Dec 31, 1969
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Will you: 

When we write or record a detox journal we are finding our own space of permission. When we make these video-, audio-, or written journals, we're playacting or experimenting with the invisible parts of a healthy, self-directed mindset. We're learning what it means to be mindful. Self-reflection is a natural state we are promoting, in order to pump adrenaline back into the soul. Of course we do this humbly, remembering the young person who asked, "Who are you to tell me to be myself?"

Set up:
  1. Create a Document in Google Drive.
  2. Title it Journal.
  3. Using the Insert tab on the toolbar, insert a Table of Contents into the top of your page.
    • You will be adding to this document frequently. You should title each entry, and make the style for each title Heading 3.
    • Notice how you need to refresh your Table of Contents from time to time.
  4. Your most recent entry should be at the top of this document. Entries should go from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom.
  5. Your first entry on this document should be titled 10 Self/10 World Questions. (Use Heading 3 for this and every other title on this document.)

To share on Youth Voices:

  1. On the upper right of the screen, click the blue Share button, and add your teacher's email address in the box under Add people. Use the default Can edit.
  2. Click Change... under Who has access and choose the top option: Public on the web.Then, close the pop-up box.
  3. Under File go to Publish to the Web... and click the button, Start publishing. Leave this pop-up box open for now.
  4. To make a link to this document in your Bio, go to your Youth Voices Profile and choose to Edit, then click the Bio button.
  5. Scroll down and find the box with the label "My Journal." Copy the following into that box:<h2><a href="PASTE LINK FROM PUBLIC GOOGLE DOC HERE">My Journal</a><h2/>
  6. Then, copy the link titled "Document Link" that popped up when you completed step 6, and paste it into the space BETWEEN the quotation marks. Save the bio.
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Talk about your icon and embed your YouTube Playlist into your Profile page

Written directions for this screencast are below.

  1. If you haven't done it yet, log in to your gmail account; go to YouTube; create a channel with your username; make a playlist called Detox.
  2. Even if you've already uploaded videos to your channel and put them into your playlist, do another one now. Talk about the different elements of your icon and how they respresent something important about you.
  3. Go to your Youtube account, and click on the Upload button at the top.
  4. Click on the icon on the lower, right-hand side of the screen to Record from webcam. This should bring your webcam and microphone on and you can start recording. (You may need to get help from a teacher or a peer who knows how to turn permissions on at this point.)
  5. Once you've recorded and uploaded your video, go to the video manager (which is under your icon and username).
  6. The Uploads tab should appear. Click in the box next to your new video, and go to Add to. Put this video into your Detox Playlist. (If you haven't set up a playlist for Detox, do that now, and add this video into that playlist.)
  7. Next, click on the Playlist tab, then click edit. (This is only necessary to do after you have more than one video in the playlist.)
  8. If your new video is at the bottom of the list, click the box next to that video, then click Actions and Move to the top. Your most recent videos should be at the top of your playlist and the oldest ones at the bottom.
  9. Don't forget to Save your playlist before leaving this page.
  10. Now let's get the Embed code for the entire playlist (not just one of the videos). On your Detox playlist, click the Share button at the top, to Share or embed this playlist.
  11. Click the Embed button, and choose the 640 x 360 size.
  12. Copy the code that should be highlighted (Ctrl-C.)
  13. Go to your Bio Box on Youth Voices. (Log in -> Member Home -> My profile -> Edit -> Bio -> Bio box)
  14. Paste your embed code under the title for the Detox section of your Profile page: <h1>Detox: Notice. Dream. Connect. Do.</h1>
  15. On a line between the Detox title and your new YouTube embed code add a title: <h2>My Vlog</h2>
  16. Study the code carefully to be sure there are no mistakes, then hit Save at the bottom and View at the top. This is what the code looks like:

    <h1>Detox: Notice. Dream. Connect. Do.</h1>
    <h2>My Vlog</h2>
    <iframe width="640" height="360" src=";hl=en_US" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  17. Okay, so now when you record a video journal for Detox, you just have to make sure it gets to the top of your Detox playlist on YouTube so that others can see it on your Youth Voices Profile. Have fun!