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May 5, 2014

"The Fox and the Crow" by Aesop

by: 19enga

Scratch Program
Flash Drive
Scratch sprites
Crow image (http://www.clker.com/clipart-183793.html)
“The Fox and the Crow” (http://aesopfables.com/cgi/aesop1.cgi?2&TheFoxandtheCrow2)
-Credits: no outside help, links above
~School Tech Room
WORK at least two hours a day, so procrastinating can be avoided.
Budget: $0
work at least 2 hours a week at:
tech room
Open/install scratch and other software needed
have all pictures/tangible resources/tools ready to use.
Work on scratch/ put credits once complete
upload and make any finishing touches!

A: Investigate:
I chose the story “The Fox and the Crow”
Author: Aesop
“A Fox once saw a Crow fly off with a piece of cheese in its
beak and settle on a branch of a tree. "That's for me, as I am a
Fox," said Master Reynard, and he walked up to the foot of the
tree. "Good-day, Mistress Crow," he cried. "How well you are
looking to-day: how glossy your feathers; how bright your eye. I
feel sure your voice must surpass that of other birds, just as
your figure does; let me hear but one song from you that I may
greet you as the Queen of Birds." The Crow lifted up her head and
began to caw her best, but the moment she opened her mouth the
piece of cheese fell to the ground, only to be snapped up by
Master Fox. "That will do," said he. "That was all I wanted. In
exchange for your cheese I will give you a piece of advice for the

"Do not trust flatterers."

The main character: The crow
Important decision: The crow decided to impress the fox, dropping the cheese in her beak and losing it to the fox.
Choice and consequence: “The Crow lifted up her head and began to caw her best, but the moment she opened her mouth the piece of cheese fell to the ground, only to be snapped up by Master Fox.”
Alternate ending: The crow decides, “You flatter me just to take my benefits, and I shall take my leave now.” The crow flies away and leaves the fox empty-handed.
B: Design
Fox: Oh look,there’s the crow that always squawks all the time.
[Fox walks in from left]
[Crow comes from right]
Crow: I should go to the barn today…
Fox: Oh, what are you doing today, Crow?
Crow: I want to go to the barn today.
Fox: But Why, Crow?
Crow: I want to see if I can find anything interesting.
Fox: Oh, but what a waste of time! What a silly bird you are.
Crow: Hm, well I never asked for your opinion, Fox.
Fox: Fine then, be rude. Don’t be mad if you find you wasted your time.
Crow: Well, I would rather waste my time doing something away from you.
Fox: How dare you…. Good day, Crow!
Crow: Very well. Good day.
[crow moves to right stage.]
[Fox moves to left stage]
Fox: What a loud and silly Crow she is!
Crow: What a rude fox! I hope I don’t run into him on my way back.
Fox:[leaves stage]
Crow:[leaves stage]
Fox: [thinks]Oh… I’m so hungry, but there’s nothing I really see I want…
[Crow flies from right]
Crow: This is great! I was able to find a piece of cheese near the farmer today! I’m glad I didn’t get caught.
Fox: [thinks]Hmm… that cheese does look quite delicious…
Crow:Well, I need to hurry back, and maybe I can find some other things on the way!
Fox:[thinks] Let’s see if I can get that cheese…
Crow: Oh, hello again Fox. How are you?
[Fox goes towards Crow]
Fox: I’m doing quite well, now that you’re here.
Crow:[thinks] Why is he being so nice all of a sudden?
Fox: [thinks]Hopefully Crow falls for my trick.
Crow: Oh, you flatter me, Fox.
Fox: Beautiful words for a beautiful bird, miss Crow.
Crow: Please, you would never flatter me.
Fox: You’re much too modest! Accept my praise!
Crow: Thank you, Fox.
Fox: You are most welcome!
Crow: Many have said that I am also a most wonderful singer.
Fox: I’m sure they are correct! Please, do sing for me.
Crow: Well, I do need to get back to my home though…
Fox: Oh, please let me listen, just for a little while.
Crow: But Fox, I am pressed for time.
Fox: Please, please Crow!

Decision: Should the crow sing for the fox? (Crow:Should I sing for the fox?) [yes or no]

Crow: Well, I suppose I could sing, just for a little while…
Fox: [thinks] Yes! The cheese is mine! Silly crow.
Crow: Okay, what song shall I sing?
Fox: Umm, anything! I’m sure it will sound amazing, Crow.
Crow: [thinks] Wow, to think that after just a short time he would act so much nicer to me.
Fox: Hurry Crow, for I am eagerly waiting to hear the song!
Crow: [thinks]I’ll sing him one of my favorite songs, then.
Fox:[Thinks] This is too easy.
Crow: Alright, here I go!
Fox:[thinks] The cheese is mine.
Crow: [drops cheese] [starts to sing]
Fox:[picks up cheese] Thank you, dear Crow.
Crow: Oh no! You sneaky liar!
Fox: Well, it was a pleasure, Crow.
Crow: You lying, no-good-
Fox: Don’t waste your breath. It was your fault anyway.
Crow: You rude fox! Good day!
Fox: It was a pleasure.
Crow: Hmph!
[fox and crow leave stage]
Crow: Actually, why the sudden change in attitude?
Fox: Well, I feel bad and I would like to make up for it.
Crow: I don’t think that’s your real reason, Fox.
Fox: OH, but it is!
Crow: I don’t believe you, Fox.
Fox: [thinks] Come on, you stubborn crow! Just drop the cheese already!
Crow: Fox, are you okay?
Fox: It’s my real reason!
Crow: …Are you sure?
Fox: Of course, Crow!
Crow: Fox… you just want the cheese I have, don’t you?
Fox: [nervously] No, Crow! That’s not what I mean!
Crow: Yes it is! First you treat me rudely, and now you try to take advantage of me?
Fox: No, that’s not it-
Crow: So then, what is it?
Fox: Well, I-
Crow: Well, I’m sorry, but I shall take my leave if you are planning to sabotage me.
Fox: I’m not trying to sabotage you…
Crow: Whatever, you liar! Goodbye!
[crow moves to right]
Fox: Alright… I guess that will be the last of it.
[Fox leaves stage]
Crow:[thinks] How cruel! At least I wasn’t fooled by Fox.
Crow leaves stage]
~Developer’s Journal:
4/29/14 Tech Room 10:24 am (one hour)
Summary: I finished my storyboards and got the overall setting, layout and sprites ready to program for my project.
Problems: No problems as of yet…

5/1/2014 Tech Room 10:17 am (one hour)
Summary: I finished getting my backgrounds coordinated, and I was able to get my sprites coordinated and placed on the stage with a broadcast script ready.
Problems: None as of yet…

5/3/2014 home 11:50 pm (6 hours)
I was able to complete everything! I finished with no problems, so everything was really a solution.

My final product met the requirements and constraints closely, because they either fulfilled or exceeded each aspect required for my design. My story animation is in total around 3 minutes long, while the story only needed to be at least 2 minutes long. Furthermore, the story and animation leading up to the main character is at least a minute long, and each of the two “branches” after the decision in the story is made exceeds one minute. In addition, the story is interactive, and the user’s answer affects the main character’s decision and the outcome of the story. The outcome also depicts an ethical decision, because in my story if the main character doesn’t make a rational decision she loses a possession. This also depicts both positive and negative consequences depending on the user’s interactive answer.
For the constraints of my project, I successfully gave credit to the story my scratch animation was based off of and any pictures I used outside of the scratch program. In addition, I successfully incorporated the credits for my project at the end of my animation. MY story is also appropriate for users under 13 years old, and it was done and completed by the given due date.
My script and storyboard follows the guidelines and the animation as well, because they both matched and helped create the interactive branches of my story. In my script there are two different endings, and the script depicts that. Furthermore, my script gives a clear consequence for both available decisions in my story. My storyboard also does this because it displays an idea of what the animation would look like, and what would happen as the story unfolds. The storyboard also shows what the characters would look like in the finished product as a way for the viewer to visualize what’s happening in both the animation and the story itself.

May 5, 2014

A Very Bad Version of Cinderella (Interactive!)

by: 19khanm
A Very Bad Version of Cinderella (Interactive!)
A Very Bad Version of Cinderella Act 1
A Very Bad Version of Cinderella Act 2A
A Very Bad Version of Cinderella Act 2B

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
The main characters of this story are Cinderella, the Stepmother, and the two sisters. The fairy god mother is also somewhat important.
The ethical decision of the story was whether she should go to the ball or not and whether she should disobey her stepmother.
The choice was to go to the ball, the consequence was that her stepmother and sisters hated her.
An alternate ending to this story is not going to the ball and missing out on falling in love with the prince. Her sister falls in love with the prince instead.

