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Dec 4, 2015

little people

Before JA Day I didn't want to go to an Elementary School and teach little kids. I wasn't excited to see little kids run around the classroom.

Jun 3, 2015

My Creed Project

by: hxu

I always believe that people need friends because friends can lead you to get close to this society, help you come of age and let you understand more about this world. Friendship is like a process that gets you through lots of different situations. Friendship gives me lots of valuable knowledge, to let me step up. Sometimes I really mean at friendship, I hate it when you find out someone acts like a traitor. What I mean is like when you and your best friend got crush on a handsome guy the same time, then the friendship is done. I always believe time can make you look clearer at someone.But anyway, I only believe at what I want to believe.

May 1, 2015


by: mmanzano

Pri is a good kid but he is doing bad in school because hangs out with the bad kids who don't like school. Pii says, "School stunk. I hated school." Piri does not like school but only because of influences from this boys. This shows a man vs. self conflict because he follows the wrong people.

Mar 27, 2015

Mr Linden's Library

by: ybarrios

He had warned Lindsey about the book now it was too late, because Lindsey read the book but she fell asleep as she was reading the book,and the book vines were coming out and Lindsey didn't feel anything. Is that what Mr linden had warned Lindsey about? The next morning when Lindsey woke up her room was filled with vines. Lindsey was scared between being a life or death.She was able to get some scissors and cut some vines but that did not stop the vines from holding her and keeping her in her bedroom. Lindsey mom was home and so she heard some noises that worried her so she went to her room she saw her daughter on the floor and she tried to cut the vines but it was growing more and more and so her mom could not do anything else instead her mom called the police and they helped her the police cut the vines all the way and they were able to survive Lindsey. The police burned the book but the book was not burned but the book is still waiting for someone to check it out.

Nov 7, 2012

Hurricane Stories

Gustav Damage: Lakeshore Camp Kitchen. Pictures of our destroyed camp kitchen.

Given what people in New York and New Jersey are going through with Hurricane Sandy, I thought Youth Voices readers might like to see some writing by third graders in response to Hurricane Gustav a few years ago.

Hurricane Gustav arrived, Labor Day weekend, 2008. Baton Rouge had a lot of wind damage and power loss that lasted for days. There was also some flooding from local rivers rising due to rains.

School had begun in early August. The hurricane was approaching, and we knew there would be no school, the following day. I had let my third graders know that they should be observant of what happened before, during, and after the storm in anticipation of teaching them how to write three different paragraphs about Hurricane Gustav.

These are excerpts from a few that I had sent to a cousin who teaches journalism. He told me he was going to share them with his university students as examples of observation for a lecture on the news writing process.

Tyrell G.: We went to my grandmother’s house in Clinton. My mother thought we would be safe there. We packed food and clothes, and we brought our dog… When it wasn’t raining in the day, I would help Grandmother in her garden.
Olevia F.: We went to our neighbors’ house. They did a Bar-B-Q for everyone… My brother and I played in my room with a flashlight… After the storm, my brother and I went outside. We raked a long time!
Brendon H.: Because there was a tree in our backyard, my dad’s friend soon came with his chainsaw. We cut the tree into logs and branches. Our pastor came and helped us with his trailer. We took them load by load. Soon, we were done for the day.
Kyra W.: To prepare for the storm… we had to bring a swing in. It was a long and tall swing, so I slept on it. It was fun…I played UNO with my mom. I had to teach my grandmother how to play… My house is a daycare. We did not have power, but the daycare was open still… We let the windows up. It was very hot … for 9½ days!
Iman W.: Before the hurricane we got ready by looking at the news. It was bad looking at it from the screen. It got larger and larger. It was huge! ... During the storm we slept in our underclothes. It was still hot. We had to put on powder to cool down.
Tiara J.: When everyone heard a hurricane was coming, everyone was busy buying supplies going here and there. Most people were scared …and stayed in their homes. My daddy and mommy say that more hurricanes will come. “Here we go again!” I say…The Red Cross is trying to help people so much.
Oct 31, 2012

My Shell

Ocean Isle Beach, NC, By cgruis8 a Youth Voices pool photographer.

Like a glimmering lake in the sun
it shines so very brightly.
On the outside.
On the inside,
it feels smooth,
But it doesn't shine as brightly,
it may be bright,
on the outside,
but on the inside,

Mar 2, 2012


by: AllieMD

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Ocean acidification is a rising problem on Earth. It is a term used to decribe the rising acidity in the oceans. 1/3 of the carbon dioxide we edmit from burning ficil fuels is absorbed by the oceans. This equals to 1 million tones every day. When the carbon dioxide disolves into the sea water, the H2O and CO2 molecules combine forming carbonic acid (H2CO3). This changing chemistry is causing our oceans to become more acidic. Over the past 200 years the acidity has risen by 30%. The pH of the oceans has droped by 0.1 pH units (from 8.2-8.1). This might not seam like a very big change but marine life has not been given the time to adapt to it. The decreasing pH is effecting calcifying organisms (like coral), shell creatures

Feb 27, 2012

A Fish

by: mrssimon


A fish

Blue peach colored
Happy and good to be free
Black and green
A sea creature

Feb 27, 2012

Jazz Man

by: mrssimon


Jazz man

Loud, tall
Famous, blond, handsome
Man who plays jazz.
By Matthew

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