Are Brazilian Blowouts bad for your hair?

Sep 27, 2012
Before and after of the Brazilian Blowout

The popular hair straightening treatment, the Brazilian blowout, is a very controversial topic. The Brazilian blowout is a chemical treatment that reduces frizz and curl in the hair, but with out completely ridding the hair of all curl or wave. Even though it's proven to work very well, some people are wary of the this treatment, due to price and the rumor of the damage it does to your hair.

The Brazilian blowout straightens hair by sealing liquid keratin and a preserve solution into the hair with a hair iron. By making your hair "naturally" straight, it saves you the time and hair damage of having to straighten your hair yourself. Even though the chemicals are rumored to dry out your hair and damage it worse in the long run, it's said to be better and easier alternative to the option of burning your hair more and more everyday with a flat iron. There have been concerns about the use of formaldehyde in hair salons; some clients have complained about nosebleeds and other issues. The FDA even released a letter saying that the Brazilian blowout is bad for your health, due to the release of formaldehyde when heat is applied (such as with a hair dryer, flat iron, or curling iron). What's even worse is that the company is falsely advertising by putting "formaldehyde free" on they're products and ads.

Overall, it would seem that the Brazilian blowout does do what it adversities by straightening and smoothing your hair and cutting back on the time it takes for you to style your hair, but according to multiple articles and the FDA, the treatment is in fact, bad for your hair. The release of formaldehyde and the cost of the treatment are huge factors that would cause people to be wary of this cultural fad. All in all, it's the individuals decision whether they want to undergo this treatment and take the risks it poses.

Before and after of the Brazilian Blowout


Good topic :)

Submitted by Hannah-Tucker on Sun, 2012-09-30 21:54.

Hey Caroline :)... Anyways, I liked how much information you gave about Brazilian blowouts because I did not know that when you receive one, they are basically putting formaldehyde into your hair... Ew.... After reading this, you can be sure I won't ever consider getting a Brazilian blowout.

Good afternoon

Submitted by MelyssaEBCHS on Thu, 2014-03-13 14:13.

Good afternoon Caroline_Clarkson,
I am a student and I totally agree with you on the fact threat brazilian blowouts are unhealthy for your health because of the chemicals that are used on your hair that may result in breaking and damage and I have from proof from my source if you have the time you can read this article it thought me some important tips that I was not aware of before reading it.