Story Script
Characters: Cinderella, Stepmother, Fairy god mother, stepsisters, prince.
Setting: Stepmothers house, Ball.
Scene 1:
[Stepmothers house enters, Cinderella and her stepmother/sisters are entered.
Stepmother: Oh dear daughters, we must soon go to the ball.
Stepsister one: What dress could I possibly wear to impress the prince?
Stepsister two: We better go pick them out.
Cinderella: What about me?
Stepmother: Someone with the likes of you should be at home being a servant.
Stepsister 1: Yeah, there is no way you will attend the ball.
Stepsister 2: Massage my feet!
Scene 2:
[The stepmother and sisters are heading out for the ball]
Stepmother: My dears, get ready to leave for the ball.
Stepsister 1,2: The prince is mine!
Stepmother: Cinderella, this house better be sparkling when I get back.
[They leave]
Fairy god mother: Cinderella I can dress you up for the ball. But beware you will have until midnight before everything disappears.

Choose to go the ball

Go to the ball Don't go to the ball
Cinderella: Alright I will go. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Fairy god mother: Just remember when the clock strikes 12 you will lose the magic I will give you.
Cinderella: Oh thank you fairy god mother.
Fairy God Mother: I will give you a gold and silver dress and glass slippers. Enjoy the ball.
Scene 2:
[Cinderella attends the ball]
Cinderella: Oh no! It’s 11:59 I must return home.
Scene 3:
[The sisters and mother are in their home]
Stepsisters: Who was that beautiful girl at the ball?
[Cinderella moves away a little and there is a knock on the door]
Stepmother: Someone is at the door!
Prince: Hello, I am searching around for the beautiful lady this slipper belongs to. She is my true love. May I try it on your feet.
Stepmother: Oh yes! Please it is sure to be mine
Prince: It does not fit!
Stepsisters: Try our feet! Please!
Prince: It still doesn’t fit. Who is that young lady over there.
Stepmother: Oh! don’t worry about her, she’s just our servant. She did not even attend the ball.
Prince: She still seems familiar. May I try it on?
Cinderella: Yes, of course.
Prince: No way! It fits. You are my true bride.
Cinderella: I don’t think I should go, what if I get caught and get into trouble.
Fairy god mother: Are you absolutely sure?
Cinderella: As much as I want to go, I cannot risk it.
Fairy god mother: Farewell, I’m terribly sorry.
[The fairy god mother disappears and is left alone]
Cinderella: I better start to clean.
[Cinderella begins to clean her stepmothers house while her siblings were having fun]
Scene 2:
[Stepmother and the two sisters enter into the house right when Cinderella finishes cleaning]
Stepmother: Oh! That was an amazing ball I had so much fun.
Stepsister 1: The prince was magnificent! Did you see him dance?
Stepsister 2: He definitely loves me.
Stepsister 1: No me!
Stepmother: Cinderella! Why isn’t this house clean?
Cinderella: Mother, I cleaned it the best I can.
Stepmother: Well this is not good enough.
[Knock on the door]
Prince: Hello, I am searching around for the lady this slipper belongs to. She is my true love.
Stepsister 1: Try mine!
Prince: It does not fit.
Stepmother: Try mine.
Prince: It still does not fit.
Stepsister 2: Then, it must be mine!
Prince: I can’t believe, I do recognize you, you are the one, my true bride.


Project planning
Tools: Scratch, computer, internet access
Materials: Scratch sprites, images
Labor: Credits
Location: home, school
Time: 1-2 weeks
Money: $000000000000.01
Action Plan
Schedule: I will be working on this throughout the week.
Steps: I will be using scratch to animate the rest of my project.
Developers Journal
Session #1 10:48 PM Home 5/4/14
Time Spent: 7 hours 49 minutes
I had created and completely animated my project and story.
I had problems finding sprites that matched my character with creative commons license. I fixed this by spending a long time searching for characters online until I found the right one.
Overall I had completed this project using the correct specifications and had completed everything thoroughly. I followed the design specification by making it two minutes long, interactive, includes a ethical decision, two branches with different endings, telling a lesson and having positive and negative choices, and I gave credit to existing material and completed it in time. My project also followed my script thoroughly giving or taking a line or two. My project had mostly followed my storyboards as well, but some changes were made. I had changed simple things that would make the story more interesting and helpful.

May 5, 2014

"The Ear of Corn" by the Brothers Grimm

"The Ear of Corn" by the Brothers Grimm
"The Ear of Corn" by the Brothers Grimm
"The Ear of Corn" by the Brothers Grimm
"The Ear of Corn" by the Brothers Grimm

The Ear of Corn by the Brothers Grimm Click Here for link
In former times, there was a Great farmer who was in charge of all the crops, and if something ever went wrong, he would use his magic to fix it. Back then, the fruitfulness of the soil was much greater than it is now and the ears of corn did not bear fifty or sixty, but four or five hundred-fold. Then the corn grew from the bottom to the very top of the stalk, and according to the length of the stalk was the length of the ear. Men however are so made, that when they are too well off they no longer value the blessings which come from God, but grow indifferent and careless. One day a woman was passing by a corn-field when her little child, who was running beside her, fell into a puddle, and dirtied her frock. On this the mother tore up a handful of the beautiful ears of corn, and cleaned the frock with them. When the Lord, who just then came by, saw that, he was angry, and said, henceforth shall the stalks of corn bear no more ears, men are no longer worthy of heavenly gifts. The bystanders who heard this, were terrified, and fell on their knees and prayed that he would still leave something on the stalks, even if the people were undeserving of it, for the sake of the innocent chickens which would otherwise have to starve. The Lord, who foresaw their suffering, had pity on them, and granted the request. So the ears were left as they now grow.
Main Characters: Regular farmers- They abused the use of the beautiful ears of corn
Magical Ruler of the Farms- The leader that makes all of the choices about the food.
Ethical Decision: The magical ruler took away most of the Ears of Corn.
Consequence: People have less corn to eat and they cannot use the corn for other uses.
Alternative Ending
The Ruler of the crops does not take away the ears of corn and the people abuse it which results in poor corn and it not being as useful as it used to be.

Project Planning
-Tools-> Computer, Scratch, Internet
-Materials -> Sprites, Backgrounds/Images
-Labor -> http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~spok/grimmtmp/137.txt and I
-Money-> $0
-Location-> Home and school
-Time-> 4 hrs
Action Plan
4/12 - Start off animation
4/13 - do easy stuff
Weekends up to due date- hard part
A: make storyboard
1: Develop Characters
2: Develop scripts
3: Add music.

Design Phase
->Story Script
Scene One: They are in a field of corn and the ears are huge with the 1 farmer standing in the middle acting regularly, harvesting corn with his daughter while they are in their farmer outfits. On stage Right
Joe: All you have to do is pull this piece of corn off of the vine and there you have it! (pulls corn off of vine.)
Lili: Daddy? Why are they so big??
Joe: Well honey, there are hundreds upon hundreds of ears of corn in this piece alone.
Lili: But dad, how is that corn? Its covered in leaves!
Joe: You know what? Your right. Let me show you how to peel one.
Lili: Yay! I wanna see!!
Joe: Now hold on one second, you gotta ask the Great Farmer for permission first.
Lili: Okay daddy! (Walks over about 20 steps to stage left) Ouch!!! (falls over)
Lili: No daddy! I’m covered in dirty mud!
Lili: My new expensive farmers outfit will get stained!!
Joe: Should I use the great farmers beautiful and valuable ears of corn to clean her?
2 YES or NO buttons pop up onto the screen and gives the viewer the choice of what happens next.




