“The Case of the Dead Musician”

Dec 31, 1969
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Will you: 

You are the investigator reading the reports below and inspecting the picture of the scene. Mr. Karazai’s son claims that his father hanged himself. What do you think is the truth? From the evidence available, make a case for what you think really happened. If you believe that other evidence is necessary, make a recommendation about what other evidence might need to be collected. Before you begin to write your report, list the evidence and warrants you will use in making your case.

Step 1: Read and annotate this report in Genius.

Click on the image above to see it larger.

Step 2: Compose your argument in Docs, then review it in a peer-writing group.

Step 3: Use this "Checklist for Revision" with your peers to get ideas for revising your first draft.

1. Have you described what was found at the scene and what the autopsy revealed?
2. Have you incorporated at least three pieces of evidence?
3. Have you provided the rules or warrants that explain why the evidence is important to your claim?
4. Have you made a recommendation about what should happen next or what more evidence is needed?

Step 4: Revise and proofread your argument in Docs, then post it as a discussion on Youth Voices.

See: http://www.heinemann.com/shared/onlineresources/e01396/introandchapter1.pdf