Jun 6, 2016

Deadpool. Yes, we’re talking about Deadpool. He appeared in one of the only two R-rated movies in MCU (The other one in Wolverine 3, which is coming soon), as the MERC with a mouth, hunting down Ajax, or Francis, to save his girl. Pretty simple plot, huh? But Deadpool doesn’t do hero jobs, he declared that, and he is an anti-hero.

I assume that everyone has seen the Deadpool movie, so you should know the plot. But if you don't, please visit my Movie Destroyer on Deadpool movie (contains spoilers). This is the link:

The definition of anti-hero is someone who doesn’t act like a hero--he or she often saves the world in a different way. They’re often humoristique, and talks a lot. (We’re NOT talking about Spider-Man here, are we?) Well, Deadpool is classified as an anti-hero because heroes such as Avengers or Superman (are we crossing the comic universes? Duh.), they don’t often kill. Even they find the bad guys, they just take him and throw him into a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison or some sort of government facilities and keep them there, just for them to escape and mess up with them again. Deadpool is different. He killed everyone who possibly have a clue that lead to Ajax and he killed Ajax at the end. Another reason that he could be in the Anti-Hero category is that, most heroes have a complicated and usually easy-breaking relationship. Deadpool doesn’t. He always has that girl. Gotcha, I’m too far from the topic. But hey, I think that Deadpool is one of the most identical anti-heroes in the MCU and the whole movie industries.

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