sprite 8]Henry: Ummm hello? I am here to bring apples for the princess!!
[sprite 7 appears from left]
King: What? You do??
Henry: Please look sir.
[background changes to inside the basket]
King: Why, thank you good sir! I will take theses to my daughter right away!
[sprite: daughter appears]
Princess: Thank you, sir but alas I can not marry you until you carry out some errands.
Henry: I will!...... But what are they?
[background changes to: one more hour later]
[background changes to field and sprite 8 appears in different costume]
Henry: This is IMPOSSIBLE. Oh wait, I have this whistle, not sure what it does…. Oh right! Father gave it to me! It can attract anything! This will help.
[change background to: Next errand]
[change background]
[King appears]
King:You have only one more task left. You must get a tail feather from a griffin.
Henry: What?? Okay then…
[change background to Griffin’s house] {show sprite 8 and Griffin’s wife]
Wife: Oh hello boy. Why are you here.
Henry: To see the Griffin.
Wife: He isn’t home, but you are welcome to stay. But you must hide when he comes. He isn’t fond of humans.
Henry: Okay, but then can you ask him somethings. I ran into some people on the way here. One couple wants to know what will cure their daughter, and a man wants to know why he has to carry all these people across this lake.
Wife: Very well. Oh! Here he comes! HIde!
[sprite 8 moves across stage and Griffin enters the stage]
Griffin:Hello! Busy day… I think I’ll go to sleep…
Wife: Very well then but I have some questions. A couple’s daughter is sick…. What should they do to cure her?
Griffin: Fools… there’s a toad in the basement that’s home is made of her hair and if she gets her hair back she will be much better.
Wife: And suppose a man who carries people across a lake wondered why he is doing this….?
Griffin: Ughhh… the fool…. all he needs is to leave one person in the middle in the middle of the lake… Now hush, I need to get rest.
[at night, sprite 8 changes costume, then goes back to previous costume]
Griffin: Who pulled my tail?!?
Wife: No one… Go back to sleep.
[change background to: 3 days later, then change to wedding day. Sprite 8 and Princess appear]
Princess: Well, everything turned out okay except for my father…
Henry: Oh right…. I am sorry… He happened to be the first person after I told the man who carried people across the lake that he needed to leave one person in the middle of the lake… And the king couldn’t swim. But alas everyone else is well.

Tools: Scratch, internet
Materials: Scratch sprite, google images (credits for images)
Labor:credits for people who contributed (momothecat.deviantart.com)
Location: home and school
Time: class and school.

Step 1: Make storyboards
Step 2: Create project
Step 3: See if project matches requirements and edit if needed.
Step 4: Upload to scratch

Day 1: Do step 1.
Day 2: Do steps 2 and 3
Day 3: Do step 3 and 4

Developer’s Journal:
Today in class I started to work on my project. I got through one scene. I didn’t encounter any problems though I took time with some designs.
I finished my project today. I almost deleted it halfway through but didn’t I finished it a good time actually.

I couldn’t complete my project by the due date because the program started to glitch. It seems like I broadcasted too many messages but for some reason, I can’t make new messages. And my ethical decision doesn’t work either even though all of it should work. I checked everything multiple times and it all seems like it should work but yet it doesn’t. I don’t think it was my computer because I already tried on 3.

May 6, 2014

"Death and All His Friends" based on "Death's Messengers" by The Brothers Grimm INTERACTIVE

by: 19husains
Storyboard Act 1
Storyboard Act 2a

A: Investigate
Title: Death’s Messengers Author: The Brothers Grimm
Url: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~spok/grimmtmp/199.txt
Main character: the young man
Choice: to help Death
Choice And consequences: To help death and the world or to not help death and the world will perish
Moral: You have to do the right thing, even if you won’t gain anything.

B: Design
Story Script:
Narrator: narrates everything
Giant: Secondary character
Death: Secondary character
Felix Felicis: Main character, makes decision.
Young Man: [Negative Ending Only] secondary character, frees Death

Setting: A Road

Narrator: Once upon a time, a Giant was walking along a road.
Giant: *walking along the road*
Narrator:When suddenly, one blocked his path.
Death: Halt.
Giant: WHAT? I can crush you beneath my fingers! Who dares block MY way?
Death: I am Death. No one resists me, and you also must obey my commands.
Narrator: The Giant grew wary, but then he realized he was much bigger than Death. He wants to kill death for thinking anyone is better than himself.
Giant: No one resists you? You foolish being. What is death compared to a Giant?
Giant: *tackles death*
*brawl scene, blurs of circles rotating, cue sound effects*
*cue hurt sound, Death stuck underneath a boulder*
Narrator: After a long time of fighting, at last, the Giant beat death.
Giant: You amuse me puny death. You cannot even beat a giant. Fear not, no one can.
*Giant walks away in the journey*
Narrator: Death realizes that without himself to take the lives of others away, the world will be too full of living beings, immortal, crowding the world.
Death: *think bubble* I am too weak to move. How will those meant to die die without me to take them away?
*cut to new stage of the road. Young man will a healthy glow walking, whistling.*
Narrator: Soon, a young man came upon the path. Seeing Death, he wishes to help him.
*Shot of death looking weak, underneath the boulder*
*The young man sees death beneath the boulder, thinking he is a weak a weak man*
Young Man: Are you alright? Here, I have a healing draught. Please, do take some.
*small flask sprite, to death*
Death: You do not know who I am. I am Death. I spare no one, and you won’t be an exception. You wish to help me, when I will kill you in the end?

