ABORTION: Is It Really The Right Thing To Do To A Unborn Child?

Feb 22, 2013
by: Tasnim H.

Is abortion really the right thing to do? Is murdering a baby really worth living your life healthy? I say no, its not the right thing to do. Abortion should be illegal in the U.S because abortion is murder. Abortion has been around for many years and has been and still is a controversial issue. During abortion babies die, even if they are still embryos and/or fetuses. The procedure is stressful and dangerous, during the procedure; the mother may die or get severely scarred. To get an abortion, it costs a lot of money to have just ONE for one single baby or fetus. We shouldn’t be spending money just to have one abortion to kill an unborn child. Abortion kills unborn child, it also doesn’t help with money issues. Abortion can be very dangerous, stressful, and expensive.

43 million embryos and fetuses are aborted every year. Even if they don’t have the figure or even if the baby still is a cell growing into the pregnancy. Babies are considered humans; therefore abortion is considered ending a baby’s life. We shouldn’t be aborting babies.A growing embryo is considered human with heartbeats, even if we don’t see the human form yet; it should have the right to grow a form and live life just like the rest of us. A baby is made of cells, just like us.

The doctors kill fetuses that are later aborted in the pregnancy. In the fourteenth amendment the right is for humans, where it also applies for unborn children. Some people say, “I noticed that the people that are pro- choice are alive”(goodreads.com). This meaning that the people that are pro-choice are alive. Meaning that when people who considered abortion were born there parents were not pro-choice: they got to live life so why should babies die if we are walking around enjoying life? Don’t babies deserve the same right we have?

Women may die or the procedure may cause health problems in many cases. Abortion sometimes has side effects that may lead to death. Some effects include: vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding, etc. Other side effects are guilt, desire to become pregnant, depression, and some other serious effects can be intense pain, punctured uterus, excessive bleeding, infection parts of baby left inside, shock/coma, damage to other organs and death. Abortion is dangerous the unborn child, also the mother of the child. There were many cases where women died after the procedure. Even if the mother didn’t die or get physically hurt, they might some emotional damages.

Babies shouldn’t be aborted because it costs too much money.Babies are dying and we are losing money because women need the money to abort their babies. Abortion doesn’t help people who might have money issues when they want to abort the baby. In a proven fact, nowadays abortions may cost a lot of money. During six to ten weeks, doctors may charge you about $350. But if you want an abortion, it may be more expensive like about $650 to over $1000. We shouldn’t be spending money to murder babies. Aborting babies is never the right thing to do. Don’t think that your healthcare will pay for the abortion, only a small amount of money, not enough for the procedure. The money comes from your own pockets and having an abortion is not worth losing money.

What if there was a baby inside you, unexpectedly? What would you do with the baby, give birth or abort the baby? People say that women should have the choice to keep the baby or abort the baby. Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America stated “We want choices-choices that put us in control of our careers, our families, our bodies and our health…” I see where this idea is coming from, but, on the other hand, life is precious, no matter how far the baby went through the pregnancy.

I agree that abortion can be and should be acceptable if the mother of the child was raped or forced to bear the child, but on the other hand I don’t agree that abortion is worth killing a baby’s life. The Republic Platform stated “… the Declaration of Independence…affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed…the fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to unborn children.” This meaning that abortion is like almost breaking the law.This is why instead of pro-choice, we all should be pro-life.

In my opinion I think abortion should be illegal. I suggest is to prevent abortion to happen. If you decide you don’t want to keep the baby, instead of aborting the baby, give him/her up for adoption. And if teen girls are in high school, don’t fool around with their boyfriends. I would also suggest that if they are fooling around to make sure that they know the consequences, the effects when you get pregnant and the girl is getting an abortion.Abortion is murdering unborn children every day. If people say killing people is a crime then why do we allow people to kill babies?