Big Idea

Nov 16, 2015
Guide types

I am <adjective showing emotion> <by, about, with> this <object/poem/video/painting/drawing/photograph/collage/work of art/music...>, because... <add 2 or 3 sentences>

One part of this <object/video/artwork/song> that stands out for me is where <Describe a small part or aspect of the work.> I think this is <adjective> because... <add 1 or 2 sentences>

Another part that I <past tense verb> is where <Describe something else from the artwork.> This stood out for me because...

This <object/poem/video/painting/drawing/photograph/collage/work of art/music...> sums up a lot of what <fairness/justice/peace/love/faith/hate/racism... or some other big idea> means to me. It means... <Add 3 or 4 sentences explaining what this word means to you.>

An example of this is one time... <Add 3 or 4 sentences telling a story of something that happened to you that is related to the image/object and the big idea that you are writing about.>

What do you think? Do you agree that... <Summarize your thoughts about this image and this big idea with a statement that someone might agree or disagree with.>