Joe: Hold on honey! (Grabs the ear of corn and wipes off the mud with it)
Lili: YAY! I AM ALL CLEAN! (happy success music plays)
Joe: Using that ear of corn was definitely worth it.
Great Farmer: WHAT DID YOU SAY??!!
Joe: Great Farmer! I did not expect you here… Go home honey! Go clean up with your mother!
Lili: (walks off stage)
Great Farmer: I am here now! AND DO NOT THINK THAT I DID NOT CATCH YOU!
Joe: Yes master, I understand but I just had to help my daughter!
Great Farmer: And what about last time! That was not for anyone!
Joe: ……..but
Great Farmer: No! You will be punished!
Joe: Nooo! But other people have done it too! Dont punish me! Punish them!
Great Farmer: You want me to do that for you?
Joe: Yes! Please!
Great Farmer: Are you positive?
Joe: Absolutely.
Joe: HUH? BUT WHAT WILL WE EAT! I thought you were nice..
Great Farmer: Okay… But instead of many hundreds of ears of corn, You shall only get 50! (points magic wand at corn and it shrinks in size)
Joe: My corn!!!
Great Farmer: You are lucky I am generous.
Joe: Ok. But what do I do now?
Lili: Lets go home to mom!
Joe: right! you can wash up there.
Lili: OK!
Joe: Oh no! Our house is 20 minutes away!It will take forever!
Great Farmer: Hello! Do you need help?
Joe: Yes please!
Great farmer: Abra Cadabra! (wand changes colors!) Good bye and Good luck!
(scene changes to their house)
joe: Woah!!Ok, stay there!
Lili: Hurry! I can’t let the mud sink in to my new dress!
Joe:Okay ok i understand!
Lilli: Use the cloth! Be gentle!
Joe: I don’t know how to do that! Here you do it! (passes tablecloth to lili)
Lilli: Oh gosh dad.
Lilli: there, i am all clean.
Joe: Thank Great Farmer!
Lilli: Yes, definitely
lilli: He is really nice!
Joe: Boy do I know that!
Lili: I wonder how he does not get mad over anything
Joe: He actually does.
Lili: Really?
Joe: Yea! Thats why you never waste his crops!
lili: Oh well they sure are good!
Joe: Yes?
Lili: Can I have some corn?

Storyboards are shown above

Developers Journal #1
I was able to complete most of my project, and I got up to the decision. In the decision, I was able to complete most of my “yes” section, and had a little left over.
time 2 hours

Developers Journal #2
I was able to move forwards with my project. In the decision, I was able to complete allof my “yes” section, and now I have to work on the no section.
time 35 min

Developers Journal #3
I was able to complete my project and was able to do anything and make sure that it would play that same when you play it twice or more times. The problem was that i had so many sprites that it got a bit confusing- and I ended up fixing it with a couple or broadcast blocks.
time 4 hours
where? Home
Over all, I believe that my scratch project was pretty successful. I was to add some music for special effects and make a lot of costumes for the characters making their emotions more noticeable. My characters emotions were readable and it showed how they were feeling or what they were thinking. Sadly, My characters did not work as well when they were running because I could not really figure out how to glide and change costumes. My script and my project do pair up and their is mostly no big differences. Lastly, I was able to incorporate my scratch project into my storyboard, showing the main ideas in them.

May 5, 2014

"The greed of the two couples" based on "The Death of Abu Nowas and of his wife” by Andrew Lang

by: 19haniff
"The greed of the two couples" based on "The Death of Abu Nowas and of his wife"
"The greed of the two couples" based on "The Death of Abu Nowas and of his wife"
"The greed of the two couples" based on "The Death of Abu Nowas and of his wife"
"The greed of the two couples" based on "The Death of Abu Nowas and of his wife"
"The greed of the two couples" based on "The Death of Abu Nowas and of his wife"

a) The fable I chose was “The Death of Abu Nowas and of his wife”
b) Link: http://www.mythfolklore.net/andrewlang/233.htm
c) The author of this author is Andrew Lang.
d) The main characters were the Sultan, Abu Nowas, Abu’s wife, and the sultan’s assistant.
e) The ethical decision made in here is that they both decided to take the money from the sultan by lying
f) The choice they made is to lie and get money and the consequence was getting caught by the Sultan.
g) The alternate ending to this would be Abu Nowas and his wife not lying but still not getting the money from the Sultan or it could be Abu Nowas and his wife still lying and not getting the money for doing so.

Story script
Setting: It’s a dark room and there are just a few chairs around including Abu Nowas and his wife
[Abu Nowas and his wife are sitting on both chairs center stage discussing something]
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a man named Abu Nowas and his wife. They wanted money so this is their story.
Abu Nowas: We need money
Wife: Yes we do
Abu Nowas: How can we get money?
Wife: We should ask the sultan for some money
Abu Nowas: How should we approach him for this request?
Wife: We should go up to the Sultan each individually and say that we are both dead and that we can’t pay for that person’s funeral. Surely the Sultan can’t deny a request like that!
Abu Nowas: Okay sure! Why not?
Narrator: Do you think that they should do this decision? Say yes or no.
[Typing space enters the screen]
[Viewer has two decisions: Yes or No]
Scene 2

Yes No
Setting: Abu Nowas enters the stage through stage left and is walking stage right to the Sultan’s house ready to get his money. Abu Nowas arrives and walks inside the place. The place is full of velvet carpet all around and has dim light on but the bright sun is shining through the big window leaving the place bright and full of hope.
Abu Nowas: Sultan! I need your help!
Sultan: With what Abu Nowas?
Abu Nowas: I need money.
Sultan: For what?
Abu Nowas: My wife has passed away and she hid all her riches somewhere that I don’t know. Now I don’t have enough money to bury her and give her a proper funeral and get remarried.
Sultan: Oh I see, perhaps I can lend you some money for the lose of your wife. I’m dearly sorry for the death of her, warm regards.
Abu Nowas: Thank you! May I please get the money now so I can bury my wife quicker?
Sultan: Oh yes of course!
[Sultan hands over the money to Abu Nowas]
Abu Nowas: [smiles brightfully and nods in a pleased satisfied manner] Thank you for the money!
Scene 3
[Abu Nowas is now walking home in the bright sun and enters his house. His house is fully bright and his wife is just waiting for him]
Abu Nowas: At last, I have come home and I have finally got the money!
Wife: How much money?
Abu Nowas: Enough for a months worth of food.
Wife: Great!
Scene 4
[His wife is now walking to the Sultan’s house again. When she enters the shades of the windows are closed allowing no sunlight to go in what so ever.]
Sultan’s assistant: How may I help you today?
Wife: My husband has past away and I don’t have enough money to have the proper material to bury him.
Sultan’s assistant: Oh I see, I’m very sorry for your lost. We’ll give you the money to bury your husband.
Wife: Thank you so much!
[Sultan’s assistant hands over the money and the wife is full of joy.]
Scene 5
[Sultan and his assistant are standing next to each other in the Sultan’s house discussing what happened today.]
Sultan: Did you hear that the wife of Abu Nowas is dead? I felt really bad, so I gave him money to properly bury her.
Sultan’s assistant: Really? I just saw Abu Nowas’ wife just today! She came for the complete opposite reason. Abu Nowas has passed away and she doesn’t have the money to bury him so I gave her the money to bury him.
Sultan: Impossible! I just saw Abu Nowas today! Let’s go check to see who is right.
[Sultan and his assistant are walking to Abu Nowas’ house and the Sultan is in the corner of the screen.]
[Sultan sees that Abu Nowas is hovering over his wife.]
Sultan: I was right! Abu Nowas is not dead, his wife is the one who is dead. Let’s go back now that we know that I’m right.
Sultan’s assistant: I want to see this for myself.
[Sultan lets his assistant see.]
Sultan: Do you see that his wife is buried and not him? He is the one hovering over her.
Sultan’s assistant: No, quite frankly, I see the opposite. I was right after all you liar!
Sultan: Let’s go and ask whoever is alive what’s going on!
[Sultan and his assistant both walk near to Nowas and his wife and take a seat]
Sultan: What’s going on? I’m so confused!
Abu Nowas: Did you both see what happened?
Sultan and his assistant: Yes
Abu Nowas: Sorry we were just lying to you guys to get the money.
Wife: Yes! We wanted the money so badly!
[Everyone in the room starts laughing really hard and it’s a happy ever after.]
Setting: Abu Nowas enters the stage through stage right and is pacing back and forth in the living room of his house. The room is shining brightly.
Narrator: Abu Nowas becomes sad and finds a way to get money, but it will involve many steps that he is not willing to take.
Abu Nowas: What am I going to do? I have no idea on what to do.
Wife: How about we go on the streets and beg other people and not lie?
Abu Nowas: I guess that’s the only idea that will come into my mind.
Wife: Let’s go outside now and try it out!
[Both Abu Nowas and his wife go outside and try to gain money from that]
Scene 3
Abu Nowas: Help! We need money, I don’t know how am I going to live with my wife.
Wife: We don’t have any money that we could use to eat a proper meal at least once a day!
Stranger: How much money would you need?
Wife: Just a few, not a lot, I mean it’s only the two of us anyways.
Stranger: Will a thousand dollars be enough for a month that you can survive with your husband?
Wife: Yes, thank you so much, what could I possibly do to repay you?
Stranger: Don’t mention it to anyone else, anyways I have to go, bye.
Wife: Thank you! I will pray for you and your well being.
[Stranger exits the stage]
[Wife runs all the way to her husband]
Scene 4
Wife: Look how much money I got!
Abu Nowas: How did you get that?
Wife: I got this much money from one man himself and he said this was enough money to eat at least 3 meals a day for one month!
Abu Nowas: Wow that’s great! Now let’s go home and have us a fine meal, one that we didn’t have in a while!
Wife: Okay but first we have to buy the stuff we need!
[Abu Nowas and his wife walk all the way to the supermarket]
Wife: Let’s take some chicken, vegetables and oil.
[Goes to register and buys all this stuff]
Scene 5
[wife and Abu Nowas walks all the way back home]
Wife: I’ll start cooking!
Abu Nowas: Okay hurry up!
Wife: Okay!
[Abu Nowas sits on the couch and begins to watch tv while his wife is cooking.]
Wife: Food is ready now!
[Abu Nowas sits down at the table with his wife]
Abu Nowas: Let’s eat!
[Eating Sounds]
Narrator: This was the right decision to make, they don’t feel bad about themselves and they earned it honestly.

