Seeking Social Justice

Nov 11, 2015
Image for issue at Youth Voices

Emmanuel Hoybrechts, Golden Lady Justice, wikimedia:,_Bruges,_Belgium_(6204837462).jpg

Will you: 

What issues of social injustice in society must be investigated? What can we learn about that issue, and what can we do raise awareness and seek justice on that issue? Share your learning through process blogs and use it to seek justice in your community.

Justice is a near-universally admired virtue, yet we live in a reality far from it's realization. Research an issue of injustice that strikes your conscience as particularly unacceptable. Learn about its origins, tensions, and possibilities for progress. Share the process of your learning in 3 or more blog posts engaging others in your research and learning. Then, consider how you and others could raise awareness within your school/community or complete an act of service to seek justice on this issue.

Work you will have: 

At least:
3 process blogs
Interview with an activist
1 piece of creative writing
Awareness Campaign
Service Project