10 self/ 10 world questions

Mar 27, 2015
by: jmarin

do mermaids exist?
when will the world end?
how many movies have ever been made?
do scientists really know the truth?
will we ever be disease free?
how long have humans been living for?
who was the first human?
how was the human race started?
how old is the oldest person in the world?
who was the first famous person in the world?
will my friends from now be my friends in 10 years?
will i ever get somewhere in life?
will i ever have kids?
will i ever find true happiness?
will i be able to live past 80?
will i be able to see my grandchildren?
am i gonna make it into a good college?
am i going to travel around the world?
am i going to meet my inspirations?
am i going to be able to figure out what i want?