10 questions about me and the world

Jan 8, 2013
by: Milanisc

10 questions about me and the world ?
Why am i so short ?
How come i am so friendly instead of being serious ?
Why do i like cartoons still at my age ?
Why am i the youngest child ?
Why did my parents get divorced ?
Why do i like Eggo's but not pancakes ?
Why do I like to take the bus and not the train ?
Why am i better at drawing then painting ?
Why did i go to Bronx high school for visual arts ?
Why don't i like to wear earrings ?

Why is the world round ?
Why do people speak more then one language ?
Why do we have to pay for things that we want ?
Why do they elect a new president every 4 years ?
How come graffiti is considered a crime ?
Why do you have to be a certain age to do what you want ?
Why is the world mostly covered in water ?
Why does the world have earthquakes and other catastrophes ?
Why do people all over the world live in poverty ?
Is earth the only planet that has life ?