10 Self/World Questions

Oct 5, 2010
by: mdoll

Self questions
1)  Who am I in other’s eyes?
2) Who am I to my family?
3) What is my purpose in life?
4) Where do I see myself years from now?
5) Where do I WANT to see myself years from now?
6) Can I be successful?
7) Will I go to community college, or a four year?
8) Will I join the Army?
9) Will I have the opportunity to graduate early?
10) Will i achieve all of my goals in life?

World Questions
1) Why is this world so violent?
2) Why do we need wars?
3) Why can;t we all just live in peace?
4) What is with all shootings, and self wars.
5) Why do the people have to go through so much work, for so little in return?
6) Will the world really end?
7) What will our economy be like in 10 years?
8) Will the earth move into one area again?
9) Will the economy get better so we can lower prices again?
10) How will people help make the economy better?