Anquan Boldin

May 28, 2010
by: aval3199
Career goals

Anquan Boldin for the Arizona Cardinals was traded to the Baltimore Ravens. I have heard from the sports blogs that this was a great place of Anquan Boldin to show his skills. This topic interests me because I have watched him when I would watch the Arizona Cardinals play. I would really like to learn why they made this trade.

Also realize that Boldin is nobody's idea of a deep threat. He's a strong route-runner and a very tough player, but he's not suddenly going to assume Fitzgerald's all-around upside now that he's elsewhere. He'll get a ton of looks, but not that many of them will be bombs. Now this is a receiver who's really good in the red zone. He might have caught only four touchdown passes in 09, but he scored 20 in 07 and 08 combined, and 16 of those came from in the opponent's red zone. Whether or not he'll steal those red zone scores from runners. I can't view Boldin as a No. 1 fantasy receiver in a 10-team league, but I can easily see slotting him in the 15 to 20 area.

Remember also that Boldin has missed time in each of the past three seasons because of injury. Our fans will enjoy watching me compete and my teammates will be excited to have me with them.

I agree with this trade with Arizona and Baltimore. I think this season will change with all the other trades that are going on. He said that he will give one hundred percent during the game and practice .




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