Interactive Decision
Narrator: What do you think the young man should do? Press + is he should help death, and - If he shouldn’t.
Positive Negative
Narrator:The young man was kind. He wanted to help Death.
Young Man:It is nice to meet you Death. My name is Felix--Felix Felicis-- and I would be honored to help you.
Death:You are naïve. You choose Death over immortality?
Felix: Do you not want to get out of there? Do you not wish to do your job any longer? The job that you are bound to eternally?
Narrator:Death was wary. He wanted to test The Young Man. He wanted to see if he would continue helping, even if Death was rude.
Death:What I do is no concern of yours human. You are arrogant, thinking you have power over me.
Narrator:But the young man pursued him still
Felix:And yet you want my assistance. No, you don’t want it, I offer it.
Narrator:Convinced of his innocence, Death finally lets the Young Man help him.
Death: You are either a very brave man, or a very foolish one, Felix Felicis.
Narrator:And death wishes to repay him.
Death: Since I am forgiving, I offer to have some mercy on you. When your time of death comes, I will warn you beforehand, so you may do what you must before I take you away-- for good.
Felix: Thank you so much.
Narrator:And so the Young Man gave Death a healing draught.
Felix: [hands death a small bottle]
Death: [drinks it]Thank you, human.
Narrator:And so death and the young man went their separate ways.

Setting: Felix’s House, many years later

Narrator:And so as the years passed, the young man grew healthy and strong.He sometimes watched as Death did his job of taking lives away.
[Shot of animals and people dying]
Narrator:But youth and health did not last long.Soon came sickness and sorrows, which tormented him by day, and took away his rest by night.Die,I shall not, said he to himself,for death will send his messengers before that, but I do wish these wretched days of sickness were over.As soon as he felt himself well again he began once more to live merrily.

Setting: bedroom

Death:[appears] I have come to take your life.
Felix: What? you said you’d warn me!
Death: Have I not sent one messenger to you
after another?Did not fever come and smite you,and shake you,
and cast you down?Has not dizziness bewildered your head? Has not gout twitched you in all your limbs?Did not your ears sing?Did not toothache bite into your cheeks?Was it not dark before your eyes?And besides all that, has not my own brother sleep
reminded you every night of me? Did you not lie by night as if
you were already dead?
Felix: You cheated me. You said you’d warm me. You personally.
Death: I said I would get you notified. I did so. It is time for you to die.
Felix: I do not regret helping you. I know I did the right thing, even if I did not get rewarded.
Narrator: and so the young man went with death, peacefully
The End

Narrator: But the young man despised death. He didn’t want to help him.
Felix: Why should I help you? You are cruel. You take away the lives of even the innocent. You took the life of my baby brother when he was a child- he was 8 years old. Why help a merciless being when we will benefit without you? I can help humanity, if not you.
Death:You think yourself great, you arrogant being!I know you, you are Felix! Felix Felicis! You need me, or else the world will turn upside down. I am the pillar that keeps “humanity” alive. In fact, I keep all living being alive- by killing.
Felix: You make no sense. You call me arrogant, but you are more so! We do not need you! You are a burden! I refuse to help you. You will rot here, under a boulder. No one will find you here.I will make sure of that. Just you wait!
Narrator: that day, the young man built a fence around that road. He made a sign labelling it as restricted.

Setting [shot]: Road with a giant fence around it, boulders in the background. Sign says DO NOT ENTER

Narrator: And so no one entered. No one freed death.

Setting: shots of different people not dying. Animals,too. Shot of people with diseases.
Shot of the Earth slowly overpopulating.

Narrator[speaking while shots change]:People learned early that they could no longer die. Animals couldn’t be eaten-- they couldn’t be killed, so meat was unavailable. People became unnourished. So people began being exposed to diseases. Some sickness were so horrible, people begged for death. Alas, he never came, bound below the boulder.

