6 word memoir

Nov 14, 2014
by: IFofana



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Submitted by 20wongb on Thu, 2015-04-23 19:11.

hello ifofana,
your picture and words make a direct point about who you are. also the 6 word memoir also show what you are like. your image also help show what you're talking about to and it shows how soccer is very important to you. the words "if I don't score, I failed" are significant because the image would represent nothing except a soccer ball if those words weren't there.
your picture and words have a direct message, but it would be better if you can include a little experience to it too. I know that it is about soccer, but I don't know anything else. also is this really about soccer or it is about life and you're just using the soccer as a symbol. you should also tell why you feel that way. despite this you could add these things, but your image and words are okay as it is.


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Submitted by 20uniar on Sat, 2015-04-25 19:20.

Hello Iofana,

I really liked the way you constructed your image where just six small words can have a huge affect on someone. By seeing the soccer ball in the background and by reading the words,” If I don’t score, I failed” can clearly show that you were really under pressure and that you were at a certain point where you had to score or you would be afraid of it’s outcome. Just those 6 words were very significant and could be easily related to me because I love playing sports.

For example, in football my team was tied 2-2 and our record was 2-0 while the other teams record was 0-2. I knew that if we lost we would be very embarrassed and I would feel defeat which makes me think I failed just like you. But unlike your picture, my story had an end where I was able to catch a long touchdown and I felt very relieved that we didn’t fail and we went home knowing that we had another victory in our hands.

One thing that I would like to see in your image would be the results of what happened in that soccer game, but I like how you left it as a cliffhanger making the viewer want to see more. Anyways I hope you accomplished what you were aiming for and didn’t fail like me.

Thanks for your image. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this might be just a plain image, but those 6 words could have a deep impact on anyone out there.

First of all AWESOME picture

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Submitted by 20azmals on Sun, 2015-04-26 01:21.

First of all AWESOME picture obviously. It really does signify something. It means so much to many different people in many different ways and perspectives.
To me they mean so much in like so many different ways. The fact that since kindergarten I had people jealous of me and basically using me to become smarter and they try to get the better of me. To me these words mean to me that no matter what I have to make sure that I keep that position in order to show them that no they can’t beat me in anything. Because if you really think about it these 6 words would really force me to work harder to make sure that I can still be #1.
The fact that I play volleyball (the only sport I really love and only love to play) lets me feel that I need to make sure I make sure my team gets that point that they deserve. If we don’t get that point we basically tend to work harder or just give up (my team does the former obviously). But when we lose a game or competition or anything it makes us feel sad on the inside that we feel like we have failed ourselves. This goes for my situation about some people being jealous of me as well. If they get a better score or anything better than me it lowers my self esteem.
I try to overcome all these hurdles by keeping my sass up and making my determination working towards this goal. Because like you said “ If I don’t score, I failed.”


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Submitted by 20leis on Sun, 2015-04-26 20:31.

Dear IFofana,

When I read this 6 word memoir, a myriad of questions came to mind. The question that occupied most of my mind was: What could these 6 words possibly mean to the author? The first answer that I came up with is that you are depressed because you lost a soccer game. You used the word, "failed," which elicited a negative connotation. If you were happy, you could have wrote: If I score, I win.
Another answer that came to mind was that you were pressured to win a soccer game. The reason I came up with this answer was for the same reason: you used the word "fail." Also, you used "if", which shows an action that might be done in the future.
This memoir was really interesting and meaningful!

Dear iFofana, I think your

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Submitted by 20vamab on Mon, 2015-04-27 23:24.

Dear iFofana,
I think your 6-word memoir is very asthetically plaesing. I enjoyed you visual similie. In my POV i think of this as a way of you telling others what you think they think of you and how it affects you. I think you are saying people have high expectations on you which create pressere weighing down your shoulders. If you are a fan of soccor then you probably inserted that picture becasue you want to compre and contrast somthing you enjoy and somthing you think you are put with oo much pressure on. This could represent your love for socorr and the seriousness to the sport but since this is a memoir more depth can be interperted.
However, i still think you can elaborate on the background to show more sides to you characteristics and thouht process.
Overall I really enjoyed thinking critically about your 6- word memoir.

Dear IFofana: I am really

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Submitted by 20batrar on Wed, 2015-04-29 20:45.

Dear IFofana:

I am really enjoyed your six word memoir! I love how you really used those six wods to portray a very symbolic idea!

I like the image you used in the background because when we think of scoring, the first thing that comes up in our minsd is soccer! But, I think that soccer is just one instance out of the possible many. B8ut, I like how you kept it simple so that there is room for interpretation for everyone! To me, The goal represents anything that you want to accomplish in life, and the soccer ball represents in which direction you steer it. Sometimes you miss, sometimes you loose. I think that maybbe there should be a goalie gaurding the goal because no everything in life comes that easy. There are always obstacles presented, and the goalie can symbolize them.

I can really relate to your post because I always want to be first. Even if I'm second, I have to push myself, becaus if I'm second, I'm the first loser. And to me, If I don't score, I do fail bbecause I make my expectations so high.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I really enjoyed interpreting your message. It was very powerfully portrayed for only using six words! Well done!

That is a very good saying to

Submitted by zarch2018 on Thu, 2015-05-28 09:25.

That is a very good saying to go with if you want to push through sports. what if you score but lose very badly? do you still fail?