Air Pollution Activism Project

May 28, 2016
by: Bryan L.
If you're reading this, you can't see the main part of my post.

Hi. This is the info-graphic I created on air pollution. This is the new version with the citations.
If you're reading this, you can't the main part of my post.


Air Pollution

Submitted by The Movie Destroyer on Tue, 2016-05-31 11:57.

Very good point to talk about. Strong evidence. The facts are good, but what do you think about air pollution?

Dear Bryan, Really well

Submitted by connorc on Tue, 2016-05-31 13:40.

Dear Bryan,
Really well designed infographic! The way the information is layed out is very clear and visually appealing, and is entertaining for the reader as well. This is a very important topic to cover as air pollution and the global warming it causes are both huge problems in this country and need to be addressed, and by spreading the facts around with infographics like this, you can keep people informed. One question I have is, what are some possible solutions to air pollution? A couple options I have are mass transit and renewable energy sources. What are your ideas? Good post!
Connor Cooke