Addicted to Facebook

Apr 26, 2009

Like many other people around the globe, I have a Facebook. I enjoy logging on to Facebook, checking on my new "notifications", and seeing what my friends are up too. These past few months I have heard so much about Facebook on the news, on the radio, and in people's everyday conversations. The majority of people I know now have a Facebook, including my own mother who used to make fun of me for having one. With the new trend of Facebook, there might be a new addiction breaking through. Some people are claiming that they are addicts of this new and fun social network, Facebook.

Notifications, messages and invites reward you with an unpredictable high, much like gambling. That anticipation can get dangerously addictive.

Potential Facebook addiction

Psychologist have been faced with more and more problems with Facebook, couple counselors say that Facebook in some situation has brought upon conflict in relationships.

"Last Friday, I had three clients in my office with Facebook problems," said Paula Pile, a marriage and family therapist in Greensboro, North Carolina. "It's turned into a compulsion -- a compulsion to dissociate from your real world and go live in the Facebook world."

Five clues that you are addicted to Facebook -


Facebook users have found themselves putting other things aside to feed their Facebook addictions. Some put off work, others homework, and even in some cases people escape relationships.

If you are a Facebook user that thinks you spend more than enough time on Facebook, there are a number of websites that can help you minimize the time you spend on this addicting site.