Project Plan
Tools: I need a computer and scratch.
Materials: I need the sprites and the background.
Labor: All the labor was done by me.
Location: I plan to do most of this at home, possibly a bit at school.
Time: I will hopefully need 5-6 hours to complete this animation.
Money: I won’t need any money.
Action Plan
Schedule I need to revise: I need to cut away some free time during spring break so I won’t be stressed out that much during the school week and do my project on the weekends.
Steps to do this project: I’ll start a few weeks earlier and try to get something done every weekend.
Developer’s journal
Session #1, 4/21, 10 am, home.
Time spent: 2 hours
Short Summary: I did scene one and some part of yes portion, up to the point where Abu Nowas enters the Sultan’s house.
Any problems: At first there were a few problems with the timing and how to make the decision work but I solved it by thinking logically and it worked.
Changes: Since this took two hours, I think next few times I do this to finish the project, I’ll know exactly how to switch the backgrounds in perfect timing and make their movements smooth.
Session #2, 4/21, 5:20 pm, home.
Time spent: 1 hour
Short Summary: I did some other part of the yes portion and stuff.
Any problems: The sprites didn’t follow the timings they were supposed to and move the way I wanted them to and do certain things.
Changes: I have to plan more time to this project so I can finish up the errors that weren’t working, also I have to plan using the computer instead of the laptop because it doesn’t work well.
Session #3, 4/29, 9:20 am, class.
Time spent: 1 hour
Short Summary: I converted my storyboard characters into my scratch animation.
Any Problems: It was a bit hard to find the files that I wanted to put but it worked later so it was okay.
Changes: I’ll change all the other sprites so they are the same as my storyboard and I’ll plan more time to do so.
Session #4, 5/2, 8 pm, home.
Time spent: 2 hours.
Short Summary: My animation wasn’t working properly, there was a little error so it didn’t work at all and I fixed it, and later on just found more errors so I fixed every error up to the point where I finished in session number 2.
Any Problems: The errors were hard to see at first but then I corrected them, also now my background isn’t changing when it receives a signal from the main character, which is strange and I still don’t know how to fix it.
Changes: I have to plan a lot of time tomorrow to get this done because I’m not even half way done with this project and it’s due in two days so I just have to cut some free time I planned for tomorrow and just work on this project.
Session #5, 5/3, 12 pm, home.
Time spent: 3 hours.
Short Summary: I basically went all the way and almost finished the yes portion and I will finish the rest of it tonight.
Any problems: I couldn’t make Abu Nowas look like he is dead with a cloth on top of him because I didn’t have that much time on me. In addition, I couldn’t make the Sultan and his assistant look through a window because it was hard to make it work and also the timing.
Changes: I couldn’t resolve any of the problems I had in this session due to lack of time so I just edited my script so that it works in a way that I can develop in scratch.
Session #6, 5/4, 10 am, home.
Time Spent: 5 hours.
Short Summary: I finished the whole project and tried to correct every error I found.
Any Problems: I was worried about the time restriction and if it fit.
Changes: I tried to make it longer so it fit the design specifications. In addition, now I have less time to do other homework and such. Also I was confused on how much time the introduction would be because it all depends on your own speed, but since I skimmed through it very quickly and it took about forty seconds, I hope that it will take up at least 1 minute. Also since scratch is down for maintenance at 3:35, I have to upload it later.
5:38 pm uploaded
Time spent on uploading: 2 minutes.
Short Summary: I just uploaded my project
Any Problems: I wasn’t sure what to title my project.
Changes: Now I can do other stuff.

E: Evaluate
My project fits the design specification. The beginning is at least 1 minute and each branch took up somewhat of 2 minutes. My project is the same as the script but there are some parts where I skipped through. When the sprites were supposed to be walking and switching to different backgrounds, all they did was switch backgrounds instead of walking, but it made it seem as if they were walking. Also I couldn’t make the Sultan and his assistant appear in a window to find out the truth so I made them come up in the corner of the screen. My project is similar to the storyboard with the exception of the window part and the backgrounds. My project was good but the timing was a bit off to fit the design specification.
I could improve my timing and etc. I need to work harder to fix it next time so it fits the design specification better. In addition, my animation is horrible in comparison to everyone else, so I need to make sure I work really hard to do my best next time.

May 5, 2014

"The Fountain of Youth" by Lafcadio Hearn

by: 19salehd

Section 1- Investigate:
The Fountain of Youth
Original Author: Lafcadio Hearn
The main characters are a man and wife, who I have decided to name Mei and Ren because there weren’t really any names in the version of the story.
the ethical decision is whether or not Mei should be greedy and drink more from the fountain of youth.
the choices and consequences are: if the audience says yes, the consequence would be that she drinks too much, until she becomes a baby again.
alternate ending: If she says no, she realizes how foolish the lure of youth is, and she and Ren live happily ever after.

Section 2- Design

Scene 1
Man: [walks around cutting trees, collecting wood]. I’m so thirsty. I wish there was water somewhere…
Man: [continues walking around in the woods and finds a freshwater spring] Yes! I have found water! [drinks from the spring]
[transformation occurs, and the man appears to look younger. the man doesn’t realize that he looks younger]
Man: [continues to chop wood, then goes home to his wife.]

Scene 2
Man: Hello, wife. I have returned from the woods.
Wife: [enters the room] Who are you?
Man: What do you mean, who am I? I’m your husband, Ren.
Wife: You look like you’re not a day older than 25!
Man: Really? That’s so strange. I wonder how that happened…
Wife: Well, since you look young, you need a young-looking wife.
Man: Yes, but I have no idea how I came to look young!
Wife: Think back. Did you have anything today that might have caused this?
Man: Hmm. This morning I had the same breakfast that you had, and for lunch I had the sandwich that you gave me. Although I do remember, some time around noon, I was feeling thirsty so I went to a spring and drank from it.
Wife: Well we had the same food, so it must’ve been the spring that you drank from that caused you to become young-looking. I shall go to that spring now, and I’ll be back by dinner. We will be like a young couple again!
Man: I suppose that could work… But I don’t even know where the spring is!
Wife: Oh, don’t worry about me. If you were able to stumble upon the spring, I’m sure I can manage to find it.
Man: If you say so… See you in a little while.

Scene 3:
Wife: [walks around in the woods, looking for the spring]
Wife: Oh Spring of Youth! Where are you?
[stumbles into spring]
Wife: There you are!
Wife: {to audience:} Should I drink from the fountain and become youthful again, or should I just go back home?


