Pitch Your News Story

Mar 29, 2016

3a. What is the headline? Imagine your story is in the top spot on the Student Reporting Labs homepage or on the Youth Voices homepage. Write the headline.

3b. What is the background of the story? Freewrite for 10-15 minutes.

3c. Inquiry Question(s): What central question or two questions do you intend on investigating in your news story?

3d. List the people (the “characters”) in your story and why they are important.

3e. Who do you plan on interviewing and why? What types of information can each potential interviewee provide (facts and statistics, a personal story, the other side of the story)? Make sure that you include youth voices in your story.

3f. Think visually. What is your opening shot?

3g. What b-roll will you need?

3h. No really, list more b-roll…

3i. What images and other visuals do you plan on filming or creating? Will there be animation, a map, graphics?

3j. Do you have an opinion about the issues addressed in the story? Please explain how you will ensure that your point of view does not distort the final story.

3k. Describe how your story will be balanced and show two or more perspectives.