Alien Flower

May 18, 2011
by: CFlores

In the far distance, I see an alien flower.
Hot pink designs imprinted on its epicenter
With a white coating, Surging from it.
The edges seemed to have been cut by amateur scissors.
Antennas stick out from the epicenter,
That receives motions, sounds and weather broadcasts.
All these characteristics,
Create alluring extravaganza.
Surrounding its delicacy,
Is an ocean of brown, chunky, soil,
Proportioned to compliment the flower’s beauty.
This is my alien flower.


Good poem

Submitted by Dtoalongo on Mon, 2011-05-23 16:34.

Dear Christian,

Thanks for this poem about Gerberas. I really like the way you described the flower and talked about the beauty it has. This made me think of the way the flower represents beauty and it has a nice texture. “Is an ocean of brown, chunky, soil, proportioned to compliment the flower’s beauty.”

I did some research into these flowers and I found that the Gerbera or Asteraceae has been used in two different ways. First these flowers are mostly used for cut arrangements. Many people used it to decorate an event or for their house.

“The Gerbera currently ranks as the fifth most popular flower in the world and is used mostly for cut arrangements.” (“Gerbera Jamesonii”, May 23, 2011.)

The flower is also used to study flower formation. It can be used as a model to do this research. "The gerbera is also widely used as a model organism when studying flower formation. The Gerbera species bear a large capitulum with beautiful 2 lipped ray florets in a wide variety of colors." (“Gerbera Jamesonii”, May 23, 2011.)

There seems to be some evidence that this flower is actually made of many small flowers. The Gerbera looks like it is one flower, but it has more than one flower inside when you look at it closely. "On a Gerbera Daisy the capitulum has the appearance of a single flower, is actually composed of hundreds of individual flowers. The morphology of these flowers depends where they are located in the capitulum. Gerberas possess composite flowers with disk and ray florets. The central disk contains the disk florets. Surrounding the central disk are the intermediate, trans florets. The outermost petals are the ray florets. " (Gerbera Jamesonii)

All of this inspires me to write an acrostic poem in response to your poem. This poem describes that way a Gerbera is and the beauty it has

Each unique
Amazing colors

flower poem

Submitted by mbalanza on Fri, 2011-05-27 08:57.

Dear Christian:

Thanks for posting this poem about Gerbera flowers. I really like the description and characteristics you have included in your poem. It easily attracts attention from readers like me.


I did some research into these flowers, and I found out the Gerbera flowers has a scientific name of  Gerbera jamesonii. It was classified along with the Daisy family, Asteraceae. Gerbera flowers were distinguished by their colors which makes it more alluring to look at.


"Gerbera flowers comes in vibrant colours adding beauty to your garden. It has around 40 species spreading from Africa across to Madagascar into tropical Asia and South America. Gerbera are plants with a height up to 18 to 24 inch and 4 to 10 inch diameter flowers. There will be more than ten leaves in a plant, medium green in colour spread out in a circle parallel to the ground."


Its cuts flowers last a long period of time and gives color and beauty to any area. It is found on this link: The colors varies in white, cream, yellow, pink, violet or purple. Everyone can easily be attracted to such vibrant colors. One more good thing about flowers was that healthy Gerberas were usuallyn not bothered by pests. So most likely, someone could consider them planting along their garden.


Thanks again for putting up this post regarding Gerbera flowers. I look forward of reading more of your upcoming posts.