Yes No
Wife: [drinks more from the fountain]
*another transformation happens, this time making her appear to be twelve*
Wife: I still don’t feel young! I want to be young again. Youth calls to me- the days of no wrinkles, no back pain, no arthritis.
[drinks again from fountain]
*yet another transformation happens, and she looks like a little girl*
Wife: *whining* I want to be little again… I should have more of that drink.
*drinks again, until she turns into a baby*
[scene changes to the house again]
Man: It’s getting dark… I wonder if my wife found that spring all right.
Man: I should really go check on her.
[goes out to the woods again]
Man: Hello? Mei? Where are you?
[comes to the fountain and sees the baby]
Man: Mei? Is that you?
Wife: *wails in response*
Man: Mei? What happened?
Wife: [stops crying]
Man: You must’ve drank too much from the Fountain of Youth. This is the pitfall of your greed. I’m so sorry Mei.
Wife: [drinks more from the fountain]
*another transformation happens, this time making her appear to be twelve*
Wife: I still don’t feel young! I want to be young again. Youth calls to me- the days of no wrinkles, no back pain, no arthritis.
[drinks again from fountain]
*yet another transformation happens, and she looks like a little girl*
Wife: *whining* I want to be little again… I should have more of that drink.
*drinks again, until she turns into a baby*
[scene changes to the house again]
Man: It’s getting dark… I wonder if my wife found that spring all right.
Man: I should really go check on her.
[goes out to the woods again]
Man: Hello? Mei? Where are you?
[comes to the fountain and sees the baby]
Man: Mei? Is that you?
Wife: *wails in response*
Man: Mei? What happened?
Wife: [stops crying]
Man: You must’ve drank too much from the Fountain of Youth. This is the pitfall of your greed. I’m so sorry Mei.

Tools- Scratch, computer, internet access
Materials- Scratch sprites, images, scratch blocks
Labor- Credits. Picture of baby Mei: http://www.afranko.org/2013/11/cartoon-baby/. Picture of forest background: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5c/Weiser_State_Forest_W.... Picture of lake background: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/82/Laurel_Lake,_Erving_S...
Location- home, school
Time- I think I will most likely need 3 to 4 hours to do this- one hour overall to work on my storyboard, half an hour to record all the speech, and the rest of the time to actually work on the project
Money- $0

Action Plan
Schedule- I will finish my storyboard in tech class, record all the speech during eighth sometime next week, and work on my project hopefully both at home and at school if I can.
-On Wednesday, I will spend an hour finishing my storyboard.
- On Thursday in eighth period, I will try to record all the speech, as well as start my actual project
-On Thursday when I get home, I will continue to work on my project, and I will do the positive answer to the decision.
-On Sunday, I will finish my project, and I will do the negative answer to the decision.
Developer’s Journal:
Day 1- I started my scratch project today. I worked on it at home.I spent four hours working on it, and I was able to work up to the decision and the branch. A few problems I had were timing everything correctly, so I used the broadcast and receive blocks instead if the wait blocks. I also had a problem with the sprites that I was going to use- at first, I wanted to use characters from storyboardthat, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to do that, so I drew my own sprites instead.

Day 2- I finished my scratch project today. I worked on it at home. I spent two hours working on it, and I did the credits and fixed small issues with my script. One problem I had was trying to upload my project onto the scratch website. I finished my project at midnight, but the internet was turned off, so I didn’t have access to the Scratch website. My solution to this was saving my project to my flashdrive, then uploading it to the scratch website in school.

E: Evaluate
My project was uploaded today in class because I finished it yesterday at 12:30, but my internet was restricted so I couldn’t upload it. In comparison to my design specification, my project meets all the requirements, although I’m not sure if the story branches after each decision are each one minute long or not. Other than that, though, my animation is at least two minutes long, it’s interactive, it has two branches that have different endings depending on the viewer, and the outcomes of both branches each have a lesson about the consequences of positive and negative ethical choices.

May 5, 2014

"What is the Secret Name?" based on "Rumpelstiltskin" by the Brothers Grimm (An Interactive Version)

by: 19choig
"Rumpelstiltskin" by Brother Grimm
"Rumpelstiltskin" by Brother Grimm, Act 1 Storyboard
"Rumpelstiltskin" by Brother Grimm, Act 2A Storyboard
"Rumpelstiltskin" by Brother Grimm, Act 2B Storyboard

Section A-Investigate: Determine your story choice
a) Rumpelstiltskin
b) (http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~spok/grimmtmp/044.txt)
c) The author of the story is Grimm
d) The main characters are the dwarf and the peasant’s daughter
e) The ethical decision is that the daughter had the choice to give up on searching for the name of the dwarf or continue to search for the baby’s life. It was the choice to either send the messengers out to investigate the name of the dwarf.
f) The two choices is to either to give up on searching for the name or to continue to search in order to keep the baby. The consequence for giving up the search is that the queen (the peasant’s daughter) will have to give up her baby because she has not found the name of the dwarf in time. The consequence for continuing the search is that she will be able to keep her baby and live prosperous with her child.
g) The alternate ending for the story is that if the queen (the peasant’s daughter) decides to give up on the search for the name of the dwarf, she will end up losing her baby and crying about her loss.

Section B- Design: Story Script
The peasant
The King
The Princess
The dwarf

Scene 1- At the middle of street in front of the king’s palace
(The king is in the middle of the stage. The peasant walks towards the prince.)
The peasant-(Standing up tall) My daughter is so beautiful and can spin straw into gold!
The king- Really?
The peasant- Yes your highness, she is really magnificent.
The king- Alright, if you say so. Bring her to the castle tomorrow and I will see what she could do.
The peasant- Okay, I will bring her to you, your highness. (Bow and exit the stage)
Scene 2- At the spinning room where the girl is brought to create the straws into gold
The peasant’s daughter- What am I going to do?
The dwarf- (Enters the room where the peasant’s daughter is) Hello? Do you need help?
The peasant’s daughter- Yes, I do not know how to spin gold. I will give you my necklace in return.
The dwarf- Then I will do it for you.. (Spins the straw into gold)
The peasant’s daughter- Thank you. (After he is done spinning the straw into gold, she sleeps.)
(The next day)
The king- I want more gold! Spin this straw into gold tonight as well.
The peasant’s daughter- (What am I going to do? Will the dwarf come back and help me?)
(The king leaves the girl with the straws and the spinner)
(The dwarf enters the girl’s room to help her.)
The peasant’s daughter- Please help me! I will give you my ring in return if you create straw into gold.
The dwarf- Alright. I will spin the gold for you.
(The next day)
The king- I WANT MORE GOLD! Spin this room full of straw into gold. Then I will marry you.
The peasant’s daughter- (Thinking oh no. I hope that the dwarf comes once again.)
The dwarf- (The dwarf enters) I will help you once and for all. What will you give in return for spinning this straw?
The peasant’s daughter- I have nothing to offer. I do not have anything.
The dwarf- Then promise me that I will get your child when you give birth to a child.
The peasant’s daughter- Alright. If you say so.
(The dwarf agrees and spins all of the straw into gold.)
Scene 3- The next morning, the girl gets married and soon gives birth to a child.
The peasant’s daughter- I am so happy because I have everything that I desire.
The dwarf- (Barging into the door) Remember the child that you promised me?
The peasant’s daughter- I will give you ANYTHING that you desire. Please do not take my child! (Begins to cry.)
The dwarf- Fine, I will give you three days to figure out my name. (Leaves the room)
The peasant’s daughter- Send all of the messengers to find his name.
The dwarf- (Returns) Did you figure out my name?
The peasant’s daughter- Is it John? Caspar? Joseph? Austin?
The dwarf- No no no. You will never guess my name.
The peasant’s daughter- Oh no! What am I going to do? Should I give up or continue searching for I have said all of the names that I have heard of?


