1984 Newspaper Article

Dec 7, 2012
by: will834

Earlier today, Winston Smith and his lover Julia, were caught having intimate relations together in a room above a shop in the Proles section. It turns out that they have been making love together and rebelling in other ways for the past couple of months now. They also were seen going to an Inner Party member’s house. There they confessed that they wanted to overthrow Big Brother and see an end to the Party, and they would do whatever it takes to accomplish this impossible feat.

Winston Smith used to work as a clerk as a clerk in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth, where his job was to rewrite historical documents so they matched the constantly changing party line. One day at work, Julia bumped into Winston and handed him a love note. Soon they were each other every so often. As time passed they soon became careless, and that allowed the Thought Police to find them and take them into custody.

As was said earlier, Winston and Julia were caught in the act of making love in a room above a thought to be Prole, but he was an actual member of the Thought Police. They were then taken to the Ministry of Love where they were interrogated, and forced to confess all of their rebellious acts. After a long and arduous process, they both have re-entered society as role model citizens and are working on towards bettering the