Analyzing games of knowledge

Apr 20, 2010
by: 15CannonG

Analyzing my favorite game

The game that I chose to play out of the eight was Courts and within that specific category I chose the game "Argument Wars". It is a court game based around arguing about a specific topic and which one is right and most lawful. The elements of the game are that you play as a lawyer and you support one side of the case and the opposing lawyer supports the other side of the case and the judge is the one that declares which side of the case is right. Another element of the game is the pieces of evidence that you use to support your case. The way these elements work together in the game when someone plays is that one depends on the other to win the whole game. Like the evidence that each lawyer gives the judge must approve of it to give you points for giving in the correct evidence and each piece of evidence works with the lawyer who provides that evidence. The way this game is won is that you must provide the judge with a good amount of evidence that he will give you more points to the opposing lawyer. When the judge runs out of points to give it depends on which lawyer gained the most points to see who has truly won this "Argument War".

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The challenging game of Chess

One of the games that I really enjoy playing is the thinking game of chess. This game is a thnking/strategy game and requires the plyer of the game to use skills or plan ways of how to reach their goal of winning the game. The elements that are present within the game are the different pieces that are placed on the board, the two players of the game, and the different moves of strategies that each player comes up with. the way that all the elements in the game work togther is that each one depends on the other in order for each person playing the game to win. Such as moving the pieces to the correct positions relies on the strategy the player of the game is using to win and who will win the game relies on the two players who are playing the game. The way the game is won is that ine of the players has to checkmate the other players king in other words they are to trap the other player's king where that pice can't move to any other square and the board.


Grant that was a great post

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Grant that was a great post you showed that you understood the facts on both games. By showing how you understood courts and how you unerstood it's objective and how to be sucessful in this game. i also like that you chose the classic game of chess after an online videogame. It's good to go back to the basics!