6 Word memoir

Jul 7, 2014
by: sbarrett

Hey everyone! My name is Seyanna Barrett and I'm a student at The Brooklyn Latin School. I was born on May 29 1998 and have lived in New York all my life. I resided in Brooklyn until about 3 years ago when I moved to Staten Island. Who am I? I don’t really know. I hope to find out later in life but, as of now, I’m still trying to find myself and build my identity. What I can tell you about myself is that, on top of being quirky, awkward, and nice, I am unstoppable once I truly set my mind to something.

Believe it or not I enjoy school. I love my school actually; it’s a second home you could say. Now this doesn’t mean I like all the work I have to do, or that I love all subjects. Truth be told, my weakest subjects are math and science and because of this I can’t enjoy those class. Every other class I’m fine with, English especially. I can’t help but be happy to attend class and excited to get a new book to read. Although I tend to struggle with my writing, overall English is one of my better subjects. Surprisingly however my best subject is Latin. I have yet to get anything less than an A in that subject and I take pride in that. Academics aside, I am apart of the yearbook committee and student government. Since a lot of the other clubs are math, science, or sports related (my dislikes), these are the only extracurricular activities I’m fond of.

Outside of school I enjoy reading, listening to music and bonding with my family. My family is very important to me and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. A slightly fun fact about me is that I can memorize lyrics very fast without actually looking at them. I can listen to a new song once or twice and start singing along the second or third time around. My family always wonders how I’m able to do that and, honestly, I have no idea. Also, at times, I can be a good writer. Yet, like I said, I do struggle. So I hope this Youth Voices program will help me improve!


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Submitted by jnine on Wed, 2014-07-09 11:03.

Dear Seyanna,
I am impressed by your bio post and six word memoir because you really recognize a lot of things about yourself. That's something that is not easy to do for anybody!

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "Yet, like I said, I do struggle". I think this is important because it shows you that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, which is not something that everyone can (or wants to) do. It shows that you are in a position to make a lot of progress in the future.

Another sentence that stood out for me is "...my weakest subjects are math...". This stood out for me because I was terrible at math in school too. I always struggled with it and it was my worst subject. However, I feel now my basic math skills are pretty good so don't give up hope!

Your post reminds me of when I was thinking about my identity as a teenager. It was actually something I avoided a lot when I was younger because I always felt awkward or dorky. But over time I grew up and felt more confident in myself. I am not sure "identity" is something you consciously build or if it just "happens" and you feel comfortable with it.

Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next. I am especially interested to see if you think you have changed during this three-week process of Youth Voices. It's a short amount of time, but with so much to do and learn, I am sure there will be opportunities to think and grow. You have a great attitude, so keep it going!


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Submitted by ctaveras on Mon, 2014-11-10 11:31.

Dear Seyanna Barrett :
I am intrigued with your work of art "6 word memoir," because what you wrote is really true some people think just because you're nice to others that you are weak.
One part of your artwork that stands out for me is where you put the picture of Vanessa Hudgens because her story is very similar to your 6 word memoir. I think this is amazing because if I were to write what you wrote I wouldn't be able to think about her its very difficult to find a picture that matches the story sometimes.
Another part that I enjoyed is where you wrote the memoir This stood out for me because I can relate to what you say, the same thing happened to me.
Your work of art reminds me of something that I made once. One time my teacher asked us to write one thing that people assume because of the way you act I said the exact thing you wrote people usually say that i'm weak because i'm so nice and I hate that it irritates me so bad because they judge me right away its just not fair.
Thanks for your art. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because you'll probably post something else that I can relate to, and your post are mesmerizing.

Seyanna 6 word memior

Submitted by trenasialee on Mon, 2014-11-17 11:45.

Dear,Seyanna Barrett

I feel like you did a great job with the “Seyanna’s 6 memoir”.It exactly meets my feelings which as it tell a short story like i feel like when i was younger i was always nice and people would bully me and push me around and i became a whole entire different person i just got crazy out of no where.I might be called a bully from other people but you see how people can make people into someone they not but,that what happen when people think you're weak and can't protect yourself and take advantage of me.

One part of your artwork that drawn me in is when i see your photo connecting to me and making me feel like you exactly know how i feel like where is it i feel like people might never see the real me but i never try to show.I wonder if i can exactly change the way i am or even if people will accept me the way i am.

Another part that also caught my attention is when you stated “I hope to find out later in life but, as of now, I’m still trying to find myself and build my identity. What I can tell you about myself is that, on top of being quirky, awkward, and nice, I am unstoppable once I truly set my mind to something” also connect to me because i'm trying to show the real me but don't know how to but i guess i can try to.

Your picture makes me think about me needing to change and actually be myself and not care what other people think and maybe if i change and accept being myself i would be better and learn how to grow up and let people talk and not care about others and to think about myself and also to just love myself so other would do the same things.

Thank you,Seyanna for your wonderful work and showing how much i need to love myself in order for people to understand the true me and how to make myself better and this help me learn new things about myself and thanks again for your amazing work.