Connecting around topics on Youth Voices

Dec 10, 2015

There are many topics that YV students across the country are researching and writing about, and we want to have more ways to connect about these.

Below is a document where students can add their names to topics they are exploring and and then connect with others doing the same.

Another great way to connect is through tags. Make sure your students are tagging, and then they can use this tag cloud to see others' posts. (Also see the bottom of this post for a list of tagging suggestions.)

Tagging suggestions

* Include as many tags as you can think of. More tags is better.
* Put a comma between each tag (e.g. race, racism, black lives matter, police, police brutality)
* Don't include the #.
* Multi-word tags are fine; just include the spaces (e.g. black lives matter, police brutality).