6 Word Memoir

Jul 8, 2014
by: rfenner

My name is Raven Fenner. I am an English teacher at Voyages South Preparatory High School, and a participant of the Youth Voices 2014 summer program. I have a love for writing and traveling--both of which has contributed greatly to my growth as an educator.

Writing has helped me to express my deepest fears and proudest moments that I would normally never share with others. Growing up, I wasn't the most candid person. In classes and around friends and family, I tended to mask many of my emotions. Behind closed doors, I was pouring my heart out onto paper. I'd constantly question the equality of life, amongst other issues that most teenagers faced. To combat stagnation, my parents would send me away for the summers. This helped open my eyes and allowed me to experience different lifestyles and cultures. Through my travels, my writing became stronger. Meeting new people and going on new adventures allowed me to open up more.

As with the positive, came the negative--the various injustices I saw and experienced, fueled my passion for wanting change; specifically,when it came to the education gap. Some ways in which I try to help bridge the education gap, is to share my experiences with my students, encourage them to move beyond their borders, and write about their experiences.