May 27, 2010
by: bluk7133
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I strongly disagree with abortion because it is killing something that isn’t alive yet because you don’t want to deal with the problems. I think the only time it is necessary is when a teenager is raped. No matter how hard it will be I think if you are pregnant by accident and self carelessness I think you should try and take care of the child or at least adoption. I also feel that if your life is in danger and you cannot deliver the baby then you shouldn’t have it. I feel that when it comes to just having fun and messing around and becoming sexually active then it is your responsibility to protect yourself.  
The article I read was called “miscarriage and abortions”. It talked about Abortion is a political right, and, like many rights-protected actions protected, are not necessarily moral. Morality is an issue of rationality, and a woman who becomes pregnant on a whim, then capriciously chooses an abortion, is as immoral and irrational as someone who buys an American flag and then burns it. This may be true of a woman who delays such a decision past the point of safety to herself. Such an action, however immoral and irrational, is not a crime; it does not involve the initiation of force against any human being.
When searching for information and reading different stories about this topic it made me realize how many teenagers put there self’s in danger. There are so many ways you can prevent pregnancies. One of the ways is condoms. Another is getting on the pill. Even if these things aren’t a hundred percent protective they still will help. Or just don’t be sexually active in tell you are ready to handle the consequences.