All About Social Networks!!!

Apr 6, 2009

From this article I learned all about social networkng!  I learned that social networks such as Myspace and Facebook ae one of the hottest things today, but will definatly not be in the future.   It says in the article that they are the hottest things tday, but will not be later on.  I bet alot of people thought that 'this' will be the future, but according to Fader, it will not be.  Everybody in these days wonder how people will live without it, but it will happen.  Also, I learned that many of these networks are now going mobile.  Cingular, sprint and verison are now allowing there users to sign into Facebook and Myspace from the cell phones.  Also, it has been said that as the popularity of these social networks go up, the concers about internet saftey have as well.  So, there are ups and downs to these networking sites.