Setting: shot to the road with fence

[little boy enters]

Narrator: Finally, one day, a young boy entered the road, searching for food for his sick mother. He climbed the fence, and saw Death.
Death: Young Boy, come free me!
Young Boy: Who are you?
Death: I am Death. Hurry, please! Or the world shall perish!
Young Man: Please, can you help my mother? Can you relieve her of her pain, if I help you?
Death: I can bring her a peaceful, painless death.
Narrator: The young man used a healing draught he had saved for his mother to help Death.

Setting:House at night, mother sleeping in bed. Glimpse of Death.
Narrator:Death killed his mother in her sleep, she did not feel a thing.
Death: Finally, Death continued his job, killing those in turn.Except for one Felix Felicis, who watched as those close to him died in front of his eyes painfully. He begged for Death, until finally, Death pitifully took his life 100 years later.

The End

Storyboards: See above

C: Project Plan: Resources
Tools: Internet Scratch Computer

Materials:Sprites- Death, Felix, Giant

Location: Home


Money:$0 because I’m broke.

Time:6 hours

Project Plan: Action Plan
Finish script
Create all Sprites (including all costumes.)
Begin making backgrounds needed
Begin making pre-decision
Make post-decision
Edit all scenes
Play through one more time

D: Developer’s Journal:

Wed, May 1st
Tech Room
I have made progress in my storyboards. I did most of the positive ending, but it got erased because of the browser. I will have to redo it.

Mon, May 5th
I had to make a separate sprite for death in the rocks, so i don’t make a mistake with another death costume.
Also, I will remove the shots of people dying, and skip straight to sickness (in the positive ending.)
I’m having trouble with keeping the time of each speech bubble there enough for people to read.
For some reason, after the question is asked, the answer region doesn’t leave.

I accidentally named 2 broadcasts the same thing, which took me a half hour to fix.

E: Evaluate

My project does meet all the design specifications. It is at least 2 minutes long. Its interactive, and splits in two endings, which is affected by the decision the user makes for the
main character.

Although, for the positive ending, the character dies anyways. This is because the moral of the story is that even though he didn’t end up being the most wealthy or rewarded in the end, he made the right choice. As a result, the Earth was in full balance again at the end. It is easier to understand this if the viewer watches both the positive and negative ending. In the negative ending, Felix (the main character) doesn’t help Death, and the world is put off balance. Since people can’t eat meat, they lack some nutrition, and get sick. If anyone is deathly sick, they won’t be able to be put out of their misery. Although death is now nonexistent, pain isn’t. At the end, Felix is left immortal until death takes pity in his suffering and finally kills him. Obviously, the negative ending is more… unforgiving.

One way I could have improved my project is by making it more interesting. This could be done by adding in sounds, and making the project more appealing to the eyes and more entertaining in general. Also, the scenery could have been improved, because it was so generalized in the animation.

When my project was finished, I had fixed the bugs I came upon when editing and reviewing the animation one last time. Those bugs include: broadcasts named the same thing, wrong dialogue cued, and the amount of time between each line performed by each sprite/ character.

May 6, 2014

The Serpent and the Eagle: Interactive

by: 19ChanS
Title Slide
Act 1
Act 2A
Act 2B

A: Investigate

“The Serpent and the Eagle”


Author: Aesop

The Serpent, Eagle, and countryman

The Ethical Decision: Does the countryman free the eagle from the serpent’s grasp, or does he watch what will become of the fight?

Choice and Consequences: The countryman frees the eagle from the serpent, who spits poison into his drinking cup, and the eagle knocks it out of his hands when he’s about to take a drink, successfully spilling the contents on the ground; the eagle saves him.

An Alternate Ending: The countryman watches as the two animals fight it out. The eagle escapes, flying away, and the serpent angrily spits poison into the countryman’s drinking cup. The countryman ends up dying from the poison in his cup because of his decision to stand by.

B: Design

Story Script

[Characters: Eagle, Serpent, and Countryman]

Scene 1

[Background is in a desert-like place]

[An eagle flies around in the sky]

Eagle [thinking]: That snake looks tasty…

[Serpent looks up and sees Eagle]

Serpent [thinking]: That bird will make for a good meal.

[Serpent gets his coils ready]

[Eagle swoops down and tackles Serpent]

Eagle: I think I’ll eat you!

[Serpent has his coils around Eagle]

Serpent: No, I’ll be eating YOU!

[Eagle and Serpent struggle]

[Countryman walks by]

Countryman: What’s happening?

Eagle: Come and help me, countryman!

Countryman: What could I, a mere human, do against a ferocious animal like the Serpent?

Eagle: Free me! You can get his coils off me!

Serpent: If you help him, I will kill YOU after I eat him!

Countryman [thinking]: I want to help Eagle, but I don’t want to be killed if he doesn’t survive! What should I do?

Viewer Interaction:
Countryman: [Ask viewer the question] Do I help Eagle or not? [yes or no question, viewer must type in his/her answer]
Help Eagle Don't Help
[If Yes]
Countryman: Who cares if I die? The Eagle should live instead.