No, don’t give up for the name of the baby Yes, give up the search for the baby
The dwarf- (Returning) So, have you figured out my name?
The peasant’s daughter- No. I do not have a single idea of your name.
The dwarf- So, are you saying that you have no idea what my name could be?
The peasant’s daughter- Well, what other names can there be?
The dwarf- Well, my name…
The peasant’s daughter- Except for yours…
The dwarf- That is correct.
The peasant’s daughter- Has it passed the three days for the trial?
The dwarf- Well, today is the final day.
The peasant’s daughter- Oh ok. Then all right.
The dwarf- Then are you saying that the baby is mine?
The peasant’s daughter- (Sobbing) Yes.
The dwarf- Thank you for your precious baby.
The peasant’s daughter- Then what was your name?
The dwarf- You will never find out.
The peasant’s daughter- No please! Tell me your name.
The dwarf- Fine, it is I the powerful Rumpelstiltskin!
The peasant’s daughter- Rumpelstiltskin? Oh alright.
The dwarf- Thank you for giving me your baby, I will take good care.
The peasant’s daughter- Noooo!
dwarf- So have you finally gaven up?
The peasant’s daughter- Are you crazy?
(The dwarf leaves)
The peasant’s daughter- Send the maids to find out the name of the dwarf!
The peasant’s daughter- Go to the other side of the castle and find out any new names that you hear.
The dwarf- I live on the other side of the castle, no one will ever find me here!
The dwarf- (Singing) For Rumpelstiltskin is my name!
The dwarf- Now it is the final time for me to claim the baby…
The peasant’s daughter- Is your name John? Or Daniel?
The Dwarf- Nope, nope, nope! You will never guess my name!
The peasant’s daughter- Oh wait, is it Rumpelstiltskin?
The peasant’s daughter- Then off you go.
The dwarf- NO NO NO! (Stomps so hard that it breaks the ground)
The peasant’s daughter- Goodbye little dwarf!
The dwarf- (Falling)
The peasant’s daughter- (Hugs her baby close to her chest and smiles at it.)

Shown above with images

Project Plan
Tools- Scratch, Computer, Internet Access
Materials- Scratch, sprites, images, scratch blocks
Labor- Myself, and Matt, who did the sound effects
Location - Home, School
Time- Around 4 to 5 hours
Money- None
Action Plan
Schedule- First, I will start off with creating the characters, which will take about 10 mins. Then I will start the animation and create the characters to move and talk. If there are any problems with the animation in the middle of the animation, then I will stop and edit it all. The project will take about 4 to 5 hours depending on how long it will take to create the animation.
Steps- a) Block some time to work on the project for scratch
b)Make sure that all of the design specifications are met
c) Make sure that the constraints for the project is followed and carried out correctly in the way that it is suppose to be.
d)Complete the animation by May 5
e)Upload it onto the scratch website

Developer’s Journal
Session #1 School 4/29/14
Today, in school, I completed creating the characters for the animation and I got started with the script beginning of the animation.
The problems that I faced was that it was difficult to find the correct timing for the characters and it was difficult to paste the characters that I wanted to use for the animation.
In order to solve the problem that I faced, I needed to take some time and be able to change some of the settings and crop the picture faster.
Session #2 School 4/30/14
Today, at school, I worked on the scripting portion of the assignment and editing the characters and the settings for the animation.
The problems that I faced was that when I replayed the animation, it did not go to the original size and the area that it was suppose to go to.
I solved this problem by making sure that when it was shown on the screen, they were in the area that I wanted it to be.
Session #3 Home 5/3/14
I worked on the scripting part of the animation and the production for my script.
A problem that I faced was the part when the animation did not go the way that I wanted to go.
I solved this problem by watching and rewatching the work that I have done and trying to find out what the problem was.
Session #4 Home 5/4/14
I worked on completing the rest of the animation and making sure that everything worked out as planned
The problem that I was facing was that while I worked, some of the things that I had planned did not come out the way that it was suppose to and it did not work out correctly as I was thinking that it was suppose to be.
I solved this problem by watching and rewatching the animation over and over again so that it would come as close as or exactly like what I had in my mind.

E: Self Evaluation
My final project for the unit was followed correctly in the way that it was suppose to. My script, storyboard, and the design specification follows the correct order for the requirements and the constraints for project. I completed the script, and the storyboard on time and was able to complete the project in the time that I wanted to finish in. My animation has the credits in which I gave images and people credit to. Furthermore, I made sure that it was appropriate for children to watch. I strongly believe that my animation follows all of the requirements for the project.

May 5, 2014

An interactive Story: The Two Little Pigs based on "The Three Little Pigs" by Andrew Lang

 The Two Little Pigs based on "The Three Little Pigs" by Andrew Lang
The Two little Pigs Act 1 Storyboard
The Two little Pigs Act 2 Storyboard
The Two little Pigs Act 3 Storyboard
The Two little Pigs Act 4 Storyboard
The Two little Pigs Act 5 Storyboard

A-Investigate: Determine your story choice

The Story of the Three Little Pigs
The author of the story is by Andrew Lang.
The main characters are the three pigs, Browny, Whitey, and Blacky.
The ethical decisions are the type of material each pig decide to build their house of.
Whitey decided to build her house of cabbage, Browny decided to build his house of mud and Blacky decided to build a house of bricks. When the wolf came to eat the pigs, whitey and Browny were scared and ran off to Blacky’s house where they were safe. The consequence was that they lost their house and were scared.
If the pigs were smarter, none of the houses would be destroyed.

B- Design

Story Script

Characters: Bob, Sadie, Mary and Narrator.

The setting of this story is at a bedroom showing the mother pig also known as Mary. She is laying in bed and is sick. Then the setting changes to a library and an outdoors background.

Scene 1:

Narrator (is invisible): Once upon a time, there were two little pigs named Bob and Sadie. Bob was a little pig that was lazy. He played in the mud all day and when there was no mud he simply laid in a bed of hay and slept all day. Sadie was a more sophisticated pig than Bob and she was really clever. She was also caring and and selfless and very loyal. She was always helping her mom around the house. The two little pigs all lived happily together under the care of their mother named Mary. One day Mary got sick and has been in bed ever since she got sick.

Scene 3:
Mary: My dears come in here please.
Sadie ((in library) hears and gets out of the library) Coming mother!

(Sadie walks to the bedroom)

Mary: Good morning my daughter. Where is that boy? I want to tell you guys something.

(Bob walks in)

Bob: Hi Mother.

Mary: Good morning my children. I called you in so I can tell you something. These days I have felt weaker than usual and I wanted you to build your own houses since I am afraid I am not going to survive that long anymore.

Sadie: Mother, don’t say you aren’t going to survive!

Mary: I know you don’t want to hear this dear but it is true. I want to make sure you are good on your own. Therefore, you are going to build your own houses. Consider those my orders.

Narrator: The two little pigs went and started to build their own houses since they never disobeyed their mother. Now, click on Bob to know what happens next.

(On screen, scratch is going to ask the viewer “What should Bob build his house of, straw, or bricks?” After the viewer answers, the narrator speaks.)

Narrator: Now click on Sadie to know what happens next.

(On screen, scratch is going to ask the viewer “What should Sadie build his house of, straw or bricks?” After the viewer answers, the narrator speaks.)

Decisions for Bob

Straw: Bricks:
Bob’s house is going to get blown off. Since the straw house is near the brick house, he runs to the brick house. He won’t become responsible and will not change in personality. Bob’s house is going to survive and he is not going to get eaten. He is going to learn how to be more responsible and clean.
Decisions for Sadie
Straw: Bricks:
Sadie’s house is going to get blown off. Since the straw house is near the brick house, she runs to the brick house. She will at the end be wiser about her decision of building a house of straw. Sadie’s house is going to survive and she is not going to get eaten. She will not change in character.

Narrator: After the two little pigs got attacked by the wolf, they learned a lesson to not be lazy and greedy.

On screen: The end

Project Plan:


Tools: Computer, Scratch, google docs
Materials: I will need storyboard, sprites, and backgrounds
Location: I will work at my house at my desk.
Time: I will spend about 5 hours on this.
Money: $0.00

Action Plan:

Schedule: I plan to work on this 5 days before it is due, working on it about 1.5 hours per day.
I will first do my script and storyboard. Then I will start with scene 1 and do all my animating. Lastly, I will revise my animation and make any changes.

Developer’s Journal:
Date: 4/29/14
Time: 1 hour
Location: School, tech class
Summary: Today I basically gathered all my sprites and backgrounds for my animation and I started animating my first scene.
Problem: I wanted to use one of the sprites from Storyboard that but I didn't know how to import it to Scratch.
Solution: I asked Shantanu what I would do if I wanted to use one of those sprites and I was able to use sprites from Storyboard that. There were no changes made.

Developer’s Journal:
Date: 5/3/14
Time: 5.5 hours
Location: Home
Summary: Today I basically completed my entire project.
Problem: There were timing issues.
Solution: I used broadcast and receive blocks. Changes that were made is that towards the end, I reworded what the theme of the story was.


For this project I think that overall I did a pretty good job. I did a good job because I accomplished all the requirements and I kept in mind the constraints. For the requirements, my storyy is at least two minutes long. Also my story is an interactive story in which the viewer can affect the outcome of the story. Also, The viewer does make an ethical decision in my animation and the story does have at least two branches with two different endings depending on the decision of the viewer. To continue, the story does tell a lesson about the consequences and rewards about ethical choices. Lastly, the story leading up to the decision is at least one minute long and each branch after the decision is at least one minute long.

