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May 7, 2009
by: 12tongk
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Currently, I have just finished a book called "The Black Tattoo". It's about a boy whose best friend gets "captured" in a sense, by a demon called the Scourge. The Scourge originated from Hell. If the Scourge returns to Hell with a Host ( the boy's best friend ), then the whole universes' existance will come to a very end. It is up to the boy and a demon girl called Esme to stop the destruction of the universe. In the book, Hell is not what we think it is. It isn't the place of terror, where "bad" people go after they have died. Instead, Hell is where our world originated from. This is so because, a demon from Hell, created our Earth as a mere experiment. The scourge was placed there because no one knew anything about it, and they thought it be best and safe there. The boy's name is Jack and his best friend's name is Charlie. These two characters are around the age of 13.
I am finding this book to be quite boring, The Black Tattoo, by Sam Enthoven because the book doesn't really catch my interest very much. An example of what I mean is on page page 97.  " Number 5 and 10 were organizing their weapons and were packing them away in a special order." I think this is bland because honestly, it is boring. Okay, so what, the air around him starts to buzz. What of it? Sometimes, there are lines that are just plain boring. This just happens to be one of them.
We learn something interesting about one on the characters, Esme on page 382 where it says: "Esme just stared. 'You are my daughter,' the scourge told her. 'We belong together. If you can accept that, then the universe will be spared. If not, well ... ' The Scourge shrugged. 'Think about what I've said. But don't take too long to decide.' It vanished, and Esme was left in the freezing whiteness, alone."  This is not typical of how this character acts in this book, so far. She often seem to be very tough and very strong and right now, in the quote she was so shocked, she couldn't do anything, she was practically helpless agaisnt the words of her life long enemy. This doesn't really change my view of the character because she's from a book; therefore, I don't really care. If the character was real, I would want to be her friend, because she is tough, and how cool would it be to have a friend that can perform magic? Like, real magic? Not the lame excuses for magic tricks with the rabbit in the hat.

So far, the characters in The Black Tattoo remind me of the characters in T.V. show. In The Black Tattoo, the characters remind me of the Characters in the other T.V show because the Characters in that show are also tough, and they go into the spirit world to fight the monsters there.


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Submitted by 12iakovouc on Thu, 2009-05-07 23:52.

Dear 12tongk,

I think that your post is interesting. I like how you fully explained the quote and how it's not a normal action by that specific character. You have a cool taste in books, the book that you're reading sounds pretty wicked. It sounds cool from what you explained so far.

I read a similar book where this boy's mom's soul got trapped and she died. The book is mainly the boy trying to find a way to free her soul and bring her back to life. It was a good book, I cannont remember the name right now though.

Good job.