10 day rising part 3

Dec 7, 2008
by: Dtan

Sorry for the late post de to test and studying. So here is part 3........

Its day 3...... and its morning I have move her to another cell. And I told the guards to renforce the room with metal. It took them all day but they got the job finish. I was working on a reverse potion that keeps the monster in side of me. So maybe I can change into it and control it. But im not sure if it would work. And I really scared and that is why I having second thoughs. About this I should be more calm. I am a doctor i suppose to cure this person. Make sure I dont kill the people that she dose not need to kill.

Now its the afternoon I have been pacing around. And I look so mad I also feel like im going crazy. And I just dont know how to deal with this. I am confondent but I am not going nuts. But thats just what I think and the whole day that monster has not bother me. This must be a sign But I should get some sleep before night comes. I saw the guards they moved her back to the room. But there was something diffrent about the girl today. I see empteyness in her eyes. But it dose not matter. Its time for me to sleep so I slept.

Its night fall now. And I can hear that beast changeing. I can hear it roar in that room.  I took of my white coat. And got the potion I ran to the cell. Then I ran into the room and quickly stab myself with the potion. And I close the door I started to slowlly change and it has done nothing. Its just standing there...............................................AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And I fully change.



It was about time!!!!

Submitted by CFlores on Wed, 2008-12-10 20:38.

It was about time....lolz jk. Actually the story was getting good and now it's just awesome. I really missed the story becauese it was developing so good and it still is, but you haven't posted anymore of it lately. Well anyway, I like this story it's both cool and funny at the same time. Keep writing because I just finished reading it and I still want to keep reading it more and more. Hopefully we can get another part of this story soon. Thankz for posting the story again because it was getting sort of boring without. =)