Accepting Your Looks

Oct 28, 2008
by: Laura

 Many teenagers battle with there looks everyday to impress others around them, create there own style, and just to fit in.  Girls straighten their hair, paint their nails, and wear tons of make up.  Guys will wear their pants down low, grow goatees, and spike their hair.  It's a challenge to be original, be yourself, and still have a style you are comfortable with.  Toya Smith Marshall wrote an essay about how letting her hair do it's own thing made her a stonger more beautiful woman. 

"After 18 years, Toya Smith Marshall stopped straightening her hair and let it revert to its natural kinkiness. Marshall believes that by no longer fighting her hair, she found the freedom to be herself and live by her own definition of beauty." NPR

She learned to work with her hair as a team and she said it defined her more as a person.  More people should learn from Toya and try to work with what they have not try to change it.  It took Toya 18 years to be comfortable with her appearance I certainly don't want to wait that long.



Wow I never thought about that...

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Submitted by fahmed on Wed, 2008-10-29 06:18.

Dear Laura,

I loved your comments about Toya.  You're right everyone does change just so popular people would like them. The sad thing is most people don't realize it because they become blind. I think every teenager goes through an "identity crisis." questions like who am I? what do I want to be? what kind person do I want to become? etc. I strongly agree with you and hope to see more of your posts.



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Submitted by smohiuddin on Sun, 2008-11-02 20:20.

I like your writing on accepting your looks because for some people it is hard to accept what they look. There are many people who try too hard to fit in and they end up not fitting in. And there are some who don't try at all but still fit in.

"It's a challenge to be original, be yourself, and still have a style you are comfortable with." I like this quote because its true. Sometimes we just try to be something we are not and end up being someone completely different. Style says a lot about the person. I think one should have a style in which thay are comfortable in not just wear whats in style so that they can fit in. Toya found a way to be comfortable with her hair that made her more confident about herself. I don't think anyone would want to wait that long as she did.

Thanks for your writing. It was great reading it.