Archetypes of Donald Trump

Jun 6, 2016
by: Bryan L.
Donald Trump

Some people don’t like Donald Trump. Some people REALLY don’t like Donald Trump. Some people have such a great dislike for Donald Trump, that they will assault Trump supporters leaving a rally( But no matter you’re opinion on Trump, there’s no avoiding the fact that a lot of people don’t like him. By analyzing Trump’s archetypes, and comparing them to that of a villain(courtesy of, we can determine why people really hate Donald Trump.

The first archetype of a villain presented by the website listed above, is that the villain must “do what we can never imagine ourselves doing, or perhaps what we would like to imagine ourselves doing but would never do in actual life”. In my high school (Okemos High School), pretty much everyone, including me(Bryan) is a liberal(My political compass test:, so I’m going to guess that there’s quite a few liberal Youth Voices users as well. Donald Trump, plans on getting rid of, or at the very least reforming the 14th Amendment(, which makes it so that people born in the US are citizens by birthright, ban Muslim travel(Apparently it was just a suggestion, never mind the fact that he’s been riding on that statement for months), build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, etc. etc. These views are not particularly popular in the mainstream left, so yes, Donald Trump does have one of the eight villain archetypes

The second archetype is that villains are “evildoers in the extreme” who “can wipe out entire cities if not half a country.” While Trumpy-boy isn’t el Presidente yet, well, let’s just say that the War Powers Resolution(which requires the president to inform Congress after declaring war) has a 48 hour time zone where Congress legally doesn’t need to know of any fighting. Also, a person like Donald Trump, whose mouth is like a leaky hose when it comes to offensive comments, probably isn’t the best choice when it comes to representing America internationally.

The third archetype is that villains are “social misfits”. With the liberal crowd, Donald Trump is like that really disfigured guy from 300 standing in a crowd of finely chiseled statues of only the best looking of the Greek pantheon. However, with his supporters, he’s, well, essentially Leonidas, since I’m basing this off of 300 (a movie I’ve never seen). Because of this, I deem that Trump isn’t a complete social misfit.

The fourth archetype of villains is that villains have a lot of money.
(I know the first picture is a bit self-contradicting, but still.)

The fifth villain archetype is that they have no conscience and no limit to what they will wreak. Trump like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao, were all humans, and no matter how much you hate them, they all have a conscience. Also, unlike the dictators, we in America have a system with checks and balances run by a government that’s not as corrupt as it could be, which could and would probably oppose anything that causes a genocide.

I’ve read through the sixth and seventh, and they really don’t apply to Trump. In my viewpoint, morality and other things that are related to it, including good and evil, is subjective, meaning that it’s influenced on personal tastes and opinions. That pretty much invalidates the sixth archetype where villains love evil, as Trump never said he was evil. The seventh archetype says that the villain must lose, and so far, Trump is winning.

Trump fulfills, actually very few of the archetypes, depending on your viewpoint. I am trying to be as neutral as possible, and Trump really only covers 2.5 out of 7 of the archetypes, assuming that half of the American population are mainstream liberals. But, analyzing how much of a villain Trump is based on archetypes from fiction probably isn’t the most accurate way of determining why such a large amount of people would hate one person.



Submitted by The Movie Destroyer on Tue, 2016-06-07 10:53.

Good example of archetype. It's really good that you pointed out almost all of those archetypes. Really great.
(Nobody likes Trump)

Donald Trump

Submitted by Adam447 on Tue, 2016-06-07 11:11.

I think that Trump does fulfill the requirement of your typical villain figure, he doesn't show any respect for anyone and wouldn't move this country forward in any way. Dump the Trump


Submitted by SKadrofske on Tue, 2016-06-07 18:20.

I thought it was really cool how you found a real life archetype, not just a charterer from a fictional story. Your piece was really good and you brought up many good points!