2010 Haiti EarthQuake Opinions

Jan 22, 2010
by: Jmo
Recently in English we were studying the Haiti earthquake. at first i didn't give a crap about it. when i saw a article on the Haiti earthquake i started to think "wow sucks for them ahahhahahahaha". i know many people feel that this is a tragic event for example i saw that many people wrote that the u.s wasn't doing enough to help Haiti. 
Uploaded on November 26, 2007
by lonelysandwich
One thing that i know for sure about the Haiti earthquake is that i don't care about it. now that iv studied my share of u.s history and us government i believe that is normal for the us to do this to Haiti and i wouldn't care if they delayed the help even longer. personally i think its funny how the u.s claims to be such a good place while its purely based on imperialistic ways.
I did some research on the Haiti earthquake and i came across a article that explained the way the u.s took control of Haiti and i came across The right testicle of hell: History of a Haitian Holocaust blackwater before drinking water on
This article provided me with lots of information and opinions on the Haiti earthquake. Some people felt that the Haiti earthquake was really big impact on society. This statement basically was bs to me because of how little i saw people change, yes i saw a lot of people were dramatically affected by this earthquake but all i have to say to them is "Get Over It" nothing will change what happened and most likely it will happen again in the future because already a second earthquake has hit Haiti this time being 6.0 on the scale so not much you can do to prevent another from happening.
In another resourse that i looked at was the people who were helping the haiti cause and i dont blame them for trying but it really pisses me off then i have 6 people following me asking for me to help the cause for 20 minutes straight which really doesnt help change my mind towards the cause and definally cursing at me and saying god is going to punish me really doesnt help which is what happened to me on my way home recently.
All of this makes me think of how much people care for things that has already happened and yes you can do soemthing to help the people out and make life more stable for them but you can never change what has happened to their minds and their family members no matter how much you donate or no matter how much you help out so that ends what i thin k of for the haiti earthquake.