For the constraints, I did give credit to the author of the sources I used. I also, included the credits at the end of the animation and I did not include this in the length of the animation. Lastly, the story is appropriate for viewers younger than 13 years old and I handed in the project by May 5th. That is how I think I did in this project.

May 5, 2014

"Toads and Diamonds" by Charles Perrault

by: 19chenz
Act 1
Act 2A
Act 2B

A - Investigation: Determining My Story Choice

Toads and Diamonds
Link: http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/authors/perrault/fairies.html

Author: Charles Perrault

Main Characters:
1. The widowed mother
2. The Younger daughter of the mother, Alice
3. The Older daughter of the mother, Anna
4. The fairy

Ethical Decision:
The Ethical Decision of the story is to never judge the appearance of a person and to always treat others the way you want to be treated.

Choice and Consequence:
The younger daughter of the widow helps the old lady receive water from the well and the fairy rewards the young daughter by being able to create pearls, roses, and diamonds when she talks. The older daughter’s decision is to deny the request of the fairy disguised as a princess and the fairy curses the older daughter to make toads and frogs appear when she speaks.

Alternation Ending:
The younger daughter does not help the old lady and the old lady curses the young daughter to have toads and snakes appear when she speaks.

B- Design:
Story Script
Scene 1
The setting begins with the younger daughter, Alice, outside cleaning the floor.
Scene 1
Alice: [enter stage left and says in a casual voice] Mother, I am done cleaning, the floor. [stands up]
Mother: [Mother and Anna enter stage right and dirty the floor] You pitiful girl, Alice! Look at the floor, its a mess!
Anna: Yeah! Why can’t you do anything right? I wish we could do something with you that is useful. [thinks: Maybe we could sell her for money.]
Mother: Clean up the floor this instant and then fetch some water from the well. You can never get enough water for us everyday.
Alice: Yes mother and Anna. [exit stage right]
Anna: I bet she drinks from the bucket and then spills the water on the way. I thought some exercise would do her some good. [laughing.]
End of Scene 1

Scene 2:
The scene starts at the well and Alice is at Stage Left carrying a bucket.
Alice: [walks towards the well] I hope this will be enough for them. [turns around]
Fairy: [disguised as an old lady and enters stage right] Hello Miss. Will you be a dear and fetch some water for me? I would do it myself but I can’t reach the water at my old age.
Alice: [thinks: What do I do?]
Help Her or Walk Away Sprites appear on the screen.

Help Her Walk Away
Alice: Oh! With pleasure madam! [goes back to the well and takes water from the well]
Alice: Here you go. [hand the water to the lady] If you want me to take more, please do ask!
Fairy: [takes the pitcher of water and drinks it] Thank you my dear. You are pretty, mannered, and pure-hearted. I must give you a reward for getting me this water.
Alice: Oh no. You must not. You are too kind.
Fairy: I shall give you the gift, that every word you speak, a rose or a diamond will appear.
End of Scene 2
Scene 3:
The setting is back at home and the mother is at stage right.
Mother: Where have you been? Your sister and I are thirsty and dying!
Alice: I am sorry mother. [two diamonds appear]
Mother: What is this I see? [picks up the diamond] Is this a diamond I see? How did this happen?
Alice: Well… I met a woman near the well and she liked how I acted, so she blessed me with this. [several diamonds appear]
Mother: Very well.
Mother: [thinks: I need more of those diamonds to make me rich] Speak to me some more so that I can use these diamonds to get more money.
Alice: But Mother, I still need to finish these chores around the house.
Mother: [walks up to Alice] Oh dear, its okay, I’ll have your sister finish your chores for you today. Come now.
Alice: [thinks: I can’t let her do that to Anna.] [shakes head]
Mother: [gets impatient] Alice, don’t talk back to your mother.
Alice: [shakes head]
Mother: How dare you do this to your mother! [chases Alice out]
End of Scene 3
Scene 4:
The setting is back at the forest near the well. Alice is sitting on the floor.
Alice: [cries] What am I going to do now?
Prince: [appears stage right] What are you doing here?
Alice: My mother kicked me out of the house.
[diamonds appear]
Prince: [gasps] You are the most interesting woman I have ever met. I have fallen in love with you fair maiden. Follow me to the palace and we shall be married!
The End
Alice: Why should I help you?
Fairy: But Miss, I need am really parched. [coughs]
Alice: Then I hope someone else comes to help you that has time to spare, because I don’t!
Fairy: Your manner is a disgrace to your family and you shall regret the day where you have treated me with such disrespect.
Alice: [sarcastically] And I think that an old lady would scare by making me bored of your stories. [exits the forest]
Fairy: [thinks: What should I curse her with?]
End of Scene 2
Scene 3:
The setting is back at home in the garden and the mother is at stage right.
Mother: Where have you been? Your sister and I are thirsty and dying!
Alice: Nothing. I was disrupted by an old lady in the forest who tried to make me do her bidding.
Mother: Which was to do what exactly?
Alice: To fetch water for her in the well.
Mother: Very well then. Get back to work.
Alice: Yes mother. [fairy enters stage left disguised as old lady]
Mother: Who are you?
Alice: There she is mother! The old lady I saw nearby the well and tried to make me get her water.
Mother: Is this true?
Fairy: [in a nice voice] I told your daughter that she would give her a blessing for making me realize that somethings are meant to be done by yourself. [Waves her arms and disappears]
Alice: [takes a step backwards]
Mother: Alice! Get back up and stand like a lady.
Alice: Yes mother. [snakes and toad appear]
Mother and Alice: [shrieks]
Mother: What have you done to my daughter?!
Fairy: Because your daughter has bad manners, I figured that her language would be best suited with something that resembles what she has to say. [disappears]
Alice: What do I do now Mother?! [snakes and toad appear]
Mother: I don’t know but you are no longer allowed in my house anymore! [beats Alice with a broom]
[Alice runs and exits stage right]
End of Scene 3
Scene 4:
The setting is back at the forest near the well. Alice is sitting on the floor.
Alice: [cries] Now what will I do?
The End

Tools: Scratch, computer, Internet access
Materials: Sprites, background images
Labor: I will do the work by myself.
Location: Home and school
Time: I will be using two to three hours to finish my work.
Money: I will not be needing any money.

Action plan:
I plan to schedule time for at least 5 hours for this project from Tuesday, April 29, 2014 to May 1, 2014.
1. On day 1, complete the first half of the script as needed.
2. On day 2, complete the first half of the script and revise it.
3. On day 3, complete the first of the decision of the script.
3. On day 4, complete the second half of the decision and then revise the entire play.

Developer’s JOURNAL:
Session #1
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 10:20AM Location: Home
Summary: I created all the sprites and background I am going to use.
Problems: I had no problems encountered today.
Solutions: NA

Session #2:
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 6:40PM Location: Home
Summary: Today, I finished writing Scene 1 and the Scene 2 up to the decision making part.
Problems: The first half of the story up to the decision did not take long enough, for a minute.
Solution: I had to add more dialogue and movements to each sprite. I also changed the
background of the house and sound effects.

Session #3:
Thursday, May 1, 2014 8:40PM Location: Home
Summary: Today, I finished and revised the entire story along with the credits.
Problems: I needed more sprites than I thought I did.
Solutions: So I had to design more sprites like a frog and take more time to complete the sprites. In addition to that, I changed the motion and sound effects of the aged lady in the last scene.

E: Evaluate
Design Specification
My project on Scratch completes all the guidelines of the Design Specification of the project handout. At first, there was exactly two choices that affected the outcome of the story, which is also given by the viewer. The viewer gave the ethical choice by clicking on a sprite (in the form of a cloud). Each part of the project is at least a minute long (the first part where the decision is not made and a minute long for each part after the decision). The project is meant to show the viewer the consequences of choosing the bad and good choice and it was meant to teach the viewer it is better to help others out (especially aged lady). It was uploaded on the Scratch website after completing it before May 5.
The Script and the Storyboard
My project is similar to the script that was planned, yet there was some changes and addition lines that was given. In the first scene additional lines included a longer talk between the mother and Anna because the first scene did not add up to a minute long, and only stopped after 45 minutes. Scene one and three’s location was also changed. In Scene 1, the location changed from the kitchen to the front yard of the house and Scene three changed from the well to a forest. THe storyboard was the same throughout except for the beginning transition where mud was brought in by the mother and Anna were not included in the storyboard.

