After by Amy Efaw

Feb 11, 2013

I finished reading the book “After” by Amy Efaw, it was 350 pages long. This book was about Devon Davenport, a 16 year old high school student who had a perfect school life. She was a straight A student, and she was one of the best goalies in her soccer team. But one of the most important things that she didn’t have was a family. Devon could cover up the topic of her family by talking about her school grades, and her soccer career, but she couldn’t do that forever. And it really hurt inside knowing that she couldn’t have a family that supported her, a family that she could rely on. Family was one of the things that Devon couldn’t attain easily as her talent in soccer, and her grades. I really enjoyed reading this book because it had many aspects of a book that I would recommend to other people. First of all, it had a point of view of a high school teenager (Devon, who is 16 years old). This book had a mysterious tone to it because you could never predict what would happen next.