Achieving immortality with Morgan Freeman

Feb 8, 2012
by: brycef.m2
morgan freeman, wormhole

What if someone told you that you could achieve immortality? Well that very thing will soon be possible. all you haft to do is have you body and mind put into a robot. This posses a important question though, and that is, if it were possible would you have yourself turned in to a machine? this question is very important as it posses a sort of moral choice, stay human and mortal or become a machine and be immortal.

Today's technology is very close to making that very thing more real than you might think. According to the hit TV series “Through the wormhole” with Morgan Freeman. In the episode that covered life after death and immortality they covered that very idea. The evidence shown to show how close they are to achieving that idea and goal was amazing. All that was said to be be preventing it was the limits of to days computers, robotics, and most importantly the mapping and understanding of the human brain.

A large number of brain specialists and scientists say that they are close however. The big question to ask then would be when will they solve the mysteries of the brain and make this happen? Well the fact of the matter is they don’t really know, this makes one wounder if it is really possible. This is also hindered because we know almost nothing about the brain and the way it works. There are only theories about the way it works and they stretch into the field of quantum physics which would take fare to long to explain. So the time to gather the understanding of the brain could take decades.

There is another big question that follows would someone do this, would there be a moral complication for some people to do this. Well that part of the question is unclear according to many sources. They basically say that until they do it or get close they can not really answer that question. The question still stands that if someone had the choice would the commit to the change? There has been major progress in recent years however. In the late two-thousands a group of Harvard scientists produced the most complete mapping of the human Brain, now the only question is when will the robotics, and computer technology catch up?


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Human Brain

Submitted by Jasonj.M2 on Fri, 2012-02-10 13:38.

I am intrigued by the human brain and its capability to learn and process. It's amazing how we only use roughly 7% to 8% of our brain. The mystery is, what is the left over 92% of our brains for?

Human Brain

Submitted by brycef.m2 on Tue, 2012-02-14 13:28.

No one knows