May 5, 2014

The Angel

The Angel
The Angel Act 1 Storyboard
The Angel Act 2 Storyboard
The Angel Act 3 Storyboard

{The Angel walks in from stage right}
The Angel: Come to me child
The Child: Im so weak I cant move
The Angel: Okay I will come to you {Moves to the child}
The Child: Thank you so much {Child slowly rejuvenates}
The Angel: You had an honorable death, saving your mother come to heaven
The Child: I will thank you
The Angel: Heaven needs more flowers, so whatever flower you remember you pick no matter how it looks
The Child: Okay there are three flowers I want from in my garden
The Angel: Okay {Flowers appear in the childs hand}
The Child: Lets go through my block
The Angel: Fair enough!
The Child: I like the azalea in my neighbor Felix’s garden
The Angel: Well there you go
The Child: My next neighbor is called Robert
The Angel: Does he have any nice flowers?
The Child: {Asks- I remember this flower but its all dead should I take it?}

Yes No
The Angel: You remembered
The Child: Remember what?
The Angel: Me, you remembered me!
The Child: I remembered the crippled child that loved this flower
The Angel: I was that child, I loved my garden but I could never take it up, you are taking it up for me
The Child: I remember you Harold you were my friend
The Angel: Thank you, you really deserve heaven
The Child: You found something after life and you can actually walk
The Angel: Yes it is perfect let us go
The Child: Am I ready?
The Angel: Yes you are
The Child: Okay it is time to set off in that case
The Angel: I knew you wouldn’t care to take a dead plant?
The Child: What how did you…?
The Angel: I was the child who thought you were his friend!
The Child: Harold? I remember you!
The Angel: You knew this plant was my everything!
The Child: The pot was broken, the plant dead what was I supposed to do?
The Angel: Taken it, given it life and love!
The Child: I assumed that you wouldn’t even recognize me it has been a year!
The Angel: You were my only friend *Eyes glow red*
The Child: Why are you so angry you are an angel!
The Angel: But you don’t deserve to be one!
The Angel: Good day! *Summons hell pit*
The Child: NO! What no! *Falls into a pit*
The Angel: I will never see you again!
The Child: {Thinks: Why didn’t I just pick the flower?}

Project Plan
Tools- Scratch,Computer,Internet Access
Materials- Scratch sprite images and blocks
Location- Home, School
Time- About 3-4 hours
Money- Budget (0$)

Action Plan
I’m most likely going to do it during the weekends around 5-7 pm because that’s usually when my computer is available for usage over longer periods of time. I will do it mostly at my house, First I will finish the storyboards, then the sprites, and finally the scripting with blocks on Scratch.

Developers Journal
Day 1: I screenshoted the angel and uploaded it to use it as a sprite in my Scratch Project
Day 2: I created a version with all of it done up to the decision, and the yes version of the decision it has some errors though
Day 3: I finished up all of the errors.

E: I felt like I made the design specifications like they were listed, there was no problems in terms of timing. I feel like I did something creative with the script in the decision part, it may not have been realistic but I feel like it went smoothly. The only thing that wasn't on point was one script line but I did that on purpose, because a thought overlapped the conversation. The only bad thing that really happened was that I uploaded it late on the Scratch website because I did not not know where to upload it.

May 5, 2014

"The Fox and the Grapes" by Aesop

The Fox and The Grapes, by Aesop, Title Page
The Fox and The Grapes, by Aesop, Act 1
The Fox and The Grapes, by Aesop, Act 2A
The Fox and The Grapes, by Aesop, Act 2B

A-Investigate: Determine your story choice

Name the story: The Fox and the Grapes

Story: One hot summer's day a Fox was strolling through an orchard
till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which
had been trained over a lofty branch. "Just the thing to quench
my thirst," quoth he. Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and
a jump, and just missed the bunch. Turning round again with a
One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with no greater success. Again
and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at last had to
give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying: "I
am sure they are sour."

Author: Aesop

Link: http://www.aesopfables.com/cgi/aesop1.cgi?2&TheFoxandtheGrapes2

Main Character: Mr. Fox

Ethical Decision: To try to get the grapes, or nah.

Written Ending: The Fox tries to get the grapes but he can't reach then so he eventually just gives up and goes home thirsty.

Alternate Ending: The Fox decide not to try to get the grapes because they are to up high so he decides to go home. On his way home the fox finds a coca cola machine and buys a coke and does not go thirsty.

Moral: It is easy to despise what you cannot get.


Story Script

Mr. Fox

sunny grape orchard

scene #1
(Mr. Fox walking through an orchard stage right.)
Narrator: One hot summer's day, a Fox was strolling through an orchard till he came to bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been trained over a lofty branch.
Mr. Fox: Lalalallalalala.
Mr. Fox: Those are some fine grapes. Just the thing to quench my thirst.
(Do the bun-dum tsssss thing with drums.)
Mr. Fox: But they sure are high. (asks) Should I try to get them, *clicks tongue* or nah?
(try to get the grapes and just continue walking bubbles pop up.)

Decision: To try to get the high grapes, or nah.
Attempt to get the grapes. Continue strolling.
Mr. Fox: Psh. I can reach anything.
Narrator: Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and a jump, and just missed the bunch.
(Mr. Fox jumps to try to get the grapes.)
Mr. Fox: Ugh. Stupid tree.
Narrator: Turning round again with a One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with no greater success. Again and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at last had to give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying…
Mr. Fox: "I am sure they are sour."
(Mr. Fox walks out stage right.)
Narrator: Later that evening.
(Show Mr. Fox looking really thirsty with ribs sticking out and stuff.)
Mr. Fox: I’m dying.
(Mr. Fox falls to the ground. Vultures come and eat him.)
Narrator: Mr. Fox noticed that the grapes were much too high for him to ever be able to reach do he continued his stroll through the grape orchard.
Mr. Fox: Eh. They’re too high. Me trying to get them will just make my thirst stronger. I mide as well just search for some liquids somewhere else.
(Mr. Fox walks away stage right.)
Narrator: On Mr. Fox’s way back to his den he came upon a coca-cola machine and got himself a nice refreshing sprite.
Mr. Fox: (takes a sip of the sprite.) Mhm. Thats good.
(Mr. Fox winks animation ends.)
(shows picture of sprite.)
Narrator: Sprite. For the thirsty.

Project Plan

Bamboo Tablet Thing
Background #1
Sprite for Fox
Making Character
Title Page
My basement and at school a nit
3-5 hours

Action Plan

Work and hopefully finish it during those days we have the math state test because we don't get much homework on those days. I need to have 3-5 hours dedicated to doing the project.

1) Start the project in class. Work 20 minutes in class.
2) Finish at home.

Developers Log

Session #1, 4/29/14, 10:16, Class
Time Spent: 10 minutes.
Short Summary: I created a title page like for the opener and its real nice.
Problems: No problems. Everything is chill.

Session #2, 4/30/14, 4:16pm, Home
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Short Summary: I created my sprite and began to animate.
Problems: I need to add random stuff to make it longer because right now its not meeting the time constraint.

Session #3, 4/30/14, 10:17, Class
Time Spent: 30 minutes.
Short Summary: I made the beginning longer.
Problems: Its still not long enough.

Session #4, 5/4/14, 5:00, Class
Time Spent: 5 hours.
Short Summary: I have completed my project and im overall pretty proud of it.
Problems: Since it was so not long enough I added a bunch of random stuff.

E: Evaluate

My project has all of the design specifications necessary. It is 2 minutes. (one minute for each section thing.) It has an ethical decision that the person watching it must decide on. And it has different consequences. I have credits at the end of my project for the things I took from online. And my project was uploaded by time the 5th.

My project has the same basic things happening in it as the script and storyboard but I added a lot of extra things to have it reach the amount of time it needed to be. For example, I added the fox being at his house in the beginning. This was added so it was more time. I also added A few more lines for the fox to say. Also, instead of having you just press two normal buttons to pick if you want the fox to get the grapes or not I made the buttons be funny things to make it more appealing to the person watching the project. Also, in the end I made the fox go back home instead of doing the whole sprite commercial thing. Yeah, I gave up on that. So Mr. Fox goes home and it flashes these things that happen after the story ends so you know a bit of Mr. Fox’s life after the whole grape scenario.

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