American Scholarships Going to Foreign Competitors

May 2, 2010
by: treyk

 As a high school senior who has finally chosen a college, I've spent a lot of time on the computer looking at which schools may be a good fit and which ones I cannot afford.  While I searched school after school, looking for somewhere I could play collegiate tennis, I couldn't help but notice the large amount of foreign athletes on the highest and lowest competitive levels.  They are a dominating force in American collegiate tennis and they consume a large portion of scholarships that may otherwise be given to American students.  I became even more curious about this subject when I saw that Seattle University's tennis program does not allow scholarships to foreign students.  I couldn't stop from wondering if they should be allowed this money or not.

    I am aware that there are many kids in other countries that aspire to attend college in the United States and experience something new.  Many of these kids have little money and the only way to achieve their dream is through a sport, like tennis.  I can only imagine how difficult it is for these kids to try to pursue this dream, but what about our own citizens?  I saw first-hand how difficult it can be to get a tennis scholarship because most of the money is going to kids from other countries.  Shouldn't America be helping out Americans?
    Reasons that coaches are so interested in foreign players are listed on

College coaches would be forced to hurt their school’s chances of success and conference titles if they did not recruit and give scholarships to the best possible players they can get.




i think if people really

Submitted by punky on Tue, 2010-05-04 16:51.

i think if people really want to get into the college they want they need to work for it and prove that they really want it

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Submitted by aram9651 on Tue, 2010-05-04 16:56.

that was a good you chose a college to go.