[Countryman frees Eagle and steps back]

Countryman: There you go!

[Eagle flies back up to the sky]

Eagle: Thank you, kind Countryman.

[Serpent is angry and spits poison into Countryman’s canteen]

Serpent [thinking]: That will serve him right!

[Serpent poofs]

Countryman: That made me thirsty!

[Countryman picks up canteen]

Countryman: I’m so glad I have water.

[Eagle swoops down and knocks canteen out of Countryman’s hands, poison spilling out of the canteen along with water]

Countryman: Hey! What are you-

Eagle: Look at the poison! Did you think that I knocked it out of your hands for no good reason? After all, you saved me!

Countryman: No, you saved me this time, Eagle! Thank you!

Eagle: Anyway, here’s some random canteen I found in the desert that isn’t poisoned. I personally… checked, don’t worry.

[Eagle drops good canteen]

Countryman: You’re more generous than I thought!

[Countryman takes canteen]

Eagle [thinking]: What kind of eagle did he take me for?

Eagle: I’ll be off now! I will remember you for the rest of my blessed ninety year life!

[Eagle disappears]

Countryman [thinking]: But eagles don’t live that long… They only live thirty to forty-five years, don’t they?

[Eagle is flying in the sky alone past mountains]


[Meanwhile, background changes to Serpent in witch’s hat looking into a crystal ball]

Serpent: Darn it, I failed!
The End~ Credits Roll

[If No]
Countryman steps back]

Countryman [thinking]: He’s on his own.

Countryman: Eagle, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can help you.

[Countryman whips out popcorn and watches the fight]

Eagle: Are you seriously making this into your movie?

Countryman: Well, it’s not like I can help… might as well enjoy it.

Serpent: Hahaha, not getting any help from your little human now!

Eagle: You will pay for this, human!

[Eagle escapes from Serpent without help]

Serpent: No!

[Serpent is angry and spits poison into Countryman’s canteen]

Serpent [thinking]: Stupid human! It’s all because I was distracted by him!

[Serpent poofs]

Countryman: I’m thirsty! I’ll just take a sip of water…

Eagle [thinking]: Hah! That will definitely serve him right!

[Eagle disappears]

[The countryman dies. The canteen is dropped, spilling the rest of the poisoned water on to the ground]

[Zoom-in on dropped canteen]

[Screen changes to Serpent in his evil lair]

Serpent: It worked! Hahaha!

The End~ Credits Roll

Project Plan

Tools: Scratch, computer, Internet access
Materials: Scratch sprites, images, credits for images, Scratch blocks, Scratch backgrounds, creative common images
Labor: Credits (for people who contributed)
Location: Home
Time: About four hours
Money: Nothing
Action Plan: I will work on my project in three parts. On one day I will set aside two hours to work on the first half of my project, finishing the part of the script all the way up to the ethical decision and if I have time, part of the first choice. On a second day I will set aside an hour or so to finish the part of the first choice and then start on the second choice. If I have time, I will finish the entire project and set the credits roll aside for another day. However, on the third day I will finish everything, including the credits roll. This will all be done at home.

Developer’s Journal

Session 1: 5/1/14, 10:19 AM, School
Time spent: 20 minutes
Short summary: I downloaded and cropped various images for the characters in my Scratch and started their dialogue.
Problems and solutions: None.
Changes: I will have to lessen the time I need to work on my project.

Session 2: 5/4/14, 9:13 PM, Home
Time spent: 3 hours and 30 minutes
Short summary: I finished the rest of my project.
Problems and solutions: First, I had difficulty matching up the characters’ looks (actions) and speech, so I had to adjust their costumes multiple times. The three main character sprites ended up having at least five costumes each. I also had to add certain sprites according to the script, or it wouldn’t work otherwise. I also found that using hide and broadcast blocks right on top of each other would not work, so I put a wait block in between them and solved the problem.
Changes: The time I needed increased.

E: Evaluate

Design Specifications:

1. My story animation was at least two minutes long, no matter what choice the user selected.
2. The viewer had to type in an answer at one point as their decision.
3. The viewer had to choose between two choices to make an ethical decision.
4. There were two branches involved in the animation that have different endings.
5. The outcomes show the consequences of positive and negative decisions.
6. The story leading up to the outcome is at least a minute long, and the same for either branch after the decision.


1. I gave credit to Aesop for the original fable.
2. The credited sources appear at the end of the animation.
3. The story is appropriate for viewers younger than 13 years old.
4. The story was published by May 5th.

My script was similar to the final product, but not exactly. Some parts of it were adjusted to have more dialogue and to fit the consequences of each branch after the ethical decision. My storyboard matches the final product because it was short and summed up what would happen in the final product.

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