2010 Haiti Earthquake

Jan 25, 2010
by: tkim

2010 Haiti Earthquake

The earthquake in Haiti was devastating. The earthquake was recorded as a 7.0. Many homes were destroyed, leaving many families homeless. The earthquake left 100,000 people dead and rescue teams are still searching for survivors. Also, civilians are desperately looking for loved ones that might be under all the rubble from broken buildings.

Many people died and are dying. More people will die if they do not receive help. There are people helping the Haitians, aiding the injured, giving food and water, and rescuing those who are still stuck under rubble.

This is a home that was destroyed in the earthquake. Notice the roof collapsed and could have killed someone if anyone was in the house. The house is totaled and this is just one of the many houses that were destroyed.


I have never been in an earthquake and I don't want to. I have seen hurricanes and blizzards but I was always indoors so I didn't physically face it. We have it good compared to the people in Haiti. An earthquake seems scary because the floor is shaking while things are falling down.