Analyzing Love

Apr 11, 2016
by: TRollman

In my research, I have been looking of a good definition for love. I am wondering if love as defined by Christian teachings has appeared in scientific research. I have my doubts, but I first need to find a solid definition of love as explained by Christianity before looking at the science part of it. I stumbled upon the book “Four Loves” by CS Lewis, which explains the four types of loves that appear in the bible. Explained in Greek, they are agape, storge, eros, and philia. According to Lewis, philia is the kind of love that is seen between friends, storge is the kind of love that is a natural liking or affection for, such as charisma. Eros is the natural sexual desire, but agape is slightly different. It is explained as the supernatural love that God has, which is slightly confusing. Hopefully it will become more clear with more research into these four categories to see what I should be looking for in the scientific community. This website explains the loves decently:

What do you see love as?


This seems like a very

Submitted by milasherman on Mon, 2016-04-11 16:32.

This seems like a very interesting topic, and I think it's brave of you to tackle such a central and universal human question which has yet to be answered. I have always been curious of this as well, and wonder what the scientific and physical basis is behind love, and where/how it shows up in brain impulses and other parts of the body. I'm excited to see what scientific information you find in terms of each of these types of love! I wonder if each of them is scientifically unique to the others.