Are Children Becoming Desensitized To Violence

Mar 9, 2010
by: HKohn

Are children becoming desensitized to violence?

  Over the course of history wars have taken place, places have been bombed and nuclear weapons were designed. The world has seemed become a more violent and dangerous place. It's normal for people to own guns. It's normal to see people die horrible deaths in movies. Has this gore and violence seen often desensitized children or people.
  People play video games for fun but some of the video games we play involve shooting and killing people. Why is it people find it fun? I mean don't get me wrong I love playing a decent share of video games myself its just I wonder how it affects certain people. I think it has the greatest affects on children and young teens. I think it might make them think that this violence it okay and not a problem.
  I'm not saying that everyone who watches gore filled movies or plays violent video games is going to someday become a serial killer. I just think that it might make us not value life as much and not realize the true effects of violence.
  On the news we hear about people being murdered or war. We barely ever hear about other things. I mean yes occasionally we do but if there were two news stories one about someone being shot and one without any one dieing they usually report on the person dieing. I feel like they are exploiting these peoples deaths.


I agree kids see violence

Submitted by fhayes on Tue, 2010-03-09 21:14.

I agree kids see violence everywhere from tv to inside their very homes. This has mad kids over the years kill and become violent even playing video games will do the trick. I feel that if so much violence isn`t shown today then we wouldn`t have many deaths and killings today.