Whether we are trying to convince our parents to let us have the car or angling for a raise at work, argument is a vital form of communication. This is a place to post arguments in progress and receive thoughtful feedback from your peers. Remember, the rules of discussion (rational people discussing differences) rather than debate apply.

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We capture the moments in our lives by drawing, painting, taking photographs, dancing, composing music, making videos and more. We craft our emotions into all forms of artistic expression. Self-expression is key in understanding ourselves and how we react to events in our communities and the world. Please use images from the Youth Voices flickr pool. (Also we invite you to add your images there as well.) If you can't find an fitting Youth Voices image, please use Creative Commons images.

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This is a space for you to find a good book or to leave comments about any book you have read. A great way to explore your passions is to find them in the literature you are reading, and to share your discoveries with your peers.

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What are you already good at? What are you passionate about? What do you want to learn more about? Who can you learn from? By doing online research, using articles, studies, images, video, and audio and by writing with links to our sources, we learn more about our passions. Modern learning requires us to explore multiple perspectives, disciplines and media, and to regularly and frequently write responses as we formulate and reformulate our questions. Our learning deepens when we show our peers and others the connections we are making with new ideas and people we meet in our inquiries.

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Vamos a conectar por hacer videos, grabaciones de audio y mensajes de discusión en español!

We just feel like there should be a special place for students in grades 6-8. A place where each student can be someone different from who he/she was yesterday, or the same. A place to be heard by peers who are also letting their voices be heard from the middle.

Many formally separate and static forms of communication now converge in our digital devices through streaming audio and video and virtual reality. Citizen journalism, crowd sourcing on social networks, and gaming has changed the way we learn about events, conduct research, collaborate and communicate with each other.

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During electoral campaigns--and after the elections are over--youths write letters and persuasive essays to the candidates and officeholders who face an array of pressing issues all demanding attention and action. Where do we start? Voters can express their priorities in the voting booth—but young people also deserve to be heard. It’s your future too. What do you believe is the most urgent issue? What would you say to the candidates who are currently running for office where you are? What would you want the voting public to think about as they go to the polls?

We may be young, but our voices are still important. In this channel, you'll find stories, poems, essays, photographs, science projects, cartoons, videos and more by kindergarten to 8th grade students. These are discussions created by and for students and teachers in elementary schools who have joined Youth Voices.

We love to tell stories using media of all sorts. This is a place for you to publish and get responses to the narratives and poetry you might be creating in and out of school. We encourage you to publish any kind of digital stories, animated poetry, videos, podcasts, or plain-text creations that you can imagine. Your poems and stories might be autobiographical, based on experience or other texts, or be totally imagined.

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We are much more than a website or a social network. We are also a welcoming community of teachers who have been planning curriculum together for years. Many of us are active members in our local National Writing Project sites, and Youth Voices is managed by teachers in the New York City Writing Project. In addition, many of us count ourselves as members of the World Bridges community, and we meet regularly using Google+ Hangouts On Air on a weekly webcast/podcast, Teachers Teaching Teachers, which has been broadcast live every Wednesday evening over the EdTechTalk channel of the WorldBridges network since 2006. In addition we collaborate around resources, making collections and building our Youth Voices Library on Gooru.

We are a site for conversations. We invite youth of all ages to voice their thoughts about their passions, to explain things they understand well, to wonder about things they have just begun to understand, and to share discussion posts with other young people using as many different genres and media as they can imagine!