Analysis of a great game

Apr 19, 2010
The game I am choosing to analyze is the Katrina game. In this game you are walking along Louisana try to prepare people for the upcoming hurricane. As you pass levels you start to help people while the hurricane is taking place. In order to complete this game you must beat all of the levels. You help people by giving them first aids, water and food. The objective in this game is to help as many people as possible. As you play the game you get stuck to it like you want to get through it all and see what happens. At first the game is really easy but as the game progresses it gets harder. As it becomes more of a challenge it makes you want to beat the game even more.



          When you

Submitted by 15SAADA on Mon, 2010-04-19 14:07.

          When you said, "You help people by giving them first aids, water and food."  This reminded me of how when the Huricane Katrina first hit, it was really deadly and people went around asking for supplies.  This remins me of Ayiti and how people also acted like that.  This makes me think that my game about Chile should also be like the game Ayiti.

For the Chili game, what are

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Submitted by mbrownstone on Mon, 2010-04-19 16:15.

For the Chili game, what are the game mechanics you are thinking about? Use this space to start to think about what was it about gameply in Ayiti and/or Katrina  that you want to keep for your game?

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When you said "You help

Submitted by 15FERDOUSIN on Tue, 2010-04-20 14:07.

When you said "You help people by giving them first aids, water and food", it reminded me of how the hurricaine really affected the people